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Let's Play Mariomon

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Old September 23rd, 2011 (6:29 PM).
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Hey everyone sorry for being gone for so long! Sphomore year has just really caught me off guard with the amount of work I have to do(the accelerated classes probably are not helping) and I'm a class officer and homecoming is next week(yay float building). So don't expect anything next week but I'm back! Who's ready for some Mariomon!

Part Taco Sauce

Why does it seem like I've been sleeping for a long time... Oh well

Spelunking is my favorite word ever!



Where's your water now B%3&

Cool Story Bro

He would dance that's what he would do.

Ohm nom nom nom

Looks like he was as cool... As ice.

What the Jewish Rabbit! You can walk back here!

Who told you that? Your mother

With the quickness

Wacka Wacka

Zombies FTW


Yeah Boyz

Falcon Punch!

I wonder what deep fried monkey tastes like?

It's Kombat time

Ghostbuster's style

You have been swiftly swifted in the face

OMG Like thanks I like totally worked hard for them

Hahaha you use big words

Shoop da whoop

Rock the house

Conga smash tiny turtle

Conga smash slightly bigger turtle with stylish glasses

What the F$#@!!!! What is this?!?!?!?!? What happened to the spikes and the awesomeness?!?!?!?! Wait Big-Bertha... I thought Bay Watch was male!

Well he cant be burned so there's no way he will loose an argument

What the Crap is that back sprite!?!?! I swear it got worse.

At least he's still a Murderfish!

You don't hassle The HOFF!

Conga = Uberchomp

I don't know what are you looking at

And the song remains the same

Thank you Captain Obvious

Where you at sucker!

Looks like Bandit has just stole... Your life

I'll get the minute rice. (Glory points to who ever gets it)

Bird Keeper Y U NO See this not a bird!?!?!?!

Totally dead birdy

I know what I'm having for thanksgiving

Why thank you Senor

The HOFF rocks the party eight days a week


I'm not to sure about flying on a bird made out of bones!

Read my lips! It's made out of bones!

I love that move!


Goony Y U NO Truffle shuffle?

It's funny because the last one is the 69th picture! Well see you guys soon!

Relevant Advertising!

Old October 9th, 2011 (2:44 PM).
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Great job killing this thread, Chaos...
FC: 2148-8142-2372

PM me if you add me.

My Friend Safari is Water-type, with Gyarados, Azumarill, and Octillery.
Old October 9th, 2011 (7:16 PM).
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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
Great job killing this thread, Chaos...
I'm sorry but try telling that to my four to six hours of daily homework
Old October 22nd, 2011 (9:51 AM).
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Still alive
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Well everyone it's been a while. School has been increasingly time consuming and I have some time so I want to do this. So let the fun start again!

Part Unicorn

I have the strangest feeling that I've been here for a long time

Yay story time

Falcon Pawnch!!!

Make up your mind!

I like my bird medium rare

Wait did he just use logic?

I love this turtle!


Let's a go

Yeah still cool

Oh you know

I do what I want

Eh still kinda cool

Calm down Bro!

Nom nom nom

Well thats nice


I just killed the dead with fire!

Um le no

Mc Hammer is still a Murderturtle!

Pierce those heavens Necro!!!

Oh no! He has a cape!

But Necro knows the drill!

Wait two people who use logic! What is this sorcery!

Still a little freaked out by Conga!

Well thats nice

Looks like they can't handle the music!

Maybe there cold?


Still not over how funny he looks

You don't hassle the HOFF! Ever!

Well can you whistle up a windstorm?

Looks like I'm just cooler than you!

This is where hassling gets you!

I made it!!!

Let's go get us some more Mariomon!

It's a flower

Up to you guys

Joy! this thing!

Wait people?!?!?! Yeah he stays in the box!

Have fun

He looks crabby!

He really is just a crab! It's up to you what to name him!

Baby Wigi time

I always did like Luigi better!

You know what to do

I have found the legendary duo

What a baby

You can do it

If you like what you see

Then just tell me!

Chaos out!
Old September 2nd, 2013 (10:56 AM).
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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
Raise Bandit, your Minimouser.
I think I'm gonna raise a Bandit in my imagination.
How much is that Mewtwo in the window?
Old September 8th, 2013 (7:49 PM).
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Let's not bump threads that are over a month old, let alone two years old. Only the LP creator can bump their threads. If ChaosJester083 is ready to post an update, he can PM LGDArm to open this thread again.

Thread closed.

Now nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody speaks my name
I'm just another blister in the mouth of shame
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