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Old July 12th, 2011 (5:11 PM). Edited July 12th, 2011 by Tcoppy.
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Hi, I'm tcoppy, a known pokemon hacker dude and I had this story in my head for a week now so, on with the story xDD
I'll rate this as a PG-13 story since theres really mild language and all that other stuff xDDD
Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

Every night, it is said Cresselia, the legendary pokeon of dreams,watches over the beautiful town Fallen Tides in the Sinnoh region, which happens to be my hometown. This is where I, Bronson Kasute (Bronze for short), begins my journey into the world.

It was early in the morning, it started out as a usual day, me eating breakfast while my mother talks to me about how her mom is a somewhat a jerk to her own daughter constantly everyday.Though that every morning started my adventure.I was watching the news while eating my breakfast sandwich when a article appeared covering about something really odd.

''Welcome viewers, today I'll be talking about a Cresselia sighting in Jubilife city in our own region'' the reporter said...leaving me with excitement..I would love to see a Cresselia it's my wish come true.
''Well viewers it certainly looks like Cresselia is headed all the way to the peak of Mount Coronet'' the man continued. I kinda lost hope, it's all the way up in Mount Coronet and I don't even have an excuse to go through that mountain....until.

''Bronson, please be a dear and go visit your mean grandmother in Snowpoint city and retrieve my Snorunt for me, you also need a pokemon so I got you this'' my mother said handing me a pokeball.I open up the pokeball finding out I have my own Magmar.My own freaking Magmar!
I litterally was now eager to go to Snowpoint City until I got more news and more gifts.
''Honey, these are five great balls so you can catch more pokemon on your little journey and remember the only way to go to Snowpoint City is to go to Mount Coronet'' mom said.

I ran right out of that house and ran all the way through town and ran to the boat that would take me to Eterna City which has a good gateway into Mount Coronet, and then I saw hundreds of people lining up infront of the boat,and whats more odd was that my old history teacher was there.
''Hey there Bronson!'' said my old teacher Mr.Stone. Mr.Stone, or should I say Steven Stone, is a very old man with gray hair and is dressed in a lab coat type thing he also had a pokeball with him, he was a good teacher, but today, heck, he was a psycho.

''Hey Mr.Stone, why is everyone here?'' I asked.
''Well Bronson, we are all on our way to hunt for Cresselia, I myself am useing this small pokeball to catch it!'' he said in a somewhat of a mad man tone.
''But sir, how is a freaking pokeball gonna catch a legendary?'' I ask.
''Well my young student, I'm useing luck, as Arceus said, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, it might be terrible lemonade..but it's still lemonade'' Mr.Stone said now laughing like a mad man.
''Uh..Mr.Stone, Arceus can't spea-''
''-OFF TO THE BOAT'' Mr.Stone said running into the boat.

I swear that guy is not like he use to be...well then again Mr.Stone was an odd history teacher.Anyway, why would these people want to catch Cresselia? I mean all I want is to see it but all these people want is to catch that beautiful creature.Well journal, I'm gonna head into the cabin on the boat and find some trainers to fight, so see ya later.

~Bronze Kasute

So what do you all think, I'll try to add the next chapter up tommorow, and it will hopefuly be longer.I also forgot to mention in the beginning this takes place in 20-30 years after black and white, so of course Steven is an old dude. xD
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Old July 13th, 2011 (6:46 AM). Edited July 13th, 2011 by Tcoppy.
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Chapter 2 part 1: Old Rivals,New Dangers

I was up on the deck looking at all the pokemon flying high in the sky and swimming around in the ocean. To me it's one of the most peaceful times of my whole life,until he showed up.
''Hey Bronzey, I didn't know they allow geeks on this boat'' my rival, Copper said while takeing my red and white hat and twirling it in his hands.
''Number one, never call me Bronzey.Number two, geeks somewhat turn to be cool people in the future. And number three....GIVE ME MY FREAKIN HAT BACK!!''I shouted right at that jerks face.
''Go get it Bronze'' he said while throwing it into the sea below.

I jumped right into the ocean and left the boat, my hat is the hat. My father was a grand champion and he wore that hat over 23 years ago, he left when I was three to become one with his pokemon...that hat is the only thing I have from him.I retrieved the hat, only to notice the boat was in the far distance.I was never gonna make it back, until I saw it. A unique dragon pokemon right in the waters followed by this gigantic whale pokemon, then I saw a red dragon pokemon dive into the water and swam away with the other dragon pokemon.Brother and sister perhaps?Between you and me, I have no clue at all.Anyway the whale pokemon picked me up and tossed me right onto the deck of the boat.

I was out cold for a few minutes, until this man with black hair and these odd red eyes and a pikachu helped me up.
''Hello youngling, what a fine day isn't it'' the mysterious man said.
''Well sir I saw two dragon pokemon an-''
''-Latios and Latias, and Kyogre took you back to the boat'' he said cutting me off.
'' the heck did you know that?''I asked, I swear that guy is really familiar.
''Because I know everything, Pikachu lets go'' he said jumping into the water.
''Pika-pi'' said the pikachu as it followed it's master.

This day has been getting stranger and stranger...I know that guy...but how?
How did he know about Latios and Latias and Kyogre?Why was he even here on this boat?How can someone disapear into the water just like that?Time for answers and I know who to confront..Steven Stone.

''Mr.Stone?''I said walking into his cabin.
''What is it my boy?''said Mr.Stone.
I grabbed his shirt by the neck ''TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW RIGHT NOW!!''I screamed at him.
''Well my boy,I'll tell you what I know if you have a pokemon battle on the deck right now''he said picking up a pokeball.
''Fine'' I said.

It was raining outside,perfect, time for Magmar to faint.
''Boy, good luck, your gonna need it''Mr.Stone said throwing a pokeball onto the deck releaseing a Electabuzz.
''I won't need luck this time, GO MAGMAR!'' I said throwing out my pokeball releaseing Magmar.
''Old men first, ELECTABUZZ USE CHARGE!''Mr.Stone said while his Electabuzz is chargeing up his power, just like I wanted him to do.
While Electabuzz is chargeing up I motion Magmar to move near the end of the deck.
While Electabuzz is right about to knock out Magmar, my plan becomes complete.
Magmar dodges while Electabuzz falls overboard.

Electabuzz jumps back up to the deck now more weak than ever.
As Magmar use flamethrower on Electabuzz, the badly scorched pokemon falls to the ground, fainted.
''Good work Electabuzz return''Mr.Stone says while Electabuzz goes into his pokeball.
''As you can see old man, I just won, now tell me what you know'' I said.
''Well all started 19 years ago, after team rocket left for good..''
Sorry I had to use a cliffhanger at some point
Stay tuned for Chapter 2 part 2
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