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    Category: Original Trainer (I think?)
    Rating: I'm afraid I don't know the technic names, but I guess it can be read by everyone. No violence, sex, cussing words or anything like that (well, if it counts, there are a few chapters in which characters run risk of life, but nothing too bad)

    I'll put the introduction in spoiler tags, it ended up a bit bigger than I wanted (please read it!)

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I write a fan fiction. It's Pokémon, but with some elements from Greek Mythology. Actually, you won't see any stories or characters from Greek Mythology in this. I thought that if I did that, it would be just crap. Instead, I used some concepts and ideas from the mythology to create a whole new Pokémon Mythology. With gods that resemble Greek gods, stories that look like real ones, but, somehow, different from anything you've seen.

    I'd like to apologize for possible Grammar atrocities, English is not my first language, and I'm sure I'll make MANY mistakes. A few have already been corrected by some friends of mine, but if you spot anything that needs a change, please let me know. Also, I love constructive criticism, I take it the good way (some people don't xP) so have no fear to criticize.

    I'm currently writing the 3rd chapter of the story. You'll notice, when I post everything, that I've changed the style I adopted to write it in the third chapter. In the first two chapters I was like:

    Character A: text
    Character B: text

    And now I use the [ - ] symbol to start dialogues, itallics in the middle of narrator's paragraph to show thoughts, and stuff like that. Ok, enough talking, here's the Prologue:


    According to the Ancient Tale, in the beginning, there was only Chaos. From it would have been formed the Sky, the Sea and the Underworld, each ruled by a God. As time passed by, the God-Sea would have agitated the water, separating the oceans and shaping the Land. Each Great god in their own kingdom, the land would be neutral terrain. The Big Three would have then created all life, and assigned deities to command it. This way would have been born the world in perfect harmony... until the day of the Great Segregation.

    The gods' home was disturbed by a conflict between two goddesses: Ethnaa, the goddess of wisdom, and Ephrotida, the goddess of beauty. Originally a small misunderstanding, it's grown bigger, and taken as a personal war between the goddesses. The harmony in the god’s home was broken, which caused it to break apart from the continent, isolating all its inhabitants, and, with them, Aesthi, the goddess of the home.

    The war would then have grown to cataclysmic proportions, and the remaining gods started to choose which of their sisters they would support. By Ethnaa's side were Phetheasus, the god of metallurgy; Temrasi, the goddess of the moon; Rhemse, the god of the travelers; and Metreed, the goddess of fertility. By Ephrotida's side, Esar, the god of war; Paollo, the god of the sun; Rhea, the goddess of the wedding; and Yondisus, the god of the wine. All of the gods chose a side to support, except Aesthi, the isolated goddess, and the Big Three, until then in a deep slumber in their own kingdoms. Until then.

    Uzes, the big God-Sky was the first to be awoken by the war. Enraged by how their creations were destroying the world that took so many eons to be shaped, he begun to send them warnings. Little demonstrations of his power to try to stop the war without big damages: a few thunders and tornadoes here and there. At first the gods were scared by these things never before seen, but they stopped caring. Uzes then had to take proper measures. He woke Sepodion and Shade up, the God-Sea and the God-Death, respectively. Only the powers of the three of them combined would be able to put an end to this war.

    Uzes acted first: strong hurricanes were able to scare the people away: the rival groups ran to opposite directions, gathering in the coasts. Sepodion then used his power to soak the central zone of the continent, dividing it in two big islands, isolating the rival groups from each other. Shade, in the end, cursed the gods for disturbing the world peace and put them to sleep for eternity. Finally, the Big Three returned to their slumber in their own kingdoms.
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      Well, since nobody posted I figured I should post the first chapter

      Chapter I: The Sacred Day
      ???: Wake up! Wake up, Mike!

      Mike: Uh, what? What’s up, Lily? Why so hype?

      Lily: It’s today! The Aesthi Day! We need to hurry if we want to be chosen! Come on! Bob is waiting for us downstairs.

      The Aesthi Day is celebrated every year in honor to the pure goddess who stayed out of the war. It’s the only day of the year when humans can visit the Aesthi Sanctuary, deep in the Sacred Forest. This year, however, it’s much more important.

      Mike was a tall 16 year-old boy who lived in a small village in the Lasa Island, the heart of the Slympou continent. He lived with his parents and his twin sister, Lily, a pretty ambitious teenager. Their neighbor, Bob, is one month older than the twins and they’ve grown up together and became best friends. They share a common dream: explore the Slympou continent and visit all of the Sanctuaries, sacred places built by the gods to concentrate the essence of their power.

      Mike dressed up and brushed his teeth in a minute and met Bob and Lily by the front door.

      Bob: Hey, Mike! Thought you’d never come! Let’s go! It’s the most important day in the millennium and we’re late for it! Your parents went ahead with mine.
      Mike: Let’s hurry, then!

      The twins and their neighbor ran in the direction of a great forest to the North of the Lasa Island. The Sacred Forest was specially imposing today, a huge event was about to happen and it was like the trees knew how important it was: they were more green and full of leaves than ever before. As the trio got closer to the forest they could see more and more people going in the same direction as them. A path had been cleared to guide the visitants to the center of the forest. After some time, Mike, Lily and Bob arrived at their destination: a huge agglomeration of people in front of a lake and a small island in its center.

      Looking from above, the Home Lake looked like a big eye watching the heavens. The water of the lake was clear as crystal, so clean and transparent you could see the glowing white fish swimming underwater. However, it was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen, only a black pit. The feeling you’d get by looking at the river is that the fish were flying over a bottomless pit. The small island was actually floating in the surface of the water; there was no ground under it, which, considering what was located on the island, would be impossible.

      In the magical small island was an imposing huge architecture made of pure marble with details in gold. Four five-meter tall pillars sustained a rooftop which consisted of two big rectangles inclined forming a right angle. Underneath the rooftop, over a white marble floor was a colossal throne, but nobody was sat on it. Right in front of the throne, a small statue of a sleeping puppy made of pure gold contrasted with the white marble. To each side of the throne was a fireplace, the one to the left being empty and cold: the fireplace that should contain the spirit of hope, stolen with the fire when the war was first starting. The one to the right burned an eternal fire taken directly from the sun. The everlasting flame would go weak in sad times, but today it was specially bright. It resisted all the storms, survived to winds and dazed the darkness. The four pillars had inscriptions in gold written in an ancient language. Near the top of the throne, in golden letters could be read: AESTHI. The island was inaccessible to all humans and animals, but every time a fire was lit, wherever in the world, it was thanks to Aesthi’s fire, which provided the energy and the heat to all the homes.

      Lily: The Aesthi Sanctuary… It looks more beautiful every time I come here. Have you seen how the flame is brighter this year?

      Mike: What did you expect? Of course it would be! Have you forgotten what this year means? Look: the mayor will speak! Let’s be quiet.

      Right in front of the lake, a mid-age man wearing a black suit and a bowler hat, with a thin white beard and mustache, got up in an improvised stage. As the mayor of Lasa Village started talking, all of the conversations and rumors in the crowd stopped.

      Mayor: As you all know, we were gifted to be born in this sacred peaceful island away from every war or discussion. Our Goddess, by refusing to join the war, sacrificed herself, but blessed the inhabitants of her Home. In honor to her, the Big Three leave their kingdoms once every thousand years to visit this island and give birth to three unique creatures. Today, my friends, completes exactly 1000 years since it has last happened. At any moment we might receive an unforgettable visit from the Gods. Be prepared for anything. In the meantime, I’d like to call my dearest friend, Professor Cherry, to say a few words.

      By the sound of claps, an attractive young woman wearing long red hair got up in the stage. She was wearing a short red dress and a laboratory jacket over it.
      Professor Cherry: Hello everybody, as you might know, I’m a Pokémon researcher and I specialize in History of the Pokémon. I am proud to announce to you all that today is also the day that I am founding my corporation of historical investigation: Mythos Inc. As its president, my duty is to find links between the History of our continent and the existing species of Pokémon. This is why this event is extremely important to me. With the probable arrival of the gods and the creation of the new species I might be able to study these new Pokémon and perhaps prove the origin of our universe by the gods. One last thing: as you probably have heard, the legends say that when the new creatures are born, they choose three humans to swear eternal loyalty to, just as Aesthi had sworn eternal loyalty to the Big Three.

      At that moment, the ground started shaking. People started shouting as the skies turned from blue to white and the water of Home Lake started boiling. Suddenly, an enormous warm wave was liberated from the lit fireplace and all the people became quiet. Nobody moved a muscle. Even the animals in the trees and the fish in the lake stood still. The sanctuary started glowing brighter than anything ever seen before. At the same time, the Big Three showed themselves. From the sky, a white glowing eagle flew down in an unimaginable speed. Its white wings and tails made of clouds waved as the wind was blown through them. The blue-eyed bird opened its beak and emitted a sound that could be heard in the whole world. The sound made the people walk a few steps back. The lake started glowing blue and water was launched two meters in the air, forming a cylinder, in the middle of which, a big blue sea serpent floated around. The water then flew to it and formed spirals around its endless body. Its tail turned into water itself, fusing the creature with the lake. At the same time, in the space where previously were found the people, a dark crater opened up a bottomless pit and a black ram with bright silver horns came jumping from the Underworld. Its void-like fur turned into smoke and gave the air a cold death feeling. The three gods gathered right in front of the frightened and wondered humans, which were paralyzed by the gods’ presence.

      After a moment that seemed to last an eternity, when the gods were watching the humans and deciding if they were worth the gift, the Big Three turned their backs and gathered around the lit fireplace. The flame intensified so much that it now was pure white and part of it escaped from the marble construction. The first one to approach it was Shade, the smoke ram. The fire got pitch black as soon as it got close, then partially red, and white again. From the flames jumped an animal: a small puppy with a small head and huge legs. Its fur was red and it had a dark jewel on its forehead and two black stripes on its front legs, as well as a golden collar with a dark stone. The dog coughed, looked up at the immobile humans, smiled and started running around in circles, waving its tail made of flames. Shade then approached the other fireplace and emitted a noise, which, even for the humans, could be understood as “I’m sorry”. The ram then joined the others and it was Sepodion’s turn. The sea serpent got close to the fire as it gradually got blue-ish. When in the color of the sea, the flame then became golden, and then back to white. The same way as before, another animal jumped out of it. This time, a small equine appeared. At first confused, the blue horse that had fins and gills tripped, but then looked up and jumped in the water and started swimming. Proud of its creature, Sepodion approached the other fireplace and spoke to Aesthi’s gone spirit in an ancient language what could be understood as “Thank you”. The serpent then joined Shade while Uzes went ahead to the fireplace. Upon the approach of the cloud eagle, the fire immediately got silver, then green and back to white. Out of the fire jumped a bird. The beige bird with green feathers and leaf wings and tail shook its head and wings and started flying around the Sanctuary. Like the others, Uzes spoke to the other fireplace in the gods’ language, but everybody could hear an “Excuse me” from the bird.

      After giving birth to the new Pokémon, the gods once again turned to the humans, started glowing and left to their kingdoms, Shade jumped to the Underworld by the crater, Sepodion dived to the Seas connected to the bottom of the lake and Uzes flew back to the Heavens, above the clouds. The sky, until then white, got back to its usual blue and everybody could finally move. The mayor then spoke to the people.

      Mayor: Those, my friends, were the Big Three gods, and these… are our gift.
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        Here's Chapter Two. Please, read it... somebody x.x

        Chapter II: A Near-Death Choice

        There was something different in the Mayor’s voice when he announced that the Pokémon would be taken to Professor Cherry’s laboratory. He left a feeling of, perhaps fear, transpire while he spoke to the people. His eyes had an unusual shine that demonstrated some sort of anxiety:

        Mayor: The Pokémon will be taken to Professor Cherry’s laboratory. A proper analysis of their genetic information will be done to help on her investigations. The legend says three people will be chosen by the new species. We don’t know who will be chosen or when it will happen, so we’d like to ask you to meet us in the Mythos Building tomorrow at noon. For now, good evening, my friends.
        As the sunset approached, the people started leaving the Sanctuary and going back to their usual lives. Mike, Lily and Bob, however, had a passion for the history of Slympou, and every year they were always the last ones to leave the forest. They wanted to stay all the time they could near the Sanctuary. Tonight they were sitting by the lakeside, watching the new Pokémon play.

        Lily: *Sigh* I wish we could enter the sanctuary. I really want to see those inscriptions closer. And sit on that throne… and the essence of Aesthi’s power is stored there…

        Bob: Well, you could swim there.

        Lily: Don’t be dumb! You know anybody who is fool enough to dive in the lake never gets back. You are pulled down to the darkest depths of the Seas.

        Mike: Well, the little horse seems to do pretty well there. It’s my favorite one out of the three of them. What about you guys?

        But before they could answer, somebody arrived. A really beautiful girl with long dark hair came up to them and started talking:

        ???: Don’t even think about it! You’d never be chosen. In fact, I will get the three of them.

        Lily: Oh, hi Vittoria, nice to see you too. And you know that’s impossible. They choose different people.

        Vittoria: Humph, just stories. My father will get me the three of them. They don’t get to choose the people. And even if they did, they would obviously choose me. Who wouldn’t love me?

        Bob: Oh my god, I think I’m going to vomit. Seriously, Vic. Just because you’re the mayor’s daughter, it doesn’t mean that they’ll choose you. The newborns are above you or your father.

        Vittoria: That’s what you think! And I already told you to stop calling me Vic! I hate it! My name is Vittoria! With a double T! There isn’t even a C in it! And just you wait. As soon as my dad’s and prof’s scientists manage to attract those things to the building, they will catch them for me!

        Mike: Yeah, yeah, we know it. Why don’t you go dream elsewhere? We were having a nice chat until you came here. Your father must be looking for you, go away.

        Vittoria was the mayor’s only child. A very spoiled and stubborn girl, she always had everything she wanted. Her father, being rich, would buy her anything and everything. She had already visited the whole world, and her favorite place was the mall at Kallone City, the city built in honor to Ephrotida. She would always get really upset when things didn’t go the way she wanted.

        Vittoria: I’ll help them get the Pokémon to come here. They sure will want to come when they see me. See you, losers.

        They kept quiet while the girl was getting away, and when she was far enough, Lily was the first one to talk:

        Lily: Ugh, I can’t stand her. She’s so idiot! If she tries to steal the Pokémon… oh I don’t even want to think what I’d do!

        Mike: Calm down, sis. There’s nothing she can do. They just won’t go with her.
        Bob: Hey, you know what? She actually gave me an idea. Let’s try our chances with the Pokémon too. Who knows? We might or might not be the chosen ones, but they don’t seem to be going to leave there until they find the ones they trust.
        Mike: Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s go!

        The three of them then got up and walked to the stage, where the Mayor and Professor Cherry were trying to draw the newborns’ attention. Vittoria was just talking to her father, without helping at all.

        Vittoria: Please, dad, please! You will get them to me, won’t you?

        Mayor: I’ll do my best, honey, but they need to choose you!

        Vittoria: I’m sure they will! Oh, but if they don’t? Dad! Please!

        Professor Cherry: Oh, hey kids. Did you come to help us? We’ve been trying all day, but they just look at us and turn their backs.

        Mike: Yeah, we wanted to give it a shot. There’s no problem if we try, is there?

        Vittoria: Of course there is! They are mine! Go away!

        Angry, Vittoria strongly shoved Mike away, definitely a little too strong. The boy was standing near the lake shore, and fell in the lake, splashing water everywhere. The fish started shining brighter and were swimming in Mike’s direction while, outside the water, a desperate Lily yelled at Vittoria as Bob tried to stop her from jumping at the lake to try save her brother.

        Lily: YOU IDIOT! Look what you did! Mike! Mike, come on! You can swim! Come here, brother! I know you can get out of here! Bob! Let me go! I’ll save him! I can save him! MIKE!!

        Lily, Bob, the Mayor and Professor Cherry were all trying to rescue Mike without falling in the water, but he was too deep already and they couldn’t reach him. Vittoria was sitting in a corner crying desperately and yelling, but she wouldn’t help them.

        Underwater, Mike was starting to lose consciousness. When he first fell, he tried to swim back, but it was like a strong current was pulling his legs and his arms downwards. He couldn’t reach the surface no matter how hard he tried. His eyesight started getting blurry, everything was getting white – he didn’t know, but it was actually the fish which were getting close to him, ready to attack.

        When everything seemed lost for the poor boy, the unexpected happened. When Mike was closing his eyes and got ready to take his last breath which would fill his lungs with water and terminate his life earlier than it should, he saw a shadow overcoming the bright fish and coming into his direction. He didn’t know what or how, but something didn’t want him to end like that. Some sort of animal bit his T-shirt and started pulling him to the surface. In an always increasing speed, the animal, which was stronger than its size would suggest, managed to successfully bring Mike back to the surface and save his life. Even though being able to breathe again, Mike didn’t stand the accident and fainted. The last thing he saw was the starry sky over his head and the light coming from Aesthi’s fireplace.

        When Mike finally woke up, he was in a room he had never seen before. It seemed like a hospital, but he knew it wasn’t it; the hospital had white walls, while this room had them gray. Everything had a metallic feel. The place was quiet and extremely clean. Nobody else was in the room. Mike was lying in something that wasn’t a bed, it seemed like a table. He sat up and looked around. There were lots of computers and screens showing graphs and charts he couldn’t decipher. The wall behind of him had a huge mirror, in which he could see he was now wearing pajamas – somebody must have had changed his wet clothes so he didn’t get sick. Feeling a little dizzy and unsure about where he was or what had happened earlier, he got up and was about to leave the room when the door itself opened and revealed Professor Cherry with a big smile on her face.

        Professor Cherry: Hello little chosen one. Did you know you’re really lucky?
        Mike didn’t understand at first, but then flashbacks ran through his mind: Vittoria was angry, he fell in the lake, fish got close, a black shadow, then the sky. The sky was the only thing he seemed to remember well. It seemed like it was laughing at him. A mysterious laughter that showed, at the same time, entertainment and satisfaction. Something had played with his life and he had not enjoyed it. Either way, Mike tried to move the bad feelings away and concentrate on Professor Cherry, who had guided him back to the bed/table he had been sleeping on and now looked at him entertained with his confusion, but still smiling fondly.

        Mike: I… we… where are us?

        Professor Cherry: We’re in my lab, in the Mythos Building. When you fainted we brought you here so I could take care of you. Phil suggested me to take you to the hospital, but I thought it would be safer to bring you here. The Home Lake has unknown toxins which the hospital doesn’t have antidotes for, but I do, as I’ve been researching the lake for quite some time now. You’re probably still confused about what happened. I’ll let you talk to your family and they’ll tell you.
        Professor Cherry kindly messed Mike’s hair and left the laboratory, coming a few moments later with Mike’s parents and sister. Upon seeing her brother awake, Lily started crying and ran to hug him.

        Lily: Mike! Oh Mike, I’m so relieved you’re ok! You have no idea of how much we were worried about you! And about that idiot, she’ll never get close to us again! Never!

        Mom: Oh, honey, I’m so happy to see you’re ok! Don’t you ever get close to that place again, you hear me?!

        Dad: Hey son! Great to see you’re awake. Ready for another one?

        Lily: Dad!

        Dad: Hey, just kidding! Seriously now, Mike. Are you alright?

        Mike: Well, I guess I am… but, what exactly happened? I don’t remember very well.

        Lily: You fell in the lake! That stupid Vittoria did it! When you were there, you were being pulled down by some strange force, but then… he saved you. Mike, Sepodion’s creature chose you! He saved your life! You are the first chosen one.

        Mike: What? You’re telling me I was chosen? Out of everybody?

        Lily: Yeah! It’s a really smart Pokémon. I’m sure it recognized how great of a person you are. It is said that only the ones with a pure heart can be chosen. That’s why I’m afraid I never will… I… I wanted to do to Vittoria what she did to you… I don’t have a pure heart…

        Mike: Hey, don’t say that. Of course you will! Come on! If it was you who had fallen, I would have felt the same way! Cheer up, little sis! There are still two more!

        Lily: Yeah… either way, when you were brought back to the surface, Professor Cherry brought you here. You’ve been asleep for hours. She said there are way more toxins in the lake than she thought. It’s a miracle you’re alive. By the way, your new Pokémon is waiting for you outside. Don’t you want to say hello to him?

        Mike: Hell yeah! Let’s go!

        When Mike and his family left the laboratory, they met Professor Cherry, the Mayor and Bob waiting for him. There was no sight of Vittoria. They were sitting in chairs in what seemed like a waiting room, but as soon as they saw him, everybody got up.

        Bob: Mike! You’re ok, dude! Man, what a shock that was! Never do it again, ok?!

        Mayor: Mike, my friend. I’d like to apologize for my daughter. What she did was unforgivable, that’s for sure. But I’d sincerely want you to not keep any resentment. I only want the best for the citizens of Lasa Village, and if I knew that Vittoria would do something like that, I’d never let her come to the lake today. Be sure that she will be punished for her acts.

        Mike: Well, thank you mister Mayor. I won’t keep any resentment against you, but don’t expect me to be friends with your daughter or anything like that. It will be really hard to me to get over it.

        Mayor: It’s understandable. Once more, I’m sorry.

        Professor Cherry: So, enough with sad talk, right? Mike, do you want to meet your new friend? I’ve already made an analysis of him and he was added to the Pokédex. In fact, I believe you deserve to keep your own Pokédex, here it is.
        The Professor handed the boy a small gadget: a small rectangular red instrument with a touch screen with information. In the screen could be seen a photo of a blue horse. Next to it, the number 007, a name and a description: Equide, the tide Pokémon. With its incredible force and speed, it can control currents and waves. Water type.

        Mike: Equide… Can I see him now, professor?

        Professor Cherry: Sure, let’s go, he’s in the next room.

        As Professor Cherry guided Mike to the next room, her eyes met the Mayor’s and sparkled severely. She didn’t need to say a word, but the Mayor knew what she was thinking. And he was afraid of it. Nobody else seemed to notice this.

        Mike was completely surprised when he went through the small door leading to the room where he’d meet his savior. He entered a huge room, many times bigger than the waiting room they were before. This new room had no ceiling, so he could see the sky, it was still dark outside, but it was almost dawn – the sun was slowly starting to enlighten the sky. Right in front of them were dozens of Pokémon, most of which were birds or rodents. However, one Pokémon contrasted with the others. The blue horse which Mike had seen be born in the fireplace was playing around with some other species, but it stopped as soon as it spotted the boy. With a neigh of happiness, it ran in Mike’s direction and jumped on him, knocking him to the floor.

        Mike: Hey buddy, I’m happy to see you too! Uh, thank you for saving my life!
        Equide neighed once more and started running around Mike as the boy got up.
        Professor Cherry: He only came with us to follow you. He wouldn’t come if you weren’t with us. The other two Pokémon remained there. We tried everything we could, but, unfortunately it seems that they will only come with the chosen ones.

        Professor Cherry had a serious air whenever she talked about the legends of Slympou. As she talked, the Mayor entered the room.

        Professor Cherry: Oh, hey Phil. I was telling Mike something more about the legend. I was about to tell him the part about the Sanctuary.

        Mayor: Oh, the Sanctuary. Indeed. This part is rather interesting. And not many people seem to know about it. You know, my friend, that humans are only allowed to go to the Sanctuary once a year, in the Aesthi day, right?

        Mike: Yeah, I know, but now it’s past midnight. We can’t go there anymore.

        Mayor: Right. But Shade’s and Uzes’ gifts are still there. And they’ll only leave with their chosen ones, right?

        Mike: Yeah, but how can the chosen ones get there? They’d get lost in the forest forever. And more, we don’t even know who the other chosen ones are.

        Professor Cherry: The legend says that gods’ creatures can guide their trainers through the forest. You have free access to Home Lake, Mike. And more: you can go there with two people you trust.

        Mike: Seriously? Well, I think I already know who to take there then.
        Mayor: However, must I add, that if the people you take there aren’t the other chosen ones, the gods will punish the three of you, take back their creatures and you’ll be lost forever. Mike, I’d like to ask a favor of you.

        Mike: Uh, yes sir?

        Mayor: Mike, I’d like to ask you to take Vittoria with you. I know it’s hard for you to even hear her name after what happened tonight, but please, it’s really important to her, and it’s really important to me too. I helped save your life tonight, Mike, do this little favor to me.

        Mike: What? She tries to kill me and you want me to trust her? I’m sorry, mister mayor, but, as Professor Cherry said, I can go there with two people I trust. I don’t trust your daughter, I never will, and I’m sure the gods don’t either. I’ll bring the two people who I really feel that could be chosen.

        Professor Cherry: Yeah, Phil, you’re asking too much from the boy. It was a near-death experience, and Vittoria was responsible for it. Let’s just let Mike rest for tonight and he may go in the afternoon, right, Mike?

        Mike: Yeah, right. I just want to be with my family and my friends for now. Let’s go, Equide.

        The horse showed its happiness by neighing again and followed Mike as he left the room, without letting the Mayor say anything. Phil knew that this favor he had made hadn’t pleased Mike nor Cherry, and he knew there would be consequences to his unwise request.

        That night, Mike couldn’t sleep very well. First of all, because it wasn’t night. By the time he got home it was already morning, but he needed some sleep before going into the forest again. He had already decided who were the ones to deserve his and the gods’ trust. The teenager had terrible nightmares while he slept. Dreams with the lake pulling him to the darkness and not being able to get back, the laughing sky turning into Vittoria’s face, then everything would get white and he saw the Big Three cursing him for choosing the wrong people to come with him. Figures that made no sense to him hunted him in his dreams, always trying to kill him, and when they were about to be successful, he would wake up. By noon, he decided to get up. Mike had a mission in which he couldn’t fail.

        Downstairs, Mike met his family and Bob, visiting them.

        Mom: Good morning honey, are you feeling better?

        Mike: Yeah, kind of, mom. Everyone, I have to tell you something.

        Lily: What’s it, Mike?

        Lily had been sad ever since the night. She was sure she would never deserve to be chosen by the gods. The girl had had terrible thoughts with Vittoria, in which tortures ten times worse to drowning would happen to her. Mike hadn’t told anybody about his mission yet. He had decided to rest before doing so.
        Mike: Last night, when I was in the Pokémon room in the Mythos Building, prof Cherry and Mayor Phil told me something about the ancient legend that not many people know. I want to tell you all.

        While Mike told the story, his parents, Lily and Bob were getting agitated and anxious for his announcement, which, his mom, knowing him very well, already knew what would be.

        Mike: Lily, Bob, I want you two to come with me. You’re the only ones I trust enough for this.
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          I've only skimmed your story, but I have a question. Why are you not using dialogue tags (he said, she asked, stuff like that)? This doesn't seem like a scriptfic, so I'm a bit confused.
          "After being saddled with two ten-year-old brats and being sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, she can’t help but wonder… is it worth it?"
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            well, yeah, you're right. When I first started writing the story, I was really unexperienced. In fact, I had never written anything before. In the Third Chapter (which I have already written, but haven't posted yet), I've used the proper dialogue tags. I've changed a lot the way I write between these first two chapters and the third one. I'm currently writing the 4th one, and from now on, I'll always use the right tags =)

            Thank you
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              Alright, I understand, though I do suggest you edit your first two chapters and put in dialogue tags. Otherwise, potential readers will be put off, thnking the rest of the fic will be like that.
              "After being saddled with two ten-year-old brats and being sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, she can’t help but wonder… is it worth it?"
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                Chapter III: Falling in love

                The boy and the girl were at first surprised by the story, but Bob never thought he would choose someone else. The boy accepted the task right away. Lily, however, was afraid. She didn’t want to go with them.

                - Mike! I told you! I’m not going to be chosen! You and Bob will be cursed if I go with you!

                - Lily – reasoned Bob – Mike chose us to this mission. He trusts us enough for this. He is trusting his life to us. He would never choose us if he didn’t know everything would be ok.

                - Sis, please. Do it. For yourself. For Bob. For me. Come on, Lily. You can do it. I know you can.

                - Well… I don’t know… - Lily feared the worst. The things she had thought about Vittoria… the gods would never forgive her. However, the girl found the courage to accept the mission. – Ok. I’m going. But you know you’ll be cursed.

                - That’s what I’m talking about! Let’s go, Sis! The forest is big and we have two Pokémon to find!


                Meanwhile, in the Mythos Building, Professor Cherry and the Mayor were alone in the woman’s laboratory.

                - I’ve told you hundreds of times before! Don’t do anything stupid! Bringing the girl yesterday was just dumb! And that request for the boy! Don’t even get me started into it! Phil. You’ve been doing too many mistakes recently. I have stood once, I have stood twice. If you do something like that for the third time, don’t expect me to be so nice as I am now.

                - But June, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing is going wrong. The boy has no idea of anything. And nor does Vittoria. Just calm down and it will be alright.

                - Phil. I’ve waited way too long for this. If anything wrong happens, and I said anything, and it’s your fault, you make sure that I will not let it pass. You will suffer the consequences. And never again do anything without telling me first.

                - Ok June. I won’t. By the way, your siblings…

                - I know. I’m heading to Kallone right now. Wait until the kids go to the forest and then head to Sofia. The girls must know everything. The boys can wait. Do not use your phone.


                When the clock hit noon, everybody had gathered in the town’s exit. A huge crowd gathered to watch their departure. In the center of the group, Mike, Bob and Lily, alongside with Equide, were saying goodbye to their parents and the Mayor.

                - I’m so sorry that Professor Juniper couldn’t come. She had an urgent appointment in Kallone City and had to leave right away. – Apologized Phil.

                - It’s ok, mister Mayor, - answered Mike - we understand. Mom, Dad, wish us luck!

                - Don’t you do anything dangerous, and stay away from the lake, you hear me? – Said Mike’s mother – and this goes for you two as well, Lily and Bob.

                - Don’t worry mom, as long as we got Equide with us, we’ll be fine!

                - Ok, good luck now! Take care!

                And so, our heroes left to the interior of the forest. Few knew them about the challenges they’d face in the mysterious Sacred Forest.

                Upon entering the forest, everything seemed really calm. The path that had been cut in the eve had disappeared; the trees had surprisingly grown back and covered up the route to the lake, so that no common citizen could disturb the sanctuary. No Pokémon could be seen, but if they were to stop and pay attention, many noises and shadows denounced smart creatures, observing as the kids ventured through the plants, avoiding thorns and vines as they proceeded.

                - It’s really calm here, don’t you think? – Mentioned Bob.

                - Hell yeah, I thought we’d have already found something different, but all I see are trees and other plants. – Agreed Mike.

                - Don’t let the apparent silence fool you. This place is full of Pokémon we’ve never seen before. Most of them have incredible camouflage techniques, so, even though we don’t realize they are here, they are here to be found.

                - That’s scary, isn’t it? To think there are Pokémon that can see you, but you can’t see them. – said Bob.

                - Yeah, and the fact that most of them are bugs doesn’t help either – replied Lily.

                - At these times I’m glad I have Equide to help me battle anything that shows up – commented Mike, relieved.

                The group walked and walked, but didn’t have any success on finding either of the Pokémon they were searching for. When sunset approached, they decided to camp and rest for the night that was about to come.

                - Ugh, it’s still the first day and I can’t stand it anymore! I’m exhausted! And we haven’t found a single Pokémon all day! Let alone those two! – Complained Bob

                - Don’t worry Bob, I’m sure we’ll have better luck tomorrow – Mike said, trying to cheer his friend up.

                - We’re doing something wrong. – Thought Lily - That’s for sure. Tomorrow, we should try to trace a plan to find them. We need to understand how Equide came to Mike and try to find some sort of pattern to look for when…

                - Ah! You’re giving me headaches! Stop talking like that! Let’s just walk the whole forest and we’ll find them! – Shouted Mike.

                - Well, when we get completely lost after weeks and all our food supply ends, don’t tell me I didn’t try to help. – Answered the girl.

                - Well, let’s just rest for tonight guys. It was a tiring day and we need to sleep. ‘Night everyone! – Bob always knew how to stop fights between the siblings before they even started. It was the result of many years living with them. As they all grew up together, Bob knew exactly when Lily and Mike were about to start fighting, and always did something to stop that.

                After eating and chatting for a while, the trio finally went to sleep. They had sleeping bags they had brought, which was perfect for the forest floor, and kept them warm and protected during the night. It was a starry night, and the forest was pretty silent. The three of them slept like babies the whole night. Equide, which was always walking by Mike’s said, slept near the boy’s feet, always trying to protect him from any kind of danger.

                The night went by and early in the morning, one of the boys woke up with the sun. Bob had had great dreams that night, and now was staring at the sky while being lost in thoughts.

                Even though Bob had grown up and lived with Mike and Lily his whole life, there were things about him that his neighbors didn’t know. Emotions he had never showed, feelings that he had never let slip away. Bob liked all of his friends a lot, but there was one special person. And she didn’t know how he felt about her. The boy had tried to show his feelings more than once, but the girl he had dreamt with last night wouldn’t see what he was trying to show, no matter what he did. But then he saw it. And he had the perfect idea.

                Watching the clouds and the trees, Bob saw something perfect. Up on top of a high tree, a flower. But not just any flower. He knew it was the flower he had been looking for. The flower that would make the girl understand his feelings.
                Getting up in a jump, the young man decided to grab that flower. To do so, all he had to do was climbing a 5 meters tall tree, with strange – and probably poisonous – creatures hidden in its smallest holes just waiting to attack whichever pray was crazy enough to get close. Easy.

                And so he started. Bob jumped the highest he could. Too bad his highest wouldn’t even reach the lowest branches. Damn genetics making me this short – thought the boy when he uselessly kept jumping on the tree’s roots trying to grab any little branch that his hands could find.

                Stop. I’ll have to do it some other way. And so the short man stopped, took a long breath and started doing it the right way. Bob got close to the tree, wrapped his arms and legs around the stem, held his body strongly against the tree, and used all his strength to start pushing him upwards. And, somehow, it worked. It seemed like a strange force was helping him, giving him enough energy to keep pushing his body to the top of the tree.

                Bob had never felt so strong. Usually, he would just be overshadowed by something Mike did. He felt happy for his friend, but it was always Mike who did the cool things, who got the recognition for something important they’d do. Not that it was a bad thing, Mike had its own importance, but Bob felt like he was always left aside. He never did anything important, just congratulated his neighbor for his doings. Now, however, he was experimenting a different feeling. The feeling of actually doing something, and not just staying in the backstage. He would get that flower, and people would know it was his doing, and not Mike’s. It was important for him.

                So important that the simple thought of having it seemed to give him extra strength to keep climbing. He never told anybody, but Bob was terribly afraid of heights. This, however, was something he had to do for the girl he loved, and no fear could stop him from getting that great little plant. After a long and exhausting climbing, Bob finally reached the top of the tree. The boy managed to sit on its strong leaves and admire the flower he had worked so hard to get close to.

                - That’s it. The flower I’ve always wanted to give her, but none is grown in the village: a red lily. Perhaps now she’ll know what I feel.

                The boy was so enchanted for having conquered the tree that he had forgotten about his fear of heights. However, he was quickly reminded of this terrible sensation when, after carefully grabbing the flower, he looked down and saw the immense space of five meters separating him from the floor, where the twins were peacefully sleeping.

                A strong dizziness took over his body; he closed his eyes and felt the tree shaking by the weight of his unbalanced body trying unsuccessfully to maintain itself stuck to the trunk, while the boy was still trying to hold on to the precious flower he had worked so hard to find and get. The more Bob tried to hold on to the tree, the more would it shake. The branches that were holding him started to tear apart, not able to support the extra weight for any longer. The frightened teenager felt something climbing through his leg: a bug of some sort, ready to bite him as he desperately waved his hands and shouted in a vain request for help. Soon enough, jumping seemed like the most reasonable action to take. That is, if anything at this point could be considered reasonable. In his state of mind, Bob couldn’t even think on what he was doing, all he wanted was to go down and stay far, far away from any tall places he feared so much.

                At long last, the branches finally couldn’t stand his weight anymore and gave in to the heavy body of the ever shouting boy. The bug that was now walking on Bob’s back, in its way to his head flew away when the boy kicked the air and started a free fall into the not-so-soft floor of the forest.

                Bob’s shouts for help managed to wake his friends up even from such a huge distance. Mike and Lily were both desperate, but there was nothing they could do. Their best friend was falling to his death and all they could do was watch. Mike could now understand how Lily and Bob had felt the previous night when he fell on the Home Lake. What he was feeling now could almost be compared to what he felt when he almost drowned in that sacred place.

                Lily burst into tears the moment she realized what was going on. She had almost lost her brother a few hours ago and now Bob was falling from what seemed like the highest tree she had ever seen. It was too much for her. The feeling of inability to help was only getting worse. First her brother, and now her best friend. No, he was more than her best friend. She was sure of that. Bob wasn’t just a random friend. He was different. He was special. And he was falling.

                Bob started losing consciousness, but he still held the flower strong close to its body, like this was the only thing that was keeping him alive. It was the only motivation for him not to let go of his life and sleep for eternity, or so it seemed to him. When all hope seemed lost, and his hand was starting to release the flower, everything stopped. He was not falling anymore. And he was not afraid. Down on the floor, Mike and Lily could only see a green line crossing the sky, and Bob disappeared. He hadn’t noticed, but the boy in love was now being carried by a bird. A beige bird with green feathers and leaves as wings and tail prevented the boy from getting hurt and was now holding him in its sharp talons. Uzes’ creature saved Bob’s life, and was gently soaring through the forest air, taking him to the floor in safety.

                Mike and Lily were at first paralyzed and shocked when Bob disappeared, but, as soon as they spotted the bird they’ve been able to breathe in relief that their friend was not lost. Bob was alive, and he was chosen by one of the god’s Pokémon.

                - Bob! Bob! I’m so glad you’re ok! You don’t know how much worried I was when I saw you were falling! – cried Lily.

                - Dude! What happened? We woke up with you shouting and you were high up there and then you were like, and then… woah. What. Was. That?

                - Air. I need air. – was the only thing the boy could answer.

                Friendly, the bird Pokémon started flapping its wings, giving fresh air for his new owner to breathe. It took a few minutes for Bob to get back to his usual self. It was a really traumatic experience. When he was better, he talked.

                - Lily. This is for you.

                The boy, with his hands shaking, handed over to the girl the lily he almost died to get.

                - A… lily? Oh my god, Bob! I… I don’t know what to say! You... You’ve been through all of this just to get... a flower? For me? That’s so… Mike, do you mind if I talked to Bob… alone? Please?

                The girl, now shaking just as much as Bob was when on top of the tree, only finished her sentence when her brother was away and could not hear them anymore:

                - Bob, that was so sweet. I… I didn’t know I was so important to you.

                - Lily, this is something I’ve been trying to show you for many years now. I just had to find the perfect opportunity to show you how I feel about you. Your favorite flower has always been the one that has your name, and red… there are no red lilies growing in the village – trust me, I’ve searched everywhere. What I’m trying to say is that…

                - Don’t say it. I know what you feel. I feel the same about you. I have always felt. And I was afraid. Afraid that you wouldn’t like me. Bob… I’ve never this way before.

                The boy and the girl stopped talking. No more words could come out of their mouths. They were simply speechless. Slowly, they started getting close to each other. The moment they had waited so long for was finally approaching. Their faces got close. He hold her hand. Her lips touched and, as they kissed they felt a warm wave going through their bodies, much more intense than the wave of warmth Aesthi’s fireplace exhaled the previous night. Now they were alone, in the most romantic day of their lives, feeling completely new and unique sensations. They were in love.
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