Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.
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Old November 29th, 2011 (6:24 AM).
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    Scolipede, Serperior, Swanna, Zebstrika, Scrafty, Sawsbuck

    Lots of S Pokémon for some reason.
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    Mega Ampharos is the one.
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      I had another run. I used.


      Yup. Random Pokemon challenge.

      I am a Roleplayer

      ...and I am PROUD of it.
      Lanistae Jacet [Lies of a Trainer]
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      Old December 2nd, 2011 (2:09 AM).
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        If I remember right my Team before the Elite 4 was:

        Serperior (Julep)
        Victini (Victor)
        Krookodile (Jaws)
        Gigalith (Rufio)
        Zebstrika (Furious)
        Aaaaaand... Uhm...
        Fraxure (Ripsnarl) I believe...

        After League I settled on:

        Serperior (Julep)
        Victini (Victor)
        Zekrom (Baal'zash)
        And Hydreigon.

        And right now I'm doing another playthrough with:
        Emboar (Bacobit)
        Druddigon (Takki)
        Zweilous (Chomper)
        Galvantula (Sparky)
        Seviper (Bladed)
        FC: 4940 6782 8843
        IGN: Amaranth
        My Friend Safari is Ghost Type! Phantump, Shuppet and Drifblim.

        Challenges Completed:
        Pokemon X Random Run
        Greninja, Druddigon, Sawk, Simisage, Granbull, Ariados

        Pokemon Omega Ruby Random Run:
        Marshtomp, Cradily, Heracross, Sandslash, Skarmory, Torkoal
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          I've done two run throughs so far
          Run 1

          Run 2
          Drudigon (can't spell its name X( )
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          Old December 3rd, 2011 (3:44 AM).
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          Fakemon Artist
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            Hmm I had a really odd team if I remember right ( I restarted)

            ~ Part of Pokemon Verum ~
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            Old December 3rd, 2011 (6:30 AM).
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              My team is

              Giratina lv100

              Dialga lv100

              Palkia lv100

              Ho-oh lv100

              Mewtow lv100

              and any Pokemon I'm ether trying to level up or evolve.
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              Old December 3rd, 2011 (8:55 AM).
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              I control my own fate.
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                I've had several play-throughs already and don't really remember what teams I was using. But I've decided to train a new post E4 team.

                Current Team
                1.) Hydreigon
                2.) Chandelure
                3.) Seismitoad
                4.) Ferrothorn
                5.) Mandibuzz
                6.) Haxorus

                Black FC: 1163 5272 5840
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                Old December 3rd, 2011 (9:47 AM).
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                Pokémon Aureolin
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                Posts: 2,289
                1) Emboar

                2) Jellicent

                3) Whimsicott

                4) Zebstrika

                5) Excadrill

                6) Hydreigon

                I don't regret any of them, but Whimsicott has been a bit useless. xD
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                Old December 3rd, 2011 (2:08 PM). Edited December 3rd, 2011 by Typhlosion12.
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                  This is my pokemon team, I feel like I need some help with my 6th pokemon.

                  {blaze and holding zap plate} Typhlosion l100 [quirky](eruption, focus blast, hidden power [electric], and flamethrower)
                  {torrent and holding wide lens} Samurott l100 [adamant] (dig, swords dance, waterfall, and mega horn)
                  {inner focus and holding dread plate} Lucario l100 [lax] (aura sphere, dark pulse, dragon pulse, and psychic)
                  {adaptability and holding insect plate} Porygon-Z l100 [quirky] (psychic, signal beam, tri-attack, and lightning-bolt)
                  {insomnia and holding earth plate} Honchkrow l100 [modest] (Fly, Dark Pulse, hidden power [ground], and nasty plot)
                  [Need some help choosing this spot]
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                  Old December 3rd, 2011 (3:11 PM).
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                  I don't think I've posted an update on my Black team in a while so here it is. :D

                  I have a thing for grass and bug Pokemon at the moment. x]
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                  Old December 3rd, 2011 (3:45 PM).
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                  Battle Subway Editor
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                    My team in Black are:
                    *- Shiny

                    *Feraligatr- Female- Lv 100- Adamant- Torrent- Expert Belt
                    -Brick Break
                    -Ice Punch

                    Lucario- Female- Lv 100- Modest- Steadfast- Wise Glasses
                    -Aura Sphere
                    -Flash Cannon
                    -Dragon Pulse
                    -Dark Pulse

                    Mienshao- Female- Lv 100- Adamant- Regenerate- Big Root (Flying Gem in Battle Subway Only)
                    -Drain Punch
                    -Fake Out

                    *Breloom- Male- Lv 100- Jolly - Poison Heal- Toxic Orb
                    -Sky Uppercut
                    -Seed Bomb
                    -Mach Punch

                    *Aerodactyl- Male- Lv 100- Adamant- Rock Head- Rock Gem
                    -Head Smash
                    -Dragon Claw
                    -Iron Head

                    *Infernape- Female- Lv 100- Adamant- Blaze- Flying Gem
                    -Blaze Kick
                    -Brick Break
                    -Low Sweep

                    Only when I fight the Elite Four... but the teams tend to change often bc I have an army of almost or over 500 PKMN.
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                    Old December 3rd, 2011 (9:58 PM).
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                      Age: 23
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Quiet
                      Posts: 590
                      Currently training/using these out of boredom:

                      Level 88 - Modest - Levitate
                      Dragon Pulse

                      Level 87 - Jolly - Illusion(duh)
                      Night Slash
                      Swords Dance
                      Low Sweep

                      Level 87 - Adamant - Sheer Force
                      Rock Slide
                      Fly (gotta have someone to fly me around)
                      Crush Claw

                      Level 89 - Modest - Magnet Pull
                      Flash Cannon
                      Hidden Power (Grass..or is it Water?)
                      Charge Beam (Been trying to find Thunderbolt )
                      Magnet Rise

                      Level 100 - Adamant - Steadfast
                      Shadow Sneak
                      Bulk Up/Swords Dance(this changes based on my preferences)
                      Close Combat

                      Blaziken( got him over Wi'Fi...from Japan)
                      Level 36 - Modest - Speed Boost
                      Focus Blast
                      Work Up
                      Quick Attack
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                      Old December 5th, 2011 (2:37 PM).
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                        This is my team with 1 more badge to go

                        1. Female Axew
                        2. Female Beartic
                        3. Male Darmanitan
                        4. Male Excadrill
                        5. Male Seismitoed
                        6. Female Unfezant
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                        Old December 5th, 2011 (7:15 PM).
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                        The Cuban Artist ~
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                          Nature: Bold
                          Posts: 36
                          Here's mine at the moment:







                          Seems to be working fine for me, so I'll probably stick with them for the long run :p
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                          Old December 5th, 2011 (8:16 PM).
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                          Lorem Ipsum
                            Join Date: Sep 2007
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                            Posts: 491
                            During the storyline:

                            Currently working on:
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                            Old December 6th, 2011 (5:07 PM).
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                            On my way to Viridian City ♪
                            • Platinum Tier
                            Join Date: Aug 2007
                            Location: Stark Mountain, Sinnoh
                            Age: 24
                            Nature: Jolly
                            Posts: 2,652
                            Black Version:
                            Team at a glance


                            Leavanny, lv77
                            • Leaf Blade
                            • X-Scissor
                            • Swords Dance
                            • Shadow Claw
                            Having seen Leavanny's design, I ultimately decided it as my primary Grass-Type over Serperior. I've never ditched my starter before ._.

                            Swanna, lv77
                            • Dive
                            • Fly
                            • Ice Beam
                            • Surf
                            A bit of an HM slave, but still a potent battler. Thankfully, its attack and sp. attack stats are both decent and usable.

                            Darmanitan, lv77
                            (Sheer Force ability)
                            • Fire Punch
                            • Superpower
                            • Earthquake
                            • Rock Slide
                            I like to keep my teams balanced, and Darmanitan was the prime contender for a fire type. It ultimately became a heavy hitter on my team, with great power but somewhat low defenses.

                            Zoroark, lv77
                            • Night Daze
                            • Shadow Ball
                            • Flamethrower
                            • Nasty Plot
                            This was the Zorua obtained from the Celebi event in Castelia City, not the legendary beast one from Lostlorn forest.

                            Gothitelle, lv77
                            • Psychic
                            • Shadow Ball
                            • Thunder Wave
                            • Calm Mind
                            Has great special defense, as well as support from Thunder Wave. A bit lacking in the physical defense department, I'll admit.

                            Gigalith, lv78
                            • Stone Edge
                            • Earthquake
                            • Strength
                            • Protect
                            Although I was trying not to spoil Black and White for myself before it was released, I saw an image of Gigalith on Serebii and figured I wanted it. It's essentially the battering ram of my team.

                            IN PC STORAGE:

                            Serpello/Serperior, lv78
                            • Giga Drain
                            • Hidden Power (rock)
                            • Wring Out
                            • Leaf Storm
                            I was unimpressed with Serperior's stats and movepool, so much so that I ditched it midway into the game (which I NEVER do to my starters). However, after the league I decided to pick it up once again, catching it up to the rest of my team.

                            Razor/Lillipup, lv50
                            • Strength
                            • Crunch
                            • Dig
                            • Reversal
                            The first Pokemon I caught, on route 1. It is a powerful Pokemon that helped me through many gym battles. However, as my team came closer to being finished, I couldn't fit it in. However, I did come back after beating the game and raised it to level 50.

                            Panpour, lv38
                            • Scald
                            • Grass Knot
                            • Acrobatics
                            • Ice Beam
                            Hasn't been used much since my gym battle with Chili, but I did raise it a little bit after I beat the league.

                            Seek/Sawk, lv28
                            • Brick Break
                            • Retaliate
                            • Rock Smash
                            • Counter
                            I haven't used it after a short while into Castelia city, but I will mention it because of its major use against Lenora. She completely wiped the floor with me, causing me to have to go out and find a fighting type JUST to defeat her.

                            White Version:
                            Team at a glance


                            Samurott, lv56
                            • Surf
                            • Dig
                            • Ice Beam
                            • Aqua Jet
                            A sturdy water-type and starter Pokemon, but I was a bit disappointed that it can't learn earthquake.

                            Fluffee/Whimsicott, lv57
                            • Giga Drain
                            • Shadow Ball
                            • Hurricane
                            • Stun Spore
                            The Cottonee that was up for trade (in White Version). It's Prankster ability was extremely useful in-game, especially against Ghestis.

                            Chandelure, lv58
                            • Flame Burst
                            • Shadow Ball
                            • Will-O-Wisp
                            • Energy Ball
                            A decently fast Pokemon with insanely high Special Attack. It also has a special attack-boosting nature to boot.

                            Galvantula, lv56
                            • Electro Ball
                            • Signal Beam
                            • Gastro Acid
                            • Sucker Punch
                            A quick Pokemon that makes great use of Electro Ball. Sucker Punch is especially useful. However, Gastro Acid isn't as useful in-game.

                            Scrafty, lv56
                            • Crunch
                            • Brick Break
                            • Dig
                            • High Jump Kick
                            It has Brick Break for KOing weaker Pokemon without the constant chance of recoil. Moxie ability is also extremely useful in-game, especially on a Pokemon as defensive as Scrafty.

                            Braviary, lv56
                            • Crush Claw
                            • Sky Drop
                            • Shadow Claw
                            • Fly
                            A great, strong Pokemon (that was tough to use in-game due to evolving at level 54 or whatever it was). Sky Drop is weaker than Fly, but is fun to use.

                            In a possible third-version game, I'm planning on choosing Tepig (since I chose the other two starters).
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                            Old December 9th, 2011 (1:41 AM).
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                            Don't Ask, Just Tell
                              Join Date: Oct 2009
                              Location: USA
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Naughty
                              Posts: 795
                              Balanced Team: Grass, Water, Fire, Electric, Psychic, Dark

                              Grass Team -Favorite Type of Gen V

                              Water Team- Second Favorite Type of Gen V

                              Don't be a rotten apple!
                              Check-out my Forbitten to see the latest developments in the Kenbi Region

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                              Old December 11th, 2011 (9:23 AM). Edited December 11th, 2011 by dnomyar27.
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                              Beginning VulpixEevee Lover
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                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Careful
                                Posts: 27
                                I thought about it a lot and then i choose Tepig, then a little Lillipup, a girl gave to me Pansage, Woobat was so cute, and i know you think it is ugly, i did catch it. Then I revive the turtle.

                                My team- Emboar (boy), Swoobat(girl), Zebstrika(girl), Simisage(boy), Carracosta(boy), Stoutland(girl).

                                They are now level 100

                                Have a Nice Day !!
                                Wanna see some drawing?

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                                Old December 12th, 2011 (2:56 AM).
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                                우리 둘만의 암호
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                                Location: 이큐리의집
                                Gender: Female
                                Nature: Impish
                                Posts: 2,254
                                This is my current team for my new restart on my White.

                                Adamant | Blaze
                                - Assurance
                                - Arm Thrust
                                - Flame Charge
                                - Rollout

                                Hasty | Sand rush
                                - Take Down
                                - Retaliate
                                - Work Up
                                - Crunch

                                Jolly | Big Pecks
                                - Gust
                                - Growl
                                - Leer
                                - Quick Attack

                                Adamant | Solid rock
                                - Aqua Jet
                                - Smack Down
                                - Crunch
                                - Curse
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                                Old December 12th, 2011 (7:39 AM).
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                                Bard of Rage
                                  Join Date: Dec 2010
                                  Location: honk
                                  Age: 20
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Jolly
                                  Posts: 1,950
                                  My team consists mainly of these six. Use them for everything. When it comes to online or battles with friends, I simply get out three and add Zekrom, Victini, and Kuyrem.
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                                  Old December 12th, 2011 (11:30 AM).
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                                  The one that went insane
                                    Join Date: Oct 2011
                                    Location: You don't want to know
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Calm
                                    Posts: 74
                                    Current White Team:

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                                    Old December 12th, 2011 (1:03 PM). Edited December 21st, 2011 by Hikamaru.
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                                    • Platinum Tier
                                    Join Date: Mar 2011
                                    Location: Australia
                                    Age: 25
                                    Gender: Female
                                    Nature: Quirky
                                    Posts: 49,493
                                    My main Black team:

                                    Male, Serious Nature, Torrent

                                    Female, Calm Nature, Frisk

                                    Female, Docile Nature, Levitate

                                    Female, Lonely Nature, Flame Body

                                    Female, Serious Nature, Sap Sipper

                                    Male, Quirky Nature, Defeatist

                                    And here's some that I rotate into my team from time to time:

                                    Male, Sassy Nature, Wonder Skin

                                    Female, Hardy Nature, Technician

                                    Female, Quiet Nature, Static

                                    Female, Quiet Nature, Synchronize

                                    Female, Hasty Nature, Intimidate

                                    Male, Quirky Nature, Sheer Force

                                    Male, Lonely Nature, Swarm

                                    Female, Bold Nature, Own Tempo

                                    Female, Serious Nature, Prankster

                                    Male, Relaxed Nature, Sand Force

                                    Female, Sassy Nature, Moxie

                                    Female, Serious Nature, Motor Drive

                                    Female, Bashful Nature, Forewarn

                                    Female, Quiet Nature, Super Luck

                                    Male, Adamant Nature, Swarm

                                    Male, Careful Nature, Levitate

                                    Female, Modest Nature, Cursed Body

                                    Male, Quiet Nature, Gluttony

                                    Male, Sassy Nature, Gluttony

                                    Male, Quirky Nature, Gluttony

                                    Male, Adamant Nature, Shell Armor

                                    Female, Serious Nature, Snow Cloak

                                    Female, Gentle Nature, Inner Focus

                                    Female, Sassy Nature, Regenerator

                                    Female, Hardy Nature, Flame Body

                                    Female, Timid Nature, Mummy

                                    Female, Naive Nature, Big Pecks

                                    Male, Quirky Nature, Ice Body

                                    Male, Gentle Nature, Poison Touch

                                    Female, Brave Nature, Intimidate

                                    Male, Hasty Nature, Limber

                                    Female, Sassy Nature, Illuminate

                                    Male, Quiet Nature, Unaware

                                    Male, Bold Nature, Weak Armor

                                    Male, Serious Nature, Inner Focus

                                    Male, Relaxed Nature, Sturdy

                                    Female, Calm Nature, Healer

                                    Female, Rash Nature, Healer

                                    Male, Brave Nature, Unnerve

                                    Male, Gentle Nature, Rivalry

                                    No Gender, Impish Nature, Iron Fist

                                    Female, Impish Nature, Overcoat

                                    Male, Careful Nature, Effect Spore

                                    No Gender, Docile Nature, Plus

                                    Male, Quiet Nature, Sheer Force

                                    Male, Adamant Nature, Chlorophyll

                                    Female, Adamant Nature, Static

                                    No Gender, Modest Nature, Turboblaze

                                    Female, Impish Nature, Overgrow

                                    Male, Lonely Nature, Torrent

                                    Female, Lonely Nature, Blaze

                                    Female, Quirky Nature, Static

                                    Male, Timid Nature, Overgrow

                                    Male, Impish Nature, Blaze

                                    Female, Naive Nature, Torrent

                                    Male, Naughty Nature, Overgrow

                                    Male, Brave Nature, Blaze

                                    Male, Rash Nature, Torrent

                                    Female, Impish Nature, Intimidate

                                    Female, Relaxed Nature, Natural Cure

                                    Female, Bold Nature, Pickup

                                    Female, Quirky Nature, Technician

                                    Female, Bold Nature, Unburden

                                    Female, Modest Nature, Levitate

                                    Female, Lonely Nature, Thick Fat

                                    Female, Jolly Nature, Aftermath

                                    Male, Gentle Nature, Sand Veil

                                    Male, Brave Nature, Steadfast

                                    Male, Brave Nature, Hustle

                                    Female, Naive Nature, Oblivious

                                    Male, Bashful Nature, Steadfast

                                    Female, Quirky Nature, Snow Cloak

                                    Female, Hasty Nature, Tinted Lens

                                    Female, Mild Nature, Cute Charm

                                    Female, Serious Nature, Synchronize

                                    Female, Gentle Nature, Poison Heal

                                    Female, Bold Nature, Compoundeyes

                                    Female, Modest Nature, Cloud Nine

                                    So that's just some of my big collection!
                                    pair | tumblr | twitter | poketrivia | us/um | supporter | fc
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                                    Old December 12th, 2011 (1:40 PM).
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                                    PENS BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS!
                                      Join Date: Dec 2010
                                      Location: the humangas big universe
                                      Age: 30
                                      Gender: Female
                                      Nature: Quiet
                                      Posts: 43
                                      Well, it's mainly the team on my Trainer Card below (without Axew). Sometimes I add a Pokemon I need to level up in that sixth spot, equiped with the alway usefull Exp Share.
                                      5026-5816-4108 (3DS Friend Code)
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                                      Old December 12th, 2011 (2:21 PM).
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                                      Avizion Avizion is offline
                                        Join Date: Dec 2011
                                        Location: Norway
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Jolly
                                        Posts: 33
                                        On the first run for elite four I actually went on a Successful Samurrot Sweep or as I like to call it Triple S.

                                        Now however when I fought against the elite four again I made a proper team and here is the current status:

                                        Samurott Lvl 100 Water Type-Nature:Mild (S.Attack+/Def-) Ability: Torrent-Item: N/A

                                        Ice Beam-Ice Type
                                        Megahorn-Bug Type
                                        Hydro Pump-Water Type
                                        Surf-Water Type

                                        Comment: Been pretty much my main focus throughout the game.

                                        Hydregion Lvl 72 Dark/Dragon Type-Nature: Modest (S.Attack+/Attack-) Ability: Levitation-Item: N/A

                                        Dark Pulse-Dark Type
                                        Dragon Pulse-Dragon Type
                                        Outrage-Dragon Type
                                        Flamethrower-Fire Type

                                        Comment: Never really been used that much because this is more of a back up for the team

                                        Volcarona Level 81 Fire/Bug Type-Nature: Modest(S.Attack+/Attack-) Ability: Flame Body-Item: N/A

                                        Heatwave-Fire Type
                                        Bug Buzz-Bug Type
                                        Silverwind-Bug Type
                                        Fly-Flying Type

                                        Comment: This is the pokemon I use when Samurott's typing is at a disadvantage

                                        Galventula Level 72 Electric/Bug Type-Nature: Quirky(N/A) Ability: Compoundeyes-Item: N/A

                                        Suckerpunch-Dark Type
                                        Thunder-Electric Type
                                        Bug Buzz-Bug Type
                                        Discharge-Electric Type

                                        Comment: After I saw that Ghost/Water type jellyfish pokemon I knew I needed a thunder type on my team.

                                        Whimscott Level 71 Grass Type-Nature: Modest(S.Attack+/Attack-) Ability: Prankster-Item: N/A

                                        Energy Ball-Grass Type
                                        Hurrican-Flying Type
                                        Shadow Ball-Ghost Type
                                        Hidden Power-Rock Type

                                        Comment: I used to have stun spore on it and so it just got used to catch pokemon.

                                        Golurk Lvl 74 Ghost/Ground-Nature: Adamant(Attack+/S.Attack-) Ability: Iron Fist-Item: N/A

                                        Shadowpunch-Ghost Type
                                        Earthquake-Ground Type
                                        Heavy Slam-Steel Type
                                        Hammer Arm-Fighting Type

                                        Comment: The tank/beast of the team that covers up my team weaknesses.

                                        That is how my current team is at the moment, will try to update this sometime in the future.
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                                        Old December 12th, 2011 (7:43 PM).
                                        Raichupacabra Raichupacabra is offline
                                          Join Date: Apr 2010
                                          Location: Antelope Valley, CA
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Hasty
                                          Posts: 565
                                          Zebstrika Level 36
                                          Darmanitan Level 35
                                          Sawsbuck Level 36
                                          Krookodile Level 40
                                          Sigilyph Level 35
                                          Seismitoad Level 36

                                          I'm currently at Mistralton City.
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