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This is my 8th fanfic I have started writing. It is a crossover of Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I recently got into the Sailor Moon anime three weeks ago. The events of the story take place about a year after Lucas' pokemon journey. Here are a few things you will need to know about the events before this story,

Link and Cynthia are married and have a child

The Baulderlaire orphans were rescued and adopted by Arceus and his mate Star.

Two Arceus Blaze and Ebony came to the main universe

The planet in which the stories take place is named BioStar is three different worlds merged together into one larger planet.

Star currently has 10 children

The events of this story takes place a few days after the Sailor Scouts defeat the Negaverse in a climatic battle.

Now on with the story. This story will be rated M for violence, blood, a sex scene between two pokemon, and rape in later chapters.


Chapter One

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Hall of Origin. Sunny Bauderlaire was reading whole stacks of cookbooks, considering her vast interest in cooking. Lucas, Violet, and Klaus are sharpening their skills as pokemon trainers.

Eaach of them trained their starter pokemon first. Lucas had Evelyn a female shiny Leafeon, Klaus has Turtwig who fully evolved into a Torterra, Violet now has Empoleon, They practiced their battling skills with these pokemon. Lucas had other pokemon as well,

Lucas has a Lucario named Aura, Leo the Luxray, Starlight a female Staraptor, Rapidash, and Garchomp. Klaus has also has a Staraptor along with a Floatzel, Luxray, Snorlax, and a Medicham. Violet also has Staraptor and a Luxray. Her other pokemon includes Roserade, Gardevoir, and a Gengar.

Meanwhile in Hyrule

We see Link and his beloved Cynthia playing with their young son Alister.

Link asked, "hey Cynthia, why don't go to the Hall of Origin to visit Arceus."

Meanwhile at a distant planet called Earth on the edge of the Nintendo Galaxy. It has been a few days since the Sailor Scouts defeated the Negaverse and things were going normaly.

It was nightime and a 14 year old blonde headed girl named Serena was sleeping peacefully and as usual she was dreaming of her true love Darian AKA Tuxedo mask but she also saw an white equine like being who was white with a gray underside and face, a long mane that flowed the same direction as his tail, red eyes with a green sclera, and a golden crosswheel around his abdomen. It turns out that Raye, Lita, Amy, and Mina were having the same vision of Arceus. The next day they went to Rei's Temple at Cherry hill in Tokyo Japan. Darion was also going to be there to discuss the vision of the being known as Arceus the Original One though they dont know who he is or the title he is refered to as.

"I was having this dream, and it was about that dreamboat Darien, when suddenly, there's something else", Serena started

"What was it Serena?" Reye asked. "It was this equine like being and I heard him talking about his own world and the he created the entire universe. He told me to meet with you all and wait here until noon for his arrival. He said that he will bring his three children that rule time, space, and antimatter."

Within minutes, the pokemon of time, space, antimatter, and creation approached the five girls. Serena as usual was a bit frightened by Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

"Just who are you?", asks Luna warily. Luna is a purple she cat with a yellow cresent moon on her forehead. She is Serena'a mentor.

"And how do we know you're not some extra-dimensional villain?" asks Artemis just as warily as Luna. Artemis is a white male cat with a yellow crescent moon on his forehead. He is the mentor of Mina

"Calm yourselves. I have no malicous intent. I am Arceus the Creator of the universe and God of humans and pokemon alike. Do not worry I came here peacefully. With me is Dialga the God of Time, Palkia the Goddess of Space, and Giratina the God of antimatter and the afterlife as well as ther ruler of the Distortion World, a world opposite of this and other worlds. I wold like you all to come with me to the Hall of Origin." Arceus said with a kind and sincere voice with eyes filled with calmness and benovolence.

"I wonder what it would be like there," wonders Serena

"You will find out. Dialga and Palkia, warp us and the children as well as their cats to the Hall of Origin!" Arceus said. Dialga and Palkia did just thet and everyone was transported to the Hall of Origin. Now everyoine is at the meeting room at the Hall of Origin.

"Wow, what is this majestic place?", asks Mina.

" the Hall of Origin!" declares Arceus proudly.

Arceus explained "The room we are in right now is the meeting room where us legendaries hold our meetings. Every two weeks, all of the legendary pokemon gather here to discuss current events happening in our world. When there is a problem that needs investigating, we take action to resolve it. There have been times that we have an emergency meeting if there is a crisis that threatens the existance of the planet and the lives of people and pokemon alike."

"Wow, this meeting room is so beautiful!", gushed Serena.

"Yes it is. Now I would like to tell you the Sinnoh Space-Time legend passed down by the people of Sinnoh and other regions as well." then continued by saying,

"It goes like this: In the Beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of chaos where all things became one, appeared an egg. Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One. From itself, two beings the Original One did make. Time started to spin and Space began to expand. From itself again, three living things the Orginal One did make. The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be. The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be. The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep."

"Wow, what a story!", smiled Raye

"yes now come with me. We are going outside the Hall of Origin." Arceus said as he lead the sailor scouts and their two cats outside. Now they found themselves at a ruins with many pillars as well as fallen ones.

"Wow, what are these ruins?", asks Lita,

"This is the Spear Pillar atop Mt. Coronet. A long time ago there was a temple here during early Sinnoh that honored Dialga and Palkia. This place is where everything began and almost ended..." Arceus said

"Almost ended?", asks Ami

"Yes thats right. You see, many years ago there was an criminal organization in Sinnoh called Team Galactic, whose leader Cyrus, used the red chain crafted from the lake guardians to control Dialga and Palkia to restart the universe to create a new one without spirit. But lucklily their plans were foiled by a brave group of pokemon trainers." Arceus said in a serious tone

"Why create a new universe without spirit? What's wrong with having spirit?", asks Mina.

Well, Cyrus thought that emotions and other parts of spirit were parts of a weak and incomplete human heart. He is emotionless and cold as a result of that belief." replied Arceus

"That's an incredibly lame excuse!", exclaimed Serena, outraged at Cyrus' philosophy

"Anyways, I woul lke to give you all o tour of Sinnoh." Arceus said. Dialga and Palkia came with them/ They got on each of the pokemon's backs and flew off. They flew until they found themselves at a town called Twinleaf.

"Ladies, welcome to Twinleaf Town, the place where all pokemon trainers and coordinators begin their journey", said Arceus

"It is also the home of one of the trainers who stopped Team Galactic from using our powers for evil, and not only that, she's also the daughter of a top-notch coordinator who completed the Grand Festival years ago before retiring", explained Dialga

"Wow." Rei remarked. After landing they walked through town when Serena ran into a blonde headed boy wearing an orange and white shirt, a green scarf and brown pants. His name was barry who shouted, "Hey watch where your going or I am fining you."

"You watch it, blondie!", Serena argues back

"You wanna start something meatball-head? 'Cause I'm gonna finish it!", snarls Barry, doing a little jig in the process

"Hey, nobody (but my friends) calls me meatball-head, squirt!", replies Serena roughly, pulling up a sleeve

"What's going on here?", asks the Original One himself with an not-so-amused look on his face as he gets between the two fighting blonde

"Stop this at once!" Arceus shouted angrily summoning a lightning bolt which struck the ground between the two.

The two calmed down and apologized to each other. After that Arceus and the others headed for Michina Town. It did not take long until they finally got there.

"There she is, Michina Town" smiled Arceus, though deep inside, he felt completely the opposite, remembering what he called the "Marcus Affairs"

They soon landed at the shrine which was still in disrapair. Dried silver water could be seen at the bottom. This gave Arceus a horrific memory. This caused him to freeze there in fear,

"Arceus, what's wrong, is that shrine haunted?", asks Raye

"No, worse! You see that dried-up silvery-colored substance at the bottom?", replies the Original One as he slowly regains his composure

"Yes I see" Amy said analyzing the substance with her mini computer and continued, "From what I gathered, this substance is refered to as silver water but Arceus what about this substance frightens you?"

"Silver Water can hurt me, and a bad human tried to drown me in it", replied Arceus

"What? Who did that to you and what happened? And how did you get out alive?" asked Lita with a look of horror and anger.

"It's a long story, Lita, but I will tell the tale...", replied Arceus as he told the story of the Jewel of Life, its power, the human Damos who saved him from death, the treacherous Marcus who wanted the Jewel for himself, and those same trainers who defeated Team Galactic putting an end to Marcus' power-hungry scheme.

"Thats terrible that someone could do such a thing to you. We are glad you made it alive." Lita answered.

"That was not the only time Marcus tried to kill me... 5 years ago..." Arceus started as he recalled the time Marcus came back for another attempt to steal the Jewel of Life...

After all of that, everyone went back to the Hall of Origin to rest for the night with Arceus knowing that he and his fellow legendaries have a meeting the next day. Later that night Arceus began to dream:

Arceus found himself, Star, the Sailor Scouts, several trainers and humans the Original One himself is familiar with, as well as Reinhardt von Krassen's unit in the pokemon G-Men, fighting a war against what appears to be old enemies of the Sailor Scouts, and shockingly, Marcus, who has returned for yet another attempt at the Jewel of Life, but the traitorous human is not alone! He also has a small army of accomplices, mostly small-time pokemon hunters, disgraced trainers and coordinators, as well some thugs borrowed from the ranks of the infamous Kanto Region criminal group Team Rocket.

Arceus woke up with a loud gasp. He was also sweating profusely, with all that turning and turning from the dream. The dream is one of a future event. When Arceus gasped, Star was awoken.

"Arceus, what troubles you this time of night?", the female legendary asks with concern

"I've had a dream of a future event, my dear, and tomorrow's meeting shall be an emergency meeting!", replied the Original One

The next morning, Arceus went to the meeting room along with Star. The Sailor Scouts and the two moon cats, Luna and Artemis also arrived in the meeting room. Arceus shouted, "All legendary pokemon report to the Hall of Origin for an emergency meeting! I repeat, all legendaries from Kanto to Unova!"

And in no time at all, all of the legendaries (from the Bird Trio of Kanto, to Zekrom and Reshiram, the black and white dragons of Unova) came for the meeting.

The Sailor Scouts, as well as Luna and Artemis, were amazed at the number of legendary pokemon arriving at the meeting chamber. They also noticed some smaller legendaries as well as four humans. Lucas, and the Bauderlaire siblings are here too.

"Attention, As you all may know that this is an emergency." Arceus and continued to explain his dream.

After Arceus finishes explaining his prophetic vision, everyone (except for Star) was aghast!

"Before we move on to our plan of action, is there anything to report that needs investigating?" Arceus asked. "Well I have been traveling through sinnoh and other regions and found that a new evil organization has formed. They seem to be an anti Arceus group... I dont know what they are planning but its worrying as they are trying to convert more people. What I found out is most are descendants of Marcus... Arceus, I worry for your safety and what do you suggest we do for your sake..." Giratina said with worry.

"Don't worry, I've been informed by a member of Reinhardt's unit in the pokemon G-men that the Pokemon Rangers are investigating this group", replied Arceus reassuringly


Early in the morning, we see Arceus getting up from bed, and going to the bathroom. After doing his business, he hears the silent message alarm. Arceus then pushes a secret button on one of the faucets of the bathroom sink, a holo-monitor appears before him, and displayed on it is the insignia of the G-men, which changes to one of its members.

"Forgive me for having to contact you this time of morning, Arceus", starts the agent, "But we have some rather worrying information for you, courtesy of the Sinnoh Intelligence Agency. But before I give you the info, allow me to introduce myself. I am Agent Adzam, from the Double-S Unit"

"The Double-S Unit? Reinhardt is from that unit!", replies Arceus

"That's correct, and I see you know our resident former Nazi quite well, seeing as you know all, see all, and hear all. As for the information, it's like this: the S.I.A. has gathered knowledge of a new criminal group which is plotting against you, and it just so happens that some of its members are descendants of your old enemy, Marcus. As a matter of fact, this group was founded by a descendant of Marcus, wanting to wreak vengeance for his ancestor's defeat. What's also disturbing is that this group, known as the H.A.A. (Humans Against Arceus), has been recruiting new members into the fold. Never to worry, the Ranger Union has sent some of their sneakiest members to covertly infiltrate this new group and find its master plan against you.", explains Adzam

"Good to hear, and we all know what you humans say, know thy enemy", smiled the Original One

"You are the Original One after all", smiles Adzam back, "I'd best be on my way, Adzam out"

The holo-monitor then turns off


"Anyways anyone else have something to reporrt" Arceus asked.

"Arceus I sense that someone form the world the Sailor Scouts come from has traveled throgh time from the future. That someone came from the 30th century." Dialga said.

Everyone else gasped in shock!

"30th century! How is that possible!", ask a shocked Ami

"But thats not all, some humans who are supporters of Marcus from the past are traveling to the present time as we speak. I think that they may try to rewrite history by.. capturing and possibly kill you Arceus." Dialga said with alarm.

"Hmm...This new evil group might recruit these old accomplices of Marcus into the fold. I think we must also track down that time traveler from the 30th century, he or she may prove to be a valuable ally.", replied Arceus

"Agreed", said Lucas

Raye then asks Lucas, "Say, we've never met before, have we?"

Lucas answered, "Ah, so you're one of the Sailor Scouts father picked, the name's Lucas"

"Nice to meet yoou too Lucas." Raye said.

"Is there anythiing else that needs investigating?" Arceus asked

"Nice to meet you too Lucas. Wait! Did you say *father*?" Raye said.

"Yeah I did, why do you ask, Raye?", asks Lucas

"Just curious.", replied Raye

"Well, to let you know, he adopted me.", says Lucas as he flashes back to the time when Lucas was taken in by Arceus and Star

"Wow, when we have time, me and my friends would love to hear about how you met them and all." Rei said

"Sure I would like too. " Lucas replied.

Arceus asked. "Is there anyone else have something to report and how are things going where you all live?"

"Nothing worrying on me and Mew's neck of the world", replied Mewtwo

"You know, the other day, me, Moltres, and Zapdos encountered a couple of humans calling themselves the Pokemon Mystery Club. They don't use pokemon for their endeavors, just all sorts of gadgets and junk. Apparently, these two are always attempting to prove that pokemon are extraterrestrial creatures. They tried to kidnap some Cleffa, Clefairy, and Cefable at Mt. Moon, only for a random trainer visiting the place to call the police on them and they got arrested", Articuno responds

Deoxys then remarks, "Say, I am from Outer Space! It serves those two right for poke-napping! I remember reading Ash Ketchum's mind one time and seeing memories of past encounters. One in the Johto Region, and the other in Hoenn! But anyhow, nothing wrong in my part of Hoenn."

"I'm good, too", chimed Groudon with a confident growl

"Nothing wrong in the oceans, save for two Gyarados getting into an argument over a Milotic that they both fell in love with, but thankfully, the Milotic agreed to date the both of them at once to stop the fighting.", smiled Kyogre

"And how about the rest of you?", asks Arceus

"Johto Region's A-OK!", smiled Celebi

"Good", replied Arceus

"Arceus. I traveled around Hoenn and some poeple there have also formed an anti Arceus group and it seems some are developing devices and machinery to capture and enslave you which is worrying, because we don't know when they will strike. They seem to be working in secret so I will have to keep watch over the area. Arceus, we have to ensure your safety so we don't lose you like we almost did 5 years ago..." Rayquaza in a serious tone.

"Looks like the H.A.A. of the Sinnoh Region is going to have some competition", sighs Arceus, "Or perhaps some allies"

"Are you gonna let this fact bring you down?", barked a familiar voice

Arceus turns around fast to see the Wigglytuff Guild

"Hey, how did you fellows get here?", asks Star curiously

"We found a Psychic-type pokemon strong enough to teleport us all to BioStar!", smiled Wigglytuff

It was not just the Wigglytuff Guild but also Grovyle, Celebi, and LeafSpark consisting of Torterra, Luxray, Gallade, and Absol.

"Wow, what a number!", said Palkia

Chatot noticed five teenage girls known as the Sailor Scouts and their two cats, "Excuse me but who might you all be? Are you all friends of Arceus?"

"We've only just met his honor a day or two ago", replied Luna

"Anything else before we move on?", Arceus asked

"I do sense a distortion in the fabric of space. There is something in another dimension. I think the Sailor Scouts might know what it is." the goddess of space said.

"Well, let's have a look-see then!", said Serena

The Moon Princess checked the distortion and could not believe her eyes at who she is seeing in that distortion!

"It can't be...Tuxedo Mask?", gasps Serena

As Tuxedo Mask came through the tear in the fabric of space, he decided to make a dramatic entrance into the Hall of Origin, with his signature red rose. "Glad I came here, I have just learned that there are remnants of the Negaverse's forces plotting an all-out war against the Sailor Scouts who defeated their evil queen. Now, about the creatures I see before me..." Tuxedo Mask said as he saw the 40+ legendary pokemon, from the legendary bird trio of Kanto to the black and white dragons Reshiram and Zekrom of Unova.

Then he noticed Arceus and asked with respect, "Who might you be? Are you a friend of the Sailor Scouts?"

"You could say that, Tuxedo Mask", smiled Arceus

"I am Arceus, the Creator of the universe and God of humans and pokemon alike. Can you tell us anything about the Negaverse and what we are up against? Is it possible that they might threaten our world as well?" Arceus said.

"Well, where do I start?", said T.M. as he started explaining the details of the Negaverse, their operatives, their leader Queen Metaria, and most worrying of all, their monstrous life-sucking creatures called Youma.

"This isn't good. Not only do we have a evil group that will try to enslave or kill me but we also have to deal with the Negaverse whom we never faced. They may be stronger than any enemy we ever faced yet." Arceus said with a hint of fear and a willingness to protect his creation with his life.

"We dealt with the Negaverse before, and boy are they nasty!", replied Mina

"What do you all suggest we do? I know that my life may be in danger with two groups of humans after me and we have to destroy the Negaverse before ours and the sailor scout's worlds are destroyed. I cannot let our world get destroyed like it did six years ago. We need to combine our strength: time, space, antimatter, land, sea, sky, fire, ice, lightning, and many other elemets you all rule over." Arceus said.

"Agreed", replied Artemis

"Plus, we also have to look for that person from the 30th century!", said Luna

Luna asked Dialga, "Do you know where that person from the future may be at?"

"Specifically, somewhere in one of the caves in the interior of Mt. Coronet", replied Dialga

Arceus said, "It's settled then. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, the lake guardians, Serena and your friends including Tuxedo Mask and your two cats come with me. We are going into the interior of Mt. Coronet. The rest of you must stay here and around Mt. Coronet and make sure that nobody that is associated with H.A.A. from following me inside. I do not wish to go through what happened 5-6 years ago."

"You can count on us!", winks Serena

"Alright lets go!" Arceus declared. With that, they descended down the mountain until they found a cave entrance


End of chapter

BGM used:

Serena's dream - Questionaire(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red rescue team)

Emergency meeting - Rising fear(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

The Sinnoh Space-Time Legend - Canaclave City(Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Arceus' nightmare of the future - "I saw it again..." (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

At the Spear Pillar - Spear Pillar(Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

So what do you think? Remember to leave a review.
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