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Move set help anyone?

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Old August 20th, 2011 (4:36 PM). Edited August 20th, 2011 by Humm96.
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Im new to competitive battling and i was wondering if anyone could help me?

Im terrible at move pools! DX
I want to start competitive battling and i need help desperatley, i used to play Pokemon with pure power but now i need a new challenge, my team is as follows...

Emboar (Blaze) ♂
Lax nature
Often Dozes off
Item: Flame Plate

Head Smash
Flare Blitz
Heat Crash

Jellicent (Crusher) ♂
Calm Nature
Somewhat stubborn
Cursed Body

Hydro Pump
Water Spout
Ice Beam

Golurk (Rocket) *Shiny
Calm Nature
Often lost in thought
Iron Fist

Heavy Slam
Focus Punch

Haxorus (Athena) ♀
Very Finicky

Dragon Claw
Dragon Pulse

Sceptile (Ripper) ♂
Loves to eat

Leaf Storm
Grass Knot

Bisharp (Blades)♀
Alert to sounds
Item: Dread Plate

Metal Claw
Iron Head
Night Slash

Help please? Anyone who helps can Battle me as a test drive
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Old August 20th, 2011 (4:48 PM).
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Everything good for Jellicent and Emboar, though i would teach Emboar Grass Knot. Get rid of Heavy Smash and Focus Punch and Teach Golurk thunderbolt, ice beam or flash cannon. Teach Haxorus Outrage, Brick Break Earthquake, and protect. For Sceptile, keep leaf blade and leaf storm, but teach him X-Scissor and Detect. Keep Iron Head for Bisharp, and keep Guillotine if you want. If you don't want it, teach it aerial ace. Then teach it focus blast or brick break. That's what i would do and have done. It had sucess for me. Happy destroying Japanese dudes (hopefully, it's hard)

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Old August 20th, 2011 (4:57 PM).
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EDIT: Got Ninja'ed! XeroDragon covered your movesets pretty well. Just don't forget about getting the right natures and EVs.

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Old August 20th, 2011 (10:06 PM).
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Is this team going to be used for competitive battling? If so, these movesets need serious help. I'd be glad to provide sets, if you'd like me to.

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