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Old October 3rd, 2013 (11:38 PM).
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Is this thread pokemon or non-pokemon...?

Eh, I don't know.

- If this belongs in another forum, mods, please transfer it.

So, here we pitch one pokemon against one digimon. They have to be alike in some way so it's as if they're equal. We then discuss what all components would make one win over the other.

I'll start the first battle:

Mismagius vs Witchmon

Mismagius is a Ghost pokemon. Her attacks are normally dark in nature but she can learn many HMs, like most pokemon. In fanworks, she's seen to use trickster-type magic, like shapeshifting and illusions. OFFICIAL PAGE

Witchmon is a relatively new digimon. Like Wizardmon, she comes from Witchelny - a special digidimension in which the digimon use advanced code, based on supercomputing, to create magic and stuff. She uses elemental magic. OFFICIAL PAGE

Who would win? List your reasons! Also, feel free to post your own battles, but try to time it after the previous battle so that no one's battle is left unanswered.

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Old October 4th, 2013 (8:49 PM). Edited October 4th, 2013 by Fading Tree.
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Battle of the Witches!
Today I am getting to this response after much thinking.
I will be providing a valid post.
For this I will have both creations fully train at level 50. The battle will be set in the Pokemon Universe [Game Series] with the Vth gen game mechanics, and type chart.
I'll begin with...
Ghost Type
Ability: Levitate
HP 60
Atk 60
Def 60
SpA 105
SpD 105
Spe 105

Nasty Plot
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave

This Mismagius lets to set up on slow opponents. She likes to use speed to her advantage, anyone to combat her is wishing to lose. As she plans out every move, and uses the night to her advantage

Psychic / Dark Type

Hp 85
Atk 55
Def 65
SpA 115
SpD 105
Spe 90
Dark Pulse
Calm Mind
Fire Blast

Witchmon gets her typing by being a witch, and demon, making her Psychic Dark by pokemon logic. She gets the ability levitate because she flys around on a broom. She would get elemental attacks but in competitive play I feel like this would be one of her more standard sets [minus Dark Pulse, plus a Status, or better move.]
----The Battle----
Too Lazy to Write

Predicted Winner in the 5th Gen Game:

Witchmon may not have the speed to stick up to Missy but Witchmon has the bulk to take a few hits from Missy. But Missy doesn't resist the psychic, but Dark Pulse would be dealing super effective damage, and Witchmon has a high special attack than Mismagius special defense.
Calcs. Mismagius [Timid, 252 Special Attack, Life Orb (There weren't supposed to be items .. my mistake)] would have to two-three hit K.O. Witchmon [0 Special Defense EV's] without any +2's
With a Nasty Plot It would be 90% OHKO Chance
Witchmon's Dark Pulse [Timid, 252SpA EVs, No Item]
Dark Pulse: 87.78 - 103.81%
Dark Pulse: 131.29 - 155.72%
Psychic: 49.61 - 58.77%
Psychic: 74.42 - 87.4%
Bold = 1 Calm Mind

Even after doing some Calcs I still think Witchmon would defeat Misimagius in the Pokemon World.

Scyther vs Stingmon
[Remember looking for them to be similar in at least 1 aspect. You may use Digimon or Pokemon Logic]

Information on the Next Two

Upgrading Pokemon
Old October 4th, 2013 (9:33 PM).
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If Witchmon is a Pokemon she would be Psychic (Witch), Dark (Demon type digimon), champion level. Witchmon would know Psychic, Dark Pulse, Shadowball TM.. but is it fair to give her pokemon attacks. How bout this. I'll argue witchmon in the pkmn universe, and you give mistradues digimon traits, and yeah. Do you understand?
I see where you're going with this... It's a nice approach to the battles!

I'll lay this out for those not used to how Digimon works:

Digivolution is divided into multiple levels, made up of an egg-form Digi-Egg (デジタマ Digitama?) and six main evolutionary steps. Levels are not mentioned in Digimon Fusion and its related media, and most of the Digimon created for the series are specified as having no level in the Digimon Dictionary.
Main Digivolutionary Stages (English adaptation terms with Japanese terms in brackets):
  • Fresh (幼年期 I Younenki I?, lit. "Baby I")
  • In-Training (幼年期 II Younenki II?, lit. "Baby II")
  • Rookie (成長期 Seichouki?, lit. "Child")
  • Champion (成熟期 Seijukuki?, lit. "Adult")
  • Ultimate (完全体 Kanzentai?, lit. "Perfect")
  • Mega (究極体 Kyuukyokutai?, lit. "Ultimate")
Misdrevious is a Baby II and Mismagius is a Rookie.

Witchmon is a Champion.

Most Digimon species are classified into five attributes—Data, Vaccine, Virus, Free, and Variable. Most Digimon fall into the first three categories, with "Free" being rarer and "Variable" exclusive to Hybrid Digimon. Some Digimon either have their attributed by unidentified or lack them entirely.
The main three attributes have a Rock, Paper, Scissors arrangement where Virus is generally advantaged against Data, Data is advantaged against Vaccine and Vaccine is advantaged against Virus. However, these attributes don't play a very important role in Digimon fights. A Digimon can generally defeat an opponent regardless of attribute if it is stronger than the opponent in Digivolution level and experience.
As another form of classification, all Digimon species are given a "type". This generally describes the physical appearance of the Digimon. Like the "Family" classification, "Type" is considered to be a fairly trivial and unimportant classification.
Witchmon is defined as Data while Mis would be a Virus. Virus > Data.

Mis would most likely have trickster magic, as stated above, and the "internet" agrees with that statement. Overall, Alteration Magic or Distortion has been seen as Mis magic. We also have her Shadow Ball move to consider. It's pretty signature.

Witchmon has these abilities:

  • Baluluna Gale: Attacks with a sharp wind carrying magical power.
  • Aquary Pressure: Attacks with water of such extremely high pressure that it is enough to penetrate steel.
Mismagius would have these:

  • Distortion: Alters oneself or others. Appearance change only. Can aid in camouflage but has only strategic use.
  • Dark Blast: Sends a blast of negative energy at the opponent. Can be reshaped to act as an exploding sphere.
Mismagius could easily dodge Balaluna Gale with Distortion and could give out similar power to Pressure's with her Dark Blast. At this point, it becomes determined by Digi level - by which Witchmon wins. Even though Virus > Data, Digi level is deemed far more important in the series.

In the digital world, Witchmon is the winner.



Witchmon VS Mismagius

Witchmon wins!

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