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Old September 6th, 2011 (12:13 AM).
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    Welcome, one and all! I'm Darkfox1525, and I'm going to help you with those tricky bosses in Persona 4. I'll also give you some tips on maxing out your social links and which Persona's you should have by the time you get to a boss. While I'm at it, I'll tell you what level you'll want to be when you face the bosses as well.

    Before we begin, I should tell you that this will be a written guide. Also, when you get a new party member, I'll tell you what he/she can do, what their weaknesses are, and if their worthy of making it into the team. Alright, lets begin.

    Boss #1: Shadow Yosuke

    "Sounds like someone ordered a stupid looking boss!"

    Recommended Persona's: Izanagi
    Recommended Level: 2

    Really, if you have trouble with this Boss, stop playing. Just stop. He is SUPER EASY!!! But for the sake of this guide, I'll tell you what to do to beat him. When the fight begins, Yosuke will (cheaply) attack you with a move called, 'Wind of Oblivion'. That move is the equivalent of Garu, a level 1 wind spell, which your weak too. He'll knock you down and then he'll use Power Charge, which ups his physical attack by A LOT. In this game when your knocked down or you knock down an enemy, you/enemy will get another turn, and depending on who gets knocked down, it could be a life saver or your demise. But unlike in the last game, once your turn come, you'll immediately get right back up. But if an enemy hits your weakness while your still knocked down, or vise-versa, you'll get the dizzy status. All that does is delays your turn by 1, but 1 turn can equal death, so be careful. Now, Shadow Yosuke's weakness is electric, and it just so happens that your Persona has an electric spell called Zio. Once you use it, guard on your free turn. A little tutorial at the beginning of the fight should tell you what guarding does. Yosuke will get up and attack you physically, and with his Power Charge, if you didn't guard, well, your in for a world of hurt. Now, abuse Zio until he guards, then guard yourself. What he's going to do is use Wind of Oblivion again. Then its rinse and repeat till he dies. You gain 2 levels after the fight, which puts you at level 4, and your very close to leveling up.

    After the fight, Yosuke will get his Persona, "Disco Ninja Frog", or, "Jiraiya", for short. Now Yosuke joins your party.

    Party Member: Yosuke Hanamura
    Usefulness: High
    Boss usefulness: High
    Weakness: Electric

    Yosuke is a REALLY good party member. He has AMAZING speed, great strength and magic, good hp and sp, but his luck SUCKS. But his other stats make up for that. His skill set includes' his wind spells, some good Physical moves, he dabbles in buffing and healing, and knows Dekuja, a move that nullifies the enemy stat increase. I've used him in all my playthroughs, and i never regretted it.

    Next boss coming soon.

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