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Old June 7th, 2014 (9:22 AM).
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Well, I decided to do a little let's play for Pokemon Omicron, and here's some images of what's happened so far:

Okay, let's start by entering my name. (Yes, that's my real name.)

Now let's enter the randomized challenge. (Basically all encountered pokemon are randomized inside the game)

Finished the boring intro.

Who the truck is Wilson, should I know about him mom?!

Some talking...

More talking...

After the endless talking I went down the ladder.

Followed Prof. Oak to this Pokeball.

Starter choices (I chose Moltres)

Motres, you look a little sick...

Nope, it's just a shiny Motres. (Should I be considered lucky getting both a legendary & a shiny one for a starter?)

After walking around a bit and talking to this hiker, he gives me PokeBalls.

Do you not see my shining god of fire!?! You seriously want to battle bro?

I was expecting a better moveset for you Moltres, but I guess it's since you're only level 7.

Two wing attacks took down Girafarig with ease.

Followed this birch down the small path.

Found a Pokeball with essential stuff inside it.

I found the cave's exit!

So, I decided to heal my Moltres, and well... Shouldn't it be inside the PokeBall and not behind me?

Well, that concludes what I've done so far!

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Old June 7th, 2014 (3:52 PM).
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Okay back with a large update:

First I got all the available Mystery Gifts.

Then I claimed them from the local Pokemon Mart.

Then I went to the lab and had a long talk with Prof. Oak. (He thinks I stole his cookies, and I told him it was someone else.)

So I found the guy Oak was looking for. (Ew, he's a swag ♥♥♥)

Had an EXTREMELY long talk with Oak. (I didn't even bother facing him throughout it since he was seriously annoying me)

After he was done talking (that old chatter box wouldn't stop) I headed south to this route!

This was the results of a battle.

Afterwards I went on a Pokemon hunt, and I found a Frogadier which I caught.

I even ound Unfezant and Staraptor, but someone decided to get critical hits and kill them both. (Hawlucha)

I then found this guy who happens to have a rayquaza. (No match for my Shiny Moltres though.)

A few screenshots showing me going through a forest in which I do not remember how to spell. (and me finding a Dusk Ball)

(No Niki Manaj, don'r lick me!)


So I go to this cave to deliver his message of what I believe is his new stash of drugs. (Although he'd probably deny it)

I went through the cave, spreading the word about the new stash of drugs, but no one was interested, and in return they all faught me. (Probably to get discounts on the drugs)

Then this lady appeared, whom I just had to catch. (I'm really glad I got that dusk ball earlier)

I beat this guy, who admits the only reason he has those awesome pokemon as seen above is because he wants to impress the ladies.

This guy has problems with getting erections, please don't laugh over him. It's a serious problem. (I told him the drugs the other guy was selling would help with his problems)
After a long talk everyone exited and the Gym Leader returned to the gym.

When I entered the gym, I was invisible, it took me a while to figure it out, but it turns out you need to look at all the flowers.

After defeating both trainers and looking at all four flowers, I got my visibility back and I was determined over fighting the gym leader.

I was easily able to defeat the gym leader, although his Dragonite took the life of my Tyranitar :c *starts crying*

"Pretty Good" he says, I mauled him. I mauled all his pokemon, except for Dragonite, that took my Tyranitar before I continued to maul him. No. I'm not "Pretty Good", I'm a lot better than him.

And this is how far I have gotten so far!

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