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Old September 26th, 2011 (8:32 AM).
Liam Crawford Liam Crawford is offline
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    Are you frequently a light-minded character, taking it easy and slow in life without the need for complications or a stern, rigorous, stringent character with a severe behavior?
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    Old September 26th, 2011 (8:48 AM).
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    i'm very easy going with very stringent morals and values, and a standard of behavior that i expect from myself most times. i forego that almost immediately when i'm around friends and people i'm comfortable around.
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    Old September 26th, 2011 (10:09 AM).
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    I'm much too serious for my own good and I hold myself to high standards which I often don't meet, which only serves to make me more serious and hard on myself. I do have lighthearted, easy-going moments though. Guess I have to be in the right mood.
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    Old September 26th, 2011 (10:39 PM).
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    I take things easy in life. There are rare times when I get serious, though, like studying.

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    Old September 27th, 2011 (3:10 PM).
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    psyanic psyanic is offline
      Join Date: May 2011
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      Nature: Lax
      Posts: 1,283
      I'm not too serious most of the time. Mainly, I get quite stern with my behavior when I become engrossed in any form of schoolwork, especially in writing essays.

      Otherwise, I'm pretty much easy-going.
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      Old September 27th, 2011 (8:11 PM).
      aruchan's Avatar
      aruchan aruchan is offline
      I resent the title beginner :D
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        So severe. Well, actually it depends on my mood. I can be like genki girl one day and happy and hyper, and the next day I can become authoritarian and pretty mean. But I usually don't hurt other people, lol.
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        Old September 27th, 2011 (8:20 PM).
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          Age: 28
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          I'm stern if anything.. and I take things seriously for the most part. But I also know when to let go and just chill. However I do approach situations according to what they need; I see both "how can I make this in my favor" and "I'll just let it go" depending on what's going on.

          However, I don't let things sway me. I used to bend myself to stronger people's will when I was younger and I hated the fact that my integrity was lost. Now I make it a point to stay true to myself, so I do so. I'm not going to fake behaviour around others, and that's how I think it should be. Im generally accepting of others and easygoing that way, but I expect others to do the same to me (as in not being fake) as I wouldn't waste my time with false people.

          I have goals I want to reach in life.. and I want to reach them quickly so I rarely like to take things slowly. However when time comes to relax.. I thoroughly enjoy being lazy.
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          Old September 28th, 2011 (5:51 AM).
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            my outlook in life is pretty optimistic, and i tend to be quite easy-going in my ways. if i ever get serious, it's usually because i have to deal with sensitive events or people. but over-all, i'm a pretty light-hearted individual.

            i'm Briar.
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            Old September 28th, 2011 (5:59 AM).
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              I'm a pretty light-minded character and hate complications. I have a lenient outlook on most things, but I make sure not to infringe a certain balance I like to keep. It's not always that you can be so secure and easy-going; life will throw obstacles at you, but I try to be as optimistic as I possibly can.
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