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Guild Wars 2

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Old September 18th, 2012 (6:19 PM).
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Helloooooo Pokecommunity! Ok, so i have been watching some vidoes on it, and Guild Wars 2 looks like a rather fun game! I used to play WoW in the BC/Vanilla days but gave it up in late WotLK. There has since been something missing....a fun mmo! While i am already super busy with school/soccer/POKEMON :D, i still wanted to know if anyone here plays it, and how it is! Let me know.
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Old September 18th, 2012 (9:31 PM).
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I play it from time to time and I find it to be an enjoyable experience. The best thing about it is that there's no monthly subs.
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Old September 19th, 2012 (4:33 PM).
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Haven't played to much of it. My old computer has issues running it so I am waiting till I can afford a new computer. What I played of it was really fun though and PVP was great fun till it started to mess up my comp.
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Old September 20th, 2012 (1:52 PM).
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According to Raptr Guild Wars 2 is my 4th most played game (since I started tracking around a year and a half to two years ago). I love the game and I can't put it down (in fact I only took a break just to make this post XD). I'm a level 80 Ele (Elementalist) and to me it's a really fun class. There are so many weapon setups you can have, plus each one has 4 different element types (I really only use 3).
What I love about the game is the exploring, it's really open and a really big world. Other MMOs I played I liked to wait until others got on and we'd play together. But this one I just like to walk around and explore (not to say I don't like groups).

If you like open world games then I'd give it a shot.

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Old September 20th, 2012 (2:01 PM).
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I'm SO eager to get this game! I was a huge GW fan when the first game came out some years ago. It was my life for a while lol. Anymore I only play one MMO, but as soon as I'm free with some money I'm going to buy GW2.
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