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Kris vs. Lyra? Who Do You Prefer?

Second Generation Gold, Silver, Crystal

View Poll Results: Kris or Lyra?
Kris 97 70.80%
Lyra 26 18.98%
Both 14 10.22%
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Old March 29th, 2013 (1:39 PM).
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I know, I know, I know that they're not the same person. But they really, really should be, I mean, I know technically Kris didn't exist for Gold and Silver- which are ultimately the ones that were remade. But when such obvious influences of Crystal are present in HeartGold and SoulSilver, I absolutely think that Kris should have been the female protagonist in HGSS.
Lyra is obviously based on Kris anyway; even though her name is Lyra, that's just because Pokémon hasn't done the name-characters-after-the-game thing since.. Well, since Red and Blue. So I'm still going to keep insisting that Lyra is just a poorly represented Kris. And so I'm absolutely fine with the both of them. :P

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Old May 10th, 2014 (9:25 AM).
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Kris, without a doubt. I was really upset when I saw the trainer renders of HG/SS for the first time, learning that she had been replaced. Was it really necessary? Kris wasn't just a character, she was a statement. You could finally play as a female character in Pokémon. And they just cast her aside, and we haven't heard from her since. Sad.
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Old May 10th, 2014 (9:42 AM).
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I liked Kris more. Lyra's cute, but Kris has coolness.

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Old May 20th, 2014 (5:33 AM).
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Kris forever definitely. She's badass and cooler than Gold himself
Old May 23rd, 2014 (8:36 PM).
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Kris. Lyra seems entirely out of place and her outfit looks like something a six year old girl would wear. On the other hand, Kris is a cool, level-headed rival with a fiery passion to become a successful Pokemon trainer. To add on to the pros column, her design looks better, and would've looked amazing in HGSS. Unfortunately, that dream won't become a reality :[
Old May 23rd, 2014 (10:54 PM).
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Kris all the way. I was disappointed when I didn't see the blue hair and so I chose Gold instead. Lyra sucks.
Old May 24th, 2014 (8:46 AM).
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This thread hasn't had a post since March so it's considered a dead thread; sorry about that, guys. I guess none of the higher staff have seen it until now. :( Feel free to remake it if an active thread on this doesn't already exist!

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