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Old November 17th, 2011 (1:19 AM). Edited November 23rd, 2011 by Kura.
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    Hey everyone! I'm in a bit of a tough spot trying to plan out a fanfiction, and I was hoping for some help! Comments, suggestions, tips, and anything else you have to offer would be appreciated!

    Let me tell you my issue first, and then I will go a bit more in-depth with it under a spoiler.

    I showed this to Vendak on PC and he actually helped me iron it out a lot. I guess for anyone else in my situation what I can tell you is to roughly write out the possibilities and where they might lead. For me it was on characterization. He convinced me that.. the stronger the feelings then the more motivation they'll have to do what they do. I thought this was brilliant: sure you see a lot of M/M fanfictions.. but not many that result in unspoken feelings. And what if they're not exactly aware of their feelings, and when they become aware, they suppress them? Isn't that what happens in real life anyways? There's a reason to pit them together, to make them in uncomfortable situations, to try to pull apart and when they need to work together with butting personalities.

    I think the problem was.. that I was talking to people who discouraged M/M fanfictions, and were therefore not really open to the idea when I asked for advice.. leaving me in a rut (they just sorta said "I don't know") so.. for anyone else in this situation, I advise trying to find people who are encouraging of any genre or people who are willing to give you ideas that you probably didn't expect.

    Anyways.. it's going to filled with funny awkward romantic situations that aren't really even romantic.. Well here's an excerpt from the middleish of revised Chapter 1:
    As it turned out, the men did not end up going to Tres Bien that night. The Feys remained back at Hazakura to take part in a ritual for Misty Fey, and Franziska said something about alcohol consumption being foolish. Maggey also wasn’t waitressing that night- she had unexpectedly given Gumshoe a call to apologize for a mixup in her schedule. With a bit of persuading from Wright, the men decided that a pub was the perfect place to kick back.

    So there they unwound: two of them were enjoying a beer but were not quite buzzed yet, and the third simply occupied himself with a glass of lemon water. Whereas the other two were quite at ease, Miles seemed to be quite unsettled in such a loud and gaudy venue, and was having some difficulty relaxing. However, the three of them toasted to a well-ended trial and beckoned a server for another round of drinks. It only made matters worse for Edgeworth when their waitress approached and began to hit on him.

    “Any food for tonight, boys?” the woman addressed the table but gasped when she glanced over in Miles’ direction, “Oh! I know you! You’re that Demon Prosecutor that’s in all the papers!”
    Miles flinched, “I'd prefer it if you didn’t use that term.”
    “The name’s Ann O’Ying, and don’t be shy, honey,” her voice went unnaturally breathless as she eyed him, “I am sure, that with your looks, it must be because you’re a..” she cooed, “a real Demon in the bedroom.”
    Phoenix smirked deviously, and tried his best to suppress a laugh, “I hear some say he is.”
    "Wright," Miles muttered, trying his hardest not to show his frustration, "You are completely out of order!"
    God, Edgeworth, lighten up. You’re too easy to tease. As much as Phoenix liked to see Miles squirm, he inherently picked up on the other man’s immense discomfort, and decided not to take the joke further, “But we’ll save his sweet loving for later. Right now we’ll just have another round, thanks.”
    She seemed slightly irritated when Wright intervened; she very likely wanted a chance to cajole Miles Edgeworth into offering her some of that (so called) sweet loving.
    “That’ll be all, Miss O’Ying,” the blue suited lawyer stared her down, fully unperturbed.
    The woman took her cue and sauntered away. Uneasiness left the table, and it was then that Miles picked up and swigged back Gumshoe’s drink. Phoenix wasn’t sure if it was just the bitterness of the brew that made the other man shudder.



    I took a silly prompt and ran with it for a chapter, but it sparked a bigger story. I'm having a bit of trouble fleshing out the plot.
    I know what I want the plot to be about, I know what story points I want to hit, but there's an issue: I'm trying to weave the story into the actual timeline of the game.
    I've done my research, but I'm now having a bit of trouble with what story beats (of mine) should come -first- to make the story stronger and flow better, and also to not make it sound forced.
    My story is quite character driven, so I was hoping that coming here I could find people who know the fandom and help me decide what will keep the protagonists in character as my story goes along. But I am also open to suggestions from anyone even if you don't know the game.

    Set right after the third game. Both Phoenix and Miles have kept secrets from each other in the past, but just as they start to open up and restore the friendship they had when they were children, something happens to make it all fall to pieces.


    It starts off RIGHT after Ace Attorney 3 (I used in game dialogue to start the fic)
    This is my timeline I need to stick to as close as possible:

    2019 feb 10-trail of iris ends
    a week or so later edgeworth leaves for one-month trip overseas
    march 12 edgeworth returns
    april 5, miles resigns/
    april 8th he’s reinstated as prosecutor
    april 19 wright is disbarred for presenting forged evidence.

    The fic is basically about Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright realizing that during the week that Edgeworth is back, they've always been friends and they've always stood up for each other. They come to enjoy each others' company. They remember how close they were when they were kids and their friendship starts to rekindle. They become close again but Edgeworth has to leave for Europe; the fight about it and their relationship becomes a bit rocky, but when he comes back they pick up from where they left off. Things start to get better until Kristoph comes into the picture and Miles realizes he can't protect/ help Phoenix this time. With the case that leads to his disbarment, their friendship basically falls to pieces. (It all comes crashing down when one fails to protect the other.) This story sort of explains why like Nick pretty much hits rock bottom in the 4th game and like.. isn't entirely himself anymore. They're both left pretty broken. (Though I do want to end with a sort of.. warm phonecall months later so it's not a total tragedy.)


    -Guys don't go to Tres Bien because Maggey mixed up her schedule, they hit the local bar to kick back. It's a FRIDAY night.
    -Phoenix challenges Miles to beer poker, Miles too prideful accepts.
    -Miles gets wasted, Phoenix gets concerned when Miles says he's not feeling well, calls a cab, Miles throws up blood.

    Miles wakes up at home, finds Phoenix on the couch
    Phoenix fills him in on what happened, he's worried. He tells Miles he should go to the hospital (he was going to take him last night but feared Miles would freak out if he woke up in a hospital without remembering anything from the night before.)
    Miles doesn't want to admit he's still afraid of hospitals/ closed spaces though wonders how Phoenix still remembers that. Regardless, he still kicks phoenix out.

    .. Now things get muddled.. I dont know if he should feel bad.. call phoenix? Or mull it over at night and end up calling him the next day? If they go to the hospital the next day, I can use a plot device of Miles borrowing a steel samurai DVD for them to meet up again the next day.
    -I want an earthquake to happen and want Phoenix to be there for Miles sometime.
    I was thinking Miles repays him by taking him to a play because Nick likes the theater, but they get balcony seats and notices Phoenix is afraid of heights?
    I am finding a hard time making Miles NOT a wimp because his traumas are easily exploitable. Nick's weaknesses are mostly his tendency to trust too much and when he doesn't realize he's being too brash.
    -each time they talk a bit more about the past and standing up for each other and etc but how can I get them closer before Miles needs to leave?

    Showing the characters' weaknesses. They're not perfect people.. they mess up. Though I don't want it to be hurt/comfort. They're BOTH strong characters.

    What can I do to rekindle a friendship in a span of a week?
    What are some suggestions they can do to start enjoying their time together? It stops being about forcing them together and starts to be about like.. wanting to hang out?
    SHOULD I make this more than just friendship? If they fall in love, the more climactic it may be, and the harder they'll crash, making it also about scandals and secrecy. (Maybe Kristoph blackmails him during that trial?)
    BUT if I do.. then I don't want it to be so.. fangirly. I dont want it to be about slash.. I want it to be about coming together and breaking apart. I also hate the "LOL THAT'S SO GAY" comments I've been getting from a few friends. It sounds like a good idea to me, it gives me a bit more potential.. but I'm a bit torn because of the reactions that I've been getting.

    What can I do?
    ~Yuugiou Fan~
    ~Kamen Rider Fan~
    ♡(´・ω・`)LOVE! ☆
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