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New section, new thread! This one will encompass all types, to reduce the "What's your favorite ____ type Pokémon" threads down to just this.

What's your favorite Pokémon (of each type, if you will) and why?

Remember that the no listing rule applies here!

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My favorite Pokémon overall is Magnemite.

It's a cunningly simple looking creature, but when you get past the it's-a-ball-with-magnets-stuck-on idea it's quite ingenious how the magnets on its body resemble hands, but also wings or a sort. Having just one eye makes it stand out from a lot of the rest of the 151 251 386 493 649 Pokémon and its small, round shape makes it quite cute looking. I also love the weird electric buzz it makes in the games. It's like 110% suited to it.
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My favorite Pokemon is Metapod :3.

I've always had a fascination with Metapod. From the first time I saw it, wondering which way it should face and wondering if it was supposed to look like an angry man with a big nose or a moon . But I really like Metapod for his ridiculous lack of strength and how it is utterly useless, which makes me imagine the possibilities of Metapod. Like, what if Pokemon the games were more like the anime and you could train it to harden itself to be as hard as a diamond or something of the sort. Even though it's a childish way of thinking, I can't help it, because I want it to be more than it is. Other than that, I think it's weirdly cute :3.

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I had a slip-up last time.

My fave Pokemon is obviously Oshawott, the cutest Water Starter ever introduced! I chose him as my partner in Black and I love his evolutions too. Oshawott even serves as my like, mascot. Marriland, the Pokemon walkthough guy I follow for my walkthrough sources used an Oshawott (now a Samurott) in his Pokemon White Adventure video series. If you are facing difficulty and don't know when to choose between Oshie, Tepig or Snivy - Oshawott is friendly for newer players.

Yeah, Oshawott is basically my fave Pokemon.

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Mienshao takes the cake for sure. \o/ I really love its design and the fact that it was modeled after a short-tailed weasel; too cute. Plus its facial expression really makes it seem like the "party leader" type of Pokemon haha.

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Gallade is my absolute favorite Psychic and Fighitng, as well as non-legendary Pokemon. Not only is its design extremely cool, it has high Attack and a wide movepool. Its Speed may hold it back a bit, but it can be fixed with Choice Scarf.

My favorite legendary Pokemon is Reshiram because the first time I saw it, it reminded me of Blue Eyes White Dragon, one of my favorite cards, from Yu-Gi-Oh. It also has perfect coverage in its STAB Fire and Dragon moves, with the aid of Turboblaze.

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I love Absol due to its nature. A misunderstood hero that gets hated for trying to do the right things all the time. Plus its attack stat + ability to learn Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Psycho Cut and Slash, and Super Luck I just adore <3

A close second favourite is Snivy. I'm not entirely sure why, but Snivy has just been an amazing addition to the franchise, even if I would punch someone in real life if they had the attitude of a Snivy.

Favourite Legendary would have to be Articuno. It's design is just simply captivating, ever since Yellow I've always been sure to capture an Articuno and have it in one of my teams.
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One of my favorites is Ursaring because of its ability. Give it a Flame Orb and use Protect the first turn, it'll be devastating the next because of Facade's power and Low Kick to OHKO heavy pokemon.
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Excadrill is my favourite for both Steel AND Ground. It's a bulky fighter (and good at both of them.) and it has half a drill for a hand. People say natures don't matter ingame,but believe me,run through with a Adamant Excadrill and you'll see. People do reccomend Swords Dance, and it may be good for a bulky, but if you sweep, you do NOT need it. It's so good,infact, it's already considered Uber.
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It was Banette but ever since the fifth generation it has switched to Cohagrigus just because it has a cool design and a really good defense which I like.


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My favorite pokemon will forever be Eevee, of course! The possibilities are endless to me. To begin with, it is so small and simple and even resembles a small fox with it's tail and ears. I love it to pieces. Then, which element will I choose to evolve it into? All of them of course! Each evolution is beautiful in it's own way. Sure, they may not be the most powerful pokemon, but they certainly aren't weak either. I would form an eeveelution team any day.
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Persian. It will probably always be Persian. Yes, its stats leave a lot to be desired. But I've always been a cat person, and Persian is the original (final evolved) cat Pokemon, and somehow the other cat Pokemon introduced since haven't matched the original. Persian's design is simple, but it exudes elegance and class. And that outweighs its shortcomings IMO.

Shame about the name and it not even remotely resembling RL Persian cats, though.

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My favs are Smeargle and Kecleon, because their design fascinates me. Smeargle has a beret, a paintbrush tail and it's always busy painting something I like Kecleon, because it looks so kiddy, and has a line on its tummy that never changes color
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My favourite Pokémon is Cherrim, which, if you've known my for any length of time longer than 5 minutes, was probably obvious. I don't even have a good reason for liking Cherrim. Yeah, it's absolutely adorable, but when I first latched onto it, I actually actively disliked grass types. xD I still don't like it much as a type. The only reason I began liking it in the first place was because my friend and I were making Pokémon teams for Organization XIII (of Kingdom Hearts origin) when 4th gen came out and we somewhat-jokingly decided Cherrim was perfect for Marluxia (my favourite character) and then I got one and named it after him and the rest is history. True story, even if no one ever believes me because they expect a story like "the moment it leaked as one of the newest Pokémon of gen 4, I loved it forever!!!" but... no. (Relatedly, I like Probopass because I associate it with Naminé. Don't ask.)

Anyway, origins aside, Cherrim is just so vastly ahead of everything else on my favourites list that it's not even a fair fight. I collect all its official merchandise (just missing some cards and various flats), I've trained quite a few in the games (including getting Marluxia to level 100... my first legit max level!), and it's essentially become my online persona, as well. PC is one of only a handful of websites where "Cherrim" is not my username. Most people even associate me with Cherrim instead of necessarily vice versa which is always a win in my books.

No one else is answering the general "favourite of each type" question? Really? Okay. I'll start? o_O;
Normal - Bidoof
I kind of fell in love with Bidoof after I read Adventures of Bidoof or whatever that webcomic is called. u_u Also beavers, Canada, etc. It's adorable.
Fire - Litwick
Litwick is adorable. So cute. :( It makes me sad when people hate on it for being based off a human-made object. (Maybe it was the other way around in the Pokémon world! Don't judge it! ;__;)
Fighting - Pignite
It is an egg in a wrestling suit. :'D #horriblereasonstolikeapokemon
Water - Vaporeon
Before Pichu came around, my favourite Pokémon used to fluctuate evenly between Raichu and Vaporeon, so I've always had quite the soft spot for it. It's my favourite Eevee evolution by far.
Flying - Drifloon
It's cute AND it kidnaps little kids! Or rather, it supposedly attempts to kidnap little kids but it's a balloon. :( The little kids probably just end up kidnapping it.
Grass - Whimsicott
WHOA WHOA HANG ON I'm saying Whimsicott because I already said Cherrim above for my overall favourite. Trying not to be boring here. Whimsicott is a recent favourite which only in the last two months overtook Cherubi. It reminds me a lot of Cherrim (same body type as sunny form) so that's probably why. I was ecstatic to learn it was the Pokémon assigned to Aries in the Unova zodiac.
Poison - Crobat?
I don't really have a favourite poison type but I guess through process of elimination, it could be Crobat? :/ I really enjoyed training one in HGSS so let's go with that.
Electric - Pichu
Pichu was my first real favourite. It took me a long time to admit that my love for Cherrim had run ahead of Pichu. I still really like it but at the same time, I've gotten a little bit bored of it. Luckily, all my other favourite electric types of recent are dual-type so I can still claim Pichu as my favourite electric. :D
Ground - Stunfisk
Derpfish! <3 I was one of the first people I knew to warm up to it. I love its vacant expression.
Psychic - Woobat
woooooooooooooob. idk. I really disliked it until the first time I doodled it all over something I was working on and I've loved it ever since.
Rock - Nosepass
NOSEPASS NEEDS MORE FANS. :( It gets too much hate. (To be fair, I hated it until I ended up liking Probopass... I ended up liking Nosepass based on that alone, haha.)
Ice - Vanillite
I avoided seeing most gen 5 Pokémon until I played it (which wasn't hard since I imported it with fastest shipping, derp). But I accidentally saw Vanillite in Luke's signature one day and had to break my vow so I could ask him how early I could get one. I was only a city away and powerplayed until I got one. It is so, so cute.
Bug - Joltik
I've always really liked spiders so Joltik and Galvantula were early favourites for me from gen 5. Joltik squeezed ahead only by nature of how adorably tiny it is, but I like them fairly equally otherwise.
Dragon - Palkia
...because it looks like something inappropriate. :x
Ghost - Chandelure
It's so, so pretty. I love the design. It's so elegant and something about it just puts me at ease. I think it's one of the best-designed Pokémon ever.
Dark - Houndour
I don't even like dogs but I liked Houndour since before gen 2 officially released, from scans. I think the only reason it isn't a top contender for my favourite is because it was too expensive to collect when I renewed my interest in the fandom by becoming a merch collector. ;_; (One of my most prized collection items, however, is my Houndour Pokédoll.)
Steel - Probopass
This is one of the most hated Pokémon and it makes me so sad to see it mentioned all the time when least favourites come up. D: It's so weird but I can't help but laugh when I see it. I only know a handful of people who don't hate it, nevermind who actually like it. It needs more love. (Fun fact: for the longest time, I didn't realize it had a mustache. I thought it was a nose hair fro and it was the funniest thing in the world.)
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My fav is definently Aipom. It's just awesome.
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Close tie between Crobat, Snorlax, and Metagross, but I am going for Crobat. I really loved his design ever since it came out, and with DPPt, I just love him eved more. He is speedy, can actually pack a punch, and has cool typing! Yupp. Definitely him.

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Hurhurhur, it's have to be Tyrannitar for me. It's huge and powerful, not to mention a Dark type. It's type alignment fascinates me, along with the moves it can learn...
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Once I saw it about 10 years ago, its has been my favorite Pokemon ever since. Its fat, chubby and likes to sleep.

Although I don't battle, but lurk in the Battling Forum. Battling wise, although it downgraded to UU tier in B/W, its a beast from RBY all the way to RSE with its immerse movepool, high attack and bulkyness . From the famous Curselax to the Gen I Special Attack Snorlax.

Yea, so I really like Snorlax.
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Ok, lets give reasons.

Bug - Ninjask - I don't really like bug pokemon, but this one is kind of cool
Dark - Honchrow - He is one of the few pokemon that naturally looks like a boss.
Dragon - Hydregion - I've always wanted to see a pokemon that just loves choas
Electric - Magnaton - Mostly nostalgia, I had a really good mangton Pokemon card I loved using.
Fight - Scraggy - Fights well, its funny seeing it in the anime, and is the hispter pokemon
Fire - Ninetails - I like "dark" and beautiful Pokemon, and Ninetails fits,
Flying - Togekiss - It doesn't look like a bird, and its a 3rd stage evolve form that is adorable
Ghost - Chandelure - Because this thing is powerful, and I love gijinkas of this thing
Grass - Liligant - I love the gijinkas, I think it looks adorable, and I hate a lot of other grass types
Ground - Flygon - Same reason for Magnton, nostalgia
Ice - Beartic - Because I loved using it in my game, and I loved it having the nickname Desmond
Normal - Meloetta - I love her apperence
Posion - Roserade - I like the gijinkas of her, the apperence is nice, and like grass and bug; I don't like much of them
Psy - Gardevior - Nice artwork, sprite work, pretty useful in teams, first psychic type I ever used in game
Rock - Probopass - Because I can name it Mario
Steel - Mawile - Nice gijinkas, love the artwork, and it is underatted.
Water - Milotic - I loved sea serpents, and the shiny Milotic I have all the way back from Ruby is still my prized Pokemon

Sorry for not reading rules, here is reasonings.
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I just decided an hour ago that Aron is my most favorite Pokemon. I adored Steel-types from their debut. I don't know why, since I typically hate defensively oriented Pokemon and Steel-types are just about known for that. Aron is adorable and I first saw it on Ruby. I was determined to catch it and I did! Other than that, I don't really have many reasons. That sounds shallow.

Long entry here:

Normal - Teddiursa
It brings back memories... Those peaceful nights cuddling with a teddy bear! And I like the moon on its forehead. Nice touch.

Fighting - Combusken
KFC fights back. My first Ruby run was with a Torchic and I was highly misinformed on literally all the Pokemon, so when the little chicken turned into this fighting KFC meal, I laughed so hard I though I popped a vein in my gut or something.

Flying - Ledian
It's cool, it's sleek, and it always reminded me of a motorcyclist. It's probably the big eyes. I also liked ladybugs a lot. I remember one spring where our house had a huge infestation of ladybugs. I didn't really mind and I thought it was cool since they only hung out on the ceiling and corners. So I caught a few and decided to watch them. Strangely, it was fun watching them crawl everywhere.

Poison - Nidoqueen
I once got a Nidoqueen card. It was one of the original ones and I remember I traded for it when my family and I were on vacation. The vacation for the beach and I remember the whole car ride back, all I did was stare at the card. It was holographic so that's got to count for something, right? And like I said, I was easily entertained as a kid.

Ground - Wooper
Just look at its FACE! That sardonically constipated smile!

Rock - Armaldo
I just realized I don't like Rock-types very much. I chose Armaldo out of process of elimination and also it made me realize Rock doesn't resist Rock.

Bug - Yanma
Well I just like dragonflies and Yanma looks cuter than that monstrosity that's Yanmega.

Ghost - Duskull
It's a miniature Grim Reaper mixed with a cyclops! It has one eye and it's like Casper the ghost!

Steel - Pawniard
For the sake of creativity, I'm keeping Pawniard here. I like its design. Its short height was well captivated as a nearly useless chess piece! Then again, I suck at chess so you can take my comment as a grain of salt.

Fire - Quilava
Probably my favorite Fire starter design. I've just adored it and the nostalgia wave kind of hits.

Water - Chinchou
A nice unique typing and a cute design. It's just been a favorite I guess.

Grass - Bellossom
Its hair is pretty darn cute and its grass skirt too. When I use one, it's like my team cheerleader.

Electric - Pichu
I about died when I saw the spiky-eared Pichu. Also, in my Emerald game, I bred two Pikachu like crazy. I pretty much had a Pichu factory going on, with all of them knowing Volt Tackle. I raised them up so I beat the Elite Four with a party of just Pichu. Good times...

Psychic - Medicham
It's just like yoga! Love it and its awesome ability. Yeah, its design is just awesome.

Ice - Sneasel
A nifty thief. I like it as equally as Weavile though, but I prefer Sneasel's design since Weavile's crown is ridiculous.

Dragon - Altaria
Love the clouds and its wings. I'm sounding so shallow just basing this all off of designs...

Dark - Krookodile
I think this is the first Unova Pokemon I warmed up to. It looked fitting and shined with cynicism, which a Dark-type should have. Its massive jaws and its sexy crimson red coloring is a nice addition. Its stats aren't bad either.

Bird - Missingo.
Well there aren't any options really. Oh Missingo., what fun you were.
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time to post my fave pokemon of each type! since I have not in my previous post

Normal - A Tie between Snorlax and Miltank
Sometimes, you like Pokemon because you are almost the same with them. And I am like Snorlax. Lazy and likes too sleep. A lot. good thing for him, he manages. He is also a real powerhouse when it comes to battling, until gen V where quick fighting types dominated the metagame.

Miltank because of my experiences with Whitney. Yes. Only that. Because of that, this little guy deserved my respect.

Fighting - A tie (O_O) between Infernape and Lucario

This thread is hard. :\ I like Infernape ever since I seen it. he resembles one of my favorite anime character. He has a high Attack AND Special Attack. He's quick and speedy and such. And I also love Ash's Infernape the most of his Pokemon. This is why.

Lucario. Who doesn't want Lucario? I remember the time when Lucario was revealed everybody wanted to be a Lucario. He's really cool for me. Aura reader, high attack, and effin Extremespeed!

Flying - Togekiss

9 words for all of you. IT IS SO FLUFFY I AM GOING TO DIE.

Poison - Crobat

This guy is practically the pokemonization of my childhood. Everyone of you may hate Zubats, but I like them. Because they practically evolve to this freaking monster! He's sleek, fast, decent Attack, GREAT DESIGN (whatever you people say), GREAT TYPING, and mist of all four wings! I REALLY LOVE CROBAT. HE IS THE GREATEST POKEMON FOR ME, AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ALL SAY. #rant

Ground - A tie (another one) between Krookodile and Gliscor

This one is an easy tie, though. I like Krookodile mainly because of his color. and the fact that he had helped me A LOT in my second Black run.

Gliscor. Ah. I have always viewed him as the devil's spawn and consistently wonder why he is not of the dark-side. Look at his fangs. Look at that tail. look at his evil sneer. Look at those wings. He is a perfect Pokemon. Plus nice stats.

Rock - Gigalith

Not the biggest Rock-type fan here. but Gigalith is so awesome I cannot help it to like him. He has a nice design, though I cannot quite get it. LOL.

Bug - O my. This one is hard. Too many good choices, but I guess it is a tie between Heracross and Galvantula.

I have been an avid bug-type fun ever since, and singling one out is really hard. Heracross because he has a good personality! (remember Ash's?) he seems pretty funny, but when you know him better, he is a pretty good battler! OF course, I have always loved beetles.

Gotta love Galvantula too. Cool typing, great design, and not creepy unlike his brother Ariados.

Ghost - Gengar

Very mischievous, ingame, competitively, and IRPL. I like his shiny sprite!

Steel - Metagross

it is Megaman floating on its four legs. Too much for awesome.

Fire - no repetition allowed? then... Chandelure

The only fire type line with almost no touch of red. I love him being a ghost and such.

Water - Swampert, Samurott and Vaporeon

It is a triple tie! Water-types posses such variety that it is hard to choose just one.

Swampert is great because of this sprite. . Just kidding. He is a great battler, access to Waterfall and Ice Punch, and such. He is always my favorite Hoenn Pokemon, and aside from Metagross, Absol and Gardevoir, the only one I actually like.

Samurott is my most favorite starter of all time. He is a samurai. nuff said.

I have always been an Eeveelution fan, and Vaporeon is no exception. He is... fluid.

Grass - Leafeon

It looks like a Pixie! plus leaf blade is awesome.

Electric - Jolteon

Just like what I said before, I am an Eevelution fan. Jolteon is probably the quickest of all, and the first Pokemon I have ever actually fallen in love with.

Psychic - Espeon. Latios. Mewtwo. Gardevoir. Aarghh. Too many choices!

Awesome design and feel about Espeon. She is so... beautiful.

Latios. The more awesome of the Eon Duo. Yep. I like him.

My mot favorite legendary! Mewtwo is more than simply a clone. He is the coolest clone ever!

Gardevoir is the third Pokemon I have ever fallen in love with. honestly, who can't?

Ice - Froslass

Not a big fan of ice types, but hands down to Froslass for being a contender to gardevoir's beauty.

Dragon - Garchomp and Reshiram

Garchomp is like the most badass pokemon ever created. Land Sharks with blades plus the speed to match it? Check. Fangs, check. Rarity, check. yes.

reshiram. another legendary! Most favorite of all Unovan Legendary. Yep.

Dark - Umbreon and Absol

Umbreon is like the most awesome Eeveelution ever! He is so cool, and smug and really confident.

Absol is like Uchiha Sasuke. Nuff said.

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i saw him in the first movie and i found him cute
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Normal- Spinda: It just looks so innocent and cute.

Poison- Garbodor: I don't know. Garbodor is the first poison type I've ever trained seriously.

Steel- Skarmory: Skarmory won against Cynthia's Garchomp in B/W at lvl 57 granted I did use a lot of recovery items.

Rock- Gigalith- I like the design if nothing else.

Ground- Flygon: I love Flygon. She helped me beat Emerald when I chose Torchic. Besides, Trapinch was my first ground type.

Electric- Pikachu: Obvious reasons.

Fire- Ninetales: It's beautiful and elegant.

Water- Milotic: See Fire^

Grass- Roserade: It's deadly, but pretty too.

Dark- Absol: Really strong. Really cool.

Fighting- Blaziken: He was my first starter pokemon ever. Although we got stuck at the seventh gym in Hoenn, Flygon helped us out.

Psychic- Gardevoir: See Dark and Fire

Ghost- Drifloon: The Pokedex entry for it is funny.

Ice- Froslass: See Grass

Flying- Togekiss: See Fire

Bug- Masquerain: I find it interesting. Although I've never had one before, it still is my favorite.

Dragon- I'd like to say Flygon, but I'll go with Altaria instead.
Altaria struck me as annoying against Winona, but that was the first time I saw perish song. After that, I was curious and my curiosity turned to admiration.

There are others I'd like to mention, but I couldn't put them on the chart so here they are:

more but these are the main ones.

Challenges in progress:
Monotype Rock
Boldore Lv. 33 Dwebble Lv. 32 Tirtouga Lv. 32
I need to update faster...
Old January 21st, 2012 (10:22 AM).
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Normal: Minccino. Anyone who knows me knows that as soon as I saw it, I was so obsessed over it. It was absolutely adorable.
Fire: Houndoom. I started liking Houndoom immediately after I saw Karen have it in Silver. I loved the design and how badass it looked.
Fighting: Lucario. I initially HAAAATED Lucario. I thought it was overrated and I didn't like the design or the concept of it or anything. I hated the name, I hated everything about it. Then I decided I would play through SoulSilver using all of Cynthia's Pokémon. Lucario was one of my favorites at the end of the run through and I appreciated it much more.
Water: Kingdra. Kingdra replaced Alakazam as my favorite Pokémon after I battled Clair. I thought it was amazing and the best Pokémon ever, and it's my favorite Gen II Pokémon.
Flying: Farfetch'd. I just love it's name and like making puns from it's name with people. Farfetch'd...
Grass: Tropius. It has bananas for earrings.
Poison: Swalot. I just find it so amusing to look at. It just opens it's mouth and swallows things. nom nom nom!
Electric: Luxray. It's my favorite because I just think it looks the best.
Ground: Sandshrew. I always found him adorable.
Psychic: Reuniclus. Reuniclus replaced Minccino as my favorite Generation V Pokémon when pictures of it surfaced. I became obsessed over it and registered it everywhere. It's my favorite Pokémon from Gen V and outranks Alakazam (my favorite Pokémon in Gen I).
Rock: Lunatone. I just like the fact that it's a moon that floats.
Ice: Jynx. I always thought Jynx looked like a hooker with really big boobs.
Bug: Scyther. It's the only Pokémon I like that's a bug. I don't know why.
Dragon: Dragonair. It's SO majestic. It was the first Pokémon I drew and I still have the drawing. It's very amazing.
Ghost: Chandelure. It's beautiful, simply put.
Dark: Scrafty. I don't know what it is about Scrafty's gangster moxie appearance that makes me love it so much.
Steel: Steelix. I saw Steelix as an amazing Pokémon after I underestimated it when I was fighting Jasmine.
Old January 21st, 2012 (10:27 AM).
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Bug: Heracross (closely followed by Volcarona, but Heracross has been in every team since Gen II)
Dark: Houndoom (one of my faves in general)
Dragon: Kingdra (again, no contest: one of my faves in general)
Electric: Magnezone (actually quite a hard one: Maggie is one of my faves, but looking at the list, I have a soft spot for Lanturn and Eelektross)
Fighting: Heracross again (if I have to have a different one, it'd probably be Gallade for its awesome typing and design)
Fire: Chandelure (Houndoom and Volcarona are fighting it out for second place)
Flying: Aerodactyl (probs my favourite critter ever, so of course it's getting in here!)
Ghost: Chandelure again (no contest... maybe Gengar, but... nope)
Grass: Cradily (I don't know why I like this fugly critter; just do. Don't really like any other Grass Pokemon for whatever reason)
Ground: Excadrill (surprisingly hard to pick a fave for; Excadrill only because it's proven very useful in-game)
Ice: Lapras (had one in virtually every game; hard to get every Friday down in Union Cave)
Normal: Girafarig (mainly because of how un-Normal it is)
Poison: Crobat (I guess...? Maybe Gengar again, but I never have Poison critters in a team, for some reason)
Psychic: Espeon (my favourite Eeveelution by a mile, also)
Rock: Aerodactyl again (fave. critter. ever. See above. If not that or Cradily, then Tyranitar but that's just bleh)
Steel: Magnezone again (if not that, then Metagross)
Water: Milotic (wish I could do a three-way-tie with Kingdra and Lapras (and maybe Lanturn) but one it is)

That was fun!
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