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Draconius GO
View Poll Results: Favorite Final Stage Starter
Venusaur 3 13.04%
Charizard 9 39.13%
Blastoise 2 8.70%
Meganium 3 13.04%
Typlosion 4 17.39%
Feraligatr 1 4.35%
Sceptile 7 30.43%
Blaziken 2 8.70%
Swampert 5 21.74%
Torterra 1 4.35%
Infernape 2 8.70%
Empoleon 4 17.39%
Serperior 5 21.74%
Emboar 0 0%
Samurott 4 17.39%
Chesnaut 2 8.70%
Delphox 6 26.09%
Greninja 3 13.04%
None of them 0 0%
I'm indecisive/don't know 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 23. You may not vote on this poll

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Old July 31st, 2016 (8:43 AM).
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What are your favorite fully evolved starters and why? You can pick more than one, if you'd like.
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Old July 31st, 2016 (8:49 AM).
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    Meganium, It was really difficult to choose one. I always loved Chikorita sprite and when I saw its evolution for the first time, I was really amazed, Meganium is so graceful and beatiful.
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    Old July 31st, 2016 (11:14 AM).
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      My favorite starters are Typhlosion, since he was my very first Pokemon and I have very fond memories of destroying Johto with him, and Delphox, because I love her design (adorable and badass at the same time) and she is one of the best starter Pokemon I've used so far in my opinion. I also really like Blaziken, Sceptile, Charizard, Swampert, Meganium, Feraligatr, and Venusaur.

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      Old July 31st, 2016 (1:08 PM).
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        Either Empoleon or Greninja ... I can't decide... Empoleon was my first fully-evolved starter (I started with Pokémon Platinum) so it has a special place in my heart. Plus, it looks like a penguin, and I love penguins <3
        Greninja is a cool-looking starter as well. I love its ninja-theme. Its typing is good too.

        I also like Torterra, Infernape, Swampert, Samurott and Blastoise.
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        Old July 31st, 2016 (1:26 PM).
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          #Team Popplio & Brionne
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          Old July 31st, 2016 (1:31 PM).
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            Typhlosion has always been my favorite. It was the first pokemon I've ever had, and it's a power house when it comes to its special attack.
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            Old August 1st, 2016 (3:49 AM). Edited August 2nd, 2016 by AliceBlaze.
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              My favourites from each generation are Charizard, Typhlosion, Swampert, Torterra, Serperior and Delphox.
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              Old August 1st, 2016 (4:06 AM).
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              Hard to choose just one, there have been plenty of great starter evolutions for most of the generations. My top five are Delphox, Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken and Empoleon.
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              Old August 1st, 2016 (4:22 AM).
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              As of now, Chesnaught and Serperior are my favorites. Designwise, Chesnaught looks pretty rad, and reminds me of something Mesoamerican. I also like how...cool Serperior is. In battle, I love them. Bulletproof and Contrary are awesome abilities.

              Greninja and the Sinnoh starters are runners-up.
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              Old August 1st, 2016 (7:08 PM). Edited August 1st, 2016 by BubbleBeams.
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                I voted Samurott in the poll, but I also really love Meganium, Greninja, Sceptile, Typhlosion, Empoleon and of course, Charizard. A lot of these are for sentimental reasons but some are just aesthetic reasons, tbh... lol

                And if the alleged leaks for the SM starters are true, the Popplio's final evo is going to be high on my list as well. haha
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                Old August 5th, 2016 (7:59 PM).
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                  I have to say, Greninja has slowly sneaked into my heart. OP in battles and I just love the design. But that's just like my recently favorited starter evolution. If I were talking about my all time favorite, it absolutely goes to Sceptile because I personally think it's the most badass grass starter evolution there is!!
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                  Old August 6th, 2016 (1:24 PM).
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                  Definitely between Torterra and Venusaur! Though honestly, it'll probably be Venusaur; I have to give credit where credit is due for being the Pokemon that got me into the franchise in the first place. n.n Torterra wins more badass points, though.

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                  Old August 6th, 2016 (9:50 PM).
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                    Charizard from kanto
                    Sceptile from hoenn
                    Infernape from sinnoh
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