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Old December 22nd, 2011 (3:48 PM). Edited January 1st, 2012 by Arma.
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Hello everybody! My name is Arma, I became interested in game development around December 2009. This is the new and improved version of my old project, Pokemon Fiesta, combined with several features from Project Freedom. I took a pretty long break from Game Development, but I'm back now, and I think I'll be able to invest more time in it. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this. please leave a comment!

The Region

Verdura, a large Peninsula in the southern seas, is a region famous for it's tropical climate and numerous festivals. The relatively young region thrives on tourism. Unfortunately though, the wealth earned isn't spread out out evenly, as Verdura has got the largest gap between the rich and the poor.

Check the spoiler for a list with the names of all cities.
1: Validay Town
2: Contira Town
3: Whitesand Village
4: Neopalm City
5: Lostem City
6: SanSavan City
7: Cavook Town
8: Entercoon City
9: Laneway City
10: Portalis City
11: Port Mizarro
12: Jummock Town
13: Mangropolis City
14: Everplain City
15: Bluftop Village
16: Bailamar City
17: Desrock Town
18: Flareburst City
19: Port Seafrost
20: Horisnow City
21: Pistalpa Town
22: Port Laguna
23: Woodcalm Village
24: Port Correef
25: Redleaf Town
26: Carui Town

"It all started a few years ago, government plans to make things easier for trainers. They created "Pokécoupons" , it'd function as a replacement for cash, but only for Pokémon trainers. For a single coupon you'd be able to get a meal at the local cafeteria, a potion or even have diner at some 5-star restaurant.

They've changed it though, now it's almost like an actual currency. Trainers won't give you money anymore, they'll give you coupons instead. Prices gone up to 300 Coupons for a potion. But I guess this isn't really a problem, since those coupons are real easy to get.

No, the real problem is actual money, for me at least. Even tough Coupons can buy lots of things, they still don't pay the rent. People with a regular job don't have anything to worry about. But since dad passed away my mom had to find work, and because she's uneducated that's almost impossible. She's got a job now, though. But payment exists almost entirely out of coupons.

And ain't even the worst part. Dad left us an enormous debt... Luckily the bank left us alone till I became 16, now they want me to start paying up.

Luckily, this one professor moved in to a neighboring town, claiming she needs fieldworkers to help her out. I might even get my own Pokemon if I'm really lucky!"

-A large new world to explore, filled with secrets!
-A lot of weaker Pokemon has been given a boost, now you'll think twice about boxing you Beedrill.
-Movesets will be completely revised.
-Many new moves to spice up the battles.
-Battles will be harder, you'd better be prepared.
--Enemy Pokemon may carry nicknames
--Be careful, your opponent is also allowed to switch their Pokemon when they knock out one of yours
-Didn't it strike you as weird that you're the only one who ever entered battles with damaged Pokemon? Well, your opponents won't always be at full health anymore.

Jobs & Classes
One of the main selling points of the game, originally introduced in Project Freedom. Jobs will provide you cash needed to pay off your debt. They are divided into four classes. By gaining experience in a certain class, you will gain fame, which leads to better paid jobs.


The main class, challenge other trainers to gain experience and fame. Tougher and well-known trainers will challenge you as you get more famous.
Duel: Normal fight with higher stakes, an easy way to make money, no? Don't underestimate your challengers though, they usually are a lot tougher then your average trainer.
Gang Fight: Battling a group of trainers all by yourself, that's what gang fights are. Be aware, sometimes you won't be given a chance to rest between battles.
Multi Battle: Partner up with somebody and battle 2 other trainers in a 2 vs 2 fight.

Large parts of Verdura are still unmapped, are you brave enough to take on the unknown?
Locate: Tales and rumors. More then often those will be the only clues you'll get searching for lost places.
Find: It's not just places you are looking for, sometimes your clients will be looking for certain items... Up to you to find them... if they exist.

As a collector, your main goal will be to complete the Pokedex. Easier said then done, especially since we interested in the national dex.
Observe: Humans aren't the only travelers, Pokemon are on the move too!
Sometimes you must track to Pokemon, back to where it and others of it's species are living. That way you'll be able to find out where you can find some elusive Pokemon.
Capture: You might sometimes be asked to capture a specific Pokemon.
Trade: It's really a simple as it sounds. You can easily fill your Pokedex by trading.

Protecting Pokemon and the environment is what's it all about as a ranger.
Release: Releases are a bit of a weird job. It's your goal to obtain a certain Pokemon, then breed it. You're last task will be to release a set number of it's offspring in the wild. This way you'll be able to introduce non-native species to Verdura.
Rescue: You'll often find people and Pokemon in trouble, it's up to you to get them out of it.

Field Moves
There are several moves that can be used outside of battle. it's usually a waste to spent a moveslot on these moves, as these moves usually don't serve much of a purpose in battle.

That's why I've decided to divide moves into two categories. Battle moves and Field moves. Battle moves are the regular moves a Pokemon can learn to use in battle. if a pokemon is taught a field move, it isn't able to use it in battle. this way, you can teach your Pokemon cut, without being stuck to the crappy move.

Of course there will be some sort of limit to the amount of field moves you can teach a Pokemon. it's currently not implemented yet, but I though that two would be a good limit.

These are rather old, I'll try to get some new ones as fast as I can.
Gen V Pokemon and new moves.

Validay town, the protagonist's hometown.

Some screens taken from the first route

No this isn't the safari zone.

Pudleak cave, water can be found nearly everywhere in this cave.

Cadia Forest, the many trees provide cover against the intense sun.

It can be extremely hot here in Verdura

Help is really appreciated!
I'm currently developing this all by myself, and I'd really appreciate some help.
spriters/tilers and scripters are more then welcome. Simply because I don't have any skill when it comes down to this.

Those without any experience are more then welcome to join too! If you have a good idea please don't be afraid to contact me!

If you're interested in joining the team, please PM me.

Poccil for the Starterkit
, for giving me permission to fuse the two projects, as well for a lot of general help. Be sure to check out his shop!

And of course thank you for reading this!
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Old January 8th, 2012 (3:20 AM).
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    I like your screenshots and region map. I can tell this will be an amazing game. Unfourtunetly, how will you be able to code in Pokécoupons? If you can, I would be amazed. Also, why did the government create Pokécoupons? Why does the region have so many poor people? All in all, nice game, and I definetly will try this game out.
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    Old January 17th, 2012 (2:34 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Muddy View Post
    I like your screenshots and region map. I can tell this will be an amazing game.
    Thanks, I don't have a lot of custom material yet, but I'm glad tht I can impress people with just

    Originally Posted by Muddy View Post
    Unfourtunetly, how will you be able to code in Pokécoupons? If you can, I would be amazed.
    Well, I haven't really done anything yet, but my first guess was to copy the script for the cash. Then I would change the name of all the variables, so it would be like a second currency. Dunno if it's that simple though. My other plan was to assign a variable to it, just using events, since the max value a variable will be able to hold is 9.999.999, that should be enough for me.

    Oh, and for your information, I will use the already programmed currency as the coupons, the currency I have yet to add will be the "real" cash. This is because you won't be spending a lot (if any) of it anyways.

    Originally Posted by Muddy View Post
    Also, why did the government create Pokécoupons? Why does the region have so many poor people?
    The reason behind the coupons is just to prevent the player from spending all the cash they earned. There isn't much of a back story to it.

    As for the poverty, It's basically based on the economy of Latin-America, but more uhm, balanced.

    Anyway, I don't really have an update ready yet. I'll present some new moves, as well as some completely revised movesets for Pokemon tomorrow.
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    Old January 17th, 2012 (3:45 PM).
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      You could just rename $ to Pokecouponds and make an item called "Dollar" or something.

      Since money is somewhat rare, you won't need that much. but if you get over the item limit (999 i think?), just remove the Dollar items from the player's bag and replace it with a "1000 Dollars" item or something like that.
      Version 0.753 is out
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