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Old January 6th, 2012 (6:25 PM).
Lieberman Lieberman is offline
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    If everyone in Pokemon had a theme song... what would it be? because i sometimes think about some of the characters in the Show of Pokemon and somehow pin a song on the person, don't ask me why i just do and i think it would be interesting to see what others think, so put down the person from the anime Pokemon, and the Song that suits them best.


    Character: Brock
    Song: Too sexy
    Reason: Nobody can have him, and hardly anybody can get more than a touch of the hand off of him, personally i think it is because he is too much for anybody to handle... XD but i guess that is just my opinion.
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    Old January 7th, 2012 (4:28 AM).
    The Void's Avatar
    The Void The Void is offline
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      Ooh, sounds fun!

      Character: Ash
      Song: Never Say Never

      Reason: Ash... never says never. Ever!

      Character: James (from Team Rocket)
      Song: Billionaire by Bruno Mars
      Reason: James already is a billionaire, yet he's part of that Team Rocket trio, who dreams of becoming a billionaire, ironically.
      Όφις ην μη φάγη όφιν, δράκων ου γενήσεται.
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      Old January 7th, 2012 (4:56 AM).
      Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup is offline
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        Ash - Never say never or a song about not giving up
        Dawn - By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~
        May - I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~
        Iris - Born to be wild
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        Old January 7th, 2012 (6:28 AM).
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        Jorah Jorah is offline
        What do I put here?
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        This would fit Barry:

        LOL. He can do the Barry Dance to it XD Reason: Both are spazzily cool XD
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        Old January 7th, 2012 (12:35 PM).
        Lieberman Lieberman is offline
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          Hahahaha, Now those made me laugh out loud.
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