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Old March 21st, 2011 (8:27 PM). Edited January 13th, 2012 by miley810.
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    Okay so guys my cousin came over and started writing a story,and I put a charecter in her story.This story is about from where Julie (said charecter) and her fraternal twin sister.They are in Unova,their parent's (and Serina their 16 older sister) broke up when Serina was 7 and they were 1.So yha,Fearless love is my beta writer,and said cousin,so keep a eye out for her story too!We apolise if anything was missed.Here you go,please enjoy Copy writes:Julie and Miley

    Best of luck

    Chapter 1: Where it all began
    Julie woke up on a certain morning full of joyful spirit. She got quickly dressed into her hot pink T-shirt and blue jean shorts and ran quickly down the steps to get down stairs, almost so quickly she almost fell over.
    When she reached the bottom of the stairs she sprinted to the kitchen where she could eat and FINALLY get the moment she has been waiting for for 10 years now.

    Miley got up and got dressed into a dark purple T-shirt and black jacket and blue jeans, taking longer then Julie.

    "Morning!"Julie said as cheerfully as she sat down for breakfast.

    "Bout time you got up." said Julie and Miley's 16 year old black haired a blue eyed older sister Serena.

    "And where is that little bother we call a sister?" Serena asked.

    "First of all she's NOT a little bother and second of all I have NO idea!" replied Julie ticked off.

    "Your right she's not a little bother, she's a BIG bother." replied Serena with a smirk on her face.

    "No, YOUR the big bother if there is one in this house." Miley said with a smirk as well.

    Julie's twin Miley came through the kitchen doorway. Miley looks basically like Julie but where Miley's hair is purple her's is pink and where Julie's is purple Miley's is pink and Miley's eyes are darkish purple.

    "Jeeze I thought you were gonna be twenty by time you got down here." said Serina flipping the eggs on the stove.

    "Just ignore her Miles." said Julie before Miley could respond.

    "Sure...whatever....." replied Miley sitting down.

    "With that attitude neither of you will get breakfast." said Serina sarcastically.

    "Why me, I didn't do anything?" asked Julie with a freaked out voice.

    "You're twins, its only natural." said Serina sarcastically and put a stack of three pancakes, about five pieces of bacon each, two pieces of sausage, and an egg each.

    "Looks great!" said both girls at the same time and then looked at each other.

    "We've got to stop doing that!" they both exclaimed.

    The both ate the breakfast with record breaking speed. The both jumped up as soon as they were done.

    "The only thing that could have made this day better is if Mom and Dad could have been home." Said Miley.

    "Miles you know they can't be in the same house at the same time without exploding, and Mom had to go on a trip to go see her boss from the Trainer School." said Serena.

    "I know..." said Miley with a disappointed voice and face.

    "Cheer up Smiley Miley, don't let little details like that get you down, were starting our pokemon journey today!" said Julie in an encouraging voice.

    "You're right Jules, I'll get over it, don't worry bout me." said Miley standing up.

    Miley and Julie ran up the stairs to the bedrooms, packed cloths and food and such in a backpack, Julie's purple and Miley's pink, they slipped on their backpacks and ran back down the stairs, Miley slipped on her hot pink traveling flip-flops and Julie her dark purple traveling flip-flops.

    "Bye girls!" yelled Serina after them.

    "Bye!" both girls yelled absent mindedly

    The two girls pulled out their skateborads, Julie's pink and Miley's purple. They hopped on the skateboards and rushed to professor Jupier's lab and rushed in the door.

    "Hello professer!" both girls exclaimed excitedly.

    "Hello girls." replied Professor Jupier." Here to get your pokemon I suppose?"

    "Yes mam!" the girls replied.

    "Do you have any idea which pokemon your going to get?" she asked respectfully.

    "Easy, Oshawott." replied Julie without any thinking.

    "Tepig, naturally." replied Miley.

    "Very good choices girls." replied Professor Jupier picking up two pokaballs and handing one to each girl.

    "Can we let them out here!?" asked Julie eagerly.

    "By all means." replyed professor Jupier.

    "Go Oshawott!" yelled Julie.

    "Go Tepig!" yelled Miley as well.

    A blue and white otter with a seashell that was white on its tummy came out of Julie's pokaball. This was Oshawott.A red and black pig with a tail similar to Spoink's but smaller. This was Tepig.

    Both girls faces lit up as they looked at their new pokemon. This moment they have waited for, was here finally. The oshawott jumped into Julie's arms as if it already knew they belonged together as partners. Tepig jumped in the air continually at Miley's feet exititly. Miley picked up Tepig, and Julie hugged Oshawott, who was very happy.

    "You both chose excellent pokemon,make sure to take very good care of them." said Professor Jupier." Are you going to nickname them?"

    " Yes mam, I want to nickname Oshawott Riley." answered Julie.

    "And Tepig Rosa." confirmed Miley.

    "Yes mam!" they both exclaimed.

    "When are you girls going to start on your journey?" asked professor Jupier.

    "Immediately when we leave here!" both girls said excitedly.

    "Well girls, where will you go from Nuvema Town?" asked professor Jupier.

    "We plan to go Accumula Town from here, catching pokemon and training all the way!" said Julie.

    "What she said." was Miley's response.

    "What is up with you today Miles, this is the biggest day of our life and your acting down in the dumps. said Julie.

    "Sorry Julies I was just thinking about...never mind." replied Miley.

    "Well girls lets rap this up shall we?" said Professor Jupier. "Here is 5 pokaballs and a potion each. Said professor Jupier handing them said idems. "Of course you need a C-Gear don't you?" she said picking up a pink C-Gear and a purple C-Gear.

    "I heard the pink and purple twins were coming today so I picked these up." she said with satisfactory in her voice.

    "Thank you so much!" said Julie excitedly grabbing the purple one carefully out of Professor Jupier hand and putting it on her wrist.

    "Thank you Professor Jupier!" said Miley doing the same with the pink.

    "You're welcome girls." said Professor Jupier returning to her research room.

    With that the girls left the lab holding their pokemon, then sat them down outside, pulled out their skateboards, and they were off to Accumula town. Skateboarding with their pokemon by their side, this was the start of it all.

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    Old March 25th, 2011 (4:23 PM). Edited March 25th, 2011 by miley810.
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      No commenters?Oh well here is chapter two everyone I hope you enjoy!

      Best of Luck
      Chapter two: Meeting Team Plasma

      "Grah!" yelled Miley who plopped down on the ground in the middle of the traveling road. "I'm tired of walking!" she groaned.

      "Miley you're starting to really bring me down." Julie said in response.

      "Then I should be proving to you we need a break!" she half yelled have wined.

      "Nope." said Julie laughing.

      "Awww come onnnnnn!" wined Miley.

      Rosa looked between Miley and Julie, confused as Riley did the same.

      "What a marvelous Oshawott and Tepig!" said a mysterious voice from no where.

      In the distance, a black haired boy in a green shirt, orange shorts, purple sneakers, an orange backpack and red sweatband around his head. He kneeled down on his knees and started to sketch Riley and Rosa.

      "Um excuse me, who are you?" asked a very confused Julie.

      "Who cares? He gives us a reason to rest." Miley replied still sitting down.

      "Oh sorry, I'm Tracy." answered the boy standing up. "I'm a pokemon watcher."

      "A pokemon watcher huh?" asked Julie, sitting on a big rock close by.

      "That's right!" Tracy replied.

      "That sounds pretty cool!" Julie said, secretly thankful for a reason to stop walking as Miley requested.

      Tracy finished sketching Riley and Rosa with a satisfied face.

      "May I see?" Julie asked with a hint of excitement in her voice.

      "Sure!" replied Tracy, looking at his picture.

      Julie hopped of the rock and quickly walked next to Tracy. She stood there dumbstruck looking at the picture Tracy drew.

      "Its-your-amazing!"Julie said amazed.

      "Really?" asked Miley standing up and walking next to Tracy.

      She stood there dumbstruck as well.

      "This is amazing Tracy! Your great at drawing!" said Julie, still amazed at how the drawing looked just like a picture but not in color.

      "I couldn't agree more!" said the very surprised Miley.

      "I would love to observe these wonderful pokemon more, any chance I may?" asked the very hopeful Tracy.

      Julie and Miley looked at each other, half grinning.

      "Sure!" they both said, finally breaking the silence.

      They both bitterly stared at each other for a minute then snapped out of it.

      "Well what now?" asked Miley.

      "I guess we get to Accumula Town." Julie replied.

      All the sudden, there was rustling from bushes on the left and leaves from trees on the right.

      "What's that?" asked Miley a bit scared.

      "I don't know, but I have a feeling we're about to find out." Julie said calmly, and a black, yellow, and white flying squirrel defined as Emonga glided down from the trees as a pink and white bunny with little curls under its ears. Audino came out from the bushes. Automatically the girls knew what to do.

      "Riley use tackle!" yelled Julie,indicating towards the Audino.

      "Rosa use quick attack!" yelled Miley, pointing at the Emonga.

      Riley hit the Audino head on, making it fall over. Rosa knocked Emonga out of the sky and onto its tummy.

      "Rosa use headbutt!!" Miley instructed her pokemon.

      "Riley use doubleslap!" said Julie determined.

      All the sudden the wild Audino fell backwards and laid there.

      "Go pokeball!" yelled Julie tossing a pokeball in its direction.

      Little bloops descended from the little ball then a short ding confirming the Audino was captured.

      "Rosa use bite!" yelled Miley.

      The pig launched at the Emonga and bit it, swirls appeared in its eyes, indicating it was knocked out.

      "Go pokeball!"Yelled Miley throwing the pokeball at the Emonga with a bit of force.

      Miley watched the pokeball turn a little bit right and left and blooping and watched as it stayed still,finally,it dung.

      Julie and Miley picked up their new pokeballs that contained pokemon.

      "Our first capture!"Julie said in amazement.

      "Amazing!" said Miley, stunned.

      "Not that catching a pokemon isn't amazing,but what's the big deal?" asked Tracy.

      "If you didn't hear me the first time."said Julie

      "Its our FIRST pokemon capture!" both girls exclaimed at the same time.

      "Oh!" exclaimed Tracy.

      "Go Audino!"Julie yelled tossing the pokeball without letting go to make the Audino come out of its ball.

      "Go Emonga!" Miley hollered, doing the same.

      The Audino and Emonga descended from the pokaballs and landed on the ground.

      (about 2 hours later)

      "Accumula Town! Finally!" yelled Julie in relief.

      Julie, Miley, and Tracy walked into the town looking around.

      "Your attention please!" said a voice to their left.

      The group turned to their left. A man with green hair stood there wearing a very weird colorful robe. It had a big golden shoulder gear like thing that was huge around his neck and chest. The robe had two eyeballs in a confusing looking design with something white under the robe. He had on brown shoes as well. Over his right eye he had some kind of weird looking thing that looked like the red side of 3-D glasses. There were about fifteen or twenty people behind and around him in black, blue, and white costumes. There was a blue hood and the top sleeves and blue gloves, as well as blue boots. Under that there was black plain long sleeved and legged clothing. The chest of the costume was white with a small symbol that had a zig zag design behind a blue P,and a white thing that looked like the front of a apron.

      "I am Ghetsis from Team Plasma and I am here to say something that may change your lives." said the guy in a weird robe."We, Team Plasma, are trying to explain to all pokemon owners that your pokemon should be set free of their pokaballs for good. By putting them in your pokaballs your making them your slaves! That is unfair to all pokemon!"

      Several mummers came from the crowd around the very very small hill Team Plasma was on.

      "We ask of you to release your pokemon, all of them, for good!"

      "If you're a good trainer, your pokemon won't want to go because they would be your friends!"Julie yelled at Team Plasma.

      Team Plasma and the whole crowd looked at the angry Julie.

      "What would make you think that?" Ghetsis asked, smirking apparently not upset at all someone interrupted.

      "If you haven't noticed the pokemon are joyful around their trainers, and the trainers are joyful around them!The pokemon would try to run away after they had been caught if they weren't happy!" Julie said, so madly that fire could have been in her eyes.

      "And who just might you be, kid?" Ghetsis asked.

      "Julie Jewel, not that it matters, I'm sure everyone here would agree just the same, weither it was me, or my sister, or Tracy, or some random person!" Julie said still mad.

      "I believe to us you are some random person." said Ghetsis, still smirking.

      "So what if I am?" Julie asked."It doesn't matter WHO you are,as long as you have a point."

      "We have just as much as a point as you do." Ghetsis replied.

      "Even if so, that doesn't mean they agree with you." Julie said pointing towards the crowd.

      "Listen you little brat, you have no idea who your dealing with." said a boy Team Plasma grunt.
      "Yes, she has no idea, she's not smart enough." Ghetsis said.

      "And thats where you draw the line." said Miley stepping forward.

      Tracy just stood there watching what was going on.

      "And you are?" Ghetsis asked.

      "Miley Jewel." replied Miley coolly."And I suggest you shut up and walk away now."

      "Or what?" Ghetsis asked, smirking again.

      "Or you'll end up running." Miley and Julie replied at the same time.

      "What are you going to do, amaze us at how you talk at the same time?" asked Ghetsis laughing.

      "SHUT UP!" yelled Julie and Miley again at the same time.

      "And what will we do?" asked Miley."This. Go Rosa and Emonga!" she said, making the balls large and tossing them.

      Rosa and the newly caught Emonga came out.

      "Ooooh we're sooooo scared." said a girl grunt sarcastically.

      "Go Riley and Audino!" Julie said, with force throwing them out.

      "Even scarier of a Oshawott." said a boy grunt sarcastically.

      "Go Marril and Vennant!" yelled Tracy, finally talking.

      "Marril and Vennanat, those pokemon, here?" asked Ghetsis, stunned for a moment.

      "Riley Headbutt." Julie said, tired of this talk."Audino use doubleslap."
      "Rosa agility! Emonga cut!" yelled Miley.

      "Marril watergun! Vennanat use cut as well!" hollered Tracy.

      Team Plasma didn't have time to throw out their pokemon and ran the other way.

      "Don't expect it so easy next time!" yelled Ghetsis over his shoulder.

      "This was too easy anyways!" yelled the Jewel twins again at the same time.

      "There is an amazing bond between you and your pokemon." said an unknown voice.

      A boy with very long tea green hair and green eyes walked up. He was wearing a black turtle neck with a white jacket over it (despite its summer time) grey casual pants, green tennis shoes, and a black and gray cap. He also had on a necklace that at the end had a little thing that looked kinda like Saturn but the sphere of it was black and the rings were blue, on one wrist he had a black and gray bangle, on the other wrist cubish golden bracelets.He also had what looked like a golden and black rubix cube attached to his belt holes that contained no belt.

      "Thanks?" Julie kinda asked.

      "Its a good thing" replied the boy.

      "Who are you?" asked Julie.

      "N." replied the boy."And you're Julie from what I heard."

      "That's correct." answered Julie.

      "I would be honored to have a pokemon battle with you." N said.

      "Okay then...." replied Julie.

      "Julies, doesn't he look a little bit like a ruff trainer to fight for your first pokemon battle?" asked Miley.

      "First?" asked N.

      "Yes first." replied Julie."And no, I can beat him whether he's ruff or weak."

      "Determined are you?" asked N.

      "You could say that."replied Julie

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        There was a commenter. He just didn`t wanna post it earlier.

        This made me think up my own story! Might post the progress later.
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        Old March 25th, 2011 (7:16 PM).
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          Ahhh yay someone comments.

          lol I got copy write on Julie and Miley so if u wanna use them you gotta go through ME.So what do you think?

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          Old March 25th, 2011 (7:38 PM). Edited April 7th, 2012 by PokemonFan2000Man.
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            Awesome! And I am using my friends at school who LOVE Pokémon`s names. I made the last names initials. Here they are:
            Mason S. (He's also a co-writer)
            Joey and Ariel H.
            Andrew Y.
            Theo T. J.
            DJ B.
            Beccah C.
            And then some.

            I think it`s awesome! Make sure your cousin doesn`t give up!
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              Okay then!I won' I just gotta get someone who gives a crap about my story lol beware Rikki u gotta fan on ur hands....(rikki is my cousin's nickname)

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              Yay~ Julie likes pink! XD
              Either way, your story is awesome. Can't wait till the 3rd chapter. ^____^
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                Miley and Julie both like pink and purple!They both like 1 more.
                Julie: Purple Most
                Miley: Pink most
                Okay guys I'ma get knocked offa PC any second don't ask so wanna let you know I'm working on chapter 3!

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                  Okay everyone sorry it took so long on chapter three!It would have been put up a few days ago but when my beta writer tried to beta write it her computer shut down,now she's finally got it done so here you go!

                  Best of Luck
                  Chapter three

                  "Are you sure you want to battle him Julie?" Miley asked, observing N.

                  "Yes." replied Julie, observing N as well.

                  "Are we going to battle or are you two girls going to stand there looking at me for no apparent reason?" asked N, laughing.

                  "May we heal our pokemon first?" Julie asked polietly.

                  "You may." replied N. "I need to heal mine as well anyways."

                  "Ok then, but one problem." said Miley.

                  "And that is?" N asked.

                  "We have no idea where one is." replied Miley, laughing.

                  "That's not a problem." said N. "Follow me"

                  N turned tossing his hand motioning for them to follow. All of them returned their pokemon and followed him. After a minute, they arrived in front of a tall, three story, white building with a red roof that was a shaped like a oval. With a clear automatic door. N walked into the building and Miley, Julie, and Tracy followed. Inside to the right was a counter with two people standing behind it. The front of the counter said "Pokemart". In front of the door was another counter with a pink haired lady standing behind it. To the right was a big staircase with a three different counters, three different people standing behind each one. Julie was the first to get the the counter in front of the door.

                  "Hello!" said the pink haired lady cheerfully. "I'm Nurse Joy, the nurse here."

                  "Hi!" Julie replied Julie cheerfully back. "My pokemon need healed please."

                  "Okay then, if you can hand me your pokeballs please." replied Nurse Joy.

                  Julie handed her the two pokeballs containing Riley and Audino. Nurse Joy put them on this little device behind her shaped like a octagon and flipped a switch and after a second it dung and Nurse Joy picked up the two pokeballs and handed them back to Julie.

                  "There you go, your pokemon are back to full health." Nurse Joy said.

                  "N, what are the upstairs counters for?" asked Julie as Miley got her pokemon healed.

                  "Its for people who like to battle,they set people up with other people to battle." replied N.

                  "Have you ever done that before?" Julie asked curiously as Miley walked away from the counter and Tracy got his pokemon healed.

                  "Once." replied N.

                  Tracy walked back to N, Julie,and Miley.

                  "Shall we battle now?" asked N.

                  "We shall." replied Julie.

                  The four walked back outside and N lead them up to where Team Plasma was standing earlier.

                  "Go Riley!" yelled Julie tossing a pokeball in the air.

                  "Go Purloin!" yelled N doing the same.

                  A purple cat with tan spots and pink around the top of his eyes and a pointed tail came out of N's pokeball. Riley also came out of her pokeball.

                  "Riley headbutt!" yelled Julie.

                  The Oshawott's head hit the leg of the Purrloin before N could react to tell it to dodge it.

                  "Purrloin use scratch!" N yelled.

                  The Purrloin scratched the head of the Oshawott, making Oshawott rub its head.

                  "Hang in there Riley! Use tackle!" Julie hollered encouragingly.

                  Riley tackled down the Purrloin.

                  "Riley use headbutt again before it has a chance to get up!" yelled Julie

                  To Miley's surprise, the Oshawott did something totaly different from its orders. Water descended from Riley's mouth, throwing Purrloin off.

                  "Riley you learned watergun!" Julie yelled suprised.

                  "Osha,oshwott!" was Riley's reply.

                  "Go Riley!" yelled Miley.

                  "Way to go Riley!" yelled Tracy and began sketching.

                  "Now what are you sketching?" asked Miley.

                  "Riley using watergun!" said Tracy excitedly.

                  "Oh boy, I have a feeling we're gonna see a lot of sketching from you..." said Miley.

                  "Oshawott use tackle again!" yelled Julie.

                  "Purrloin dodge it!" yelled N.

                  The Purrloin successfully dodged the tackle.

                  "Alright Purrloin, now use scratch again!" N yelled.

                  The scratch was so hard it knocked Riley over.

                  "Riley use watergun!" yelled Julie determined.

                  Riley hit the Purrloin, and with that he passed out.

                  "Good job Purrloin, return." said N and a red light consumed the Purrloin, and it went back to its pokeball, which he put in his pocket then drew out another one.

                  "Great job Riley! You need a rest, return!" said Julie cheerfully as the red light consumed Riley, and she put the pokeball in her backpack and grabbed another one.

                  "Go Pidove!" N hollered thrusting the pokeball in the air and red light came out and then a small bird that was white on its chest. Gray around that,with stripes of black on its wings,yellow eyes,and pink above its eye's came out.

                  "Go Audino!" yelled Julie.

                  "Pidove use bite!" N yelled.

                  "Audino double slap it when it comes close!" ordered Julie

                  Audino got biten but its was able to slap it 5 times before it flew away from Audino.

                  "Audino use agility, then tackle once you've gotten close enough!" yelled Julie

                  Audino raced forward and tackled the Pidove knocking it over.

                  "Use double slap now Audino!" yelled Julie.

                  It hit 5 times and the pidove passed out.

                  "Way to go Julies!" hollered Miley, running up to her sister.

                  "Great job Julie!" hollered Tracy.

                  "Thanks guys!" said Julie, giving them a high five. "Return audino,good job!"

                  "Return Pidove." said N.

                  "I warn you Julie, I was off today." said N walking up to her and smirking.

                  "Go heal your pokemon, I want to battle you." said Miley.

                  N's blue C-Gear began to beep and he looked down at it.Then a look of suprise appeared on his face.

                  "Sorry I've got to go!" said N who started to run in the other direction.

                  "Hey! I want to battle you!" yelled Miley.

                  "Next time!" yelled N over his shoulder.

                  "Whats up with him?" asked Miley.

                  "Beats me." said Julie, shrugging.

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                    First of all, Miley, great story plenty of dialogues and action, humor sometimes. A good read

                    A little suggestion though, maybe you can add more actions in the battle scenes, so it'll be much more interesting and descriptive! :D

                    hey miley i've got a Fanfic too please drop by sometimes

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                      Thanks Aura.Yeah I wasn't very good with that battle.I'll do my best to do better in the future.And I am taking a break but I am working on chapter four!I had chapter three writen for a month or two but it messed up and when I tried to post it it had like [Times Romen] writen next to all of the lines or something,but I tried pasting it into notepad and pasted it on here and it worded because it can't use anything fancy.

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                        Okay just relized I put up the wrong chapter so here is the real chapter four Which means I"m working on chapter five not four.

                        After Miley's battle the sun began to set so the three headed to the pokamon center.

                        "Hello again Nurse joy,my pokemon need healed again."said Julie

                        "My,my your a battler aren't you?"asked Nurse joy as she took two pokaballs Julie was handing to her and put them on the healing machine.

                        "Yes I am!"replied Julie with laughter in her voice.

                        A ding descended again from the machine confirming once again her pokemon was healed.Nurse joy picked up the two pokaballs and handed them back to Julie.

                        "Thank you."said Julie.

                        Just as the group turned around to leave Nurse Joy said something.

                        "Isn't it a bit late to get going from this town?"she asked.

                        "We have no where to stay exept for outside when I quit walking."replied Miley.

                        "We have rooms here at the pokemon center for trainers to stay in at night."Nurse joy said."Do you want to stay here tonight?"

                        The group turned back around.

                        "Thats actually probably a good idea."said Tracy.

                        Miley looked at Tracy from the left and Julie from the right,then they both looked forward back at Nurse Joy.

                        "Okay then!"Miley and Julie again said at the same time.

                        "Seriously we've GOT to quit that!"Miley said with frustration.

                        "I couldn't agree more."said Julie shaking her head as if she was agervated and talking as if she was disgusted.

                        Nurse joy started typing kind of fast on the computer next to her then pulled out three keycards,all for one room,and handed one to each of them.

                        Julie and Miley looked at the key-cards.They had a white background with a big pokaball in the middle and on the red in black it said room 5.

                        "Thank you."said Tracy snapping the girls out of there "trance".

                        "Any time.Do you three know where room 5 is?"asked Nurse Joy.

                        "No mam."replied Tracy.

                        "Audino,please show these three to room 5."

                        "Julie,a pokemon like yours works at the pokemon center!"said Miley.

                        "Haha!Your right!"replied Julie.
                        The audino that looked exactly like Julie's came around the corner and started to walk down a hall.

                        The three "kids" went through the hall fallowing the Audino.Not to far down the hall was a wooden door and a gold sign that had the number 5 in black.

                        "Thank you audino."said Miley.

                        "Yeah,thanks."Julie said as well.

                        Julie put her card in the slot then pulled it out and opened the door.Behind the door was a small room.There was two beds on either side of the room in the back with the backs of each touching the back wall and side closest to each wall touching the wall.They had normal blue covers with matching pillows.In front of the bed on the right there was a small desk and chair on wheels with a computer on the desk,a wooden flooring and wooden walls.In between the bunk beds there was a nice big window with white surronding it.Close to the door there was white couches with red cusions up against that the sides of the bunk beds we're touching.There was a bathroom right next door to them.

                        "Wow,fancier then I expected."said Miley satisfaticted.

                        "Yeah."said Julie

                        "Looks pretty much like all the ones I've stayed in."said Tracy.

                        "You've been in others?"asked Julie.

                        "Yeah,I've been to many,cause I've traveled a lot."

                        "Sweet!"exclaimed Miley.

                        (a hour later)

                        It was kind of dark outside by now.Tracy had requested to sketch the four pokemon the girls had and they we're letting him.Miley was sitting on couch on the left leaning against the arm with her feet under her and her legs together pointing to her right.Julie was on the computer instant messaging her mom,emailing her friends,and playing scrabble with her mother.

                        Julie's Xtravagator on her C-gear rang.She answered it.It was Professor Jupier

                        "Hello Julie."Professor Jupier said."Just checking up on your progress and seeing if your pokemon are ok."

                        "Hello Professor Jupier.Well we made it to the next town over,Team Plasma was here,Miley,Tracy and I scared them off-oh Tracy is a new "group member" of ours.He's a sketcher.And I had my first battle with a guy named N.The pokemon are doing great,I caught a Audino and Miley caught a Emonga,Riley learned Watergun!"Julie said exitedy and at the end out of breath.

                        "Well it sounds like you've been very very busy today. Congratulations on running Team Plasma and catching your second pokemon.Oh and congratulations on Riley's new move."said Professor Jupier.

                        "Thanks!"said Julie.

                        "Well I've got to go now girls,bye."said professor Jupier.

                        "Bye."said Julie and Miley from the couch.

                        Julie began to finish her scrabble game.She had already told her mom about everything.She finished the game and won.She looked at the clock.

                        "Its getting late guys its 10:30pm already."Julie said.

                        "Yeah ok."Miley said.

                        Miley went to the bathroom to change into her light pink spegetti strapped nightgown.When she got done she laid down on the bottom bunk of the bunkbed on the left.Julie went into the bathroom and changed into her light purple spegetti strapped nightgown.After she did she climbed to the top bunk of the bunkbed on the left.Tracy laid down on the bottom bunk on the right.They all fell asleep about five minutes after they laid down.

                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~~~~~~

                        At 6am the next morning Julie woke up.She did this because she had been taught to sence she was four years old.She carefully climbed down the latter of the bunkbed and went into the bathroom to change into her blue jean shorts and hot pink t-shirt.She walked back out of the bathroom and heard a crash.Tracy and Miley were standing up next the beds suprise and shock on they're face.

                        "What was that?"Julie asked.

                        "We don't know!"Miley replied her voice ever so slightly shaky.

                        "Get changed Miley,Tracy stay in here intill Miley comes out."Julie ordered and she picked up her two pokeballs and ran out her door.

                        She heard laughing down the hallway,unplesent.She ran into the room it was coming from to see Nurse Joy tied up and staring at a red headed woman and blue hair man with black clothing with red R's printed on them and a meowth.They each had a sack and were grabbing pokaballs and putting them in the sacks.

                        "Who are you!?"Julie yelled at them.

                        The three laughed.

                        "Again is the question,so twerpish indeed."The lady said.

                        "The answer to come as we feel the need."The man said.

                        "Bringing the blinding white light of evil to the future."Said the lady.

                        Julie put her hands on her hips impatiently as they continued.

                        "Thrusting the hammer of justice down on to the black darkness of the universe."The man said.

                        "And carving our names into the rock of eternity."The meowth said. (to Julie's shock)

                        "The fiery destroyer, Jessie!"The lady said.

                        "And with thunderous emotion,I am James!"The man said.

                        "Wisest of the wise, Meowth!"The meowth said.

                        "Now gather under the name of Team Rocket!"All three of them exclaimed.

                        "I just wanted to know who you are,that whole thing wasn't really nessesary."Julie said.

                        "We do whatever we want so if we want to do our motto we'll do our motto!"The meowth yelled.

                        "How come you can talk,pokemon arn't suppost to be able to talk?"Julie asked and was now leaning against the right part of the doorway.

                        "Because I'm a rule breaker!"The meowth yelled at her.

                        "Right..."Julie said,

                        "Hey what are you doing you should be helping us gather the pokaballs!"The red-headed Jessie yelled hitting the meowth on the head.

                        "I don't think so go Riley!"Julie exclaimed relesing her pokemon from its pokaball.

                        "Hit they're legs with watergun Riley!"Julie commanded.

                        Water came from Riley's mouth once again and hit Jessie,James,and meowth's legs and they fell over,having no time to react.Julie picked up the bags of pokaballs and ran over to Nurse Joy.She got down on her knees and untied Nurse Joy.

                        "Thank you!"Nurse Joy said greatfully.

                        "Your welcome."Julie replied then turned to the three villans that were now piling pokaballs into they're hands.

                        Suddenly Miley ran into the room with Tracy behind her with Rosa right next to her feet and venanat behind Tracy.

                        "Lets run for it!"Jessie yelled turning around and jumping through the window they opened when they came in.

                        "Agreed!"yelled James running right behind her.

                        "Wait for Meowth!"Meowth yelled behind them.

                        Julie ran right behind them.They still had some of the pokaballs!She was fallowed by Riley,Miley,Rosa,Tracy,and vennanat.They jumped inside a huge black air balloon and were already 3 yards from the ground by time Julie was close enough to do anything.

                        "Riley watergun the balloon on they're hot air ballon,hard!"Julie commanded.

                        Riley did her hardest to watergun it and the place it was watergunning finally busted and they're balloon went flying.The pokaballs they had dropped from they're arms towards the ground.All three trainers and the three pokemon were able to catch them all.

                        "We're blasting off again!"The three yelled and they were out of site.

                        "Again?"Julie half asked half stated.

                        "Maybe they've blasted away before."Miley said.

                        "They have,I've seen them before."Tracy said.

                        "Really?"Miley asked turning around to face him.

                        "Yeah."Tracy said.

                        "Well we'd better get these pokemon back to Nurse Joy now."Julie said."Return,Riley."

                        A red glow came from the pokaball,consumed the otter pokemon,and went back inside the pokaball.Julie closed the pokaball and put it in her pocket.

                        "Return,Rosa."Miley said and it did the same.

                        "Return Vennanat."Travy said and his pokaball also did the same.

                        The three picked up the pokaballs that had dropped to the ground that they're pokemon were holding and carried all of the pokaballs back to the pokemon center.

                        "Thank you all so much for helping me."Nurse joy said when they made it back to the pokemon center.

                        "Its no problem Nurse Joy."Tracy said.

                        "Yeah no problem"Julie agreed.

                        They helped Nurse joy put all the pokaballs back where they belonged.After they got them back they went back to they're rooms and gathered all of they're stuff,put them in they're backpacks,checked they had they're pokemon,put them in they're backpacks,and headed out.As they were heading out the doors,Nurse Joy handed them each a apple.

                        "My way of saying thank you."She said.

                        "Thanks."All three of them said.

                        They walked out the front doors and started to eat they're apples.They headed off in the direction of the next town.

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                          Best of Luck

                          Chapter Five:A Trubbish situation!

                          Julie,Tracy,and Miley were walking along a dirt road path to get to the next town.Tracy was reading a map.

                          "The first gym is in the next town."Tracy said.

                          "Great!Even though its gonna be kind of hard I"m sure..."Miley said.

                          "So I'm guessing Julie is the cheerier twin."Tracy said.

                          "Hey!"Miley said with a touch of anger in her voice.

                          Julie and Tracy laughed.

                          "I see you two are hitting it off."Miley said with a mocking voice.

                          "Shut up."Julie said pushing Miley in the arm softly.

                          Miley laughed.

                          "Then don't do stuff at the same time."Miley said laughing.

                          "We do stuff at the same time!"Julie replied.

                          "But we're twins,its natural."Miley said laughing.

                          "People do it all the time."Julie said laughing too.

                          "Oh put a sock in it."Miley said.

                          "Make me."Julie said back.

                          "I will."Miley said and as she walked around reaching for her shoe.

                          "Your ganna hurt yourself Miley."Julie said."I get the point."

                          "Good."Miley said straitening up.

                          "The town should be up ahead."Tracy said.

                          "Great!"Miley said breaking into a run."I'll beatcha there Julies!"

                          "Nice try!"Julie said breaking into a run and catching up with her twin.

                          The two kept racing.Tracy began running to keep up.After a few more minutes they reached their destination.They walked a few steps in before hearing a scream in the distance.They then saw a little kid run with a Trubbish following him.

                          "Wow...."Miley said.

                          "What?"Julie asked turning to where Miley was looking.

                          Julie's jaw dropped.There was at least 20 trubbish walking across the "street".She blinked blankly at them.Tracy pulled out his sketchpad and began sketching.Miley closed her eyes annoyingly and turned her head to him.She reopened her eyes.

                          "Really Tracy,really?"she said.

                          "As a pokemon watcher,I want to sketch all of the pokemon I can!"he said exitedly as he continued sketching.

                          Julie watched the Trubbish intill they were out of sight.A officer Jenny came out of the pokemon center staring where the trubbish dissappeared.The officer Jenny turned to Julie,Miley,and Tracey.

                          "What are you three kids doing here you should be in shelter this town has a trubbish infestation."Officer Jenny said with a normal but very strict voice.

                          "We just got here officer Jenny."Miley explained.

                          "Haven't you heard that we advised people not to come here?"Officer Jenny asked.

                          "No we haven't Officer Jenny."Tracy said.

                          "Well fallow me."Officer Jenny said and walked back into the pokemon center.

                          Tracy,Miley,and Julie walked into the pokemon center.Just as Miley got through the door a Trubbish jumped at it.

                          "Eek!"Miley exclaimed.

                          The door shut just in time.

                          "Wow sis -"Julie was cut off.

                          "Shut up!"Miley exclaimed.

                          Tracy gave a single short laugh.

                          "You to fight a lot I guess."He said.

                          Julie and Miley turned to Tracy.

                          "Not really fighting,just kinda....I don't know...."Miley said.

                          "Kind of like bickering."Julie said.

                          Just then the doors of the center burst open and a man ran in panting and the door shut before a group of trubish could get in.

                          "I can't do it Officer Jenny,I can't."The man said panting.

                          "Can't what?"Miley asked.

                          "He's suppost to be the one to get rid of the Trubish."Jenny said.

                          Julie turned to officer Jenny.

                          "With all of the Trubish here its no wonder he can't,it's a job for more than one person."Julie said.

                          "I guess thats true...but nobody else said they're willing to do the job."Officer Jenny said.

                          "I'll help."Julie said.

                          "Me too."Miley said.

                          "Me three."Tracy said.

                          One of the doors to the backroom opened.A girl that looked like she was the same age as Julie and Miley walked in.

                          She had raven black hair with dark red highlights that went to her shoulders and chocolate brown eyes.She was wearing a black t-shirt,a blue jean jacket with elbow length sleeves,pre-ripped blue jeans,and black sneakers.She had on a lava red backpack.

                          "I'll help too."The girl said.

                          "Who are you?"Miley asked.

                          "Raven."the girl said."Who are you guys?"

                          "I'm Miley."Miley said.

                          "Julie."Julie said.

                          "And I'm Tracy."Tracy said.

                          "We're travelers.We just got here."Julie explained.

                          "Well I shouldn't send a group of kids into the town to get rid of a Trubish infestation this bad but if you four want to give it a shot then I won't stop you."Officer Jenny said.

                          "We won't let you down officer Jenny."Raven said.

                          Raven,Julie,Miley,and Tracy walked out of the pokemon center.Just then a Trubbish launched itself at Raven,who stepped to the side and it fell onto the ground.

                          "Something just occoured to me."Tracy said.

                          "You sketch to much?"Miley taunted.

                          "No."Tracy said looking at Miley with slightly narrowed eyes,then he turned to all of them."What are we supost to do with them all?"

                          "Well I say we round them up and get them to the wild."Raven said.

                          "I guess that would be the easiest and nicest way to do it."Julie said.

                          "How do we get so many Trubbish into the wild at once?"Miley asked.

                          "We don't.We do it as many as we can at a time."Raven replied.

                          "Oh..yeah we could do it that way too."Miley said laughing.

                          Right after Miley finished saying that a group of 10 Trubbish ran towards them.

                          "Woah!"Julie and Miley exclaimed at the same time as they all ran to the other side of the "street".

                          "What pokemon do you have Raven?"Miley asked.

                          "My first pokemon was a Vulpix that my grandma gave me.She's from Kanto.And then I have a purrloin and Pidove."Raven said.

                          "Sweet!A vuplix,that must be awesome to have!"Miley exclaimed.

                          "Yeah its pretty nice."Raven said.

                          "I hate to inturupt the talk show girls but we kinda need to take care of these Trubbish."Julie said."But cool about the vulpix."

                          "Julie."Miley growled."So rude."

                          "I think this town would rather be saved than let you guys chatter on."Julie replied.

                          "I'm with her on that one."Raven said.

                          "Tracy,please don't tell me I"m all alone."Miley said looking at him.

                          Travy gave a half grin to her.

                          "Of course."Miley said.

                          "Lets get on with it!"Julie said."Go Riley,Audino!"

                          "Go Rose,Emonga!"Miley said tossing the balls into the air.

                          The four pokeballs hit the ground and their pokemon popped out.

                          "Riley,Audino,we have to get these Trubbish out of this city asap!"Julie said.

                          "And so do we Rosa and Emonga."Miley said.

                          "Go Addy,purrloin,and pidove!"Raven said throwing three pokeballs into the air.

                          When the pokeballs hit the ground three pokemon came out.One was a orange and red fox with six connected tails.Another was a black,white,and grey bird.And the last one was a purple and yellowish white cat.Vulpix,pidove,and purrloin.

                          "We've gotta get these Trubbish out of this city pronto."Raven said.

                          "I only brought one pokemon with me to Unova..."Tracy said."Vennanat go!"

                          The purple bug pokemon came back once again.

                          "We need to get these Trubbish out of the city Vennanat."Tracy said.

                          "Osha-Oshawott!"Oshawott said.

                          "Audino!"Audino said.

                          "Te-tepig!"Rosa said.

                          "Emonga!"said Emonga.

                          "Vul-vulpix!"Vulpix said.

                          "Pidove!"said Pidove.

                          "Pur-purrloin!"Purrloin said.

                          "Vennanat!"Vennanat said.

                          "Great lets get on it then!"Raven said."Julie,you and me go to the left of the city.Miley,Tracy,you two go to the right.Round up as many as you can and bring them to the entrence of the town."

                          "Okay."Tracy said.

                          "Alright."Miley said nodding.

                          "Good enough for me."Julie said.

                          Julie and Raven began running down the long black street.Tracy and Miley began running the other way.

                          After a minute about 10 trubbish charged at them out of no where.

                          "Riley!"Julie yelled.

                          Riley used watergun on the trubish to knock them backwards.

                          "Something just occured to me."Raven said.

                          "Me too.How are we suppost to get them to fallow us?"Julie asked.

                          "Maybe one of us should capture one and the others might fallow?"Raven sudjusted.

                          "Yeah."Julie said."I'll capture one.Riley watergun that one!"Julie pointed at the one furthest to the right.

                          Water desended from the otter pokemon's mouth.Dirt and mud came from the Trubish's arm and aimed at Riley.

                          "Riley dodge it!"Julie commanded.

                          Riley jumped to the side.

                          "Tackle!"Julie commanded.

                          Riley rammed herself into the Trubbish.

                          "Watergun again Riley!"Julie commanded.

                          Water came out and hit the Trubish's face.The trubish used pound on Riley.It continued using pound on Riley.Riley it off and pulled the shell off its stomach,and through it at the Trubbish.The trubbish fell backwards.Julie pulled out a empty pokeball and threw it at the Trubbish.

                          "One rock...two rock...three rock..."Julie said as it rocked.

                          The ball dinged.

                          "Yes!"Julie exclaimed as she ran to the ball and picked it up.

                          There was a high pitched scream that sounded like it was to the other side of the city.

                          "what was-"Raven was cut off.

                          "Miley."Julie awnsered."And thanks for holding the other Trubish off while me and Riley battled this one."Julie said holding up the pokeball."Go Trubbish!"

                          The trash bag looking pokemon came out of its pokeball.

                          "Trubbish lead these Trubish out of the city than come back to me!"Julie commanded and began running in the direction of the scream,along with Raven and their pokemon,besides Trubish.

                          After a minute of running they found Tracy and Miley surrounded by around twenty trubbish.

                          "Riley use Razor Shell!"Julie commanded."Audino Double Slap!"

                          Riley pulled the shell of its stomach and through it at a Trubbish,and Audino slapped a trubish 3 times.

                          "Purrloin scratch,Pidove airial ace,Vulpix fire spin!"Raven commanded.

                          Purrloin swiped its claw across a trubish,Pidove slashed at a trubish from the air,and fire came out in swirls from vulpix's mouth.Julie's Trubish ran to them.

                          "Okay Trubbish now lead these out of the city!"Julie commanded.

                          Trubbish said something in its own launage and began running,the other trubbish fallowing it.

                          "Why is it obeying you Julies?"Miley asked.

                          "I said pretty please.I captured it,duh!"Julie replied.

                          "Okay jeeze!"Miley replied.

                          "There shouldn't be too many more trubbish left."Raven said.

                          "Great!"Julie replied.

                          "Uh-huh!"Miley said."These things are so gross!"

                          "Do you always have to be so selfish?This city was probably close to being evacuated with this infestation!"Julie scolded.

                          "Moody are we?"Miley teased.

                          "Oh good Arceus be quiet!"Julie yelled.

                          After a minute Trubbish made it back.

                          "Trubbish find all of the other Trubbish and lead them out of the city."Julie said.

                          "Trubbish!"It replied and ran off.

                          After about ten minutes it came back.

                          "They all out?"Julie asked.

                          Trubish nodded its head,the best it could with its head being its body too.They heard footsteps,not normal footsteps.

                          Miley let out a high pitched scream.

                          "what in good heavens is wron-oh my Arceus!"Julie exclaimed.

                          There was a bigger pokemon that looked like a ripped garbage bag with loads of dirt and trash.This is Trubbish's evolve form,Garbodor.

                          "What is that?"Miley asked pulling out her pokedex.

                          "Garbodor,the trash heap pokemon,the evolve form of Trubbish.It clenches opponets with its left arm and finishes them off with foul-smelling poison gas belched from its mouth.They also absorb garbage and make it part of their bodies and shoot a poisonous liquid from their right hand fingertips."The pokedex said.

                          "Holy...crud."Miley said.

                          "Litterly."Raven said.

                          Julie came out of her frozen postion.

                          "Riley,razor shell!"Julie commanded.

                          Riley took the shell of its stomach and threw it at Garbodor.The pokemon was hit,and the shell came back and Riley put it back on its stomach.Garbodor put out its arms and purple spikes scattered around Riley.

                          "Riley,use watergun to get rid of the spikes!"Julie commanded.

                          Riley began blasting water from its mouth all around it,and the spikes cleared away.

                          "Smart thinking Julie!"Raven said."Vulpix flamethrower!"

                          Fire desended from the fox pokemon's mouth and hit the Garbodor.The Garbador sent a ball of garbage at Riley,hitting her.Riley pushed it off of her and stood up.The garbador sent a cloud of purple posion gas at Riley.

                          "Hurry Riley,dodge it!"Julie yelled.

                          Riley jumped to the side just in time to dodge the cloud of purple gas.

                          "Rosa use-"Miley was cut off because Rosa began to attack on her own.

                          Fire came out of the pig pokemon's mouth and hit the Garbodor.

                          "She learned Flamethrower!"Miley yelled happily.

                          "Great!Audino use double slap!"Julie commanded.

                          Audino began hitting the heap of garbage pokemon,but was knocked back after hitting it twice with a ball of sludge.

                          "Purrloin use Scratch!Pidove,peck!"Raven commanded.

                          The cat pokemon Purrloin swiped her claw across the Garboder's body,and the dove pokemon Pidove pecked at the Garbodor.

                          The Garbodor knocked the pokemon away with a ball of garbage each.

                          "Trubbish,try to tell the darned pokemon whats going on!"Julie commanded.

                          "Trub,trubbish!Trubbish Trubbish!Trub,trubbish,trubbish trubbish!"Trubbish said to the Garboder,apparently explaining whats going on.

                          "Garbodor."The garbador replied.

                          "Will it leave?"Julie asked.

                          Trubbish nodded the best he could,than began running to the outside of the city,the Garboder fallowing it.

                          "I can't believe we waisted all of that energy fighting it when it would have just leaved."Julie said.

                          "Well you should have thought about that!Trubbish is your pokemon after all!"Miley replied.

                          "Put a sock in it!"Julie said.

                          The officer Jenny from earlier ran there way.

                          "There isn't a Trubbish in sight!Did you get rid of them all?"Officer Jenny asked.

                          "Yes mam.And there was a Garboder too,but after a minute or two of battling my new Trubbish talked to it and it left."Julie explained.
                          "Great job.Its getting pretty late,you kids should get a room at the pokemon center."Officer Jenny said.

                          "Right."Miley said.

                          They walked back to the pokemon center.Trubbish met them there.

                          "Return,Trubbish."Julie said.

                          Red light swallowed Trubbish and pulled it into it's pokeball.They walked in the pokemon center.

                          "Hello Nurse Joy.We need a room to stay in tonight."Julie said.

                          "Mind if I come with you guys tonight?"Raven asked.

                          "Sure!"Julie replied.

                          Nurse joy handed the four of them key cards to room 12.They walked to their room and got in.Raven took off her jacket,and they all took off their backpacks.Raven sat her's on the bottom bunk on the left bed,Julie on the top right buck,Miley on the top left bunk,and Tracy on the bottom right.Julie walked to the computer and got on,Miley took out a book and began reading,and Tracy began sketching Trubbish and Garbodor.Raven took out a miniture laptop from her backpack and began doing random stuff on it.The sun was setting,and they were all relazing after the day
                          they had had.Julie pulled out a diary with a picture of each Unova starter on it and began writing down what had happened that day.


                          Hope everyone likes it!Sorry It took so long,even though it was quicker than it took for the last chapter.

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                            I'd just like to say I'm sorry for not posting sooner. My computer wouldn't let me copy and paste it for some reason, but its finally letting me do that. This has been spell-checked, so unless spell check and me missed something nothing should be misspelled. Also, after reading the rules, as far as I can tell I'm still aloud to post on this thread. And good news, I learned to space after periods, exclamation points, question marks, commas, all of that stuff! Yay! If it seems like they won to easily, I plan to make future gym battles harder as we go alone, plus its been MONTHS sense I wrote this chapter. Thanks in advanced for reading, enjoy! Comments/Criticism/Reviews are appreciated.


                            Best of luck
                            Chapter Six:

                            Gym Battle Go!

                            Julie was the first to wake up the next morning. She was wearing her nightgown again. She got her normal cloths out of her backpack and headed to the bathroom.

                            "Lets see if I can do this without Team Rocket trying to steal pokemon." She mumbled on the way to the bathroom.

                            When she came out she was wearing her normal cloths. A dark purple T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and dark purple flip flops. She headed back to the room. When she got in the room Miley was lazily getting out of bed.

                            "Morning Miles.” Julie said,

                            "Morning Juls." Miley replied sleepily.

                            Miley forced herself out of bed and thrust herself onto her feet. She bent over her backpack, got out her normal cloths, and sleepily trudged to the bathroom. A few minutes later she reentered their room wearing her hot pink t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and dark purple flip flops.

                            Raven was the next out of bed. She was in a black short sleeved nightgown. She picked her cloths up off the couch where she had laid them last night and headed to the bathroom like the others had. She returned in her normal cloths as well.

                            "Today I'm going to get my first gym badge." Raven said.

                            "Same here." Julie said.

                            "And here." Miley said.

                            "No kidding? Hey wait a second, aren’t you those kids from Accumula town that got Team Plasma to leave?” Raven asked.

                            "Yeah, that’s us." Julie said." I wish Tracy would wake up where we can get something to eat."

                            Miley walked next to the bed Tracy was sleeping in, and took a deep breath.

                            "Wake up you lazy pokemon watcher!" She yelled.

                            Tracy jerked awake.

                            "Okay, okay, jeeze Miley, grumpy much?" Tracy asked getting out of bed.

                            "Sue me, I'm hungry!" Miley complained.

                            Tracy had slept in his normal cloths. He got a new set of his clothing out of his backpack and went to the bathroom. He came back after a minute.

                            "So where can we get something to eat?" Miley asked.

                            "Well there's a few cheap restraunts around here I'm told." Raven said.

                            Tracy pulled a map out of his backpack.

                            "Your right. The gym here is also part restaurant, and it says its not very expensive." Tracy said.

                            "Sounds great! We’ll go there then!" Miley replied.

                            "Yeah, than we can battle the gym leader right after!" Julie chipped in.

                            "It says there are three, that you only have to battle one." Tracy said.

                            "Really? I've never heard of a gym like that. Although that doesn't mean much sense we just started..."Julie said.

                            "Unova is definitely a bit odd.” Miley said.

                            “No kidding.” Tracy agreed.

                            They all made sure they had all of their stuff in their backpacks, and their pokeballs hooked on their belts. The put on their backpacks and walked out of their room and out of the pokemon center. They walked around, and after five minutes made it to the restraunt gym.

                            -Half hour later-

                            Julie had just finished her gravy and biskets, Miley and Raven had just finished their pancakes, and Travis had just finished his hash-browns.

                            "So, who's the gym leader?" Miley asked.

                            Tracy pulled out a small book, and flipped a few pages. He turned the book for the rest to see. There was a picture of three boys on it.

                            "Cilan, Chili, and Cress." He said.

                            Julie's eyes roamed across the room. She spotted Chili and Cress, but Cilan was no where in sight. Her eyes continued to search for a couple of minutes.

                            "I don't see Cilan." Julie admitted.

                            "That’s because he's out traveling." A voice said next to her.

                            Julie turned to see Chili standing with his hand resting on the table. She blinked and her eyes widened. Cress was standing on the other side of the table.

                            "So, are you here to have a gym battle?” Cress asked.

                            "Yep." Miley and Julie said in unison.

                            "Than you'll have to settle for me or Cress." Chili said.

                            "I'll battle Cress." Miley said.

                            "Than I'll battle Chili." Julie said nodding.

                            "I'll...choose when you guys get done.” Raven said.

                            "Than fallow us to the battle arena." Chili said and they all walked into a arena room, everyone in the restaurant fallowing and going into the bleachers.

                            "Who's first?" Chili asked.

                            "Me." Julie said before Miley could.

                            Chili walked to his side of the battle field. Cress stood on a platform, leaning against the wall.

                            "Go Pansear!" Chili commanded.

                            "Go Riley!" Julie commanded.

                            A fire monkey came out of the pokeball Chili threw. Julie pulled out her pokedex.

                            "Pansear, the High Temp pokemon. Pansear lives in caves near volcanoes. The temperature on the tuft of it's head can reach 600 degrees when its angry." The pokedex said.

                            Julie put the pokedex back up.

                            "Good thing I have Riley." Julie said.

                            "You may go first." Chili said.

                            "Riley use water gun!." Julie said.

                            "Dodge!" Chili commanded.

                            "Oh that’s a real strategy." Julie said sarcastically." Keep it up Riley!"

                            Riley fallowed Pansear, and eventually hit it.

                            "Now razor shell!" Julie commanded.

                            The shell hit Pansear dead on, and went back to Riley, who put it back on her stomach.

                            "Pansear flame blast!" Chili commanded.

                            Fire came from the red monkey's mouth and hit Riley, who's tail caught fire.

                            "Softly water gun your tail!" Julie said.

                            Water lightly came out of Riley's mouth and put out the flame on her tail.

                            "Now water gun, hard as possible, on pansear!" Julie commanded.

                            Pansear was hit with the water and pushed into the wall. It pushed its way back into the arena part of the huge room.

                            "Fury swipes!" Chili commanded.

                            Julie stayed silent as the fire monkey pokemon charged towards Riley. When it was a yard away she commanded, having waited for it to come this close.

                            "Water gun one more time!" Julie commanded.

                            She wanted Pansear to be hit by the water when it was close. The water gun sent pansear flying to the wall hitting it, and it passed out.

                            "Alright, great job Riley!" Julie cheered.

                            "Nicely done." Chili said." Return Pansear."

                            Pansear was consumed in red light and sucked into it's pokeball.

                            Julie smiled.

                            "You deserve a rest. Return Riley!" Julie said and the pokemon was observed into its pokeball.

                            Cress walked to Julie, holding something in his hand. When it opened, a badge sat in his palm. It was shaped kind of like three diamonds put together. The whole badge was outlined in a gold color. The top diamond shape was blue, the middle was red, and the bottom was green.

                            "Congratulations. You've won the Trio Badge.

                            "Thank you." Julie said and nodded.

                            Miley sprang up.

                            "My turn!" Miley exclaimed.

                            Julie and Miley ran to each other's spots, Julie now on the floor above the arena which you could see the arena from, and Miley in her spot at the Arena. Chili and Cress switched places. Miley's eyes narrowed in concentration, trying to decide weither she should pick Rosa or Emongla. She finally decided on Emongla. She took it's ball off her belt and tossed it to the middle of her side of the arena.

                            "Go Emongla!” Miley commanded.

                            "Go Panpour!" Cress commanded.

                            Julie's eyes lit up. She loved panpours, and was excited to see one in real life.

                            "I should have guessed they each have one of the three type monkeys." Julie said to herself amazed.

                            "You first." Cress said politely.

                            "Thunder shock!" Miley commanded.

                            "Dodge!" Cress commanded." Water pulse!"

                            "Dodge and thunder shock!" Miley commanded.

                            Cress was about to say dodge, but he was too slow. The sparks of electricity hit Panpour, and they circled around it, leaving Panpour paralyzed.

                            "Quick attack, tackle at the end, like we've practiced!" Miley commanded.

                            Emongla rushed quickly at Panpour, but instead of hitting it a the end, it tackled it, knocking it into the wall.

                            "Now Tail whip!" Miley commanded.

                            Emongla hit Panpour with its tail once again.

                            "Thunder shock one more time!" Miley commanded.

                            The electricity hit Panpour, and it passed out. The electricity was too much for the water pokemon.

                            "Interesting strategy..."Cress said.

                            "It was more of beginners luck." Miley said. "Emongla usually can't get the pokemon to be paralyzed for longer than a few seconds."

                            Cress returned Panpour and Miley returned Emongla. Cress walked next to Miley and handed her the same badge as Chili gave Julie.

                            "Awesome! Thank you!" Miley said excitedly and rushed up to Tracy, Julie, and Raven.

                            "Who are you going to battle?" Julie asked Raven.

                            Raven tapped her chin, her eyes looking up, thinking.

                            "I'll battle Cress." Raven said firmly and walked down and onto the arena.

                            "Ok, let me go heal my pokemon in the back room real quick." Cress said.

                            "I'll go heal mine too, I want to be ready for the next person who challenges me." Chili said.

                            The two walked through a door. They returned about five minutes later and Cress stepped onto his part of the arena,'

                            "Go Panpour!" Cress commanded.

                            "Go Pidove!" Raven commanded now on her side of the battlefield.

                            Both pokemon came out of their pokeballs, ready to battle.

                            "Air cutter!” Raven commanded.

                            Pidove pounded its wings, and, although it was a small pokemon, big slashes of wind slammed against Panpour, making it fall backwards. It got back on its feet when the air stopped.

                            "Water gun!” Cress commanded.

                            "Gust!” Raven commanded.

                            Pidove flew into the air and once again pounded its wings, and heavy wind hit the water, making it split up into a million drops of water.

                            "Quick attack!” Raven commanded.

                            Pidove swooped down at heavy speed and hit Panpour in the neck, than flew back up.

                            "Air cutter, than gust!” Raven commanded.

                            Pidove pounded its wings, and air hit Panpour hard. The Pidove made a miniature tornado which hit hard. Finally Panpour passed out.

                            "Yes!” Raven cheered.” Great job! Return Pidove!"

                            The small bird pokemon was absorbed by red light and sucked into it's pokeball. Cress walked to Raven and handed her the same badge given to Julie and Miley.

                            Raven smiled proudly at the badge.

                            "Thank you.” She said and went to the others,

                            "Good job you three! Bye!” Cress and Chili said in unison.

                            Tracey, Raven, Julie, and Miley left the gym.

                            "Good job guys.” Tracey said.

                            "Thanks.” Julie said.

                            "Thanks." Miley said.

                            "I know." Raven said.

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                            My vampire brother: ShinyDiamond
                            My vampire sister: PinkSapphire
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