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    I've started this thread on other forums before, and it seems to work well.

    The idea is you come here and write a poem on the spot. What I had people do before is throw out topics at me and I'd write a poem on the spot, usually in no more than 15 minutes. To be honest I've successfuly been able to write a poem on every topic thrown at me, but seeing the activity here I might get more topics than I can bargain for. The point is though if I see a topic on the spot everything I write is fresh, I do this with my fiction as well.

    Here are some that I've written spontaneously, I like to experiment with all kinds of styles of poetry. The random topic will be followed with a spoiler with the poem in it.


    Fruit Juice
    I've come across a moment in this world,
    where a quench for something new sprouts,
    it's as if this sole idea, when unfurled,
    will bring chaos, raising a flag of doubts,
    times like these I need a lively potion,
    one with flavors that stimulate,
    a wave of new tastes from the vast ocean,
    reaching distant lands both far and great,
    and it is with confidence and immodest pride,
    that I drink this blend of fruit juices!
    and as I watch the last drop in the glass slide,
    I feel lucky, playing all of my deuces,
    because in a world full of chances and regrets,
    we play the game by our rules, we seldom reset.

    Toy Basketball Hoop
    There once was a ball playing midget
    who excelled by inventing a widget
    he was swallowed by fame
    and went completely insane
    he now escapes jail on a Pidgeot

    Blue Roses (Warning: some vulgarity)
    So I was with this girl at da club. chillin'.
    grindin her to a glass of wine,
    DJ throwing down discs. Krillin.
    mm, she ain't nuttin' but mine,

    so i'm wooing her gently. imma pimp.
    ain't no guy like me spittin' game
    small guy, big package. jumbo shrimp.
    i put the morons into oxymoronic shame

    so i'm like "hey, here's a poem." robert frost.
    i'm about to blow you away,
    I told her roses are red. like a bauss.
    and she was like "ni**a, whachu tryin to say?!"

    "Roses can be blue too." complete slaughter.
    "and for real, i like blue more."
    and then a guy comes in. that's his daughter.
    "ni**a you take her for a *****?!"

    i got my ass whooped that night. epic fail.
    i guess roses can be blue too.
    **** hit me like a ton of bricks. you've got mail.
    but for real, **** roses.


    ooking at the world, in constant jealousy,
    Understanding them may only be a dream,
    Realizing they waste their life away,
    Killing time, creating ridiculous memes,
    Everywhere you go, someone will always be watching,
    Ready to fap to your mere presence,
    Seriously, they are pathetic,

    it's creepy and unpleasant.

    A Teddy Bear and a Goldfish

    The Teddyfish

    Ayo, imma teddy bear,
    and i don't give a fluff,
    imma cuddly buddy full of snuggly love,

    and sup, imma goldfish,
    and i swim in a bowl,
    i be swimmin through glimmering rocks and a fake ass HOLE,

    we lead boring ass lives,
    if you could even call us alive,
    i dont need a reason to die,
    i found a reason to try,

    (Teddy bear)im thinking we good,
    (goldfish) and im thinking we should,
    (both) lets get married and carry some mutant babies..if only we could!

    they'd be a teddyfish, they'd be the illest ish,
    they'd be fluffy and soft and they'd be plushy and squish,
    (fish)im no expert in genetics but you looking rather furry,
    (teddy bear) and you got a big mouth so we should do it and hurry,

    (both) cuz if mah wife finds out im gonna be murdered and buried!

    (teddy bear walks in, another fish wakes up)

    RIP Teddy and Goldy

    Chicken Fried Rice
    Rice Fried Chicken

    I've never been a fan,
    of food that is bland,
    and I live to eat another day.

    For my taste buds favor,
    foods with raw flavor,
    a dish with pizazz is the way.

    I was familiar with rice,
    a dish that could suffice,
    when served with vegetables and meats.

    But I never once heard,
    the chef's strange words,
    as he said "what would you like to eat?"

    I gave him my request,
    and he eyed me without rest,
    "don't you mean rice fried chicken?"

    I looked at him back,
    and in an attack,
    replied, "as long as the sauce doesn't thicken!"

    So he smiled and laughed,
    and he ordered his staff,
    to make the widely famous meal.

    When he brought back my food,
    I realized how rude,
    and how stupid I should truly feel,

    he had chicken a plenty,
    with rice near empty,
    and the role reversed plate was spiteful.

    Now I don't judge,
    and my lips do not budge,
    to say anything but "the meal was delightful."


    Poop, Poop, smelly smelly poop,
    I snooped around for poop, smelly smelly poop,
    true it was crude and my mother said it's rude but
    boop, boop, I like to snoop poop,
    troops, troops, shooting my poop,
    coops, coops, full of chicken poop,
    goop, goop, sticky like poop,
    soup soup, nothing like poop,
    hoops, hoops, shooting in poop,

    This poem's full of crap but I can't just shut my trap! cause..

    oops, oops, my pants are full of poop.


    You grillin me...I can see that,
    you walkin over here but I peep that.
    You look at me, and I smirk back,
    and you talkin bout "****** what you smirkin at?" we go.

    I got blue hair, but you got blue balls,
    when I'm done with your girl she'll see blue walls,
    I like ice cream. I like stripes. Ain't nobody tellin me it's wrong or right,

    cuz I'm Kaito, AYO, autotuning's gay BRO,
    i be sneakin like a jay* tho im rockin mah halo

    im a good guy...but that bad lookin like you tryin to hook left side..
    i might look crazy, and you'd be right, I'll knock that ignant ass and sing a tonal "good night"
    I ride hardbody, nobody's messin with my col' shotti,
    weeaboos will murda men for messin with a moe loli
    CRAZY? should've known,
    MMD's, the proof is shown,
    I don't need a leek to make you vegetative
    irritated, bring trouble. You'll get decapitated.
    I wear my cape and scarf, and you better realize,
    Cuz Kaito's grillin girls, and your girl just got caught my eye,
    so think twice, your words aint ****, my face is fantasized.
    I'm a cold ass vocaloid. You better recognize.

    Itty Bitty Kitty,
    Life is pretty ******,
    but when Im comin home it's your face that gets me giddy,
    you're widdle face just scrunches up
    it makes me wanna eat you up,
    your nekoness delightfulness
    incredibly kawaiiness
    is bliss, adorable even when you hiss,
    your meow is like my drug of dangerous sweet fetishes
    fur is warm and soft
    and every time you cough
    i giggle from the fur that keeps you so aloft,
    i fantasize you in the air jumping in my arms
    cause kittens are very cute but friendly ones are twice the charm,
    zera loves you more and that is why i say
    that zera writes a poem on your cutesy furry ways

    lol i couldnt think of much!

    *Zera was the person who posted the topic.


    This stream trickles,
    and I've stepped right through it.
    I did not notice,
    the way it tickled my feet.

    I am barefoot regrettably,
    I can't find my shoes,
    I'm worn just like them,
    so I suppose they aren't very far.

    I can't find myself, but last time I checked,
    I was with my friends. Where they'd go?
    I'm so tired, and hungry too,
    I wrecked this shirt. It's torn. Ugh, I feel so low.

    I'll walk back in the stream,
    because it trickles.
    I did not notice,
    but it tickles my feet. Haha.

    And my most recent one, a poem about trolling.

    Life of a Real Troll

    I was pretty pissed off when the term came to light.
    Now everyone thinks I'm just a joke and uptight.
    It really irks me a lot, who the hell did this?
    I'm a real troll, not some no life tech wiz.

    I slap the **** out of passerby and bystanders alike.
    People PAY ME to go across my bridge without a strike.
    My cousins ask riddles that even Cha Cha couldn't know,
    and yet here I stand, laughed at like a reality show.
    I ****ing hate the internet, I can't even eat spam without sulking.
    You couldn't imagine worse than a spam eating troll king.
    But a troll is a monster, not some nerdy ass kid
    with nothing to do but make annoying ass vids
    and horrible memes, and tasteless pics,
    and flood chats with lolis. Goddamn they're sick

    At least I HAVE THE DECENCY to swagger to and fro,
    A fighting chance. I won't hit a ***** but I'll slap a ho,
    but these *******s have no standards. They just **** on my name,
    and for that reason alone I shall show them no shame.

    Bring me YOUR TROLLS, as you like to call them.
    I'll show them a real troll, and troll them ten fold.
    And I swear to god you bring up troll dolls once,
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