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Essentials Question Blank Errors

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Old 2 Days Ago (4:51 PM). Edited 2 Days Ago by mej71.
M1ne M1ne is offline
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    So, when I was adding in some new trainers, this popped up. 10 times.

    Pokemon Secrets
    Exception: RuntimeError

    Message: Expected a species name:

    File PBS/trainers.txt, line

    Compiler:2216:in `pbCompileTrainers'

    Compiler:2209:in `each'

    Compiler:2209:in `pbCompileTrainers'

    Compiler:2186:in `loop'

    Compiler:2322:in `pbCompileTrainers'

    Compiler:4111:in `pbCompileAllData'


    This exception was logged in

    C:\Users\Owner\Saved Games/Pokemon Secrets/errorlog.txt.

    Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

    That has a blank line number and blank species name, MEANING that I cant find where the error is, therefore not being able to fix it. Dont know if this is possible, but can someone help me without having me to delete my game? :/
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    Old 2 Days Ago (7:14 PM).
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    Try posting your trainers.txt, it's hard to specifically diagnose something without the source.
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    Old 2 Days Ago (9:31 PM).
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      What you likely did is something like this (just an example):



      As you can see, you'd have told the Compiler that the trainer has three Pokémon, so the Compiler counts three lines downwards. Since YOUNGSTER is not a valid species, it gave an error. I believe this is the issue.
      C# and RGSS are main bae, but you're okay as well.
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      Old 2 Days Ago (4:20 AM).
      M1ne M1ne is offline
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        OMG! I just remembered I had to leave in the middle of coding, and only made 5 pokemon for a 6 pokemon trainer! thanks so much for reminding me!
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