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Old February 28th, 2012 (1:04 AM).
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    What is your Pokemon B2/W2 team going to be when the games come out in English?

    Here's mine. Haven't still decided on the bottom-half Pokemon, though:



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      I have no idea yet we don't know if there is gonna be new pokemon from other generations.


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        Yeah without knowing if there will be old pokemon its hard to decide. Besides I usually catch a lot and train them all.


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          I'm transferring my whole army of Pokemon to those games once I get the Pokedex.


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          While this is a great idea (although we'll probably eventually just use "what's your team" as a thread to discuss both B2W2 teams and B/W ones - of course if the games are "similar" enough, but yeah), it's better suited for later on when we have more information. Judging from the first few posts, I have a feeling other posts will follow this pattern and end up doing the same thing. Besides, as mentioned, we don't even know what Pokemon will be included, so I think it's best we wait until we know at least a little information about the Pokemon within the game. Sorry :(


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