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Old August 28th, 2012 (7:44 PM). Edited August 28th, 2012 by Tehcompanionbox.
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    I've recently gotten back into Pokemon, and one aspect I did like was Wifi battling. By that I mean battling just for fun over Wifi, not competitive because I've tried competitive and OU/Uber tier is no fun because people like to spam hazards/statuses too much.

    I have currently decided on a Gardevoir for my team as a special attacker. I am using a Timid one with Trace and EV's spread as 4 HP/252 Sp Atk/252 Speed. It holds a Psychic Plate. I will have Calm Mind/Psychic/Shadow Ball/fourth move. For a physical attacker/sweeper, Blaziken looks appealing but its build is undecided. I will incorporate a Salamence for versatile attacking with Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Earthquake, and Dragon Claw. It will hold a Life Orb. EV's/nature are undecided.

    My current tactics are to have Salamence as a lead, assess the threat and switch into Gardevoir/Blaziken depending on the opponent, or have another lead who can set up stealth rock/weather. The other 3 Pokemon are undecided. Ideally I could have a support Pokemon or utilize a weather effect to benefit the others (I'm thinking Sunny Day to help Blaziken). I can switch any of them out for another Pokemon except Gardevoir, I'm intent on building a team of of her.

    There aren't many requirements except that it should be a well rounded team. I don't care about tiers and I'm not playing in them, just looking for some battles. Please note I do not have Generation V yet and I'm not acquainted with any of the Pokemon, but I am buying Black tomorrow so Generation V Pokemon are welcome.

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      As far as a 4th move, May I suggest Future Sight. I have been successful with it. Also it has been very clutch when you are having a tough time with an opponent. Also, you may want to wait until B2/W2 comes out in Oct. Its not to hard to figure what happened in B/W, but may seem wasteful to get B/W especially since 2 is close behind. Unless you are seeking the Keldeo event which maybe worth it depending on what you plan on doin long term. Anyway, good luck to you. Hoped this helped.
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      To properly get weather it'd be kind of annoying because you would need to go to the Dream World and get a Flash Fire Vulpix, and Sunny Day isn't as much fun if you're manually setting it up every 8 turns. Honestly, I'd just skip the weather unless you wanted to make an entirely sun-based team but from what you have it doesn't look like you will. Alsoo, contrary to what the previous poster said, there is benefit in getting Black (because there are a lot of things different to B2W2, and getting one or another is like the difference between getting HG/SS and DP, other than the region and the Pokemon, but that's a different story and a little off-topic!)

      Anyway, dragons are an issue for your team because aside from being strong, unless you want your Salamence to have a Choice Scarf and even still, the opponent could just switch in their own steels and such. :( Because of that, you could benefit from your own steel. There's a few choices here you can utilise. You could use Magnezone, to trap any of the opponent's steel types and stop the opponent's dragon types (which I suspect would be very common in wifi battling) and help out your own Salamence, and it'd also give you an electric type - with Salamence helping out its ground weakness, so they can work together, or something like a physical attacking Metagross, or a Bronzong, to set up Light Screen/Reflect/Stealth Rock? Or you could try Heatran, to absorb fire and generally be useful - up to you! As for other suggestions, generally a grass type could be useful for you, especially with things like Gastrodon, Swampert and Quagsire potentially appearing - and an electric type not able to help that. Something like Roserade could fit in here! As a final spot I'd suggest something to help you out in general, liikee... maybe your own water type? Or even a water/ground, like was mentioned before. Because as it is you don't have anything to really put a dent in fire types and they could present a bit of an issue to your team.

      Actually, you mentioned a potential lead to set up Stealth Rock, out of what I suggested the best ones would probably be Swampert and Bronzong - but if you were to go for just the Swampert route you could have Magnezone and therefore further diversify your team. Also adding to that, Magnezone can help out with dark and ghost types, something that'd annoy Gardevoir. As a general strategy, I suggest saving Blaziken and then sending it out later when taking out Dark types, since that's your main defense against them. Also, I'd also suggest giving Gardevoir Focus Blast, so it can hit the Dark types, while your shadow ball can hit the ghost types, in case you've set up a few Calm Minds and don't wish to switch.

      Also it'd really help us if you set out your team in a neater format in the future, something slightly similar to...

      [email protected]

      Of course it isn't as necessary in this section but it'd help us when replying! n_n We'll help you out with sets on the others you decide (whether from our suggestions or something you thought of yourself) so for now it's up to you. Good luck!

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