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Old March 18th, 2012 (11:08 PM).
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    Well all know they won't change the Format of the Main Series but What if they made a Series that could show when Ash is Older and does not even need to be park of the Main Series itself but like Chronicals.

    Want to know what Idea of a Side Series you would Make?

    Here is 2 that I have thought up:

    1: Well Ash is about 16-17 years old. He has not one any league's yet but has a couple of Runners Up. He is on a Journey by Himself where he meets this Girl who really loves Pokemon and is a Trainer but has Never Left her Town as she thinks she is not good enough to go on a Journey She is about 15 years old. Ash comes along and meets her while she out with her pokemon and playing with them. Ash she's her and says how beautiful she is and he goes over and Talks to her and Finds out she loves pokemon but not very Confident. At this time it's getting late in the Day she invites him back to her family's house to stay the night. Her mum and dad say that is okay. That Night they Talk about how she loves pokemon and has not been on a Journey that she would like to do but has not the Confidence. Ash talks to her very Nicely about it and gives her confidence and while doing that they Kiss and Hug each other. The next morning when Ash says he needs to head off and Continue his Journey. Just before he says goodbye the Girl says he really likes him and would love to come on a Journey with him. He says okay and Her Parents give the Okay and they head off together.

    Then the series follows them while he Teaches her about Pokemon and they also get Closer and Closer.

    2: Ash is about 30 years and he is a Living By Himself in a Remote Area because he is sick of People calling him a Loser as he never won a League Tournment. Has come close about 30 Times but being Runner Up and People are saying he has not got it to become a Pokemon Master. So he just say a big FU to the World and goes into hiding. He still Continues to train his pokemon and they are Super Strong.

    One Day a Kid finds him from a very small town near bye and he loves pokemon and he knows the Man there is ASH and he tells him that he is a Massive Fan of his and Wished he never went into Hiding.

    Ash likes the Kid and says he will Teach and Train him about Pokemon.

    So the Series is broken into 2 Parts. Part 1 is about Ash Traing this kid up and in the 2nd Part is the Kids Journey and Ash comes along to Train and Help the Kid.

    What are your Thoughts on these 2 Idea and What can you come up with?

    Ash has to be in it
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