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Old June 1st, 2012 (7:51 AM).
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Who here is a SIMer? I've been actively playing the SIMS since it first came out long ago, own all of the first and second games, and am only lacking the newest installments of the SIMS 3.

It's probably the single most addicting game series out there for me. No other series has held my attention for so long. Maybe it is the appeal that it is ongoing, or maybe it is because custom content is constantly being released for them, but the series is just too fun to not like.



I was wondering if anyone would like to start up a Legacy challenge with me~. Basically we'll take our SIMs through "x" amount of generations, vote on heirs, tell a bit of their stories through each gen, and make smaller challenges along the way, etc. however we want to set it up.

I'm very interested to get something like that started because I have fun reading the multitudes of legacies out there. There can never be too many~ It doesn't even have to be detailed like some of them are. I just find the whole concept fun. But i wanted to organize a group of people doing it so we can do little competitions together during.

We could have separate divisions for those using SIMS 2 or 3. (legacies) and could make another section of challenges for people who are using the first SIMS, since SIMS on there do not have generations XD;;

I will personally be using SIMS 3 as it runs better on my computer than SIMS 2 although I actually prefer SIMS 2 over 3.

Any interest? I was actually going to make a SIMS Club in Other Clubs and hold competitions that way, but someone told me posting here might be better. Still not sure about that. XD;;
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