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What pokémon says "Christmas time" the most to you?

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Old December 27th, 2013 (4:43 AM).
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What pokémon says "Christmas time" the most to you? Like, what pokémon do you associate with the winter holiday time the most?

For me, it's probably Delibird. It looks like a little santa and it's delivering presents.

In the anime, Jynx were santa's helper and he used a Ponyta to pull his sleigh. But that was before Stantler was introduced and now there is even Sawsbuck's winter forme that might be even more fitting. And I kind of like to think of a lot of Mime Jrs to be santa's helpers now ^^

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Old December 27th, 2013 (7:13 AM).
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    Jynx seems to me that is dressed for a special occasion like a Christmas happening.
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    Old December 27th, 2013 (6:08 PM).
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    Definitely Delibird. It was designed that way to remind you of Christmas. xD Another Pokémon would have to be Shaymin (sky), mostly due to its color scheme and reindeer-like body. It was never promoted as a Christmas Pokémon though, which is pretty disappointing.
    Old December 27th, 2013 (7:45 PM).
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      Absolutely Delibird. Clearly the Yuletide Pokémon.
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      Old December 28th, 2013 (12:04 AM).
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      Delibird's easily my first choice, but Stantler is right up there as well. And maybe Snover too, since it looks a bit like a mini Christmas tree.
      Old December 28th, 2013 (5:56 AM).
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      Definitely Delibird, because of Santa outfit and Presents to hit it home.
      Old December 28th, 2013 (5:58 AM).
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        Stanler! Stanler reminds me of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer! He's the front of santa's sleigh~ Yes he's rudolf, the red n-o-o-o-o-se reindeeeer~

        Stanler for me.

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        Old December 28th, 2013 (6:01 AM).
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        Delibird and Winter Sawsbuck.
        Old December 28th, 2013 (6:57 AM).
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          Delibird! The color of its red and white fur is an easy indication of christmas; and being a delivery Pokemon makes perfect sense in this regard.
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          Old December 28th, 2013 (7:21 AM).
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            It has to be Standler and Delibird for this one.
            Old December 28th, 2013 (8:24 AM).
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              Delibird, stantler and sawsbuck. They all seem holiday like to me
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              Old December 28th, 2013 (8:01 PM).
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              Delibird, cause of obvious reasons. Jynx, too, but only cause of the banned Pokémon episode with Santa
              Old December 28th, 2013 (8:36 PM).
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              Not sure why, but to me, shiny Furret in a Santa hat and it will remind me a lot of Christmas time. Furret's shiny red striped fur and the other white one will sort of mimic a Christmas tree or a stocking.
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              Old January 6th, 2014 (9:52 PM).
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              Stantler and Delibird are the two Pokemon that represent Christmas for sure.
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              Old January 6th, 2014 (9:54 PM).
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              Both Winter Sawsbuck and Delibird both scream Christmas for me. Every time I look at those two, they remind me of snow, Santa Claus, presents, Christmas trees and pretty much anything wintery. :3
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