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Old March 31st, 2012 (10:13 AM).
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    Escavalier and Accelgor are definitely among my favorites (pre-evos too)

    Their concept is clever and they just look boss among the unfavorable bug type.
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      Hydreigon. It's a three-headed dragon. That's all I need to say. Cohagarius in a close 2nd, though.
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        Mienshao's design for me is probably the best, I don't know it just looks so elegant or something

        Also love Ducklett, Braviary, Tirtouga, Minccino, Sawsbuck, Durant, Cobalion and Reshiram
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          Really hard! xP

          I'd say...Emolga, Sewaddle, Tepig, Zorua, Minncino, Axew, Oshawott and Snivy. xP
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            Ok, I hate Unova Pokemon in general but I can deal with very few Pokemon from Unova

            Snivy and its evolutionary chain and Oshawott and it's evolutionary form looks retarded.
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            I'd have to say my favorites are:

            Even though I've been let down by my own Druddigon (his nature suck, and I didn't realize it until recently), I will always love it. It does have high attack and I think it looks funny, but that's one of the reasons it's my favorite from this region.

            This is one of the best designed Pokemon ever, in my opinion. I picked it as my starter and it has NEVER let me down. I use it with Coil + Leaf Blade, and sometimes Slam (for those that are good against grass).

            This thing. When I first saw it I thought it was a joke. Then, when I got the game, I found myself wanting it more and more, until I got it! I love it! It's such a special sweeper, and it's just so great.

            This thing is such a beast! It's fast and it's attack is amazingly high! Plus, it's also really well designed.

            This is also a beast. My Krookodile was always really powerful even with a bad nature. I think it's really cool looking too. Get one.

            Other ones I like or think look good/cool/cute:

            Oh and sorry for copying Hikari's idea with the gif and the explanation

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              I'd say I'm split between Druddigon and Haxorus. On one hand, Haxorus has a massive Attack stat that nearly rivals Rayquaza, though it has a gaping hole in it's special defense. Druddigon's speed is... well, bad, though it's got great defenses in both stats, and it's attack is pretty good for a single stage. In terms of design, I'd have to say Haxorus wins.. Though Druddigon's potential is what interests me the most there.
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                I'd say Haxorus, I guess, But I really like em all, for the most part
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                  Vanilluxe, Zekrom, Chandelure, Swanna, Liligant, Serperior, Oshawott, and Larvesta.

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                    Axew line- is pretty well recieved all over in both abliities and looks so I don't think I need to explain any further.
                    Sandile line- I love reptiles so a crocodile Pokemon was a must for me. This was the first gen V pokemon I saw and thought "Must have"
                    hydreigon - A three headed dragon is cool in itself but there is something about this guy that just seems... evil. And evil is cool. Pokemon like Tyranitar and Houndoom may look threatning but hydreigon is on a diffrent level. Mewtwo was supposed to be the only pokemon that was born nasty but I think it may have a challenger.
                    Lilipup line- In sharp contrast to the above Lilipup just looks cute and full of personality. Hearder and Stoutland live up to Lilipup.
                    archeops- Being a fossil nerd I was very happy to see this pokemon, on I immediatly recognised as archeopteryx, the first bird. That alone wins it for me, the massive attack is just another plus.
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                      Galvantula is definitely my absolute favourite. It has an adorable pre-evolution, and an awesome type combination (two of my favourites). Archeops takes a close second place, mostly because it saved me so many times when I first played through White.

                      As for Pokemon I'm not a fan of... there's not really any one I can point out. I even like the less popular ones, like Garbodor and Vanilluxe. I'm pretty fond of most of the Gen 5 designs.
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                      Old April 5th, 2012 (7:23 PM).
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                        My most favorite is probably Serperior, and my least favorite is, well, I don't have one, I like all of them in some way, but none will be better than the 1st generation.
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                          It appears this thread's title has been slightly alternated. My least favourite Pokémon was definitely Serperior. That thing disappointed the hell of me — whether it's by its design or movepool. Sad to say, but that was my least favourite starter evolution line.
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                            Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post
                            It appears this thread's title has been slightly alternated. My least favourite Pokémon was definitely Serperior. That thing disappointed the hell of me — whether it's by its design or movepool. Sad to say, but that was my least favourite starter evolution line.
                            Lol, I'm geussing it was a moderator.

                            As for the topic at hand, I really don't like Gothitelle. Or whatever it's name is. It's design dissapointed me. I've really grown fond of Golurk, though.

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                              There were a few good ones. Most of them were terrible though on my opinion. Especially the legendaries, having one colour makes them look so dull and boring. Also I hated the name black and white, its just kinda meh, two very boring colours.

                              The only ones I liked were Archeops and Darmanitan, they are stupidly powerful yet underrated, especially Darmanitan, with choice band it can sweep entire teams with flare blitz.
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                              Old April 6th, 2012 (12:19 AM). Edited April 7th, 2012 by Hikamaru.
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                              The 5th Gen introduced some of my fave Pokemon, especially these:


                              Oshawott, Dewott & Samurott
                              When I first saw these Water-types, I knew I had to choose Oshawott as my starter. The anime pushed me even more with Oshawott acting cute, causing him to become my fave Pokemon. My fave Water Starter line to date and they didn't fail to impress me.

                              Gothita, Gothorita & Gothitelle
                              These Psychic-types made me want to play Black, I love the design (Gothic Lolita FTW!) and the cries (I like how Gothitelle's cry sounds like the scary music from Psycho). Gothitelle is now one of my stars and I loved using her, she uses Calm Mind like a champ.

                              Vanillite, Vanillish & Vanilluxe
                              Finally, we have an ice cream Pokemon - and this one's really cute. I don't often use Ice-types but unlike most people here I actually like this family of Ice-types. I even had Vanillite as one of my previous avatar/signature themes, no wonder I like it. Plus Marriland used one in his White video playthrough as well making me love it even more!

                              Solosis, Duosion & Reuniclus
                              Even though I play Black, I secretly traded a Solosis over from my brother's White so I can test it. It was actually pretty good once it evolved. I love Reuniclus cos it's so huggable and has good Special moves plus it's a beast on those teams based around Trick Room. I like Gothitelle better design-wise but I love Reuniclus too.

                              My fave Electric Rodent, cos it's so cute (especially in the anime). Even though people hate the Emolga in the Nimbasa Gym cos of Double Team, I decided to train one and mine turned out good (I managed to get mine to Level 58, I'm not kidding!). Emolga will always be the cutest Electric Rodent.

                              Elgyem & Beheeyem
                              When I first saw these little Psychic aliens, I went "awwww...". Then my love towards them got better thanks to Marriland using an Elgyem (and later Beheeyem) in his White playthrough, they are cute and amazing Trick Room threats as well.

                              Litwick, Lampent & Chandelure
                              My fave Ghost-types, I remember seeing these Ghost/Fire-types and I went "Litwick (Hitomoshi back then) is so cute!". Then after seeing that massive Sp. Attack stat Chandelure has, I just had to have one. After playing Black, I caught the first Litwick I saw and she's now an amazing Chandelure. I love their designs and the fact that I am Lampent in the Unova Zodiac (I was born in October) makes me a big fan of these things.

                              Tepig, Pignite & Emboar
                              I feel so sorry for Unova's resident Fire Starter, who gets so much hate cos people think he's "ugly". Not me! I think Tepig is so cute (Oshawott is still my fave) and I love his anime voice. I don't find Pignite or Emboar ugly, I find them amazing! I had a chance to use all 3 starters after I traded a Snivy and Tepig from my brother's White. My Emboar turned out amazing, he was able to outspeed some foes even without Flame Charge (he has a Jolly nature so there's a chance he may have good IVs in Speed). So guys, don't underestimate these fiery pigs. My second fave Fire Starter, behind the Chimchar line.

                              Minccino & Cinccino
                              These Normal-type chinchilla Pokemon are something to watch out for. Cuteness and moves that abuse the Technician ability. With Technician, Cinccino becomes a massive threat with normally weak multi-strike moves like Bullet Seed, Rock Blast and its signature Tail Slap. I tried one out and she was amazing! They are also so cute too.

                              Snivy, Servine & Serperior
                              My fave Grass Starter as far as design goes, not as good for movepools but whatever? Snivy's design and anime personality made me like it. I traded one from my brother's White and as a Serperior, he was amazing with a Coil + Leaf Blade + Leech Seed combo. And on top of that, once Contrary Serperior gets released, everyone will want him with Leaf Storm!

                              Pansage & Simisage, Pansear & Simisear, Panpour & Simipour
                              I love monkeys given I was born in 1992 (classified as Monkey in Chinese Zodiac) and these guys are no exception. I tried all 3 out and they weren't bad plus they have good movepools too. When you get one of these guys, you will have an easier time in the Striaton Gym. I also love the "Hear No, See No, Speak No" concept behind them.

                              Yeah, I love most of the Unova Psychics. Sigilyph is a very interesting one with good Sp. Attack and Speed plus its awesome Magic Guard ability grants it a few immunities and it can even learn Ice Beam. I had a good time training one, and I definitely recommend it.

                              Scraggy & Scrafty
                              I was always wishing for a Dark/Fighting-type, and these guys come along. I love their sprite animations and they have a good movepool too. I have a female Scrafty with Moxie that loves Hi Jump Kicking everything and I love it when she gets that Attack boost with every opponent she KO's. Moxie is such an awesome ability. Ash's Scraggy in the anime is also very cool too!

                              Reshiram & Zekrom
                              These guys are the most epic Legendaries ever! I love their design, Yin-Yang origin and those tails that charge up with fire and electricity. Reshiram is the one I like better since I play Black and mine turned out with a perfect nature (Modest). I was satisfied with my Reshiram and I plan to use it again sometime. Black & White will forever be my fave games due to these amazing Legendaries. And I love the part of the main storyline where N uses one of the dragons and battles the other one that you catch, most epic battle ever. Yeah, Unova has really awesome Pokemon which is why I loved the 5th Gen.

                              And here's the ones I hated:


                              It looks ugly and its Speed is a letdown despite the nice movepool. Sorry Druddigon but your Speed just wasn't up to my standards.

                              It's a total DERP. I did catch one but I don't use it cos it's slow (which is not common for Electric-types) and it's downright ugly.

                              Patrat & Watchog
                              They suffer from that "early-route rodent" syndrome, having terrible stats and downright uselessness. Their eyes look weird too.

                              Purrloin & Liepard
                              They may look sneaky, but every time I battle a Liepard it always uses Fake Out on me, which is downright repetitive. Plus, I had a terrible time training Liepard.

                              Roggenrola, Boldore & Gigalith
                              They look cool, but what I hated about them was their shallow movepool and that ability I don't want to mention... (Hint: It prevents you KO'ing them in one hit)

                              They always annoy me when I'm surfing or fishing. And they are very fast and hit hard, making it way more annoying. Such a pity they have good abilities though.

                              It looks cute but I would have loved it more if it had more Special moves in its movepool. At least I use mine in Musicals though.

                              Foongus & Amoonguss
                              They are so ugly and I hate the Poke Ball disguise they serve.

                              Timburr, Gurdurr & Conkeldurr
                              They are so ugly, I did use a Timburr in the Gym Battle against Lenora (a female one actually) but their movepool is too shallow, they should get the Elemental Punches in B2/W2.

                              Woobat & Swoobat
                              They aren't the Zubat of Unova for nothing... appearing in every cave except Chargestone Cave. Also, their stats apart from Speed are really mediocre.

                              So ugly, it's terrible and derpy. Such a pity cos it learns the awesome Flamethrower naturally.

                              Ugliest of the Tao Trio, Reshiram and Zekrom are way cooler than this...

                              Tornadus, Thundurus & Landorus
                              They look like carbon copies of each other, same body just different colors. Their faces look weird too.

                              Trubbish & Garbodor
                              These Poison-types are my least fave of all Pokemon (particularly Garbodor) cos they look ugly and their movepool is terrible cos they are Physical-based but learn mainly Special attacks. In fact the only Physical STAB move they learn is the inaccurate Gunk Shot. They are total rubbish.
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                                My favorite Pokemon in Unova has to be Axew. I just love that Pokemon.

                                The Pokemon I hate the most in Unova has to be Zorua. I only hate it because I can't get it!
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                                Old April 6th, 2012 (3:34 AM).
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                                Ah, well my favourites are tied between Scraggy, Mienshao, Liepard and Zoroark. As for my least favourites, probably Zebstrika, Cryogonal and Basculin...
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                                Old April 6th, 2012 (5:25 AM).
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                                  The Unova Pokemon I liked the most would have to be Zoroark, Mandibuzz, Serperior, Scrafty, Galvantula and Carracosta. In fact, that was the team I used. I also like the Haxorus line, mainly because of their excellent attack.

                                  The only Unova Pokemon I don't like is Garbodor. I just really don't like its design. That wouldn't stop me from using it in battle, though.

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                                  Old April 6th, 2012 (5:47 AM).
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                                    The 5th gen i hate are the starters! They are ridiculous!
                                    The best is axew!
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                                      Here's a few of my most favorites and why

                                      Despite its low Speed, it's a powerful dragon to me and the first Unova region dragon I ever caught. I bredded for a fast natured one: The Druddigon I have a speed of 110 at Lv 50, being Jolly natured. I love my male shiny Druddgion in Black and my female one in White because of strong movesets.

                                      When I looked up this pokemon before the game came out, I instantly wanted to get myself one of those guys so I caught it's pre-evolved form & raised it. Krookodile is also among my main team in Black. If he's against anything faster than him, his Low Sweep will slow 'em down.

                                      This pokemon is far by my most favorite fossil pokemon of all, ranking right next to Aerodactyl (My 1st favorite fossil pokemon). Despite the let down ability, my Archeops is fast and strong. She's basically my main aerial support for my main team.

                                      This... this dragon here... is the most powerful in my main team, with her Attack going almost to 400. My Haxorus is a major threat because she can obliterate her foes easily. Even an Aggron with Sturdy or Gengar with Levitate can't withstand her Earthquake! She's the sparkling star of my main team, literally because she's a shiny Haxorus.

                                      I don't have any least favorites...
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                                      They say never judge a book by it's cover, that can certainly be said for this Pokémon as it has great stats and can be very helpful in tough battles, not to mention it's cute!

                                      Yeah it may not have the best stats but it certainly looks the part, it's another Cat Pokémon and that's why I love it!


                                      Many may disagree on this one but I just don't find it very appealing, it's strong but that's not always the best quality in a Pokémon, right?
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                                      Old April 6th, 2012 (3:10 PM).
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                                        I have only been playing the game since yesterday so I have only seen a handful of Pokemon I'd say my favourite so far is Sawk. So you can probably tell that my range of Pokemon to choose from isn't very high!

                                        I love that Egyptian/Mummie Pokemon I saw earlier in this topic! What is it called? I'mm go catch it!
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