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Open petition to remove Lerroux

New Staff Lounge (archive) This forum was used in PokéCommunity's 2012 April Fools Day prank. All content in this forum is fabricated for the entertainment of the reader.

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Old March 31st, 2012 (9:26 PM).
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Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool no
Oh, you didn't think I'd be able to do it to you, too? Even you are powerless before me. So sit down and shut up, little brat. Enjoy your new found unemployment at the Pokecommunity Forums. I'll make a point of giving Freakylocz14 your modding position to teach you a lesson.

That goes for all of you. You've been warned.

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Old March 31st, 2012 (9:39 PM).
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You notice he doesn't dare touch the admins because he knows that we have the ACP permissions to remove his admin rank, and have threatened to do so on numerous occasions if he even so much as threatens to demote any of us AAs or SAs. :x

And I swear, I'll see to it that the mods and s-mods you demoted get their spots back and your ass is banned from the forums before this is over.
And just like that, the story ends.
Old April 1st, 2012 (6:26 AM).
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You know, Nica, for someone who got the first +1 in the thread, you sure are being inconsistent. It might seem like, to someone who didn't know any better, you were trying to play sides. But that couldn't be true, right?
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