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Old April 10th, 2012 (9:54 AM).
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    Hello all,

    this is my first post here and I wanted to get some feedback on my idea. I am not sure if this is the place to post it in, but I will give it a shot, what the heck.

    Many of us have been HUGE pokemon fans since the r/b/y game came in way back when. Some days, I admit that I play it just because I miss the old pokemon. As much as I like the new ones and the variety of attacks they have, I have always wanted some way to have it all in one place. ~I have never heard of an idea such as this so if anyone know it one like this please let me know!~

    Imagine a world where you can travel between pokemon regions and battle virtually every pokemon, A-Z and everyone on the network! What I am proposing is a application, running off of smartphones and computers where you can play pokemon whenever you want to.

    of course everyone would have a starting point, but you can choose what region you start out in, and you can pick your first pokemon. Who is your rival? EVERYONE. If I were to register and start playing, you would see me walking around and you could challenge me.

    ------------- Here is where I go into detail about this proposal ------------------------

    for server traffic and descent walking space, each city would have to be significantly bigger, Palet Town, in its original state couldn't possibly handle 1,000 users all at once. So a bit of modernization and expansion will be necessary. Every user will be able to decorate their own place. there will be a giant housing buildings in every starting region where users will start and will be able to decorate.

    Now here is an aspect that I think will throw a curve ball into Pokemon gaming concept. On top of picking whether you are a male or female, you have the choice of what type of trainer you would like to be! There are about 200 different types of trainer classes you could be, obiviously it would need to be shortened. Lets say for example, I pick a male character. The game then gives me a list of male type trainers and ALSO STATS AND A DESCRIPTION. Certain trainers will have different focuses when it comes to stats. I scroll through, ninja (smaller attack but higher speed, which means more chance for double attacks), cooltrainer (about even stats all across the board), a Gambler (lower attack but more chance of a critical hit), a Blackbelt (focusing more on attack and defense), Super Nerd (focusing on spec. att. and def. and has slightly more critical hit percentage), a Clerk (less on spec. att and def, but gains more money at the end of the battle) ---- all in all, there are tons of different stats that you could lean towards.

    Each region cant be its own server, it would just be too big and it wouldn't work, there would be too much information to transmit. With that said, everywhere has to be its own subserver. Palet town would be a server, Prof. Oak's lab its own server, route 1, etc. This would section everything off and make it possible for everything (I would assume) I am also thinking that there should be a cap on these places so that there isnt an overload in one area, or possibly a few different route 1's and the game will randomly place you in the secondary route 1 if it starts getting full (what do you think)

    ---- Interacting ---you will be able to walk up to someone and talk to them, If I were to go to someone and press enter, a menu would come up ------------------------| Chat Battle | | Trade Cancel | -------------------------

    ~~~ chat ~~~ there would have to be censorship considering that there will be users of all ages, but it would be a small dialogue box where you stand

    ~~~ trade ~~~ trading items in your pack

    ~~~ battle ~~~ when entering a battle it would ask

    -------------------------------------------| Battle now 2v2 Team Battle | | 3v3 Team Battle Cancel | --------------------------------------------this menu will be on the bottom and above it will be your opponent's pokemon and their levels so you can see what you are getting into

    Oh and as a last thought, I want to be able to see all the legendary pokemon as well, BUT in this version of pokemon, NOONE will be able to catch these legendary pokemon, they will appear and you can fight them, they will just be VERY hard to defeat and yes, they will respawn after a certain amount of time.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this is an incomplete thought and I am learning how to program at the moment, so hopefully I will understand how everything will fall into place. I am aware that it will probably take a lot of space for all the programming and all the pokemon with their attacks and animation, but I believe that it is something worth getting into IF i could get this up and running. I have to admit it would be totally awesome, heck, I would probably play it all day.

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    Old April 10th, 2012 (3:41 PM).
    Nickalooose Nickalooose is offline
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      This is pretty similar to what PWO did, Pokémon World Online, this closed down due to copyright and money problems, then time consuming, plus a number of other problems, now I'm not even sure if this is up and running anymore... In fact there are a few created things like this, but it all comes down to money to run in then end... But nevertheless... Can you pull this off or are you looking for the people who can... Servers are expensive in the long run, you will have to require people to pay for things (not a good idea), what would you sell? You would need alot of knowledge and alot of time to keep the game up and running at all times, not to mention IF it does take-off, and you do get it operating, the pure overload you may have on your servers, especially if you have a server for each map, let alone a secondary or third map of the same area...

      If you can or know any ways that the guys of these other online games couldn't find or do, then be my guest and get creating... Maybe other members see this as a possible thing to do, but, alot of members are still learning how to use mysql and other online things, to allow battles and trading...

      Nice to see new members contributing though!

      Unfortunately, I can't see this being any more than a dream! If you would like a Pokémon game with anything like these features, use Essentials and give an illusion that they are online with a number of switches and variables...

      If you can do this, maybe you are very creative, go ahead... Would be a great idea and an MMORPG, if you can pull this off... Sorry I am not as enthusiastic as yourself, just my opinion!
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      Old April 16th, 2012 (3:10 AM).
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        I wish they make a new pokemon game. especialy a mmorpg. (for xbox)

        my idea was that It would be harder to catch your pokemon. and if not looked after they would die.
        so you can only have so many pokemon. trading would be a much bigger aspect for the game.

        and insted of evolution the pokemon would just grow bigger.
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