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Old February 12th, 2006 (4:01 PM). Edited February 12th, 2006 by 22sa.
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Wtf? Somebody actually replied my post. *22sa notices this 7 month later*
Obvious. A lotta other people liked 'Reflections', sooo...
Whee, I've probably made a fool of myself.
I'd LOVE to see a brilliant compliment somebody made on Reflections, just so, you know, I wouldn't have to pity you for having no proof. I mean, there were SO many other people who liked 'Reflections'. SOMEBODY had to think it was worthy enough to make a good-hearted praise.

And yes, you did make a fool of yourself. But in case you don't like that, you just have to do remember this: your sweety little heroine Lily will make you feel alllll better for standing up for her, or your attempt to stand up for her, or your attempt to stand up for SOMETHING, or simply your attempt at something. At least she will do so in your dreams when you close your eyes to reality again.

*sighs* I'd rather wait for frostweaver or somebody to come here, but I have little to do and am in a rather intellectual mood at the moment blablablah.
Well, of course you wouldn't listen to the little brain you have and wait and would rather betray your mind once more, since you're a fool and all.

If you didn't understand what I just said, don't worry, all you have to do pay a psychologist to talk to you about your retarded state of understanding. If that doesn't work, pay a whore to comfort you. Whores always please retards.

I don't think it was meant to be catching, rather to be reflective of the rest of the story. 'Catching' is also relative.
Also, a reflection is what you see when you look in a mirroring surface, such as a calm lake or, say, a window.
You think?

I was replying to the fact Frostweaver said the beginning of 'reflections' was effective.

My post meant to disagree with that. I said "it wasn't catchy" to contrast Frostweaver's stand that the beginning was effective.

I bet you didn't think about that, even thought it was right in front of your eyes.

Interrogative, it is. We are viewing a scene already in progress, and this line gives us that impression. It is setting the stage, sorta.
Sort of?
NOTHING about the question "What is your name?" reveals a specific context. The reader can only guess if it is interrogating or another fitting context.

If you seek mystery, read TLC, or WSBB. Again, this is setting you up for the rest of the story.
I did not imply that I sought mystery. You're out of context--I was replying to the fact Frostweaver said "...a question creates mystery" about the beginning question. Pay attention to the context before you want to spout your nerdiness at someone, you dumba$$.

Really, let's review the possibilities.
1. Wants to know(curious): not likely, as you see once you read further
2. Is trying to start conversation(interrogative): more likely, as she wants to learn something from him
3. Is saying something she has no idea she's saying(absent-mindedness): possible but unlikely. Her attention at the moment is focused on the little boy in front of her, nothing else.
What's your point?

What dark descriptions?
All the parts that explicitly presented the psychology of low-level mental functioning.

What idiot? Ash? Or Hannah?
Do you *really* want to know?

By that philosophy, we should only turn lights on during the day.
"The day" doesn't make anybody snap out of retardation.

And as far as I'm concerned, that idiot psychology was already under the day light.

By its own nature, an idiot's psychology is NOT analyzable, only the question of what the idiot is causing. Therefore, and it is pointless to ask what an idiot is thinking exactly, as that's not the idiot's purpose.

What do you mean, 'lack of content'?
Lack of analyzable material.

Eh, no idea what you mean here.
Oh, and the remark about 'wearying the reader' is untrue, for it is relative.
For example, you may dislike reading two hundred-year-old-stories and call them 'boring', while I may like said stories and call them 'fun' or 'exciting'.
Yeah, you didn't know what I mean.

For any serious reader, it IS true that a unnecessary adjective is nothing but distracting and tiring.


Actually, the truth was that post I made in July was just to get Frostweaver's attention since I lost contact with him at the time. I know nothing about fanfiction. XD Just replying to you for fun.

. きみさえ~ いれば

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Old February 13th, 2006 (5:55 AM).
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*laughs* 22sa, your posts never fail to amuse me. =P

I was ... what, 12? 13? Besides, the concept of motives/symbolism/diction were at the time foreign.

...Although this analysis was more of a promise than duty. XD

( ‿‿ ) PM me for a contract.
Old February 13th, 2006 (6:35 PM).
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*glomps the girl in Lily's avatar*



P.S. Anata wa baka.

. きみさえ~ いれば
Old October 25th, 2007 (10:42 PM).
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*Leave the psychology for the lighter parts, it's worth more there.*

Going to have to agree with SB on this one. I'm fairly new to fanfic-ing, but I read quite a bit, and I have to say that the best psychological...for lack of a better word..."stuff" always occurs during a particularly dark time. So it is with my fic, and so it is with what I read.
Old October 26th, 2007 (6:09 AM).
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Wow, Frostweaver. This is a good analysis. Say, if tis threadf isn't just for that story, could you do a analysis of my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story, please?

Here's the link to my PMD fanfic!

...and its short story spin-off!
And...the sequel's beginning!

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