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    Good morning, everyone. This is my first post here. It's been a very long time since I've posted any of my creative literature anywhere. This is a fanfiction I started when I was 16. I'm 21 now and I've grown a lot as both an author and a person since then. I'm re-editing it as we speak. The first 40 chapters were written over the course of the summer before my 11th grade year.

    The reason I made this story PG-13 since it's original conception is because I've grown more, and I've added a gay love theme between two of the main characters, because I tend to write better when I base characters off of myself as well as the conflicts, turmoils, and dilemmas I experience as a human. Also, same gender love is not a theme commonly exploited in non-pornographic fan fiction. I also prefer to write with varying degrees of strong and colorful language.

    I promise you that I'm not as much of a pretentious jerk as my previous two paragraphs have been. I'm actually very immature, fun to talk to, and goofy. So if you managed to trudge through the first two paragraphs of this post then kudos to you!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my story that I've created in the Pokemon universe. Feel free to criticize my writing style whenever you wish. I'm completely open to suggestions and advice as well being made aware of mistakes that I didn't catch the first time. Thanks again and enjoy!

    Chapter 1: The Mistaken Thief

    It was a clichéd dark and foggy night and a man cloaked in black walked alone in the streets of Goldenrod. With a glimpse, one could tell he was followed by a tall figure unidentifiable in the dark. It looked like it had a gerbil tail, a gargantuan one at that, which was only noticeable here and there as it crept through the shadows.

    They walked west toward a small building looking like a subway entrance. There was a flash of red light and the taller tailed figure disappeared into the fist of the cloaked man. He snapped and four more men appeared from behind bushes, signs and other objects; all garbed in long black clothing.

    They walked down the stairs and were confronted by a large door that descended from the ceiling. The first man looked at his comrades and nodded. One of them produced something from his cloak and there was another blinding red flash. A sixth figure appeared, seeming to be composed of gas and air. The man who seemed to have summoned this creature whispered something to it. It looked at the man and moved toward the door, as it collided with it, it disappeared. Ten seconds later, the door lifted and the same creature hovered in the darkness. The man took out the device which made it appear and the flash occurred again-the ghostly being was gone.

    They took three steps into the large, dark complex and stopped. Another man began to fumble through his pockets until he found a round ball. He clicked a button and it opened. A large, orange dragon shaped creature appeared. Its tale had a flame at the end which lit a fair portion of the room. They could see down a hallway that stretched for almost half-a-mile where it met a large door identical to the one they just broke into.

    In the faint light, one could tell that all of the men wore cloth masks across their nose and mouth with their dark eyes visible. All were clothed identically.

    They began walking south through the tunnel. There were shops and other rooms throughout the hall such as a barber shop, food shops, jewelry shops, clothing shops and the list could go on. Half way through the tunnel, they turned left into a hallway with a door at the end.

    The leader stepped aside so the others could pass him. He looked around and backed into the hallway as if to check if anyone was there to watch them. They made it to the door and the leader reached for his neck to grab a golden chain with a large ring and attached were at least twenty keys of varying sizes. He fingered through the keys and found the one he was looking for. He unlocked the door and proceeded through with his team.

    They had entered a large room with boxes everywhere and other men and women wearing suits with big letter R’s. They all saluted the leader who took off his hood and mask to reveal a face with a pale complexion overpowered by small, dark eyes covered by flowing slick black hair. He looked up to the others in the room already and acknowledged them. They continued with their work. Some carrying boxes full of supplies (usually dynamite) or telling large humanoid creatures called Machoke to carry boxes toward a tunnel leading to the north east which had been equipped with an underground railway with carts powered by floating magnets able to zip off at top speed.

    One of the men with a jumpsuit with the large 'R' on it approached the unmasked man. “We are ready now. The raiding party is waiting at the end of the tunnel.”

    “Excellent,” replied the man. “Inform Giovanni that we are ready to move in and that we will be at his hideout soon with the plans.”

    “Yes, Executive Stevens.” The man in the jumpsuit ran off to one of the many rooms lining the tunnel.”

    Brett Stevens, the very infamously young, but diligent Rocket Executive turned to the four others with the masks and said, “Go join the others at the end of the tunnel. I’ll join you shortly.” They nodded and boarded trolleys before being whisked down the tunnel.
    Brett walked up to a person in a three piece suit accompanied by a woman in the near same clothing. “Are all the Electrode in place, Brian?” Brett asked the well dressed red haired and bearded man.

    “Yes, they are,” replied Brian. “They will use Explosion when you request them to. There are about fifteen Weezing and Koffing to come in behind them and release Smokescreen and Smog to cover our entrance. All the Pokémon are ready to attack, too. The sequence will begin on your command.”

    “Very well,” said Brett. He boarded a magnet powered car with Brian and his assistant so they could proceed down the tunnel. After a half hour of dark and quick silence, they appeared into a large room filled with men and women in jumpsuits and around a hundred of the men cloaked in black similar to Brett's.

    “Good work, Brian,” Brett muttered. “Someone will need to recover the Electrode so they can be healed later.”

    Brett’s surrounding subordinates acknowledged his order with nods, waves, thumbs-up or a short bow. Brett looked up to a large opening. Victreebell were under the opening ready to cast their vines to create ladders for everyone. All of the flying Pokémon grabbed the heavier Pokémon with their claws or fangs gently ready to fly them up. All the people put oxygen masks on and Brett checked everything one last time. “Electrode! Explosion, now!”

    Loud blasts echoed around the cavern. Brett ducked down to cover his ears and shield his eyes. He looked up when the noise died down to see that the opening above the room had expanded and was completely engulfed by smoke and dust. Brett finally slipped his mask on as the dust and debris descended upon him. The Victreebell shot vines up and Weezing ascended through the hole. A mass of Pokemon and trainers flew upwards through the smoke and smog that the gaseous Pokemon were leaving behind. Brett took a ball out of his pocket and an Aerodactyl appeared. He jumped onto its back and flew up through the hole, passing everyone climbing the vines.

    Brett reached the top of the gaping hole in the ground to emerge inside a mansion belonging to Eugene McStewart, a Pokémon scientist and inventor of the masterball. He sent out all of his Pokémon: Rapidash, Cloyster, Raichu and Lucario. There was another Pokémon. It was shaped like a human with large tail, but it too was cloaked in black and floated three feet above the ground. It was the same figure that was with him when he was in Goldenrod’s streets. Brett ran down a large hallway with marble flooring; statues, paintings and portraits lined the mahogany walls. He found a staircase. His original four followers were right behind him along with his and their Pokémon. Brett looked up and saw a man wearing nothing but a bathrobe and had a Ninetales beside him. It was Eugene McStewart himself.

    One of Brett’s men ordered his Steelix to attack the Ninetales. The man at the top of the stairs quickly yelled to the Ninetales: “Use confuse ray!” The Ninetales jumped up from the stairs, evaded the swish of the tale that the Steelix threw at it. Instead, the Steelix’s large tail hit a support beam and came crashing down. The house began to creak. Ninetales shot a ray of light quickly into Steelix who began flinging itself around randomly. The man who ordered it to attack called it back into its Pokeball, less they all be crushed underneath the structure of the mansion.

    Brett turned to his Rapidash, “Use Fire Spin. Bring this house down.” The Rapidash looked up and opened its mouth. A blazing inferno engulfed the top floor. Brett turned to the men behind him, “Find the laboratory and contact me via Pokégear when you do or if anything comes up.”

    “Yes, Executive Stevens,” they replied and ran off in different directions.

    “Do you know who I am?” asked Brett to the man at the top of the stairs.

    “Yes, I know you are an enemy and I want you all out of my house.”

    “We’ll leave if you give us the designs of the master ball.”

    “Or if I get you out first.

    “We’ll see. Cloyster, attack his Ninetales with Hydropump.” The Cloyster shot out a large blast of water to the Ninetales. It evaded the Cloyster’s attack as well.

    “Ninetales! Use flamethrower!” The Ninetales emitted a flame from its mouth not as large as the Rapidash’s firespin but much more dense and effective against a smaller target. The Cloyster was knocked back against the wall behind it, badly injured.

    “How?” exclaimed Brett.

    “You, obviously have much to learn about Pokémon. I could help you. Leave Team Rocket which only feeds you lies. I can help you be a better trainer. Giovanni will betray you after you satisfy his needs.”

    Brett was shocked. No one had ever spoken to them as if they knew better than he did. No one except for... “I know about type advantages and disadvantages, you jackass! I’m just amazed you beat my Cloyster in one blow. You are mistaken, however. Giovanni is the greatest man alive. He helped me get where I am today, his right hand side. I will restore Giovanni’s name to its former and rightful glory so that all will answer to him!”

    “Giovanni only helped you because he realized your potential. As do I. You could be great. It’s not all about stealing Pokémon for others. You should know yourself that catching Pokémon is much more satisfying than stealing them. You feel like you accomplished something.”

    “I raised all of these from an egg or a fossil. I don’t need your help. I don’t need anyone’s help.” Brett grabbed his Pokéball and called back his Cloyster. He turned to the Pokémon behind him cloaked in black.
    “Mewtwo! Destroy them!”


    I hope you enjoyed it! It'll pick up really fast soon I promise!

    Again, please feel free to critique me. I appreciate your input as peers!
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      Hey, everyone. Just trying to get more reading content in here for you all. I'll probably post one chapter per evening for the first week or two so you have something to read (if you end up enjoying this story.) I'll probably cut down after that and post every two or three days. Once again, critique and feedback is very welcome as well as opinions of how the story's going including character growth, etc...


      Chapter 2: A Confrontation
      Mewtwo darted forward, and with his arms raised high, used a hypnotic blast of telekinetic energy against the man and his Ninetales. He fell on his back and his Ninetales fell beside him. Eugene held up a Pokéball, “Return, Ninetales.” Ninetales nodded and flew into his ball and Eugene fell into the unconscious.

      Brett looked satisfied. Mewtwo came back and without looking him in the face said telepathically, “They’ll live.”

      “Good.” Brett’s Pokégear rang just then. He took it from his pocket and answered it. “Did you find something?”

      “Yes, sir,” replied one of his men. We found the entrance to the lab, but there’s a kid here and he’s giving us a lot of trouble.”

      “Where are you?”

      “We’re in the basement.”

      “Okay, just a second.” He hung up his Pokégear and looked to his Pokémon. “Let’s go.”
      He ran to the end of the building and found stairs leading down into a basement and heard sounds of battle coming from below, and sprinted down with his Rapidash, Raichu, Lucario, Aerodactyl and Mewtwo, still garbed in black, following right behind him.

      Downstairs in the basement was a boy with medium length blonde hair surrounded by his six Pokémon: Flaffy, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Sandshrew and Pidgeotto. All were battle scarred, even the boy.

      “We can’t get past him,” said one of the men dressed in black robes. “His Pokémon are too strong.”

      “For god sakes, they’re starters! Move aside,” said Brett to the others. “Rapidash, take care of the Bulbasaur with a fire spin.”

      Rapidash ran forward blasting all of its energy against the Bulbasaur. Just as it was about to hit the Bulbasaur, the Squirtle stepped in front of it and withdrew into its shield, reflecting it all back at the Rapidash with the same force that it was conjured. The Rapidash, being weak from using the attack, was not ready for its own fires to be used against itself; the Rapidash fainted from heat and burns beneath its fur.

      “Rapidash, return!” Brett ordered and Rapidash, returned to its ball.

      “Get out of my house!” yelled the child. “You have no right to be here. If you don’t you will regret it!”

      Brett laughed in amusement and the others joined in with him. “How old are you, kid?”

      The boy replied, “I’m fifteen. Why should you care?”

      “You’d make an excellent rocket member. You’d be an executive before you turn twenty. Join us and your greatest dreams could come true.” His lips curled into a smile.

      “Umm…” began the boy mockingly. “No.”

      Brett’s smile turned into a scowl. “Raichu, shock them all with Thunder.”

      “Sandshrew! Dig!” shouted Brett’s opponent.

      The boy’s Sandshrew disappeared underground and three seconds later, as Raichu was using Thunder, Sandshrew popped out of the ground and tackled Raichu, hard. Unfortunately, he was too late, the Pidgeotto and Squirtle were twitching on the ground in pain. The boy was knocked back into the wall from the blast, while Bulbasaur, Charmander and Flaffy had been able to withstand it. Raichu was out of the battle while Sandshrew went back underground to rejoin its ally Pokémon.

      “Raichu, return.”

      Brett only had three Pokémon left: Mewtwo, Aerodactyl and Lucario.

      The boy got up slowly and returned his injured Pokémon to their balls.
      “You’re going to have to do better than that,” he said with difficulty. “I’m not leaving this spot.”

      “Please, back down,” pleaded Brett. “I don’t want to injure you or your Pokémon any further!”

      “No! You’re gonna pay for what you did to my dad’s house!”

      “So be it. Lucario, attack the Flaffy with a dynamic punch and then the Sandshrew with whatever. Aerodactyl, attack the Charmander with ancient power and the Bulbasaur with wing attack at the same time. Bulbasaur won’t be able to get you if you’re fast enough.”

      Aerodactyl flew at Charmander and hit it with a barrage of rocks. Charmander skillfully evaded the rocks, but fainted after receiving a rock to the head. Then Bulbasaur hit Aerodactyl with a razorleaf before being grabbed by vines and slammed into the floor.

      The boy called back his Charmander and Brett called back his Aerodactyl. Lucario hit Sandshrew in the face, knocking it out and then turned on Flaffy, but Flaffy was able to get up and use a thunder punch. The Lucario fell over, paralyzed. The Bulbasaur ran over and began unleashing a torrent of leaves and a fury of whipping vines. The Lucario soon had bruises all over it.

      “Enough!” yelled Brett.

      Flaffy and Bulbasaur backed away from Lucario.

      “Return,” muttered Brett. “Mewtwo, you know what to do.”

      “Yes, master,” replied the Mewtwo. A Psybeam erupted from its hands and the Bulbasaur flew to the boy’s feet and disappeared in a flash of red light to its Pokéball. Flaffy charged and hit Mewtwo with a thunderpunch. Mewtwo wasn’t even fazed. Flaffy, still recovering from its last move was taken by surprise as an invisible vector grabbed its leg and flung it into the wall.

      Nothing stood between them and the lab; except for a short blonde kid.


      Ah screw it. I'll post another chapter tonight since this one was so short. Only if you promise to be good, though.
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        Chapter 3: Escape from the Flames
        “Now you must let us pass,” said Brett.

        “No!” the boy in front of Brett yelled, taking a defensive stance.

        “What’s your name?”

        “Leonidas McStewart, you bastard, now G.T.F.O!” he bellowed.

        “Okay, I’ll make a note of that so you aren’t just referred to by a number when you are in your prison cell.” Brett turned around to his subordinates. “Get him.”

        Two of Brett’s burliest subordinates walked forward towards the teen. Leonidas sized them up and just as they were close enough he ran backwards towards the door. The two men lunged at him, but Leonidas jumped up onto the door and lunged back at the two men, kicking them in the chest and knocking them down with Leonidas landing on his buttocks. As he hopped up, Mewtwo raised its hand and held him in place while the two men could catch their breath and regain their balance. They grabbed him, and tied his hands and feet together.

        “Take Mr. McStewart to Giovanni,” ordered Brett. “He may prove to be a useful hostage that we can use to barter with later on.”

        The two men nodded and walked out of the room dragging Leonidas as he tried to wriggle free, but he made little progress. Brett, feeling quite victorious, walked toward the lab’s entrance.

        “Let’s see if this whole operation was really worth it. Someone open this door,” ordered Brett, stepping out of the way.

        A Magmar walked over and used Flamethrower on the door. After thirty seconds, a hole melted in the metal, large enough for someone to clamber through. The Magmar stopped breathing fire and backed away from the door. After a Tentacruel cooled it down with Water Gun, Brett crawled through first into a massive room. He gasped in amazement as everyone crawled in after him. There was enough technology to run six or seven radio towers.

        The laboratory had not only the plans for the master ball, but a giant healing center, an unfinished time machine, a chemist station for constructing effective remedies and potions, a giant computer system with information about all registered trainers which was updated every day by outposts all over the world; the computer also had information about all Pokémon, even legendaries, a map with all the world on it and a Pokégear GPS tracking system and more.

        “Load everything onto these discs,” said Brett as he took out about twenty CDs from his pockets.

        A few Rockets took the CD’s and began putting them into the disc drives and typing away.

        “Hopefully, there’s enough room on them for all this information. Search for the masterball designs. That’s the main thing we came for.”

        Everyone got to work and after ten minutes, they finally uploaded everything. Brett found the plans and layouts on the master ball and rolled them up, placing them gently underneath his cloak.

        They left the lab and everyone ran back to the large cave they made in the ground before the entire house burned down. Brett walked over to the unconscious man and gently kicked him to make sure he was still knocked out. He walked down the stairs and just before Mewtwo went and picked him up with its mind powers, an entire bedroom fell on top of the stairs, separating the man from him.

        “Let’s just go,” said Mewtwo. “We don’t need him. We have the master ball plans.”

        More debris fell from the ceiling.

        “Look out!” said Mewtwo. He darted over to Brett and pushed him out of the way of the falling debris.

        “You’re right,” replied Brett. He ran down the hall and jumped down the vines through the cave and finally hit the ground. Mewtwo floated down gently beside him. The collection of rock Pokemon quickly closed the gap in the ground and as soon as they were done, the able bodied grass Pokemon used vines to hold the ground together. Everyone cheered and turned to Brett. Brett thought he should say something to his colleagues and subordinates; getting up onto a pyramid of crates, he addressed the crowd: “My fellow Rockets. We have succeeded.” Everyone cheered again even louder this time.

        “I believe you worked hard and I’m giving you all a week of leave while Giovanni figures out what to do next after our hard earned victory.” This statement earned even louder cheering and all the Pokémon around him disappeared into Pokéballs of the Rocket members.

        Meanwhile, inside the burning mansion, a man wearing a fireman suit had his Alakazam move a large piece of burning debris out of the way so he and a woman wearing a police officer’s uniform could go up the stairs. When they did though, they saw a man wearing a bathrobe lying on the ground unconscious.

        The police woman gasped. “Sam, isn’t that Eugene McStewart?”

        “It is, Janice,” replied Sam Davies, the fireman, who wiped the sweat from his sopping wet head with his brown hair matted to his forehead. “We need to get him out of here.” He turned to his Blastoise. “Start extinguishing as much as this fire as you can.” The Blastoise began pumping water all over the blazing inferno of a mansion, but the flames could not be extinguished entirely

        “We need to get him out of here, now!” yelled Janice whose bluish, black hair was nearly singed by an eruption of flames from the wall which seemed to have hit a gas line.

        “Okay! Alakazam, get him out of here and fast!”
        Alakazam lifted its spoon and the still unconscious Eugene vanished, as Alakazam teleported its way out the mansion as well, following Eugene. Sam and Janice maneuvered their way through the debris in the burning hallways. The mansion’s upper floors began collapsing and a hellfire began to fall on to them. They began sprinting to the large opening made in the wall by the fire crew outside. The rest of the Mahogany Fire Dept. was outside, trying to put out the fire. Janice and Sam were twenty yards away. The floor was falling. Fifteen yards…Ten yards… Five yards… The falling stories were right on top of them. Sam and Janice dived out the door and the mansion exploded behind them. Another fireman’s Mr. Mime appeared in front of them to block shrapnel and debris from hitting them.

        “That was close,” said Janice as they ran further away from the fire.

        “Yeah, let’s get Dr. McStewart to a hospital. It looks like he’s endured quite a bit tonight,” said Sam. “I just hope Leo got out ok.”


        Alright, Chapter 4 is where things start really picking up. I hope you're enjoying this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you hate it PLEASE let me know. I want to know how I can make it better.
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          Chapter 4: Falling

          A brown haired security guard with a name tag labeled Jake Stockton walked out the back door of the Goldenrod Casino. His silvery eyes were blinded by the sudden change in light. He squinted to the west into the sunset, thinking of the fire that burned down that Mahogany scientist’s house the night before. What was his name again? McStewart! That was it.

          Now that he remembered someone’s name that had absolutely no effect on his life-or so he thought-he walked across the main longitude highway that ran between the north and southern entrances through Goldenrod City which had little traffic at the time.

          On the other side of the street, Jake walked into the Goldenrod Department Store and to the top floor he went. He heard there was a special on evolutionary stones but it might just be another overpriced vendor as usual.
          Jake walked over to the man advertising for his stones. As usual, they were around $5,000 still-just for one. He didn’t even make that much in 6 months. He would only evolve his Eevee if he had all the stones with him. He and his Eevee agreed he shouldn’t let one progress without the others. However, these stones were the only thing that could help him get out of the dump he was living in and away from his stoner ex-friends who kept pestering him for money so they could get some more drugs. His only real friends were his eight Eevee. They kept him warm at night because he couldn’t afford heating during the winters. He also kept them with him as he worked in the basement, watching security cameras until someone came downstairs which the Eevee knew to get back into their balls except for the one that wanted to remain unevolved which hid inside his sports bag.

          The Indian vendor addressed Jake. “Come now. These stones top quality.”
          How are they top quality? Don’t they all work the same? he thought.

          “And they only $5000 dollah,” added the vendor. Jake noticed his horrible English in a second.

          “You think I can afford this?” Jake asked the vendor, annoyed by the fact he was poor and that the vendor couldn’t tell it from the security uniform he was wearing which was even tattered and stained. “Do you know how much $5,000 dollars is worth to people like me? How do you stay in business when you price just as much for your merchandise as the commercial shops do?”

          “Good advertising,” replied the vendor. “Now go away if you no buy anything. You scah away mah customahs.”

          Jake walked away from the vendor and heard the man yelling out calls at people walking by. As he sat down at a bench, heburied his face in his hands as feelings of self-worthlessness overcame him yet again. He should have gone to college and taken that stupid Pokémon back in middle school. It was too late now. He was stuck here, in Goldenrod, with no money and no future. His parents died and their estate was stolen by corrupted insurance agents. He was doomed to a life of poverty…

          Just as he became aware of what was going on around him again, a woman’s voice tuned into his ear, “…and Team Rocket somehow broken into the renowned researcher Eugene McStewart’s house in Mahogany last night. McStewart confronted a member of Team Rocket he says was named Brett Stevens. After battling, Stevens had one of his own Pokémon attack Stewart, but has no idea what it was that attacked him but thinks it may have been legendary. His house was burnt down while he was unconscious and his son, Leonidas McStewart, has gone missing and is believed to have been kidnapped by Team Rocket. Unfortunately, no further information has been released on this case. We’ll keep you updated. Thanks for watching. This is Lori Hatsukawa with pkmn4 6:00 news. See you tonight.”

          Jake couldn’t have begun to imagine what his face might have looked like as his fearful thoughts took over again. I remember seeing people walking outside last night. I didn’t think they were Team Rocket, though; or them being involved with the fires from last night. It must have been Brett. I need to get out of here. They’ll track down and kill me first because I still owe about $30,000 to them. Then they’ll take custody of my Eevee and warp them into twisted evil. He began walking at a brisk pace down the stairwell and out the door of the department store. He had to get to his house and get as far away from Goldenrod as quickly as possible. Outside, he looked around, looking for anyone from Rocket. Thankfully, no one was outside.

          He slyly slipped through alleyways, trying to get to his apartment as fast as possible. It was starting. Rocket was about to take Johto; then they would move onto Kanto. After that, who knows? Maybe Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova. Only time could tell.

          After processing what a Rocket infested world would look like and shivered at the thought. He knew that if he could just somehow find some evolution stones, he could evolve his Eevee and he’d be able to battle other trainers and with an entire line-up of straight Eevee evolutions, he’d almost be guaranteed a win every time and he could pay off his debt or even just keep safe.

          Jake finally made it to his apartment building in northwestern Goldenrod which was on the eighteenth floor of twenty-one levels. The door led to a deck which was accessible to all the tenants and was on the southern side of the building. On the end of the deck were stairs leading up and down. The apartments were so horrible inside, that it was about $150 a month. This was good because most of these tenants couldn’t afford anything else.

          Jake pulled his keys out of his pocket and finally found his apartment key. He jammed it into the lock, turned the door knob and pushed the door open with one movement before stumbling inside the threshold. He regained his footing only to see Giovanni himself inside, sitting down in the least tattered chair and his back was turned to the door. Giovanni was accompanied by eight of the black-cloaked Rockets standing about the room ominously.

          “We’ve been expecting you, Jake,” said Giovanni in his usual cold, deep voice.

          “We’ll let you go if you have the money.”

          “I don’t have it,” he replied, trying to sound reassuring. “I need another month or so.”

          “I don’t have another month. I need the money now.” Giovanni raised his hand a little and snapped his fingers. His guards advanced on Jake.

          Jake turned as fast as he could and ran down the hallway and down the stairs to the seventeenth level. He decided to fake out his pursuers by not running down the rest of the stairs and ran to the opposite end of the deck. He was cut off by two of the Rockets who jumped down from the upper deck. This plan already failed. Typical.

          Jake turned around and the other six were right there. One of them threw a Pokéball and a Noctowl came out. The Noctowl flew at him, pecking him hard in the head. He threw his hand to his head over a huge gash which was bleeding heavily. He backed up in his short lived agony and he fell over the railing to the street below. Jake pictured everything he could have done. This was how he was going to die. He saw the ground getting bigger. His favorite Eevee, the one that didn’t want to evolve jumped out of his bag.

          “Eevee, get out of here!” yelled Jake.

          Eevee began to glow. It took a different shape. Jake couldn’t tell what it was; it wasn’t a Leafeon or Glaceon. It couldn’t be a Vaporeon, Flareon or Jolteon because he didn’t use a stone. It also couldn’t be an Umbreon because the sun was still barely up. His last guess was Espeon but it began to grow wings and a large tail and that was all he remembered.


          Anyone know how to change the title of a thread? I'm an idiot and can't figure it out. Also, the current title I have right now is horrible.
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            Chapter 5: The Mining Town
            Jim Wagner, a tall, handsome and burly man of swung his pick at the wall of rocks and knocked off a fist sized chunk of topaz. This would make a great fire stone, he thought as he picked it up and placed it into his cargo pants pocket, looking around to make sure none of the other miners were watching.

            Jim was in luck for they were all too busy finding gems here and there.

            He had about enough evolution stones in his house to run his own shop. He also knew how to enchant the stones to make them effective. For a firestone, you had to take a topaz and let it sit in fire for a day. To make a leaf stone, an Emerald had to be left in a forest or grassy field for a day. To make a moonstone, one must take a meteorite piece and leave it in moonlight the entire night. Waterstones were sapphires left inside a tub of water. A sunstone is made by a ruby being left in sunlight for an entire day. A thunderstone is made from a peridot being left in an electrical source of energy for a day or withstanding a lightning strike. Shiny stones are made from diamonds having an artificial light shone on them for a day. A dawn stone is made from an aquamarine sitting in outside at dawn or sunrise and a duskstone is made from amethyst sitting out at dusk or sunset.

            Unfortunately, most gems that they found weren’t in large pieces so they had to fuse them together and he couldn’t sneak into the welding plant and steal the finished stones. He also didn’t know how to fuse them either so he only found a decent stone every two weeks.

            Jim made it to a solid barrier and couldn’t get through. He threw a ball at the wall and a Dugtrio came out. “Dugtrio, use earthquake on the cavern of a magnitude 2 and then use dig to get through the wall until it gets less dense again.” The Dugtrio went under ground and made the ground shake and then popped up into the wall. It began to crumble away and a few gem pieces fell out of the wall. Jim returned his Dugtrio and began picking through the debris, picking up bits of topaz here and there and putting them into his gem bags.

            After about an hour of just picking out smaller bits and pieces into his bags, a bell echoed through the dimly lit tunnel. Jim checked his watch and it was 5:00, time to go home. He got up with the rest of his fellow employees and walked toward the entrance to the mine to the west. After about five minutes of walking, he finally made it to the end of the tunnel and he was forced to shield his eyes from the bright light. He looked at the sunset after his eyes adjusted and sighed in satisfaction.

            Jim walked to his supervisor, Steve Ericson, in his small hut of an office and emptied his bags of topaz pieces while making sure Steve didn’t notice the bulge in his pockets. Steve counted and weighed the bits and nodded in approval.

            “Here’s your paycheck, Jim” Steve said as he handed an envelope to Jim labeled Wagner. “You got a bonus because you and your Pokémon are such skilled miners.”

            “Thank you, sir,” replied Jim. Any extra money was good.

            “On your good days, you can find about three times more than the other miners,” said Steve, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head.

            “Thank you, sir. May I leave now?”

            Steve was phasing out until he suddenly jerked his head and twitched. “What? Yeah, you can go. See you on Monday.”

            Jim turned around, went out the door and began walking north to Blackthorn City up route 45 to his small house. He was lucky to be able to afford a two-story house with a basement, which was good because he was trying to figure out ways to create an earth stone to evolve certain rock or ground Pokémon into new Pokémon. He then remembered that he had to get his dusk stone off the roof.

            Jim finally made it to Blackthorn City and walked to his house on the outskirts to the west. His house was surrounded by cliffs to the north, south and west. He let all of his Pokémon out of their balls. “Ok, you can do whatever you want; go get something to eat first.” All of his Pokémon ran or dug over to their food in the corner of his small kitchen.

            He walked down stairs and took the topaz he found that day out of his jacket pocket and put it into a small furnace he had. About that time tomorrow, it would be a firestone. He walked back upstairs to his kitchen and upstairs to his bedroom where he climbed out the window to the roof where he put his duskstones and dawnstones. He checked the amethyst and it was glowing slightly. Thankfully, it worked. He picked it up and put it into his pocket.

            Jim looked to the sky and saw something flying at him. It looked like a Dragonite and a Vaporeon at the same time, but he had no idea what it was. It had a person on its back and as it flew even closer, he realized that the person was unconscious. The dragon like Pokémon flew at his house appearing to struggle. Jim waved at it to motion that it was ok to land on his house. The Pokémon saw him and flew straight down and landed with a thump on his roof. It collapsed and rolled out from underneath the man on its back. It was barely large enough to carry the person a short distance and it looked like it came from Violet City judging by the direction it came over the mountains.

            Jim picked up the person and carried him to the window; he ducked down as he went through the frame. He immediately laid him on the bed. He unclipped and took off a large sports bag that was on his back and the unknown Pokémon followed him. It walked over and sat down next to the man on the bed.

            “You can go up on the bed you know,” said Jim to the Pokémon. The Pokémon jumped up, folded its wings and lay down, resting its head on its master’s leg.

            Jim examined the man; he was a little short and probably a in his late teens or early twenties as his face was gaunt and his straight brown hair was thick, but appeared to have been matted in sweat and since he last showered. Looking closer, he noticed blood leaking from his forehead. He was wearing a grey suit and Jim concluded that he was a security guard because his jacket had “Goldenrod City Casino” on it.

            Jim went to his kitchen and grabbed some ice and put into a small bag. He ran back upstairs, grabbing a towel and bandages and as he placed the bag on the man’s forehead, the Pokémon snapped at him. “I’m just trying to stop his head from swelling,” Jim said as he tried to convince the Pokémon who was growling at him. “I won’t hurt him. Just try to get some rest. You must be exhausted.”

            The Pokémon rested its head again keeping one open eye on Jim as he wiped off the blood from Jake’s face. As Jim got the blood off Jake’s face, he discovered that he was actually rather handsome. He took the man’s jacket off and saw a name tag that read ‘Jake Stockton’. He turned to the Pokémon and asked, “Is his name Jake?”

            The Pokémon nodded.

            “Is he your master?”

            It nodded again.

            “Are you hungry?”

            It nodded yet again.

            “Come down stairs and I’ll get you something to eat.” He walked over to the door and turned back to the Pokémon.

            The Pokémon got up and nibbled on the zipper of the unconscious Jake’s sports bag. He managed to open it and an Eevee popped its head up. It nudged around and with six red flashes six more Eevee came out of the bag. They all ran to Jake, sniffing him and licking him.

            “That must mean you used to be an Eevee,” pondered Jim out loud.

            The dragon Pokémon nodded.

            “Are they hungry, too?”

            The Pokémon nodded again.

            “I’ll bring something upstairs to you and something for Jake when he wakes up if that’s ok with you.”

            They all nodded that time. Jim smiled and walked out the door. His Growlithe and Vulpix ran into his room under his feet and ran back out in surprise from the stranger and his eight Pokemon on the bed. Jim laughed and walked down the stairs thinking of what to ask the strange man when he regained consciousness.


            My two favorite characters have been introduced. I'm nowhere near finished yet introducing the main characters yet.
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              Chapter 6: Beginning the Search

              Eugene sat in the office of Officer Janice Ian with Sam Davies. Sam was seventeen. He had dropped out of high school and his parents kicked him out of the house. He got a job as a fireman and has been able to support himself ever since. Leo, Eugene’s son, was also Sam’s best friend.

              Officer Janice was talking on the phone, just listening and saying “yes” or “ok”, shaking her head. Her last phrase on the phone was “I understand” and she put the phone down and began to pull her long blue hair in distress.

              “What is it?” asked Eugene.

              “The captain said we can’t get put any other personnel on your case right now other than me. The Rocket attacks are killing us.”

              “Now what?” Eugene asked.

              “He said that you can help search for him with me. I advise this because you have no house and if you were to rebuild one it would probably just be burnt down again in the Rocket uprisings. Intelligence says there’s about 200,000-maybe more-members currently enrolled in the organization. That’s almost a twentieth of the size of the Kanto population.”

              Eugene nodded his head. “I guess I have no other choice. Where do you think my son is?”

              “I think he’s in Goldenrod right now because an ex-member’s house there was just broken into by an elite group of Rocket members and Sir Giovanni himself. Leo’s probably close by.”

              “Alright, I’m going to go to my office and tell my employees what’s going on. I’ll see you around, Sam.”

              “Actually, Sam has been assigned to protect you.”

              “I thought you were a firefighter,” said Eugene confused.

              “Actually, I originally was just a police officer but they wanted my Blastoise in the firefighting system because it was immune to burns and has an abnormally powerful Hydropump. They just kept me on call for the police department just in case.”


              “We’ll leave as soon as you tell your secretary. She can tell everyone else what’s going on.”

              Eugene came out of the branch of Silph Company he managed. Then he, Sam and Janice walked west into route 42 toward Ecrukteak City, with packs on their backs. Not sure of what they’re leaving and not quite sure what to prepare themselves for. After an hour of walking they came to a deep lake surrounded by cliffs to the north and south with no path around to the other side.

              Sam took out a Pokéball and his Lapras came out.

              “Lapras, ferry us over to the other side,” he told it.

              Lapras jumped into the water with a huge splash.

              “Hold still while we get on.”

              They jumped on and Lapras skid itself across the water quite quickly.

              Suddenly, Sam saw a Marill in the corner of his eye. It was bouncing on the water and off the cliffs happily. “I’m gonna catch this, he said.” He took out another Pokéball and pushed the button. A Scyther came out. “Scyther, use Falseswipe on the Marill when it gets close to us.”

              The Scyther went under water and popped up to breathe for half a second before submerging again. The Marill was bouncing across the water and the Scyther jumped up and slashed at the Marill from behind. The Marill fell down and floated on the surface.

              “Great work, Scyther!” said Sam taking out another Pokéball and threw it at the Marill.

              Marill was sucked inside the ball and didn’t even wiggle. It floated on the water and began to sink.

              “Scyther! Catch the Pokéball!” The Scyther dove into the water and grabbed it with its claws. It rose back to the surface and flew the ball back over to Sam. “Thanks, Scyther.” The ball disappeared a second after it went into his hand. “I can’t believe that was only my seventh Pokémon.”

              “Sam, we need to go,” said Janice. “We don’t have enough time.”

              “Oh, right. Lapras go to the other side of the lake,” ordered Sam, snapping out of his euphoria.
              Lapras cruised across and in five minutes they made it to the other side.

              They walked further down the road until they saw another lake. The sun was beginning to set.

              “I think we’ll camp here tonight,” said Janice.

              They set up their blankets on the ground because they didn’t have enough time to get tents and began cooking their dinner. They were close to Ecrukteak City which was about two hours away so they would proceed in the morning, making it around 9:00.

              They released all their Pokémon from their balls to let them go play or explore in the woods close by. They were enjoying their dinner when a scream came from the lake. They looked up and their Pokémon ran out of the woods to their sides ready for anything.

              “What was that?” asked Eugene.

              “It sounded like a person,” said Sam.

              “Dragonite, go check it out,” said Eugene.
              Eugene’s Dragonite flew up into the air and soared over the lake, looking for someone or something. It flew down and retrieved a girl from the water. She was wearing a swim cap and a bathing suit with four Pokéballs clipped onto it.

              “I’ll check these balls and see what I can make of her,” said Janice. She took her balls and released an Ursaring, Chansey, Blissey, and Chinchou. The Blissey and Chansey ran over to the woman and began doing weird things to her. Then the girl awoke and got up with a jolt.

              “Did I die?” she asked.

              “No,” replied Eugene. “My Dragonite saved you.”

              She turned to the Dragonite. “Thank you.

              Dragonite nodded.

              “What happened to you just now? Why did you scream?” Janice asked her.

              “Well, I was out for my nightly swim and this Lanturn accidentally shocked me,” she explained to them. “Kind of caught me by surprise and I guess I passed out after I shouted. At least I caught it,” she added with a smile.

              “Well, be more careful next time,” said Eugene, sitting down again.

              The girl looked around and noticed that they were actually camping there without a tent.

              “Oh no, this won’t do. I’d like to take you back to my house seeing that you are sleeping in the dirt. My name’s Clarice by the way.”

              “I’m Janice and this is Sam.” Sam waved. “And this is Eugene.” Eugene nodded, respectfully. “We came from Mahogany Town.”

              “I’ve heard all about you, Doctor McStewart! I absolutely love your work! I read everything you publish religiously.”

              “Even last week’s report about how apricorns may have been more effective than the newer completely human made Pokemon captivation apparatus?”

              “That’s one of my favorites. I especially loved the segment relating the natural environment replicated in an apricorn being more effective in raising a Pokemon due to its familiarity with the particle break down. Ever since your development of healing capable pokeballs I’ve wanted to apply to study under you, but decided to be a tour guide and nurse instead.”

              “Well I’m sorry you didn’t,” said Eugene. “You seem like a smart young woman.”

              “I was only the valedictorian of my graduating class.”

              “Better than I did,” said Sam as he let out a giggle.

              Clarice looked at Sam for a second with a look of demeanor then said, “Please, come to my house and stay with me. It’s the least I can do for you for saving my life.”

              “No, that’s Okay,” said Eugene, holding his hands up.

              “Please. I won’t take no for an answer.”

              “If you insist,” said Sam, feeling no remorse from taking advantage of a girl’s hospitality. They all returned their Pokémon and picked up their things. They walked toward the water and Sam sent out his Lapras. They got on and Lapras soared across the water. The sun had set quite a while ago. When they got to the other side, Eugene got onto his Dragonite’s back and Janice got on her Arcanine with Clarice and let Sam ride her Houndoom. They made it to Ecrukteak City in about twenty minutes and walked through the gate. The security guard checked them and after an awkward silence, let them through.

              Clarice’s house was in the far northeast corner of Ecrukteak City and she had her own property. Her house was right next to the forest and there was a little garden which was well kept.

              “Ursaring does all the garden work for me,” Clarice explained. “He’s so amazing that I’m thinking of hiring him out. I’m thinking about getting a few Mareep so they can trim the lawn for him. He doesn’t like doing that so much.”

              They walked inside and there was a tiny kitchen with a small square table for four.

              “There’s only one spare bedroom and I think that Janice should have it. Feel free to eat anything while I’m gone and take a shower whenever you like. I’ll hear everything about your journey as soon as I get back.”

              “Where are you going?” asked Janice.

              “Don’t worry. I’m going to the Pokémon center. I work night shifts. I’ll go upstairs and change and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Sam and Eugene, you can sleep on the couch in the living room. Sorry, there’s only one and Ursaring likes to sleep on the floor so you won’t be able to fit on the floor there. Your Pokémon can sleep outside or inside. I don’t care.”

              Sam and Eugene glanced at each other in disgust provoking a laugh from Janice

              After about ten minutes, Clarice came back downstairs dressed in her Nurse Joy outfit and her long brown hair done and Blissey’s and Chansey’s Pokéballs with her.

              “I’ll see you in the morning,” she said, winking one of her bright blue eyes.

              She walked outside and Ursaring walked over to the large rug in the center of the middle of the living room, lay down and nearly covered all the floor space.

              “She wasn’t kidding,” said Sam. “How do you think a girl like her managed to catch a beast like that?”

              “She probably caught it as a Teddiursa,” replied Eugene who had already laid himself down on the couch.

              Sam sighed and found a recliner and attempted to sleep sitting up, but he eventually ended up on the floor next to Ursaring.

              Tomorrow, they would get up once again and continue the search for Eugene’s missing son.


              I forgot how boring these chapters are. Anyway, same as usual. Let me know what you thought. (If you're even reading it.)

              Have a nice weekend.
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                Chapter 7: Finally
                Jake thought about getting up and going to work. I should probably get up. I have to take a shower, eat breakfast, run my errands, check whatever... He tried to get up, leaving his eyes closed. Why does my body ache so much? What did I do last night. I haven’t been to a party in like three years….

                “Team Rocket!” Jake sat up in a heartbeat. He opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a strange room; its strangest attribute was cleanliness. WTF! His apartment was never clean.

                He saw his Pokémon sleeping around him on his bed and a few sunbathing on the window sill. There were only seven Eevee, though. He looked for the eighth one and instead of an Eevee he saw a strange Pokémon that looked like a Dragonite but with four legs and no arms instead of standing on its haunches. “Are you an Eevee evolution?”

                The Pokémon nodded.

                “Are you my Pokémon? What are you?”

                It nodded again. “Wyverneon.”

                “You must be the dragon form of Eevee.”

                Wyverneon nodded.

                “That’s cool. I guess you’re what I saw before I blacked out. Strange way for a Pokémon to evolve if you ask me.”

                It nuzzled him. Jake stroked its rigid spine and it lay its head back down on his legs. “Where am I?”

                A Vulpix came in the open bedroom door. Something tapped into Jake’s brain. “Don’t worry,” he heard. “You are in the home of my master. Your Wyverneon brought you here.”

                “Are you using psychic on me?” asked Jake.

                “Yes. My master was wise and taught me a variety of different moves. I even know water techniques.”

                “Wow. Where is your master?”

                “He’s downstairs, sleeping on the couch. His name is Jim.”

                Jake got up. He found he had been undressed. He felt his head. It burned when he touched and gingerly, he groped at a large bump covered by bandages on his head. It must have been when that Noctowl hit me on the head. He got dressed in his jeans and sweatshirt he had packed into his duffel bag and walked downstairs. He looked into the living room where there was a man a little over six feet tall snoozing on the couch, who Jake immediately assumed was Jim. Jim was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt a size too small which exposed a strong build with his bare feet propped on the arm rest. Jake pondered for a moment what he might do for a living, because he was very attractive: strong jaw beneath a thick layer of scruff, and his arms were defined and vascular.

                Jake looked around and saw that the house seemed fairly cozy. The kitchen was inviting and had a bar protruding from the wall with lots of counter space.

                Jim woke up and saw Jake. “So you finally woke up. You’ve been out since you got here two days ago. You hungry?”

                “Yeah, thanks for everything. Was I really out for two days?”

                “Maybe longer than that depending on how long it took your dragon type Eevee to get you here.”

                Jake thought about it for a second. He hadn’t eaten since the day before he got attacked by Giovanni. “So… what do you have to eat?”

                “I’ll make us some pancakes.” Jim got up and walked past him into the kitchen. “I want to learn everything about you. It’s not everyday that there’s a trainer with seven Eevee and an unknown dragon type Pokemon.”

                “Well…” Jake paused. He had never told anyone about his life. His Eevee came downstairs. The dragon Pokémon nodded, as if showing him that he should trust him. “The leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, hunts me as we speak so I’ll understand if you want me to leave. I was born in Cherrygrove City. I was fourteen when my parents died unexpectedly. After that I had nothing and no one. So I began walking up the road toward Violet City. Giovanni found me and tried to get me to join Team Rocket. He said he’d give me a loan and to go out and find some Pokémon to raise. When I did, I’d work for him. I said yes and took the money. I had no clue what Team Rocket was at the time, because I was so young and ignorant. Then I heard on the news that Team Rocket had taken over the radio tower in Goldenrod City. From then on, Giovanni has been trying to hunt me down ever since, trying to take anything he can from me. He might have also wanted my security key for the casino. That’s where I work. I heard that that McStewart guy’s house burned down in Mahogany and I had learned from my various connections that all Rocket outposts were to attack when word of that reached them. I knew that they would come for me soon after so I ran to my apartment to get ready to flee somewhere. That’s when I found Giovanni with his dark elite in my apartment. I tried to escape from the apartment complex. One of the dark elite jumped onto the stairs below me and their Noctowl pecked me in the face. I fell over the railing and my Eevee evolved; that’s all I remember before waking up in your house. Where are we anyway?”

                “This is Blackthorn City.”

                “Oh. That’s a mind freak if I ever hear of one.”

                “Your pancakes are ready.”

                “Thanks.” Jake took the plate from Jim over the counter and set them down. He drenched them in syrup and began to devour it. He stopped a second. “Is this maple syrup?”

                “Yeah, my Sandslash makes it from the sap of the maple trees outside.”

                “Wow,” said Jake with his mouth full before he resumed eating. “This is delicious. I wish I could eat like this every day.”

                Jim’s back was turned to Jake. He smiled. That would be nice.

                “Now I’ll tell you about myself,” said Jim from the kitchen as he began cooking a batch of pancakes for himself. “I was born and raised here in Blackthorn. I come from a long line of miners. They made evolution stones by stealing decent sized gems from the mines. They taught me how to make them, too. My goal right now is to become a Ninetales and Arcanine breeder and evolve all of them. I might even form my own gym here in Johto. Anyway, my parents were off working while I was sick at home. They didn’t come home that day. I waited until midnight and finally, my current supervisor, Steve, came in and told me my parents died in a Koffing incident. Apparently, a Koffing got into the mine and released a bunch of gas everywhere, killing all seventeen miners. The house was left to me and here I am, the best evolution stone miner in Blackthorn City making evolution stones.”

                “Wait a minute!” exclaimed Jake with a fork half way to his mouth. “You can make evolution stones?”

                “Yeah, why?”

                “I’ve been looking for stones for a decent price for the past two years and I was wondering if you had any extras.”

                “I can give you them for free.”

                “Are you serious?” Jake began to think it was a trick from his past experiences.

                “Yeah, in fact,” he opened a drawer in the kitchen. “They’re right here.” Jim produced a firestone, thunderstone and waterstone from a drawer in the kitchen.

                “This is amazing. My Eevee can finally evolve!”

                “Why don’t you try it after you finish your breakfast?”


                This boring stuff is almost finished... I think. I personally love these parts.
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