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    This fic is rated M for some blood and swearing, among other things.

    Loosely based off DarkAmethyst's rp "The Deadly Alliance" on PE2k.

    Already put something in the Plot Bunny Thread.

    (Chapter, part one)

    [Pokemon Crusade HQ, undisclosed location]

    Eric Damon, one of two cofounders of the Pokemon Crusaders, the rebellion against Team Rocket, was training alongside his Feraligatr in a high-tech simulation. Eric was a slim, redheaded, Caucasian young man of 20 years. He was wearing a black shirt, a red cape, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers. On his right arm was a gold-painted Snag Machine.

    Eric threw a punch in towards the face of a Rocket Grunt hologram, which faded away afterwards.

    Feraligatr was tearing through a hologram of a Nidoking with ease.

    "Nice going, Feraligatr!" Eric said with enthusiasm, and a British accent.

    Feraligatr roared in victory.

    The simulation shut off, and a youngster came in the room panicking.

    "Sir! Peggy has been kidnapped by some Rocket Grunts! And they left this note!" the Youngster, named Joey, shouted as he ran into the room.

    "Arceus Dammit! Those bastards NEVER give up, do they? Give me the note." Eric shouted in anger.

    Joey gave Eric the note, and Eric read it aloud.

    "Attention Eric Damon:
    We have your girlfriend. If you don't meet us in Celadon City, you will never see her pretty ebony face again! We do not plan on killing her, because we will keep her around as a slave. - Rocket Executive Loki"

    "Joey. Take care of the base. I will leave you in charge of the base while I'm gone!"

    Eric ran to the docks, and called out his Pidgeot from its Pokeball.

    "Pidgeot! Fly me to Celadon City!" Eric commanded.

    Pidgeot cawed, and Eric jumped onto its back.

    It was a two-hour flight from the HQ, and Pidgeot landed in front the Celadon Game Corner, which is presumably run by Team Rocket.

    Eric returned Pidgeot to its Pokeball, and kicked the door open.

    He proceeded to send out his Luxray. And some Grunts and Scientists who were gambling were extremely startled.

    Luxray growled. Eric saw a switch, and Luxray used Discharge, and the power to the casino went out, and two of the Rocket Grunts were electrocuted to death.

    "Serves those wankers right!" Eric said before he spat in one of the dead Grunts' mouths., then running over to the switch, which stuck out of a poster of Giovanni's face that resemble an image of a German World War II-Era propaganda.

    He pressed the switch, and some stairs appeared that went down.
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