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Old November 3rd, 2012 (5:18 PM).
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Here's my current White 2 team (game's been long beaten) in order of capture

1. Kenshin (Samurott)
2. Shana (Arcanine)
3. Psykat (Espeon)
4. Valiance (Braviary)
5. Chikara (Ampharos)
6. Viserion (Shiny Haxorus)

1-5 was my team that I beat the E4 with and then my Haxorus was added after

It's a pretty OP team if you ask me Made the game a little easy

Then I have all my Black EV/IV trained pokemon transferred over

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Old November 3rd, 2012 (5:28 PM).
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My team at the moment isss:

Servine - Level 21
Koffing - Level 21
Buneary - Level 18
Eevee - Level 18

I'm still early on in the game as you can probably tell, but I'm intending for them all to evolve and Eevee shall become either Flareon or Glaceon depending on how I feel at the time. I wanted Leafeon ideally but then that'd be two pure Grass types D; As for the other two members, I haven't really decided yet but I'm hoping for Bronzor and probably some Water type for Surfing :D Also need a Flyer though so might have to make a few changes soon...
Old November 3rd, 2012 (5:57 PM).
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I just made my own team:
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Old November 3rd, 2012 (10:43 PM).
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Tepig - 37
Trapinch -34
Wartortle (aka shellshocker) - 29
Marowak - 35
Deerling - 32

Sneasel is supposed to be in the last slot if i can get it from DW soon, if not swinub will go in.


Old November 4th, 2012 (12:17 AM).
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Originally Posted by Mr155555 View Post
so What is Your Team Once you get This Game My Team Once I get This Game Should Be Like This
1-Samurott (Since i Picked Snivy in White i Decided to give it a try)
2-Lucario (one of my all Times Favorite Pokemon)
3-Ampharos(I Decided To Use A Pokemon From My Old Heartgold Team and Ampharos Was A Bro There)
4-Flygon(Like Ampharos I Used It in My Original Heartgold Team And I Know How Awesome Flygon Can Be)
6-Espeon(Gotta Have My eeveelution)
Pokemon, Ability and Moveset: (please rate Thanks!)
Emboar @Reckless
-Wild Charge
-Head Smash
Serperior @Contrary
-Leaf Storm
-Hyper Beam
-Dragon Pulse
Staraptor @Reckless
-Brave Bird
-Double Edge
-Close Combat
-U Turn
Swampert @Moldbreaker
-Giga Impact
-Ice Beam
Glaceon @Ice Body
-Hyper Beam
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

(For Legendary)
Old November 4th, 2012 (1:32 AM).
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^ -- this is just a thread to post your team...

Anyway, I have only gotten to the earth gym and my team, atm, is:

Pignite- lvl 31
Deino (traded) - lvl 28
Elekid - lvl 28
Braviary - lvl 25
Possibly, Zorua - Lvl 25

And want a carracosta in my team, but will have to trade that.
Old November 5th, 2012 (11:33 PM). Edited November 5th, 2012 by Mr. X.
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Just now going through victory road.

Lucario lvl 61
Inner Focus, Wise Glasses
Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Psychic
*Going to get rid of Psychic for Work Up*

Starmie lvl 56
Natural Cure, Wise Glasses
Psychic, Power Gem, Surf, Ice Beam

Drapion lvl 55
Battle Armor, Muscle Band
X-Scissor, Poison Fang, Crunch, Hone Claws

Arcanine lvl 55
Strength, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Reversal
*Going to get rid of Reversal for... well, something.*

Elektross lvl 55
Levitate, Magnet
Crunch, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Discharge
*Tempted to swap this for my Magnazone*

Unfezant lvl 50
Super Luck, Scope Lens
Razor Wind, Leer, Fly, Air Slash

Unfezant is still the weak link. Going to swap it out, not sure what for yet. Proably Flygon or Gliscor though. It gets a lot of crits, but the moveset is still complete crap.
Old November 6th, 2012 (9:01 AM).
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Just got through Victory road.
Doing this from memory, so there's a slight risk of error :P

Pkmn Trainer Mei

Kensei[email protected]

Ice Beam - Surf
Megahorn - H.Power (Electric)

Reiki[email protected] Coin

Aura Sphere - Bone Rush
Dragon Pulse - Dark Pulse

Smasher[email protected] Lens

Rosk Slide - Head Smash
Autotomize - Bulldoze

Lumiere[email protected] Claw

Energy Ball - Flamethrower
H.Power (Fighting) - Shadow Ball

NightWing[email protected] (or Flying Gem)

Acrobatics - Bite
Cross Poison - Fly

Sirocco[email protected] Helmet

Dragon Claw - Dig
Strength - Crunch

...Needless to say, I've gotta change some of these movesets at some point :3
Old November 6th, 2012 (2:48 PM).
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In the post game now, so my team tends to switch around a lot, but my current 'main' team is:






And my final member tends to switch between my Gigalith and either my Omastar or Kabutops. :3
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Old November 6th, 2012 (4:02 PM).
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Just started playing Black2 yesterday (DS lite arrived a day earlier) spent all night playing, I'm at Virbank City, have not challenged Roxie yet, so for now my Pokemon are slightly lower levels, so far: (yep in order):

Level 13 - Purrloin [my favorite Unova Pokemon, so I'm never leaving it out of my team]
Level 15 - Oshawott
Level 12 - Pidove
Level 11 - Patrat
Level 11 - Vanipede
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Old November 6th, 2012 (4:27 PM).
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Hmm... The first time I beat the E4 I used

Milotic: Mio
Magnezone: AG
Serperior: J
Arcanine: Burst
Lucario: King
Flygon: Lupin

My team now is:
Old November 7th, 2012 (7:27 PM).
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This is the team I beat the E4 with the first time

Lv 57

Lv 56
-Cross Poison

Lv 58
-Dragon Tail
-Hi Jump Kick

Lv 55
-Heal Order
-Air slash
-Bug Buzz (I highly suggest levelling Combee up to 29 before evolving)
-Power Gem

Lv 57
-Thunder Wave
-Flash Cannon
-Volt Switch

Lv 55
-Earth Power
-Fire Blast
-Hidden Power (Rock)
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Old November 9th, 2012 (12:43 AM).
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This is the team I used to beat the Elite Four:

Samurott (M)
Dragon Tail/Aqua Jet/Surf/Scald

Lucario (F)
Force Palm/Shadow Claw/Swords Dance/Close Combat

Roserade (M)
Giga Drain/Toxic Spikes/Venoshock/Petal Dance

Zoroark (M)
Night Slash/Flamethrower/Shadow Ball/Nasty Plot

Landorus (M)
Swords Dance/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Dig

Haxorus (M)
Swords Dance/Shadow Claw/Dig/Dragon Claw

The movesets weren't ideal, but it held me up through the Elite Four; Zoroark took out two of them single-handed, which was quite funny to watch.
Old November 9th, 2012 (3:54 PM).
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Just after the sixth gym:

Golduck (Duckie) - Lv40
Surf, Water pulse, Aqua tail, Zen Headbutt.

Heracross (Some japanese writing) - Lv39
Close Combat, Brick break, Night slash, Aerial ace.

Magnezone (Static) - Lv42
Thundershock, Electro ball, Magnet bomb, Mirror shot.

Magmar (Blaze) - Lv39
Lava plume, Fire punch, Flame burst, Faint attack

Gabite (No nickname) - Lv40
Dragon claw, Dig, Dual Chop, Slash.

Glaceon (Glace) - Lv41
Ice beam, Shadow ball, Frost breath, Bite.
Old November 9th, 2012 (4:20 PM).
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My ingame team that beat the Elite Four was:

Lucario - Lv 60 (Probably my best, ended up being used the most)
Starmie - Lv 57 (Sucked when I first got it because of limited coverage, until all late game TMs)
Magnezone - Lv 54 (Good at first, but ended up being used just to take dragon hits)
Arcanine - Lv 60 (Powerful, but rather slow unfortunately)
Espeon - Lv 59 (Insane power, but nothing to take out dark types due to bad moveset)
Crobat - Lv 56 (Very useful early on, but soon became just a fly slave)
Old November 9th, 2012 (7:55 PM). Edited November 10th, 2012 by Cassino.
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Time for a post-game team post, now that I think I should be finally content with this.
Overall sluggish and reactional, not actually easy to work with on the set battle style. I suppose this team represents, above all else, a challenge to my (lack of) skills.

Porygon2 w/ Eviolite
- Tri Attack
- Conversion
- Shadow Ball
- Recover

Azumarill w/ Leftovers
Huge Power
- Waterfall
- Aqua Ring
- Ice Punch
- Light Screen

Sandslash w/ Zoom Lens
Sand Veil
- Earthquake
- Shadow Claw
- Stone Edge
- Rapid Spin

Altaria w/ Haban Berry
Natural Cure
- Hyper Voice
- Roost
- Heal Bell
- Cotton Guard

Yanmega w/ Expert Belt
Speed Boost
- Bug Buzz
- Psychic
- Giga Drain
- AncientPower

Absol w/ Scope Lens
Super Luck
- Night slash
- Sucker Punch
- Superpower
- Swords Dance
Old November 10th, 2012 (5:46 AM).
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Black 2 Team:

White 2 Team:
Magneton (I like magneton, not magnezone)

Currently I'm playing PB2 and it's being really nice!
Old November 10th, 2012 (8:32 AM).
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Current Team:

Emboar (Bo)
-Wild Charge

-Shadow Ball
-Night Daze
-Foul Play

Golduck (Blue)
-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump
-Zen Headbutt

Galvantula (Duranchula)
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball

Haxorus (Hex)
-Dragon Pulse

Golurk (Mars)
-Hammer Arm
-Heavy Slam

Any suggestions on improving their movesets?
Old November 10th, 2012 (8:45 AM).
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Current Team:

Looking for another team member. At eighth gym. :3
Old November 10th, 2012 (9:31 AM).
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Current team:

Thinking of making a Eev(ee)olved team instead for the Elite Four:
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Old November 14th, 2012 (6:45 AM).
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Old November 14th, 2012 (11:33 AM).
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I'm almost to the Elite 4 but I think my team will be my current (unless a better replacement is offered):
-Sawsbuck (who REALLY needs to learn strength, btw, gamefreak, I'm looking at you >.>)
~haxorus has mold breaker
Old November 15th, 2012 (2:53 AM).
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Throughout the story until the elite four, mine was:

Exploring and Catching wild pokémon:
Bibarel =B - Has Cut, Surf, Stregth and Super Fang
Haxorus - False Swipe
Kabutops - Waterfall
Thundurus - Prankster Thunder Wave
Crobat - Fly, Thief, Confuse Ray
Another random pokémon

On Black tower and other battling things:
Ninetails (drought)
Charizard (solar power)
Politoed (drizzle)
Kabutops (swift swim)
Thundurus (Volt Absorb/Prankster - depends on my mood, I change him with the mirror thing)
Lucario (Steadfast)
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Mine was this:


I usually arrange them in rainbow color order.
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Old November 21st, 2012 (7:03 AM).
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I've changed some of my Pokemon from my Pokemon White in team game:
Unfezant (which later gets replaced by Hydregion, but I still use sometimes)


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