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    I'm Italian, sorry for my bad english.

    CHAPTER ONE - The beginning!

    "Yo Gligar!" Screamed Haito "Where are you?"
    "Glee, Glee!" Answered Gligar, coming down from a tree.
    "See Gligar, we are going through Route 1, the first important route in Kanto..."

    Haito is from Blackthorn city. He and Gligar are friends since Haito was five and met him. Now, Haito is sixteen and he began travelling in Kanto.

    "Gligar, can you see it? It's Viridian City!" "Gli-goo-gli!"

    They began walking through the city, when Haito stopped in front of a giant building.

    "Gligar, this is the first gym we could face! But... the door is closed!"
    An old man came across Haito and told him that the door was closed because the gym leader is travelling across the world to pursuit his rival.

    "Holy crap, Gligar. I'm very disappointed!" Told Haito to Gligar.
    "Hey you, are you a trainer?" Yelled someone to Haito. "Yes, and who are you?"

    "My name is Evan, nice to meet you!" "Nice to meet you too, wanna battle?" "Yeah, but not now. I was going to the Trainer House so I can enter myself to the pokémon league tournament!" "Well, you just got me remember that I should enter myself too, so we could go together!" "Let's go!"

    Evan and Haito arrived at the Trainer House, where the examiner approached to them.

    "Greetings, rookies! I never saw you two right here!"
    "Yeah, actually we have to register ourselves to take part in the league tournament!"

    Some minutes later, he gave them two trainer cards, where their achievement will be registered. Then, he take them to a great arena.

    "Since the gym leader is not in Viridian, I will fight you two in a gym match! Go, Spearow!"
    "Can I fight first?" "Sure" "Let's go Rattata!"

    The fight portrayed for several minutes, then something interrupted the battle!

    "Grimer, Haze!" "Venonat, Supersonic!"
    "What's this noise?" screamed Haito, Gligar was very annoyed by the attack.
    "It's team Arcadia! Damn!"

    "You're right!" "And we are going to steal all your pokémon!"
    "My name is Serenity!" "I'm Seth!"
    "Grimer, use Thunderbolt!" Spearow and Rattata fainted, and Gligar was the only one who could fight against them.

    "Gligar, use Slash!" Grigar's attack failed, and he hit himself because he was confused.
    "Arcadia ball!" Serenity threw two violet pokéballs, that caught Spearow and Rattata!
    "Damn! Gligar use Knock Off!" This time, Gligar's attack hit the target, and he stole them the two balls!
    "Go Rattata! Use Hyper Fang!" The attack hit Serenity's Venonat who fainted!
    "Let's escape!" They disappeared in the haze.

    "Congratulations! I'm proud of you! These badges are for you two, who have saved the Trainer House from those criminals!"
    "Well... I'm not arrogant, but I cannot accept the badge for you! I want to defeat the true leader! I'm going to return when I will have seven badges! Wait for me!"
    "Yeah... He is right... Me and Rattata have to become stronger..."

    The same evening, Haito and Evan left the Trainer House and headed to Viridian Forest!

    "Then... We are mates?"
    "Yeah, I think so. I can't wait the moment in which we are going to battle at the pokémon league!"
    "Yeah buddy! We two, Gligar and Rattata!"

    Main character debuts:
    - Haito
    - Evan
    - Seth
    - Serenity

    Pokémon debuts:
    - Gligar (Haito's)
    - Spearow (Examiner's)
    - Rattata (Evan's)
    - Grimer (Seth's)
    - Venonat (Serenity's)
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