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    Just started making them, I've been meaning to make a new site for them. Any feedback would be wicked awesome! I just copy and pasted this from my facebook pages notes, and I'm in a rush, so sorry its in a weird format.

    Still working on character development, which will be more apparent in Chapters 4 + 5. More characters being added also. I need more opinions on the writing style.

    Nerine Adventures: Episode 1, Prologue

    In a house on the outskirts Azalea Town

    "Wake up!!!"

    ... .. *sigh* .. What time is it?... *I checked the clock* OH GOD! I'm late, I'm late!

    I don't think I possibly could have put my clothes on faster, without breaking some law of physics. I choked down breakfast, grabed my pokégear and my bag. I was about to leave as my mom called out to me, "Stop! You weren't going to leave your sister and me to go on your big adventure without saying goodbye, were you?

    "Mom, I'll be back tonight, I'm just going to New Bark Town for the day, jeez. It's not like I'm going to Sinnoh or anything.

    "Kai, I am not taking that attitude right now, you know what your father said ab- Nevermind, we don't have time for this right now, go on, love you!

    "Bye big bro!"

    "Bye Mom, love you. Bye Zeleia, see you tonight!" I got on my bike, and began my ride to my Dad's office.

    "Wait, honey! Stay out of the tall grass on your way, I don't want to have to take you to the doctor's office like last time you took a shortcut!"

    I pretended like I didn't hear, last thing I need is to be more late. I don't really care if I get attacked along the way, I'll take the shortcut no matter how many times I get scratched by those annoying Sentrets.

    I'm Kai Nerine (NAY-reen) from Azalea Town, I just turned 10 two days ago, and i'm going to go get my first pokémon form Professor Elm in New Bark Town. My birthday is 3 weeks after the usual pokémon starter day, so I'm not sure if I'll get a Chikorta like I hoped, but I'd be happy with anything really!

    At Kai's father's office

    "Hey Dad! I'm here to borrow your Noctowl, it knows its way back right?"

    "It knows how to get back from Mahogany Town, I think it'll be fine. I hope you know this is a big day in your life, a child's first pokémon is a sign of growing up, and it's a huge responsibility to look after it."

    "I know dad, can I please go already, I'm so excited, I can hardly sit still!"

    "Okay, calm down, here she is. See you for dinner tonight"

    He handed me the pokéball. As I grabbed on to it he didn't loosen his grip, and then he looked me in the eye, and said, "I'm proud of you son." He always said that, at my sports games, when I go tmy report card, but it never meant as much to me as it did right then.

    "Thanks. I love you, and I'll see you later!"

    I ran outside as fast as I could. I held Noctowl's pokéball. As I did, I noticed a strange pattern on it, a weird purple and yellow spikey patern. I passed it off as nothing, and released Noctowl. "Okay Noctowl, let's go!"

    I hopped on flew off to New Bark Town.

    In New Bark Town

    "Now where could the lab be, I just saw it from above. Man I wish Noctowl could have dropped me off there, instead of at the park. Who would have guessed a bird would want to play..."

    "Hey there, you in the blue hoodie!" I turned my head, and saw a young girl about my age.

    "Oh, what, me?" I replied.

    "Yeah you! You looked lost!"

    "I'm not lost!"

    "Oh really, than why have you walked down this street three times since I've been sitting here?"

    Strange, I didn't think I had. "Uh, yeah, I guess I may be a little, err.. 'off course'.

    Do you know where Elm Labrotory is?"

    "Of course I know where that is, I've only lived here my whole life," she giggled. "Here let me bring you there. By the way, I'm Rosemary!"

    "I'm Kai, nice to meet you! I'm from Azalea Town, and I'm here to get my first pokémon,"

    "Oh, that's cool, but it's kinda late, isn't it? That happened like a month ago."

    "Yeah, I know, it's a thing with my birthday."

    "Oh that's too bad...... Okay, here we are!"

    "Thanks, well I'll see you around!"

    "Hopefully, bye!"

    Well, here I am, about to start my pokémon adventure! Who knows what one I'll get? Man, I hope it's a Chikorita.
    Read Prologue before reading Chapter 1

    Nerine Adventures: Episode 1, Chapter 1

    Outside Elm's lab

    As I walked towards the door, a million questions went through my mind.
    What kind of pokémon will I get?
    What moves will it know?
    Will it even like me?
    How will I train it?

    In my confusion I bumbed into a kid leaving the lab."Hey, watch where you're going!"

    "Oh, sorry, I was a little lost in thought. I'm Kai."

    "Did I ask?"

    "Well you don't have to be so rude about it."

    "Do you even know who you are talking to? I'm Jaden Hail: Future Champion. Me and my new Shinx are going to take down the Elite 4 and beat Champion Gold!"

    "Did I ask?" I mocked. "What's a Shinx?"

    "Well wouldn't you like to know? It's my electric pokémon I had my uncle import from Sinnoh. He's got friends in high places, I'll have you know."

    I already hated this kid, I could practically feel the arrogance radiating off him. "Cool," I forced a smile, "See you around!"

    "Not if I can help it," he said blatently. Jaden walked away, and I went in the door into the lab.

    Inside Elm's lab

    "Hello? Is anyone here? Hello?!"

    "No need to yell, I'm right over here!" Professor Elm called. "You must me that boy from Azalea Town, err... Ken, was it?"

    "Uhh, I'm Kai but yeah, so can I get my Chikorita now?"

    "Patience is dead these days, isn't it? And about your Chikorita, umm, I don't have any. Since it's 3 weeks after the starter day, I'm out of all the 'usual' starters. It would be easier for me just to show you, follow me."

    Dissapointment never stung so bad.

    "Alright, here we are. I only have these 3 pokéballs left, open them for yourself."

    "Okay!" I reached for the first one, picked it up, and threw is accross the room. I landed and opened, but nothing came out. That was rather anti-climactic.

    "I said we have 3 pokéballs, not 3 pokémon."

    "Oh... awesome...." I picked up the second pokéball and threw it. I landed and when it opened it released a little whit blob with a green and red hat. "Uhh okay, what's that?"

    "That's a Ralts. They're originally from Hoenn, but recently more and more pokémon from different regions have been showing up around here in Johto."

    "Oh, that's wierd, I haven't seen any yet where I live."

    "They've mostly been showing up around the coastal towns. Some even reported seeing Unovian pokémon."

    "That's strange, I wonder what would have caused them to do that."

    "We're not quite sure, but we think it was to do with recent geological activites."

    I reached for the last pokéball."There's nothing in there."

    "What did you say Professor?"

    "I didn't say anything."

    "Oh, must have just been my imagination." I threw the last one but nothing came out, another dud. 'I guess my imagination was right, I'm not surprised seeing as I am a genius and all,' I thought to myself. "Well I guess this 'Ralts' is my starter."

    "He's very friendly, give him a good nickname when you get home tonight. By the way, he really likes maple syrup, he practically drinks the stuff!" he laughed.

    I looked at the Ralts... hopefully looks were decieving.
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