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Article Why you should not ask for release dates.

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Old May 17th, 2012 (5:32 AM).
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So as any GD regular knows, you cannot ask for release dates. It is against the rules. But I don't know how many complaints a week I get about this. And ever more posts breaking this rule. So I'm going to go ahead and compile a list of reasons why you should not ask for one in this section. And you are welcome to speak to me about it and find alternatives. This is mostly going to link to Pokemon fan games. This is a Pokemon forum after all.
  • Disrespectful - By asking for a release date in a game thread, it shows that one is not actually taking notice of the hard work and dedication the creator(s) of the game is/are making. They are doing this (for the most part) for free. You are not paying for this, you are not giving anything in return. You are simply anticipating a release from what is mostly a group of hobbyists making a game out of their own time.
  • If they had a release date, they would announce it - This for me is one of the huge things that baffles me. I do not understand why people ask for release dates, given that there is the logic that the creators would release one if they had one. And if they do, they're not going to reply to your post and tell you and you alone. Not when their thread could have thousands of views and hundreds of replies. If they have a release date, they will announce it.
  • It's frustrating - I can almost guarantee that 80% of deleted posts in a Showcase thread will be about when the release date is going to be. IF you had cared to look for the announcement of a release date when going through the thread, you probably would have noticed all the deleted posts and their reasons such as "Do not ask for release dates." The people who are developing these games are doing it out of their own time. You have no right to pressure them. There are rude comments I see about people complaining about the length of time it has taken for a release, as well as simply asking. Both are against the rules and unnecessary.

Rule of thumb: If there has not been a release date announced in the thread; do not ask. As it won't be revealed to you.

Now, let me tackle some counter arguments. I've had some lengthy conversations during my time here with members who think that this is a dumb rule. Their arguments usually contain content such as how the game development industry always announce their dates. Well let me tell you something, the Pokemon fan games you see in this forum or any forum are not industry, and thus, do not fall under such requirements. They generally do this for free, they have lives, this is not their job, they're doing it for fun, and when they feel up to it. They're not slaving in RMXP or any other method of creating a game trying to meet a release date. And if they are, they would announce it. And as a personal response, I haven't released a date for when my game will be available because I do not know. I do not want to give false hope. In the past anticipated games have promised release dates and not met them. Members have gotten pissed off and created drama in such threads. Which is why people don't want to give false hope.

Of course developers appreciate support, and they want to get their games out as much as their fans want to play them. But hassling them for release dates does not help. They want to give back for all the kind comments and support you give, but they cannot put time on their hobby. So understand that there are people behind the game, just like you. A lot goes into a game, especially when you do not have a professional industry behind you. The work of some fan games is astonishing, and they have no background in game development (by large) and they surpass even professionals. So understand that it takes time, and if they knew how much time; they'd tell you. Always respect the developers. They're doing it for fun, in their own time.
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Old May 17th, 2012 (8:40 AM).
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    It can be tempting to sk for a release date, but don't do it.
    You know, when there is no release date, and I get on the forums and found that (whatever game) has a release date, my happiness is usually more than it would be if I knew the game was being released or a demo of it was being released that day.
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