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    lol a storie so far.

    My Konoha life


    By:Jenna N. Larsen

    “So what happened?” Tsunade (sue-nod-ay) asked Sasori andI. She is the principal of a boarding school called Konoha (co-no-uh) JuniorHigh which I am in. I recently moved into a town called Konoha. The school hasa system were each student has a partner that shares every class with them tolearn partnership.

    “Sasori was too busy playing with his little puppets andso I asked him to help me wcame to Konoha and the fact that we were partners.He wasn’t very thrilled either.

    “You should talk Jenna! I help with all the projects!Plus I get us A’s in art!” Sasori exploded out.

    “You’re point?! At least I focused! You did one questionthan you left me hanging so I would get it done by myself and you wouldn’t needto do any work!” I snapped. Sasori was getting on my nerves because of himalways making me do all the work.

    “Enough! I’ve had enough of you to fighting! Sasoriyou’re new partner is Storm! Jenna you’re new partner is Shikamaru(shik-a-mar-oo)!End of story!” Tsunade barked.

    I darted to my room when she was finished speaking. Shikamaruwas one of my favorite boy’s in school and one of my crushes!

    “Shikamaru and I are partners now!” I said to Karin(care-een) at lunch. Karin is my mortal enemy in the school.(Other than Sasori)The cause is incredibly because we both have an ultimate crush on Shikamaru.(And some boys named Itachi, Naruto (nar-oo-toe), and Deidara (day-dar-uh)!)

    “Not fair!! I have Kisame (kiss-aw-may)!” Karin moaned.

    “Well I guess you were never meant be.” I said. “Cool.The lunchroom is serving pumpkin pie today.” Pumpkin pie and Ramen are some ofmy favorite foods.

    I sat near my best friend’s. Their names are:

    Hinata (hin-aw-ta), and Ten-Ten. Ten-Ten and I areroommates.

    “So, what’s going on? I heard you’re partners withShikamaru! That’s a huge step closer to being in a relationship! You bettermake you’re move for girl’s choice dance next month.” Ten-Ten said.

    “I know.” I sighed grieved.

    “Why so down Jenna?” Hinata replied silently. She’salways so quiet. I don’t mind though. The three of us are the only girls whoare ever calm.

    “Well, I’ve got some other choices as well.” I muttered.

    Later that night Ten-Ten and I went to the computer labto set up a system so the kids could vote for queen and king of the dance. Ihad my mind on who I would ask to the dance.

    “Jenna! Come on and start working! We need to hurry!”Ten-Ten proclaimed. She was getting anxious for the tomorrow so she could ask aguy named Neji (neh-g) to the dance.

    “Huh?! Oh, sorry Ten-Ten. I still don’t know about whoI’m going to ask yet.” I sighed.

    “Well it’s time for lights out anyways. Come on.” Ten-Tenyawned.

    The next morning at breakfast I decided to make my move.

    “Umm… Shikamaru?” I stumbled.

    “Huh? Oh, what’s up Jenna?” He asked. He was sitting withhis friends and Neji.

    “Uh… umm… I was wondering if… a… umm…” I stuttered. I wasreally nervous. “Will you… umm… go to the dance with me?”

    “Huh? Sure, I’ll think about it.” He replied. I guessedthat meant other girl’s asked him to the dance also.

    We had art after breakfast. I was extremely nervous aboutsitting by Shikamaru for the first time ever. We didn’t have any classes after lunch yesterday because of studentcouncil.

    “Good morning class.” Asuma (aw-sue-maw) said. He is thesensei (sen-say) or, teacher for art.

    “Good morning Asuma sensei!” The class said inusion. Asuma was one of my favoritesensei’s other than Kakashi (ka-kosh-e) and Iruka (eye-rue-kah).

    Our project was to sculpt a kunai (coo-nigh). I wasworking on the top half while Shikamaru was working on the bottom half. Karinwalked by and slipped him a note. He read it and then looked at her. He shookhis head as if to say no. I guessed that meant she had asked him to the dance.

    “Jenna!” Ten-Ten whispered to me. It was a little pasttwo o’clock a.m.

    What?” Imuttered. I was tired because I had stayed up until eleven hoping Shikamaru wouldsay yes.

    “Come on! We have to meet the girl’s for a studentcouncil meeting!” Ten-Ten was anxious for this one I could tell. Surprisinglythe Ten-Ten, Hinata, and I are the only ones in student council.

    “Looks like all five of us are here now.” Ten-Ten said.“Can you guys please work on setting up the decorations? We only have a month untilthe dance and I want the decorations to be finished by then.”

    “Ok.” We said in usion. We went to work.

    “Hinata, I’m scared. What if I find out he doesn’t likeme? What will I do then?” I asked.

    “Wow. I don’t know Jenna.” Hinata said. We went back towork. We didn’t talk the rest of the night.

    The next morning I sat next to my friends as usual. Westarted talking about the arrangements for the dance in a month.

    “If we go with a Starlight theme we could put fakeglow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and decorate the place black and darkblue,” Hinata said.

    “TOTALLY!” we all yelled. It was the perfect idea. Weasked Mrs. Tsunade if we could go to the store after breakfast. She said yes sowe went and sat down to finish eating.

    When we finished breakfast all three of us went to thestore. “Hey guys! Over here!” Ten-Ten called.

    Hinata and I ran over there. “What is it?!”

    “I found Table cloths, Chair covers,


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