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Old August 1st, 2012 (2:36 AM).
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    I know this is my fourth fic at the same time, but I write as insparation takes me, and this is a oneshot.

    That day, everything changed. There I was, a little Starly, hopping around in the the trees. Then he came along, and changed everything, forever. I was in Sinnoh, at Lake Verity. There was an old man, and a girl. Humans. They were looking in the lake. Couldn't they see it? Couldn't they see Mespirit hovering in front of them? They talked in a strange language, that I'd never heard before. Then, they left, leaving a strange wooden object behind. I was scared, the thing was so big, big enough to fit a Staraptor inside. I hid behind a branch, scared, but curious.

    A while later, my curiosity overcame me. My friend, who I'd asked earlier to stay with me, and I flew out of my tree, towards the thing. I jolted back in surprise, but I was too late! There was two new humans around the thing, and they'd seen us. The thing magically opened, and the humans each took a red and white ball. One of them, wearing red and a weird hat, pushed a button on the ball shaped thing, making a Turtwig come out! He tried to say something to the boy, but only I understood it, being an expert at foreign languages.
    "You're not the Professor!" said the Turtwig "Put me back in my pokeball, and take me back to Dawn!"
    The boy said something that I didn't understand to the Turtwig. "I don't want to tackle that Starly!" he said, tackling me. I flew backwards, and hit a tree! Dazed,I growled at the Turtwig, as he tackled me again. Really weak, I tried to reason with him.
    "Why are you attacking me?" I asked the Turtwig,
    "I have to, it's because of the pokeball." he said, tackling me backwards. It was then that everything went white.

    A few days later, I woke up on the ground of the woodland at the lake. I suddenly remembered what had happened. Where was my friend? What happened to the Turtwig. I started weakly flying into the field, seeing the other boy from the lake, a Monferno by his side. What was that on his shoulder? Was that my friend? It was! I called out to her,
    "Rebecca, is that you?"
    "Just run Ben, you'll be caught! This boy caught me in a pokeball!" she said, turning away.
    "What? How? Why can't you come back?" I asked. There was no reply. The boy pressed a button on the red and white thing, presumably a pokeball. Rebecca suddenly was engulfed in red light, being sucked into the "pokeball".
    "Rebecca, noooooooo!" I shouted, flying into the clearing. To the humans, it came out as,
    "Staaaaaaarly!" Then, bumped into the human who'd hurt me before. He pressed th button on a pokeball I recognised. A Grotle came out, he'd evolved his Turtwig! The Grotle said,
    "Oh no, you again." his voice deeper. He fired off a razor leaf, hitting me into a tree again.The human walked up to me, sucking me into the pokeball.

    Suddenly, I was on the ground, in front of a Kricketot, who's bide was fully charged. Did this human want me to die? One of my friends was exposed to it, he was killed, not just knocked out. braced myself, as the power hit me. The last thing I saw was my own blood, flying from my neck.
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