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Pokémon Miserable Happiness- A Pokemon Story

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Old June 7th, 2012 (3:27 PM).
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Authors Note: Yeah i know the grammar is off in some places. Sue me.
Also there are maybe 2 words that will be censored. I didn't know that there was a censor when i posted this.

Miserable Happiness-A Pokemon Creepypasta

So yeah. We've all heard of the Lost Silver, and Creepy Black. I personally never believed in them. They were just… too farfetched. So when I went to GameStop and I found a Pokémon green on the counter for free I asked the clerk what this was all about.
"Well kid… Nobody wants this thing. They all say it's busted or hacked. So we're giving it away." I pondered this. Nobody would get rid of a green cartridge considering it was only available in Japan. "I'll take it." Without another word he gave me the cartridge and shooed me off.

I drove home and dug around in my attic for my old gameboy before I realized it wouldn't play. Those things required a Japanese gameboy to work. "Damn…"
I dug out my old gameboy anyway and put Green in just to mess around. To my surprise it ran and was even in English. Now I saw why people said it was broken. Like anyone who played Pokémon I clicked on the continue button just to see what the previous owner had done… and a text box popped up. It just said "I wouldn't suggest that." I wouldn't suggest that? Since when was that in a Pokémon game? Now I really saw where they said it was a hack but I wanted to see what had been done to it. I clicked new game and… well I was in my room, the room that every character in Pokémon red, green, and blue had. I was curious as to why it hadn't asked my name so I checked the trainer profile and it wasn't red. The name of the character was Drake. The sprite had no hat and actually had spiky black hair that had streaks through the middle, a softer more realistic face in place of reds and a cocky grin. I found this as an improvement though not much of one. I checked his party and I had an Eevee, named Happiness. I found the name rather odd though I'd seen weirder. It was a level 5 and the moveset was Tackle and Bite. I closed the menu and decided the Eevee was a girl, as the name was rather girly though it was gen 1 game so I'd never know. I closed the menu and walked into the kitchen like always. I talked to my mother and she wished me luck on my journey. Surprising me however was that Drake responded and said "Thanks mom." Weird. Anyway I walked outside and did like everybody does talked to everyone. However they didn't give away useless information like normal but actually went into conversation with Drake though it was simple stuff. I visited Red's house and he wasn't there. Actually a girl was there whose name read Scarlet. Apparently she was Drakes girlfriend as she hugged him or at least it said she did. I walked out of the town thinking "Ah well. This is an improvement." The game seemed normal as I played going through until I hit Mt. Moon. When I tried to enter the cave I got "Why should I go in here? Not like I need to." I was confused until I heard Happiness cry. Drake seemed to think she was saying go inside as he went in without any prompting. When he entered everything seemed normal and I crossed and went into the next town. I wouldn't find out till later why he didn't want to go to Mt. Moon.

I continued on going through all the towns until I hit lavender town. This was the place that was different. When I checked the sign that said "LAVENDER TOWN" It instead "SORROW." Sorrow? Since when was it sorrow? I think I understood why my Eevee was named Happiness. Ah well. At least the theme was the same. I always had enjoyed the lavender town theme even though it had given me a slight headache. Anyway I entered and the town was the same. I wondered why it was named SORROW if he hadn't made it sorrowful. Now like everybody I entered the Pokémon tower though the Team Rocket invasion never happened. I'd figured out that this took place a few years after the Original so the invasion had already happened. I explored and there were people mourning like always. It was really rather boring so I moved on and continued the game. I beat more gyms and was almost at the last one before I even realized I didn't have a rival. Who would be the champion? I didn't really care at that point. I just kept playing and eventually reached the champ. I couldn't believe who it was. I was going to face Red. The original Red. The Red this game was supposed to be about. Now Happiness was the only Pokémon I had and I hadn't changed her from an Eevee. She was level 87 so I wasn't worried. I took on Red who had the original 3 starters as his Pokémon all in their evolved forms. By this time Eevees moveset was Bite, Takedown, Quick Attack and Focus Energy. I naturally defeated Red but instead of being given the hall of fame I got a call from my mother. She told Drake to come home because Scarlet was hurt. So I had to cross the entire game AGAIN. I fought the same Pokémon and saw the same sights.

It was at MT. Moon that things got weird. Walking through the cave there was a loud rumble and a crash then the screen went black. When the screen came back there was a rock. That I noticed first. Then I looked at the rock a bit closer and… Eevees sprite from when you check your party was under there. A cutscene had started and here's pretty much what happened. Part of the ceiling had collapsed and Drake and Happiness had been going through the cave. Happiness pushed him out of the way of the rock and got crushed. Then… the screen was black for a while. When it finally came back Drake was at the Pokémon tower in front of a grave. When I checked the grave it read this "R.I.P Happiness Caring in life gentle in death." I was really confused. I checked his party and where happiness had been there was another Eevee. But it's sprite was… Different. Instead of being white and gray, it was pure black. The name of this strange Eevee was Misery. I checked it's stats and they were the Exact same as Happiness's except for one thing. Instead of saying the crap about how Eevees can evolve into many different Pokémon it said "She exists only to bring sorrow and misery to her master. Her sister Happiness is to bring the opposite." So Happiness was a Girl and so is Misery. Having exited the party I checked Drakes stats and… he wasn't the same. Instead of having his nice spiky hair it was all ruffled. There looked to be tearstains down his eyes and his cocky smile was replaced by a look of both anger and sadness. When I checked his play time it said 730 hours. I was confused for a moment as I had only put in 25 before I realized there are 730 hours in a month. Happiness had been dead for a month. Honestly this all saddened me. I couldn't stand the sadness so I closed the menu after saving it and moved down the Pokémon tower talking to everyone as I went down. They all asked how Misery was doing without Happiness and if I was ok and crap like that. When I reached the bottom I saw a text box appear. It said "Misery: It's all your fault. Drake: I know… Misery: Why did you let her do that? Drake: I didn't realize what she had done until it was too late. Misery: Then why am I here? Drake: Because I have no happiness. Only misery." Wow… this was really depressing.

I continued walking for a time until I reached Pallet town. Everyone there asked if he was ok as well and Scarlet even said that she'd give drake her Eevee. Then a decision box popped up with the options normally available Yes and No. Eventually I decided to say Yes when I realized I couldn't. It wouldn't let me change from no. I just picked no and Scarlet apologized again to Drake and I left. After talking to my Mother she apologized as well and then the screen went black. Then at the very bottom of the screen there was just one word in a text box. Happiness. Then the options came again. This time I could choose either. I went with yes as I wanted to see what would happen when it was suddenly morning in the Pokémon world. Drake said goodbye to his mother then I was playing again. I followed the path going through Mt. Moon when the game stopped for a moment and another cutscene between Drake and Misery ensued.

"Misery: It was here… wasn't it? Drake: Yes… almost exactly where you're standing." I didn't understand that until I realized Miseries sprite was right in front of Drakes. "Misery: I can still feel the pain she felt at this moment. The moment the rock crushed her. Drake: She told me that you two were bound together. Misery: Yeah… we shared pain. Shared emotions and many other things. But while I was something of darkness she was like a light to the darkness. Drake: You are depressing the hell out of me. Misery: And my name is Misery. Can you think of a reason why?" That ended the cutscene. However… something bothered me. Instead of being put back into a pokeball Misery just… faded. Like she'd never been in a pokeball.

I kept going until I heard that familiar theme. I was in SORROW. Then Misery talked to Drake again and a watched as her sprite slowly faded into existence in front of Drake. "Misery: Why are we here? Drake: I want to pay my respects to your sister. I put too much pity to myself to do that the first time. Misery: Alright. Then we leave… I don't like this place…" She faded away like always. I went up the Pokémon Tower and went all the way up to the top where there was a single grave. When I got close I decided to check my inventory and to my surprise there was a Sliph Scope. I exited the menu and I walked over to the grave when a battle started. I was expecting a haunter or a ghastly but what I got surprised me. It was a ghost. And what creeped me out was the fact that it was the same level as Misery. Shaking my head I saw a text box in the very bottom of the screen. "Run sister… run…" Before the ghost attacked. I didn't think it would but the ghost used Skull bash, which an Eevee could learn but I'd never taught to happiness. Another text box appeared "Please sister… I don't wish to hurt you…" and another "No… I'm not just going to leave you like this little sister…" I had Misery use Takedown which did nothing. I hadn't been paying any attention to the music until I stopped looking at the screen. It was the lavender town theme backwards and with a lower pitch. Then another text box shortly after I realized. "Please big sister just go…" Happiness then used Skull bash again. When I looked at Miseries health it was at about half. Then another text box "Happiness we were sent here for our respective purposes. You to bring the human's happiness and me misery. If I take you back we can get you back and continue our purposes." Misery used takedown. It failed. At this point I realized I wasn't doing anything. The battle was just going on by itself. "Big sister please… take Drake and run…" Happiness used skull bash. Miseries HP was now at the point where one more hit and she was dead. "Little sister I know you are still in there… I know you can defeat whatever demon controls you…" Misery refuses to fight. One final text box. "Big sister… please forgive me…" Happiness used self destruct. I know Eevees aren't supposed to use that. But this game seems to have anything happen. Suddenly the battle was over. I checked my party and there was nothing there. I checked Drakes stats and he looked different. Both sad and happy. I realized the play time had doubled meaning it had been another month in game. I looked over and realized there was a bigger grave now. I checked it like everyone would and it said "Here lies Happiness and Misery. The sisters who refused to leave each other without one another. That was the end of the game. The screen slowly faded to black and I got do you wish to save? I saved and turned off the gameboy. I'd been playing for 8 hours straight when it only seemed like a few minutes. I still have the cartridge. And now what sits at the main menu is two Eevees. One normal the other perfectly black. And instead of the normal title it read "Sisters love."
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