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Old January 26th, 2013 (6:38 AM). Edited January 26th, 2013 by BLockwood.
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Challenge: Single
Game(s): Red

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Now to begin the (mostly) third gyms. This didn't take long.

-Arrived at Vermilion
-Battled Trainers to the Right
-Boarded S.S Anne
-VS Rival Pepsi
--VS Pidgeotto: Fury Attack(x2) w/ Grump
--VS Kadabra: Twineedle w/ Grump
--VS Raticate: Brick Break w/ Grump
--VS Wartortle: Bullet Seed(x2) w/ Dante
-Obtained Cut
-Traveled and Recieved Flash
-VS Leader Lt. Surge
--VS Voltorb: Confusion(x2) w/ Renee
--VS Pikachu: Dig w/ Dante
--VS Raichu: Brick Break & Twineedle w/ Grump
-Obtained Thunder Badge


Renee [BUTTERFREE] Lv26 (F)
Rash Nature @None
-Sleep Powder

Grump [BEEDRILL] Lv26 (M)
Adamant Nature @None
-Poison Sting
-Brick Break
-Fury Attack

Dante [PARASECT] Lv26 (M)
Sassy Nature @Nature
Effect Spore
-Secret Power
-Bullet Seed
-Leech Life

Next up is beating Chuck in HeartGold.
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Final Update #4 on Yellow:

Got the secret key from Pokemon Mansion.
vs : Difficulty: 0/5
*Surf works wonder.
Used Fly to reach Viridian.
vs : Difficulty: 1/5
* used Sleep Powder+Psychic/Solar Beam on his first four pokemons and murdered Rhydon with Surf.
Defeated Rival.
Got through Victory Road to reach Indigo Plateau.
Used all my Rare Candies and bought some items.
vs Elite Four:
Lorelie: swept with Sleep Powder+Solar Beam.
Bruno: swept again with Solar Beam/Psychic.
Agatha: used Psychic on all but her last Gengar who was murdered by .
Lance: used Ice Beam on Dragons, Thunderbolt on his Gyarados and Surf on Aero.
Rival: Took efforts from my whole team.


My final team:

Check out my gaming company:

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Okay, first update on my grass-monotype run through HG (got three badges):

-Named myself "wave," as always. Set style, because I like the extra challenge.
-Chose Chikorita (obviously?). Got to like Level 9 before battling rival CHEDR, just from natural story progression.
-Got Bellsprout east of Violet.
-Reached Violet.
-Got Hoppip south of Violet.
-Went through Sprout Tower. I believe Hoppip learned Tackle here.
-Violet Gym: Falkner wasn't so bad, actually. Pidgey was not much of a problem. PoisonPowder/Synthesis was my main strategy against Pidgeotto. Roost was annoying, but it made it so that Razor Leaf was at normal effectiveness. No one fainted, and we got the Zephyr Badge!
-Went through Union Cave and made it to Azalea.
-Got Oddish from Ilex Forest.
-Did the Slowpoke Well stuff.
-Was thinking about maybe getting a Paras, so tried to go back to Ilex Forest. But...
-Rival ambush! Gastly Cursed itself to oblivion. His Quilava destroyed my team. >_< Darn Blaze...
-Decided to do him later, so beat all the trainers in Azalea Gym.
-Bugsy was a major problem. That Scyther is ridiculous! Sitrus Berry and Super Potion...
-But I got some level-ups in there, so maybe rival first? Beat rival. His Gastly trapped my Hoppip with Mean Look and Curse, while Tackle was my only attacking move. That's the thing I remember most from that battle.
-Did the Farfetch'd thing. Got Cut and a Paras.
-Back to Bugsy. Lost. Super Potion was used on Kakuna this time, though.
-Rematch with Bugsy once again. And in a very, very close battle, got the Hive Badge! :D PoisonPowder on Scyther, and stalled it out. The one extra turn of poison gained from having an additional party member was definitely needed!
-Went through Ilex Forest and reached Goldenrod.
-Got Sunkern from the National Park. A party of six already!?
-Did all the Goldenrod stuff and beat all trainers in the vicinity.
-Whitney! Actually not so bad, especially when compared to the Bugsy battles. ^-^ Sunkern's Leech Seed (which is like my most favorite move ever) was mega-useful on Miltank. With Reflect, that Miltank couldn't touch my Chikorita. Though, that Attract... And two Super Potions... Ah well, it went well enough. We won the Plain Badge, after all. And Chikorita evolved at the end of that battle (I was waiting for Magical Leaf). ^-^

The team so far:

Chicory (Bayleef), Male, Lv. 20
Bold, Proud of its power
@Miracle Seed
-Magical Leaf

Ginger (Bellsprout), Female, Lv. 19
Docile, Likes to run
-Vine Whip
-Sleep Powder
-Stun Spore

Anise (Hoppip), Female, Lv. 19
Modest, Somewhat vain
-Sleep Powder
-Tail Whip

Thyme (Oddish), Male, Lv. 19
Lonely, Loves to eat
@Poison Barb
-Sleep Powder
-Sweet Scent

Clove (Paras), Female, Lv. 18
Jolly, Mischievous
@Soothe Bell
Dry Skin
-Rock Smash
-Leech Life

Cilantro (Sunkern), male, Lv. 19
Hasty, Strong willed
@Quick Claw
-Mega Drain
-Leech Seed
Completed Solo Runs
Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)
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Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #7
~ ~

-Arrived at One Island (I love these islands!!)
-Obtained the Tri-Pass
-Explored One, Two and Three Island and defeated the trainers there
-Obtained Hm06 ROCK SMASH
-Taught Krabby ROCK SMASH
-Returned to Cinnabar Island
-Arrived at Viridian Gym
-Taught Wigglytuff REFLECT
-Defeated Giovanni. Difficulty: 1/5
-Taught Kangaskhan EARTHQUAKE
-Headed towards Victory Road
-Defeated Blue. Difficulty: 2/5
Badges: 8/8

The Team:

Pidgeot "Hayden" Lvl47
Clefable "Emily" Lvl48
Wigglytuff "Kaitlin" Lvl48
Kangaskhan "Tara" Lvl48
Snorlax "Isaac" Lvl47
Krabby "Owen" Lvl5 (HM Slave)


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Sorry, no silly snark or sarcasm this time... and still no pictures either. Ah well...

- Saved Mr. Briney
- Defeated Brendan
- Went to Dewford Town
- Immediately set off for Granite Cave
- Level grinded Nincadas, Jimbo evolved into Ninjask and Shedinja
- Put Jimbo the Ninjask into PC
- Caught a female Sableye, named it Bijou (French name meaning Jewel)
- Delivered package to Steven
- Defeated Brawly, didn't even need to use Shedinja, used Bijou for Makuhita alone.
- Went to Slateport

Current team:

Reggie the Male Nincada, Lv. 16
Fury Swipes
Leech Life
Sand Attack

Margie the Female Nincada, Lv. 13
Leech Life
Sand Attack

Bijou the Female Sableye, Lv. 18
Wonder Guard (Yeah I wish) Keen Eye
Fury Swipes
Night Shade

Jimbodini the Shedinja, Lv. 20
Wonder Guard
Double Team
Fury Cutter

Badges: 2/8

Next objective: Level Reggie and Margie up to 20 so I have an actual all ghost team, sort out Museum quest, head to Mauville. (Also fix signature update because I did it wrong.)
Back after long, unwanted, unforseen Hiatus... Nothing worth noting in signature as of yet... : <
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Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #8

My final update! Read the spoiler for details and proof of my victory ^-^ !

~ ~

-Entered Victory Road
-Arrived at the Indigo Plateau
-Began grinding on trainers at Kindle Path in preparation for the Elite Four
-Team levels upon entering the Elite Four:
Pidgeot "Hayden" Lvl56
Clefable "Emily" Lvl56
Wigglytuff "Kaitlin" Lvl56
Kangaskhan "Tara" Lvl57
Snorlax "Isaac" Lvl56

-Defeated Lorelei. Difficulty: 2/5
-Defeated Bruno. Difficulty: 3/5
-Defeated Agatha. Difficulty: 4/5
-Defeated Lance. Difficulty: 2/5
-Defeated Champion Blue. Difficulty: 3/5

That's it! I am now the Champion - my quest is over. I have also completed my very first monotype challenge!

The final images, proof of my achievement and also to immortalise my amazing team.

N.B I am not actually called Lauren/a female in real life It's an inside joke with some friends.
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Hey guys, i'm working on my psychic UMC but, every time i shut down VBA it looses the save, so im doing it all in one run!

I'll update every Gym

Update 1 :

-Chose Bulbasaur
-Named him Aaron
-Lost to my rival ):
-got the special poke ball
-delivered it
-got the pokedex
-got the town map contrary to what my rival said
-Grinded due to viridian forest's toughness
-Finished up at level 9 just from route 1 'Cause I'm a boss!
-Watched man catch a weedle
-Entered the forest
-Battled Bug Catcher Rick
-Leveled Up to lvl 10
-Battled another Bug Catcher
-Healed Aaron
-Battled Bug Catcher Sammie
-Exited the forest
-Went straight to the Gym
-Battled Camper Liam
-Aaron leveled up to LVL 13
-Challenged Brock
-OHKO'd both of his pokemon


Aaron Lvl 14

-Leech Seed
-Vine Whip

Update 2:

-Got dem running Shoes
-Aaron learned sleep powder
-Aaron leveled up to 16, but whited out in the same batle
-Battled wild pokemon to evolve him
-realised it didnt work
-kept batteling
-went through a barrage of trainers
-Aaron evolved
-healed in the pokecenter
-went to mt. Moon
-whited out again
-leveled to 19
-whited out again
-leveled to 20
-leveled to 21
-obtained the helix fosssil
- exited mt moon
-entered cerulean city
-obtained rare candy
-entered the gym
-beat staryu and starmie easily
-beat misty


Aaron (M)
Lvl 23

-sleep powder
-leech seed
-razor leaf


-Beat my rival with ease (surprisingly, i guess sleep powder is awesome!)
-took on the nugget bridge
-after 120000000000 hours i found an abra i fought
-nicknamed her Lucy
-Took on the trainer maze
-used rare candy on Lucy
-Lucy Evolved
-Lucy learned confusion
-that was the last we heard of from aaron
-went to vermillion
-caught drowse
-named him chris
-grinded chris up
-lucy leveled to 21!
-Chris learned headbutt
-Battled my rival on the SS.Anne
-Lucy learned recover
-taught Aaron Cut
-went into the Gym (Lt. Surge)
-Challenged Lt. Surge
-Chris fainted in the battle
-Lucy tanked the battle for Chris
-I beat Lt. Surge


Chris (M)
lvl 22
Poison Gas

Lucy (F)
lvl 26

Aaron Ivysaur lvl 27
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OHMIGOSH. I did it. I finally finished that accursed bug monotype. Had to grind against the E4 in order to get decent exp but I still got pissed off at the rate of exp grind and death so I ended up slapping an exp. share onto Armaldo so it could hoard exp. Since it was my MVP and all. The others did well though. Except for maybe Beautifly. Darn Beautifly.

Drake gave me the most problems, so I had to hatch a plan to beat him. After a couple of tries, I finally managed to Baton Pass 2 Double Teams, 4 Speed Boosts, and 2 Swords Dance to Armaldo. Okay, I was playing chicken, but it worked. Armaldo was now fast and strong enough to OHKO everything except for Flygon. Meh, Flygon. Armaldo managed to get a boost from AncientPower too. Heh.

I did the same thing with Wallace too, except with less boosts. Wailord was getting dangerous. This time, the problem was that Armaldo didn't have any moves left but Metal Cla.... oh. Shoot. I forgot about Slash's existence. Meh, too late now. Powered through everything but Whiscash who managed to kill my Armaldo. I had to do a lot of swapping between attacking, throwing up Light Screen and reviving the dead before I could kill the stupid thing, because Wallace used FOUR full restores on the thing. Bleh.

Final team:
Beautifly Lv. 58
Giga Drain|Morning Sun|Silver Wind|Shadow Ball

Ninjask Lv. 58
Slash|Baton Pass|Double Team|Swords Dance

Dustox Lv. 58
Psybeam|Light Screen|Silver Wind|Moonlight

Armaldo Lv. 67 (You read that right.)
Earthquake|Metal Claw|Slash|AncientPower

Oh. And I started a flying monotype on FireRed. I'LL GET THE NORMAL RUN DONE EVENTUALLY! /flees
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I finished all of my games, I had a lot of fun with fire types, but I will never try to beat Crasher Wake with a fire type EVER AGAIN.

I'm too lazy to put much detail, also it would be a huge post, so I'm just going to post my final teams for each game.


Infernape Lv.59
- Flamethrower
- Brick Break
- Rock Slide
- Poison Jab

Magmortar Lv.61
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Focus Blast

Houndoom Lv.58
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Dark Pulse

Flareon Lv.60
- Fire Fang
- Dig
- Return
- Iron Tail

Black(After beating Alder):

Emboar Lv.75
- Flare Blitz
- Poison Jab
- Brick Break
- Rock Slide

Darmanitan Lv.75
- Fire Punch
- Brick Break
- Dig
- Rock Slide

Chandelure Lv.76
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast
- Hyper Beam
- Solarbeam


Typhlosion Lv.68
- Flamethrower
- Thunderpunch
- Fury Cutter(this can be way more helpful than you would think)
- Iron Tail

Arcanine Lv.67
- Flamethrower
- Dragonbreath
- Dig
- Extremespeed

*SHINY* Magmar Lv. 68
- Fire Punch
- Thunderpunch
- Strength
- Dizzy Punch

Also, to NecrumWarrior, I am expecting a SuperCard DSTWO in a few days, and they can play GBA games, so can you add Emerald to my challenger list thingy when you update again, I'll do Emerald when my Supercard comes in the mail. Thanks in advance. :D
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And so I defeated Chuck. Took a while to write this since I had to wait a few hours until my sister stopped using the laptop.

-Traveled West
-Talked with Baoba
-Arrived at Olivine City
-Climbed the Lighthouse
-Talked with Jasmine
-Saved near the Ocean Routes

-Pulled out Totodile & Used it for Surf
-VS Trainer Eusine
--VS Drowzee: Silver Wind(x2) w/ Row
--VS Electrode: Dig(x2) w/ Timelord
--VS Haunter: Psybeam w/ Row
-VS Leader Chuck
--VS Primeape: Aerial Ace(x2) w/ Ceefore
--VS Poliwhirl: Wing Attack(x4) w/ Erza
-Obtained the Storm Badge


Relaxed Nature @Charti Berry
-Sleep Powder
-Silver Wind

Timelord [ARIADOS] Lv30 (M)
Calm Nature @Soothe Bell
-Leech Life
-Night Shade
-Sucker Punch

Ceefore [HERACROSS] Lv29 (F)
Jolly Nature @Charti Berry
-Shadow Claw
-Rock Tomb
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Erza [SCIZOR] Lv29 (F)
Sassy Nature @Charti Berry
-Wing Attack
-Metal Claw

Suzy [YANMA] Lv29 (F)
Mild Nature @Charti Berry
Speed Boost
-Shadow Ball

Next I play Sapphire and beat Watt
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I'm currently traveling and living the life of a backpacker/tourist in various countries, so the time I have to play Pokémon is a bit limited - anyway, here follows the second update of my Flying-type Ultimate Monotype Challenge!

After making it through Viridian Forest with ease, (Spearow, you go girl) I trained Charmander up till the point where he learns Metal Claw, thinking that would be enough to take down Brock. Boy, was I wrong. I challenged him twice and lost horribly, thanks to his Rock Tomb. I proceeded to evolve Charmander, but still no success. It wasn't until then I figured I'd have to adjust my strategy - so I tried again, and this time on, I focused on lowering Onix' attack, so his Rock Tombs would be weakened, and Charmeleon was actually able to survive several hits, before eventually taking him out with Metal Claw.
Lesson learned: I've never had this much trouble with Brock, and I took the victory for granted. I will (hopefully) never make the same mistake again. Okay, well, I probably will.

Team so far:

Charmeleon // Male // Modest // Blaze
Lv. 17
- Ember
- Growl
- Scratch
- Metal Claw

Butterfree // Female // Modest // Compoundeyes
Lv. 11
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Harden
- Confusion

Spearow // Female // Adamant // Keen Eye
Lv. 10
- Peck
- Growl
- Leer
Currently working on: Fakemon FireRed
Not finished yet, but complete-ish up until Lavender Town.

Feel free to check out my old hack: Pekin's Ruby Hack
Finished and playable, but with fewer features.
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Took a break from the current wifi tournament and progressed a bit on my water monotype challenge (firered)
-Got my bike, finally :D
-Went through the cycling road and my Horsea evolved into Seadra.
-Arrived to Fuschia and going to the Safari zone, to catch some more water types
-Caught a Seaking (lol, one of my least favorite pogeymans)
-And a Goldeen too. Just because.
-Got a Psyduck. YAY!
-Got surf and put it on Seadra.
-Got strength and taught it to Gyarados. Byebye Tackle xD
-Got the good rod and went back to the safari zone to catch a Poliwag.
-Beat Koga and Seadra got a few levels.
-Flew to Pallet and surfed south to Cinnabar. Caught a Tentacool on my way there.
-That awkward moment when you realize you should have picked LeafGreen instead of FireRed because of... Staryu and Slowpoke.
-Got to Cinnabar and got Kabuto.
-Trained the kabuto a bit in the seas east of Cinnabar
-Went to the mansion to train it a bit more. Damn those pursuit raticates.
-Almost at Kabutops, I got the Secret Key and got to the Gym. Should be easy.
-Got the Volcano Badge
-Went to the three islands and decided to surf. Got to mount ember and there my kabuto evolved into kabutops.
-Finished the miniquest and now I'll be heading to Saffron City... Once I figure out how to get there, that is...

New badges (6/8)


(that sad moment when you realize that you don't get waterfall until after the elite 4)
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Username: Moza
Type: Grass
Challenge: Single
Game(s): Diamond

Part 1:

Walked into the tall grass; got attacked by a Starly. Picked up my Turtwig.

Got to Sandgem town, Rowan allowed me to keep my precious Turtwig.
Got the Pokedex
Found Mark (my rival) and gave him the parcel.

Current team:

FC: 3282-5262-7563
Friend Name: M
IGN: Moza
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Hi everyone! Right now I'm working on patches for FireRed which when finished, will make Monotype runs simpler, a little more difficult and more interesting. Anyway...

Username: Crystar500
Type: Fire
Challenge: Single
Game: Black
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Sadly, it seems my computer will not turn on. So, for the time being, I am incapable of really updating the first post. I will if I can figure something out on Wednesday, but for now you will all have to just be patient with me while I work on getting a new computer. Thank you.
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And it's time for update number four on my Ground UMC! I'm really enjoying this challenge, and I look forward to my next update!

- Chose Bulbasaur as my starter
- Delivered Oak's parcel
- Went through Viridian Forest to Pewter City
- Defeated Brock
- Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon
- Trained Geodude while searching for NidoranM
- Caught NidoranM
- Went through Mt. Moon
- NidoranM evolved into Nidorino
- Caught Sandshrew
- Arrived in Cerulean City
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Nidorino on Route 24
- Evolved Sandshrew on Route 25
- Saved Bill and got the S.S. Ticket
- Defeated Misty
- Traveled to Vermilion City
- Boarded the S.S. Anne
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Geodude
- Got HM01 Cut
- Evolved Graveler
- Caught Diglett
- Evolved Diglett
- Defeated Lt. Surge

- Traveled back to Cerulean City
- Received the bike
- Traveled to Lavender Town
- Traveled to Celadon City
- Defeated Erika

Golem / lv31 / Tackle, Magnitude, Rollout, Rock Throw
Nidoking / lv31 / Horn Attack, Peck, Thrash, Double Kick
Sandslash / lv31 / Scratch, Slash, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting
Dugtrio / lv31 / Mud-Slap, Magnitude, Dig, Fury Swipes

- Chose Chikorita as my starter
- Did the Mr. Pokemon quest
- Caught Geodude
- Traveled to Violet City
- Went through Sprout Tower
- Defeated Falkner
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Caught Wooper
- Caught Onix
- Traveled through Union Cave to Azalea Town
- Defeated Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well
- Defeated Bugsy
- Defeated my rival
- Traversed through Ilex Forest
- Evolved Wooper
- Arrived in Goldenrod City
- Went north to Route 35 and caught NidoranM
- Evolved NidoranM
- Defeated Whitney
- Traveled to Ecruteak City
- Got HM03 Surf
- Defeated my rival
- Caught a Magnemite holding a Metal Coat and evolved Onix
- Evolved Geodude twice
- Defeated Morty
- Went to the Ruins of Alph to get a Moon Stone
- Evolved Nidorino
- Traveled to Olivine
- Climbed to the top of the Lighthouse
- Traveled to Cianwood
- Defeated Chuck
- Got HM02 Fly
- Flew to Olivine
- Defeated Jasmine

- Flew to Ecruteak City
- Traveled east and got HM04 Strength
- Surfed across the route and arrived in Mahogany Town
- Went north to Lake of Rage and defeated the Red Gyarados
- Flew to Cherrygrove and went north to Mr. Pokemon's house
- Traded the Red Scale for an Exp. Share
- Flew back to Mahogany Town
- Entered the Team Rocket Headquarters
- Defeated Team Rocket
- Got HM05 Whirlpool
- Defeated Pryce
- Flew to Goldenrod
- Defeated Team Rocket in the Goldenrod Underground and Radio Tower
- Flew to Mahogany Town
- Went east to enter the Ice Path
- Caught Swinub
- Evolved Swinub
- Traveled through the Ice Path to get to Mahogany Town
- Got HM07 Waterfall
- Flew to Violet City and went south to get the Heart Scale on Route 32
- Flew back to Mahogany and taught Piloswine AncientPower
- Evolved Piloswine
- Defeated Clair
- Went to the Dragon's Den and received my badge

Golem / lv38 / Headbutt, Earthquake, Magnitude, Rock Blast
Quagsire / lv38 / Surf, Headbutt, Earthquake, Mud Shot
Steelix / lv38 / Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Dragonbreath, Rock Throw
Nidoking / lv38 / Thrash, Peck, Double Kick, Whirlpool
Mamoswine / lv39 / AncientPower, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Mud Bomb

- Chose Mudkip as my starter
- Defeated May
- Traveled to Petalburg City
- Traveled through Petalburg Woods to Rustboro City
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Roxanne
- Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp
- Saved Peeko and sailed to Dewford Town
- Defeated Brawly
- Got HM05 Flash
- Delivered Steven's Letter
- Sailed to Slateport
- Delivered the Devon Goods
- Defeated May
- Arrived in Mauville
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Wally
- Defeated Watson

- Went north to Route 112
- Caught Numel
- Went back to Mauville
- Traveled to Verdanturf Town
- Reunited the couple in Rusturf Tunnel
- Got HM04 Strength
- Traveled back to Mauville
- Defeated the Winstrates
- Traveled through the Fiery Path to Fallarbor Town
- Ran into Team Magma in Meteor Falls
- Exited south and arrived in Rustboro City
- Traveled through Verdanturf Town to Mauville
- Numel evolved into Camerupt
- Went to the top of Mt. Chimney
- Defeated Team Magma Maxie
- Went south to Lavaridge Town
- Defeated Flannery

Marshtomp / lv34 / Tackle, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Water Gun
Camerupt / lv34 / Rock Slide, Tackle, Ember, Magnitude

- Chose Turtwig as my starter
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Jubilife City and got the Poketch
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Orburgh City
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Roark
- Turtwig evolved
- Traveled to Floaroma Town
- Defeated Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks
- Traveled through Eterna Forest and arrived in Eterna
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Gardenia
- Went to the Galactic Building and defeated Jupiter
- Caught Gligar
- Caught Gible
- Gible evolved
- Grotle evolved
- Traveled through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome
- Defeated Fantina

- Defeated my rival
- Traveled to Solaceon Town
- Entered the Solaceon Ruins
- Got HM05 Defog
- Traveled to Veilstone
- Went south to Route 214
- Found a Razor Fang
- Caught Rhyhorn
- Gligar evolved into Gliscor
- Defeated Maylene

Torterra / lv36 / Earthquake, Bite, Mega Drain, Razor Leaf
Gliscor / lv36 / Faint Attack, Fury Cutter, Slash, Quick Attack
Gabite / lv35 / Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Slash, Take Down
Rhyhorn / lv35 / Rock Blast, Stomp, Fury Attack, Take Down

- Chose Snivy as my starter
- Defeated Bianca and Cheren
- Traveled to Accumula Town
- Defeated N
- Defeated Biance
- Traveled to Straiton City
- Went to the Dreamyard to get Panpour so I wouldn't have to waste my time grinding for Chili
- Defeated Cheren
- Defeated Chili
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Plasma at the Dreamyard and Wellspring Cave
- Caught Drilbur
- Traveled to Nacrene City
- Went to the Pinwheel Forest Entrance and caught Tympole
- Defeated N
- Defeated Lenora
- Defeated Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest
- Crossed Skyarrow Bridge and arrived in Castelia
- Went to Route 4 and caught Sandile
- Tympole evolved
- Defeated Burgh

- Defeated Bianca
- Defeated Cheren
- Sandile evolved into Krokorok
- Traveled to Nimbasa
- Saved the Daycare man and got the bike
- Got HM04 Strength
- Defeated N
- Defeated Elesa
- Drilbur evolved into Excadrill
- Defeated Cheren
- Traveled to Driftveil
- Defeated Team Plasma in the Cold Storage
- Defeated Clay

Excadrill / lv34 / Metal Claw, Dig, Rock Slide, Slash
Palpitoad / lv35 / Uproar, Muddy Water, BubbleBeam, Mud Shot
Krokorok / lv34 / Crunch, Strength, Dig, Assurance

Pokemon LeafGreen Version
Pokemon HeartGold Version
Pokemon Ruby Version
Pokemon Platinum Version
Pokemon Black Version

Type: Ground
< < < I know you want these lumps
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this seems interesting. i'll sign up.

Username: roosterman
Type: water
Challenge: single
Game: diamond

i just have two questions, i don't have all the games necessarily to visit every region but when i do, could i turn this into an ultimate challenge? also, are emulators allowed? or does it have to be the real game?

pokemon black 2 friend code: 1979 8164 1100
my best battle video: 72-38989-76548. tell me your thoughts!
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Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
i just have two questions, i don't have all the games necessarily to visit every region but when i do, could i turn this into an ultimate challenge? also, are emulators allowed? or does it have to be the real game?
Yes, you may change any single challenge to an ultimate at any time. It doesn't take much effort on my part to move you on the list. Yes emulators are allowed. Most challenges allow the use of emulators because a lot ofr people don't like to delete their save files. I personally prefer to use real game carts, but that's personal preference.
Old January 29th, 2013 (5:29 PM).
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Small update on my Bug run through Emerald.

Travelled through Granite Cave and gave the letter.
Went to Slateport and beat Team Aqua.
Trained a bit in the Trick Master's house.
Beat on my way to Mauville.
Beat outside the gym.
Took on the gym and got destroyed...
Did some grinding, still got destroyed... That damn Manectric...
Then I realized that if I evolve the I'm using as an HM slave I can get a ! Eureka!
So that's what I did.
I'm still keeping the Nincada I was originally using on my team to evolve into though, just waiting for it to learn Metal Claw.
Challenged the Gym once more... And the video file corrupted. Here's a quick play by play instead.
Beauty vs Voltorb. Beauty won with a couple Psybeams.

Shedinja vs Electrike. Shedinja won with a couple Fury Cutters. Got paralyzed by Static twice though. :/

Shedinja vs Magneton. Magneton won cause of Supersonic.
Beauty vs Magneton. Magneton won thanks to Sonicboom. I managed to revive Shedinja though.
Botox vs Magneton. Magneton won with Shock Wave, I thought Botox would have done more damage but I was wrong. But now I have a plan.
Ninja vs Magneton. Spammed Sand-attack until Magneton was at -6 then switched to Shedinja.
Shedinja vs Magneton. Spammed Screech until Magneton was at -6, used Fury Cutter but I got confused so I switched back to Ninja.
Ninja vs Magneton. Spammed Scratch and KO'd Magneton, FINALLY!

Shedinja vs Manectric. Spammed Screech until Manectric was at -6 and spammed Fury Cutter to finish it off.

I now hate Magnetons...
Saved the game for now.


Level 23
Nature: Modest
Ability: Compoundeyes
Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand-attack

Level 25
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Shield Dust
Tackle, Gust, Poison Sting, Psybeam

Level 25
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Swarm
Thief, Mega Drain, Gust, Stun Spore

Level 20
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Wonder Guard
Screech, Flash, Fury Cutter, Cut
- Cut, Flash
- Rock Smash
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Okay, so I took a day longer because A) I needed to grind to beat Wattson and B) Sonic & all-Stars Racing Transformed arrived in the mail and it's fantastic, so I decided to play it instead.

-Got the Exp. Share
-Got to Slateport
-Passed through to the Trickster House
-Arrived at Mauville
-December evolved into Ninjask & Shedinja
-Boxed Shedinja
-Got Defeated by Wattson

-Put Pokemon in Daycare & Ran
-Got all my Pokemon to Lv27
-VS Leader Wattson
--VS Magnemite: Psybeam(x1,000) w/ Sub
--VS Voltorb: Fury Cutter(x3) w/ December
--VS Magnemite: Fury Cutter + Stun Spore + Psybeam(x5,000) w/ December + Twin + Sub
-Obtained Dynamo Badge


Twin [BEAUTIFLY] Lv27 (F)
Adamant Nature @Miracle Seed
-Mega Drain
-Morning Sun
-Stun Spore

Sub [DUSTOX] Lv27 (M)
Quirky Nature @Quick Claw
Shield Dust
-Poison Sting

December [NINJASK] Lv27 (M)
Lax Nature @Silk Scarf
Speed Boost
-Fury Cutter
-Double Team
-Swords Dance
Old January 30th, 2013 (3:10 AM).
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I'm willing to give it a shot

Username: WhirlWind
Type: Ground
Challenge: Single
Game: Emerald
Old January 30th, 2013 (9:47 AM).
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I got my Supercard yesterday, so I started Emerald, I'm heading to Route 102 with Torchic.

Also, after this, I want to do ultimate monotypes of the other basic types, Water and Grass, two of my favorite types.

Username: WarriorCat
Type: Water
Challenge: Ultimate
Game: Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, Black 2

Username: WarriorCat
Type: Grass
Challenge: Ultimate
Game: Red, Gold, Ruby, Pearl, White 2

I'll be doing a lot of monotypes in the future, so you'll see me a lot.
Old January 30th, 2013 (1:21 PM).
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Defeated Brock in flying run. Saved in front of scammer man hoping to get a good natured Magikarp. STILL getting flicked aside by the E4 in normal run. So mean!

Charmeleon Lv. 18
Scratch|Growl|Ember|Metal Claw
Terriermon and Lopmon

White: 1463 5558 5309
X: 2208 5685 5454
- - - -
Old January 30th, 2013 (2:11 PM). Edited January 31st, 2013 by kirax7.
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going through unova with my Normal monotype


-defeated Cheren
-done Desert Resort
-defeated Plasma
-got Bycicle
-defeated N

: difficulty 1/5
*used Work Up twice and done xD

-evolved after the last Gym battle with the Elesa
-defeated Cheren
-caught the Carefulon Route 6
-evolved at Route 16
-done Cold Storage

: difficulty 1/5
*used Swagger onand it was easy with Energy Ball and Hi-Jump kick

-defeated Bianca
-evolved after defeating Bianca
-got Lucky Egg
-defeated N
-ringed the bell on Celestial Tower

: difficulty 1/5
*not difficult with a couple of Work and Strength

-defeated Cheren
-done Twist Mountain

I'm at Icirrus City at the moment
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons
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