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Old February 21st, 2013 (6:58 AM).
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    Type: Water
    Challenge: (Single )
    Game(s): Emerald version

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      Minor update, just finished the PWT.

      WHIFFODEER (Sawsbuck M)
      Lvl 34
      Serene Grace

      PONY (Porygon)
      Lvl 26

      FLOOFERTON (Mincinno M)
      Lvl 32
      Skill Link

      GLOVER (Dunsparce M)
      Lvl 32
      Serene Grace

      EGGBUTT (Togetic M)
      Lvl 30
      Super Luck

      DOGE (Stoutland M)
      Lvl 33

      FLOOFERTON was my ace for a bit because Tail Slap would ALWAYS get at least one crit. Then I evolved him and he hasn't gotten a crit since.
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        new Team mate before I go into the rocket hideout

        Darkmoon the venonat
        OR/AS Shiny Hunter

        (Currently Hunting) Relicanth
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          Hey guys, I have an update.

          Also, I'm just gonna go back to making a list instead of using screen captures, because the screen captures are just too complicated for me.

          Ultimate Poison Monotype Challenge Update #3: An (Un)Eventful Day

          What happened:

          I fought Misty, and won with Saur (had no doubt in my mind that I would win ). I moved on and went to Vermilion City. Then, I realized that I should have gotten a Nidoran when I had the chance for his/her ground type, then realized that I couldn't get to back Route 3, where Nidoran is, from where I was, without Cut. So, I beat the whole S.S. Anne, got Cut, blah blah blah. After extremely failing at not evolving a Nidoran F for like half an hour, I finally got my Nidoran M from the in-game trade, called MR. NIDO, at level 4. I used the Daycare to get him to Lv. 15, then voila! I had Nidorino. Then, I used the Moon Stone, and voila! (again!) I had a Nidoking. I don't know why, but I like Nidoking better, because he looks more Poison-esque. Then, I taught Mr. Nido Dig. Then, I DOMINATED with Mr. Nido. I've never liked Lt. Surge's electric-lock-trash-can system. At the moment, I am about to go east of Cerulean City, closer to Rock Tunnel.

          My team:

          The Venomous Poison Team!

          Mr. Nido the Nidoking (You can guess what gender HE is.) Lv. 21

          Ability: Poison Point
          Nature: Lonely
          Double Kick

          Grimy Muck the Gulpin (Female) Lv. 24

          Ability: Sticky Hold
          Nature: Jolly
          Poison Gas

          P. Sherman the Golbat (Female) Lv. 23

          Ability: Inner Focus
          Nature: Hardy
          Wing Attack

          Saur the Ivysaur (Male) Lv. 28

          Ablilty: Overgrow
          Nature: Brave
          Bullet Seed
          Razor Leaf

          That's it for now. I will update again soon, but until then, see you!
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            okay i got going on platinum for my poison monotype so here is the first update for that one:

            Chose the fire monkey (isn't fire fighting getting old? i hate those things, good it's just until i get something better)
            got to Jubilife did all that boring stuff in the big city and caught budew, zubat and wurmple.
            - Grinded for a while to lvl. 13 but ended up thrashing wurmple because i didn't want a dustox anyways.
            - went to Oreburgh and did the stuff there.
            - beat Roark with budew soloing the gym.
            - Floarama and team Galactic at the windworks was done after some serious grinding because, Mars and that stupid cat is so damn irritating!
            - Walked all the way to Eterna Forest where i caught a Gastly (first wild pokemon we met was two gastly, talk about luck, was kinda expecting to look for hours.)
            - grinded my new friend in Eterna Forest with that girl with the chansey(can't remember her name)
            - Zubat evolved int Golbat in the forest too and got gastly to lvl. 24
            - beat Gardenia with Golbat, easy as pie.
            - taught Team Galactic a lesson or two about battling, and Gastly evolved into Haunter.
            - Hearthome cite found Fantina, and went to her gym and she went down to the awesome power of Golbat. After the battle it evolved to Crobat.
            - on the road to Solaceon town Budew evolved into Roselia.
            - Did all the stuff in Solaceon, Ruins, tower, whatever, pretty awesome with my evolved team of pokes(Finally)
            - went to Veilstone and beat Maylene and her gym, mostly with Haunter and Crobat. (Haunter learned Shadow ball = Pure powerhouse)
            - helped Dawn with her stupid Pokedex, and got on my way to Pastoria, through that resort area.
            - In Pastoria (actually route 212) i soon found myself looking for a Croagunk, and i found it, now i'm searching the underground for heartscales and shards because there are some moves i need from the move tutor guys in Pastoria and route 212 (Giga Drain for Roselia, Cross Poison for Crobat, maybe some elemental punches for Croagunk.)

            Team in Pastoria:

            Haunter lvl. 38
            - Shadow Ball
            - Confuse Ray
            - Night Shade
            - Shadow Punch

            Roselia lvl. 38
            - Grass Knot
            - Growth
            - Giga Drain
            - Toxic

            Crobat lvl. 36
            - Wing Attack
            - Confuse Ray
            - Astonish
            - Bite

            Croagunk lvl. 25
            - Pursuit
            - Faint Attack
            - Revenge
            - Swagger

            Now i'm going back to the underground for some more mining.
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              Update #4 for my Dark run

              -traveled to Mahogany City
              -defeated the Shiny Gyarados and Team Rocket in Mahogany
              -challenged and defeated Pryce to get the Glacier Badge
              -Eevee evolved into Umbreon after the battle with Pryce
              -taught Psyduck Whirlpool
              -went through Ice Path and caught a Sneasel
              -after showing Togepi to Elm and giving the Red Scale to Mr. Pokemon, went to Goldenrod to deal with Rocket
              -defeated Rival in Goldenrod Underground and drove Rocket out of Goldenrod
              -went to the Tin Tower and defeated Suicune
              -returned to Blackthorn City and defeated Clair
              -went into Dragon's Den and passed the test to recieve the Rising Badge
              -taught Psyduck Waterfall

              Lv. 52

              Lv. 51

              Lv. 33

              HM Slaves:

              Current Challenges:
              Completed Challenges:
              Ultimate Monotype
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              Monotype lover!!!!!
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                Update, I've beaten the Elite Four in Johto, now just to get the Kanto Badges and beat Red.

                Here are the pics, after beating Bruno, I decided to take pics after the battle in the overworld.
                Also, Kingler has a terrible moveset.


                Hall of Fame:

                Pokemon SoulSilver - 8 Badges + E4
                Feraligatr / Lv.49 / Dragon Claw, Slash, Waterfall, Crunch
                Lanturn / Lv.50 / Surf, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
                Kingler / Lv.49 / Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, Stomp, Dig
                Kingdra / Lv.50 / Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon
                HackedGorebyss / Lv.50 / Surf, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Psychic
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                  First update for my Grass monotype run through Red version Kanto

                  Major Events
                  • Start Journey Obtain Bulbasaur
                  • Defeat Route 22 Rival
                  • Evolve Bulbasaur into Ivysaur
                  • Defeat Brock, Pewter City Gym Leader
                  • Defeat Nugget Bridge Rival
                  • Obtain Oddish
                  • Get S.S. Anne Ticket
                  • Evolve Oddish into Gloom
                  • Defeat Misty, Cerulean City Gym Leader
                  • Visit S.S. Anne
                  • Defeat S.S. Anne Rival
                  • Evolve Ivysaur into Venusaur
                  • Defeat Lt. Surge, Vermillion City Gym Leader
                  • Get through Rock Tunnel
                  • Defeat Pokemon Tower Rival
                  • Complete the Rocket HQ
                  • Complete the Pokemon Tower
                  • Reach Fuschia City
                  • Capture Paras
                  • Capture Exeggcute
                  • Evolve Paras into Parasect
                  • Save

                  Current Badges: Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge, Thunder Badge

                  Current Team:

                  Parasect Lv27
                  - Scratch
                  - Stun Spore
                  - Leech Life
                  - Dig

                  Exeggcute Lv24
                  - Barrage
                  - Hypnosis
                  - N/A
                  - N/A

                  Venusaur Lv46
                  - Razor Leaf
                  - Poison Powder
                  - Leech Seed
                  - Vine Whip

                  Gloom Lv39
                  - Absorb
                  - Acid
                  - Petal Dance
                  - Sleep Powder

                  Should Beauty ever be my best feature I would simply die
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                    Alright! I finally finished the Ultimate Elec-Mono challenge! Here are my final team stats:

                    Ultimate Elec-Mono Challenge:White2 Final Results -

                    Magnet Man Lv.58
                    Ability: Magnet Pull


                    Flash Cannon

                    Livewire Lv.57 Male
                    Ability: Motor Drive


                    Brick Break

                    Jagged Lv.56 Male
                    Ability: Volt Absorb


                    Shadow Ball

                    Emonga Lv.57 Female
                    Ability: Static


                    Thunder Wave

                    BigShpider Lv.58 Male
                    Ability: Compoundeyes


                    Signal Beam
                    Energy Ball

                    Ellie Lv57 Female
                    Ability: Levitate


                    Rock Slide
                    Wild Charge

                    Well that was REALLY fun! Guess since I'm finished with Electric I'll start up an Ultimate Mono Flying challenge, that should be interesting!
                    Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

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                    Well, my dragon monotype on B2 is done. Ended way overleveled and had very little difficulty against the E4. Had a wee bit of trouble against Shauntal but that was mainly because she burned Salamence...which is terrible cuz burns cuts attack power. :<

                    Completed time: 17:57

                    Final team:
                    Flygon Lv. 66
                    Rock Slide|Supersonic|Dragon Claw|Return

                    Hydreigon Lv. 69
                    Crunch|Hyper Voice|Flamethrower|Dragon Pulse

                    Salamence Lv. 67
                    Headbutt|Flamethrower|Dragon Claw|Crunch

                    Haxorus Lv. 68
                    Dragon Claw|Slash|Outrage|Swords Dance
                    Terriermon and Lopmon

                    White: 1463 5558 5309
                    X: 2208 5685 5454
                    - - - -
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                      Username: Zorua4Ever
                      Type: Grass
                      Challenge: Single
                      Game(s): Pokemon Platinum

                      I will update later today
                      Platinum- Badges 7/8
                      Emerald 3/8
                      I'm back from an absence of sorts
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                        Well first update, just the key points:
                        • started with oshawott
                        • oshawott evolved (think it happened before the gym but dont know)
                        • lost to cilan
                        • did some training
                        • lost to cilan (I HATE THAT MONKEYS VINE WHIP!!!!!!)
                        • beat cilan
                        • got the c-gear
                        • Caught a Tympole
                        • trained Tympole abit
                        • beat lenora easily (only using dewott)
                        • got the skull back
                        • lost to burgh
                        • trained abit
                        • lost to burgh (I HATE RAZOR LEAF)
                        currently have a trio badge and basic badge
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                          Aye, Aye, Aye Lance is a cheater four crits in a row also doesnt help I forgot to save before I fought him but anyways I have to redo the elite four now (sigh) tempted to add a final sixth member but the only pokemon thats any good is Yanmega but there are no good grinding spots for bug types

                          Prism Butterfree Lv. 42
                          Darkmoon Venomoth Lv. 43
                          Stag Pinsir Lv. 41
                          Sting Heracross Lv. 42
                          Psycho Scyther Lv. 44

                          Badges 8

                          Also would like to start another Monotype challenge in the meantime

                          Water type
                          Version Sapphire
                          OR/AS Shiny Hunter

                          (Currently Hunting) Relicanth
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                          Okay, time for an update.

                          - So after grinding Lucian, got to Pastoria City and, after some effort, caught Skorupi in the Great Marsh. Nickname: Pinch

                          - In the process of grinding Pinch, managed to beat Crasher Wake in Pastoria and Maylene in Veilstone.

                          - I'm currently still grinding Pinch, and I've reached Celestial Town. Pinch is one level away from evolving!

                          - While grinding, I'm also trying to find a Dusk Stone with which I can evolve Mistress.

                          Current team:

                          Species: Murkrow
                          Type: Dark/Flying
                          Gender: Female
                          Level: 44

                          Species: Houndoom
                          Type: Dark/Fire
                          Gender: Male
                          Level: 42

                          Species: Skorupi
                          Type: Poison/Bug (Soon to be Poison/Dark, so don't worry)
                          Gender: Female
                          Level: 39
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                            Name lineofdeath
                            Type ground
                            Challenge sinfle
                            Game black.
                            murder is unnecessary
                            overuser of the ellipsis ...

                            peace is key...

                            hey guys... check my trading shop...
                            ..........................................................................................................................................they call me red.
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                              Update #5 for Dark run

                              -headed to the Pokemon League
                              -defeated Rival in Victory Road
                              -after being defeated by Bruno on the first attempt through the Elite Four, trained some in Victory Road
                              -Pupitar evolved into Tyranitar
                              -attempted the Elite Four again and beat the Elite Four and Lance
                              -I am now Champion and ready to take on Kanto

                              Lv. 56

                              Lv. 55

                              Lv. 46

                              HM Slaves:

                              Current Challenges:
                              Completed Challenges:
                              Ultimate Monotype
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                              the moon
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                              While I grind miserably in Emerald with my Normal team, I'd like to start a new challenge in the meantime.

                              Username: Delta
                              Type: Rock
                              Challenge: Ultimate
                              Games: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White

                              I'm still grinding for the Elite Four in Emerald on my Normal Challenge. I've lost to them at least 40 times now.
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                                Update! I'm currently at Jubilife city!

                                -Started in my room
                                -Chose Turtwig
                                -Beat Barry's Chimchar... Turtwig grew to level 6
                                -Got running shoes
                                -Met Cyrus at Lake Verity
                                -Turtwig is now named SHELLSHOCK
                                -Obtained Pokedex
                                -Got a Parcel to deliver to Barry
                                -Shellshock is level 7
                                -Got Pokeballs from Dawn at Route 202
                                -Shellshock is level 8
                                -Shellshock grew to level 9 and learned Absorp
                                -Got to Jubilife city
                                -Met Looker
                                -Delivered the Parcel and got Town map
                                -Got a Poketch
                                -Headed to Route 204 to catch a Budew
                                -Shellshock grew to level 10 then 11
                                -Caught Rose the Female Budew
                                -Shellshock grew to level 12
                                -Went to Route 204 for training
                                -Rose grew to level 6
                                -Went to Route 203
                                -Battles Barry
                                -Rose grew to level 7
                                -Beat Barry
                                -Saved after healing



                                Platinum- Badges 7/8
                                Emerald 3/8
                                I'm back from an absence of sorts
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                                  Started my Gold run

                                  -I started with Totodile
                                  -I caught a Sentret and Pidgey on Route 29
                                  -I beat Falkner
                                  -Sentret Evolved
                                  -I beat Bugsy
                                  -Pidgey Evolved
                                  -I beat Whitney
                                  -I caught a Tauros on Route 38
                                  -I caught a Miltank on Route 39
                                  -I beat Morty
                                  -I caught a Girafirig on Route 43
                                  -I'm currently in the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town

                                  Current Team:

                                  Furret Lv 25
                                  -Quick Attack
                                  -Fury Swipes

                                  Pidgeotto Lv 26
                                  -Quick Attack

                                  Tauros Lv 27
                                  -Horn Attack

                                  Miltank Lv 25
                                  -Defense Curl
                                  -Milk Drink

                                  Girafarig Lv 19

                                  Sentret Lv 2 - HM Slave
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                                  Originally Posted by Ðelta View Post
                                  While I grind miserably in Emerald with my Normal team, I'd like to start a new challenge in the meantime.

                                  I'm still grinding for the Elite Four in Emerald on my Normal Challenge. I've lost to them at least 40 times now.
                                  I'm not sure how you're grinding in Emerald, but I would suggest using Gabby&Ty. They give great experience and are fairly easy to defeat. That's what I did to grind my grass team a whole back when I was stuck on Sapphire. I don't remember the exact number of levels, but it only took me a maximum of 2 hours of mindless grinding to get my team ready for the E4, and I had a full team of 6. Anyways, good luck with your challenges! EDIT: I checked back through my old updates and my team was level 41 after defeating Wallace and I grinded to level 50 in (if my memory is correct) a relatively short period of time.

                                  Also, I should hopefully have an update tomorrow on my ultimate ground! I've already gotten all 8 badges in Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, and all 16 in Johto so all I need to do before my next update is defeat the E4/N/Ghestis for the first time before my update!
                                  < < < I know you want these lumps
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                                    I got all the 16 badges in Storm Silver. So only Red and my on objective is left.


                                    Check out my gaming company:

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                                      Username: Ceral456
                                      Type: Ice
                                      Challenge: Single
                                      Game Volt White
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                                        Another quick update. I got a new laptop the other day and I must say I'm loving it much more than my old one. Its nearly twice as fast as the old one so now I can play on Desmume and have better quality videos.

                                        I beat team Galactic in Eterna City, helped out the bike man, and got the bike and explorer kit.
                                        Went to Hearthome city where I beat my rival again.
                                        Then I headed over to Veilstone City to challenge Maylene.
                                        On the way there Gamiel and Vespiquinn both evolved into and respectively.


                                        Level 24
                                        Nature: Timid
                                        Ability: Swarm
                                        Gust, Stun Spore, Morning Sun, Mega Drain

                                        Level 23
                                        Nature: Adamant
                                        Ability: Guts
                                        Horn Attack, Brick Break, Cut, Aerial Ace

                                        Level 23
                                        Nature: Naive
                                        Ability: Pressure
                                        Sweet Scent, Gust, Power Gem, Hidden Power

                                        Drop D
                                        Level 22
                                        Nature: Jolly
                                        Ability: Swarm
                                        Growl, Bide, Fury Cutter, Leech Life

                                        Level 22
                                        Nature: Adamant
                                        Ability: Technician
                                        Bullet Punch, Quick Attack, False Swipe, Pursuit

                                        Level 21
                                        Nature: Timid
                                        Ability: Shed Skin
                                        Protect, Tackle, Hidden Power
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                                          For my first Pokemon I had to hack in my Snowrunt. The first few routes were surprisingly easily now my SnowRunt now named Jack Frost is level 17
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                                          Pokémon Leaf Green, Pokémon Heart Gold,
                                          Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Black
                                          Current Game:
                                          Pokémon Leaf Green

                                          First Update on my Leaf Green monotype run.

                                          > Chose Squirtle as my starter
                                          > Used a wild pokémon modifier code to get a Surskit on my team. (through the password granted privillege)
                                          > Done the whole intro with the Parcel,
                                          > Went on Route 4 where I caught a Caterpie.
                                          > Trained both Caterpie and Surskit.
                                          > Entered Viridian Forest and captured a Weedle.
                                          > Battled my way through Viridian Forest.
                                          > Entered Pewter City.
                                          > Took on Brock's Gym and failed miserably.
                                          > My Metapod decided to reach level 10 during that battle, but, since I lost, I missed evolving it thus missing Confusion.
                                          > Backtracked towards Viridian City then went to Route 22 to face my Rival for the second time.
                                          > Went back to Pewter City and faced Brock again, this time beating him.
                                          > Battled my way through Route 3 on my way to Mt Moon.
                                          > Entered Mt. Moon and captured a Paras.
                                          > Took advantage of the trip through Mt. Moon to grind Paras.
                                          > Collected all the items and battled everyone, chose the Helix Fossil then got out on Route 4.
                                          > Entered Cerulean and took on Misty's Gym with Butterfree's Sleep Powder and Paras' Bullet Seed
                                          > Battled the Rival for the 3rd time, then took on the Nugget Bridge.
                                          > Used Route 25 to grind up my team some more.
                                          > Got the SS. Anne Ticket from Bill then went through the robbed house, battled the Rocket Grunt, obtained Dig and continued towards Vermillion, going through Route 5, Underground Passage and Route 6.
                                          > Reached Vermillion, trained on Route 11 then took on the SS. Anne.
                                          > Faced the Rival once more then got Cut HM from the Capitan.
                                          > went back on Route 6 where I caught Meowth to use as a Cut, Flash, Pick Up and Thief slave.
                                          > Took on Lt. Surge's Gym with Paras alone.
                                          > Paras evolved into Parasect during the Gym Battle.
                                          > Healed at the Pokémon Center then saved.

                                          Badge Case

                                          Current Team:

                                          Level 23
                                          Female//Modest//Swift Swim
                                          Quick Attack
                                          Water Sport
                                          Water Pulse

                                          Level 22
                                          Secret Power
                                          Sleep Powder

                                          Level 22
                                          Focus Energy
                                          Fury Attack

                                          Level 25
                                          Female//Mild//Effect Spore
                                          Leech Life
                                          Stun Spore
                                          Bullet Seed

                                          If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

                                          Closed Thread

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