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Did I do a bad thing? (PS Vita Discussion Thread)

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Old September 23rd, 2012 (2:20 AM).
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So, a few days ago, my supervisor at work comes up to me and asks: "Should I get my wife a PS Vita for her birthday next week?"

Assuming that I'm young and down wiff da kidz (of which I am only one of those things), he must have assumed that my knowledge of video games was so amazing and all, when it's really, really not. Especially when it comes to anything that doesn't have the word Mario or Pokemon in the title. Based off previous discussions I'd had with people over the state of the console, I told him 'no'. He seemed relatively disappointed, especially after he told me that his wife previously loved her PSP and was so sad when it was discontinued.

Because of this, now I feel kinda guilty. What should I have told my supervisor? Is the PS Vita a revolution in handheld gaming and everyone should have one? Is it just a PSP-rehash? I honestly have no idea, but I thought it'd be a good jumping off point in order to start a general PSP discussion, so have at it! :D
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Old September 23rd, 2012 (5:03 AM).
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I have had the Vita since release day and honestly I have barely touched it. I don't find the current games to be good and with finding out monster hunter is going to be on the Wii/3DS it has really made me regret the Vita.

It is still a fantastic hand held however, I love playing ps1/psp games on it I just find it a shame the current games on it aren't as good. I bought wipeout and Uncharted with it on release and Uncharted is still in the wrapper. The best game I have played so far has been Disgaea as I bought 1/2/3 and have been playing through all of them.

If you like games such as that and Persona it is a good buy but if not. I would still wait to see anything else coming out on it as the game list is still lacking and I find myself playing several older games all the time compared to actual Vita games.
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