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Old June 21st, 2012 (1:12 AM).
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Within the deep realms of OU, you will find one armoured being. One that stands out from all the Accelgor, Bisharp and anything else with anything that represents armor. Scizor is the God of them all. While you may argue the metal coat has made no difference to Scyther, one thing is for sure - Scizor is red. And red thus means it is badass and unstoppable, with the right team to support it.

You can see its sets here.

Now for some discussion questions. Keep in mind, these are only a few things I've mentioned. There's a lot more to discuss - so discuss away!

How do you think Scizor has influenced the OU metagame?
What is your favourite Scizor set?
Are any of the Scizor sets underrated?
Talk about some of your experiences with Scizor in OU.
Can it do more than simply anchor a voltturn team?
What strategies do you implement to support Scizor?
What role do you think Scizor is most successful in - ie revenge killer, volturner, etc?

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Old June 21st, 2012 (1:27 AM).
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Personally, my favorite Scizor set is the Choice Band set. I use it alot. Infact, it is the only Scizor set I use. The Swords Dance set doesn't work for me since I constantly need to switch out Scizor.

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Old June 21st, 2012 (1:47 AM).
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I really dont want this to become serebii where every thread is about a pkmn but w.e yolo.

Scizor has influenced the OU meta since getting Bullet Punch in Gen 4 and its rise as a great scout and means of denting walls/picking off weakened pkmn. My favorite Scizor set is specially Defensive SD+Roost since it's like a mini Jirachi and does work late game. Not many Scizor sets are underrated, but I remember Limitless the hair god was able to beat me by bluffing a SD Roost UTurn Scizor as a CB one and I carelessly Thundered it and para'd when I should have burned it; costing me the game that I thought I had won. Scizor can definitely do more than Volt Turn and its SD sets are often very effective. I dont usually use Scizor but I'd probably bring something to pressure Gliscor/Quagsire a bit or just outright remove them as lures; I'd imagine I'd need a way of making sure Heatran cant stick around late game and end my sweep. Scizor is probably most successful as a Volt Turner since its the main reason Chansey and [email protected] cant go wild against the standard Lando Rotom-W Scizor core thanks to its typing U-Turn pursuit etc.

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Old June 21st, 2012 (2:09 AM).
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Originally Posted by Karpman
but w.e yolo.
hahahahaha this was awesome

I mostly like Sciz because it does so much for you at once: provides varying degrees of insurance against lots of threats (particularly Reuniclus but with Bullet Punch/Pursuit it has a lot of range on revenge kills), provides a crucial Steel-type with only one weakness and solid defenses, can occasionally trap with Pursuit, and it can soften up the opposition not just with U-turn but also a well-time Superpower (my favorite outcome of using CB Sciz) which can seriously disable a Heatran-reliant defensive core. Mag is a problem though.

Also just wanna point out that the Scarf set isn't too bad, U-turn can notch surprise kills on fast & physically frail Psychics like Starmie, [email protected], etc. and if you manage to double switch into something like Heatran, you can either weaken or outright kill (depending on its health) which is nice. It's pretty specialized and I've barely used it at all [/hasn't played much BW OU] but it has some utility. It's pretty inferior to the CBer though.

Also Sciz is one of the cool pokes out there.
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