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    Lily and Jay are connections. That means that when one undergoes the painful morphing into a pokemon, the other did, too. Connections, they know, are very special. United with the Key's Holder, they can save the world. But, as of yet, they don't know it needs saving...

    Hi, everyone!


    Here's my story, hope you enjoy!

    Chapter One

    She swore under her breath multiple times.

    Bright red light swirled down her arm, taking unmeasurable pain with it each time. She rushed down the hallways as fast as she could, knowing she would morph soon enough. Knowing if she was seen with a hoody on, they'd tell her to take it off. Then they'd realize that her arm was glowing. That would make her screwed.

    Damn! she thought as she started loosing feeling in her body. Third sign of force-morphing, as she called it.

    “Hey, Lily, you alright?” the nurse asked as she raced in.

    “Force... Morphing...” she could barely hang onto her human body now.

    “Lily, you know to just let it take you. Stop fighting, it'll only hurt you,” Nurse Casey reminds Lily.

    “Jay,” she tells the nurse urgently.

    “I'll get him for you. Jay knows when you force-morph. Don't worry,” she tells Lily, just as she begins to glow white. The pain in her arm leaves as she turns into her true form.

    A latias.

    Sore ga jinseida, watashi wa suisoku suru – That's Life, I Guess

    Jay knew the first sign was the terrible pain in his arm. He didn't have to fake it, at least, to get the nurse pass.

    Once his teacher coughed it up, the ten-year-old boy raced to the nurse's office. Since Lily and he were Connections, he knew she had to have morphed earlier. It's a good thing we can trust the nurses, Jay told himself again. A darn good thing...

    “Hi, Jay. Your sister morphed,” Nurse Jenny reports.

    “I know,” he tells her, and sits down. He feels his body losing feeling and then glowing.

    When he opened his eyes again, he was a mew. Being a mew was cool, but not when it means you lose control over which eyes you see out of and which fingers you touch a pencil with.

    Now, though, he had to get to Lily and then get home. That could be quite a gamble, especially with so many trainers everywhere. At least school hadn't ended yet. That would make the amount of trainers dwindle quite a bit. Or, at least, he hoped...

    Chapter Two


    Jay was right, you know, when he told you it was all a gamble.

    It is.

    Right now, he and I are slowly walking on roof tops. Actually, I'm floating. We won't have full use of our pokemon powers for another five minutes, meaning neither of us can teleport home. But fortunately I can still turn invisible. That's a natural latias ability, thank goodness. I can't make Jay invisible, though, so we had waited outside the school until he managed to turn into an eevee. That wasn't too terribly long, considering his powers come back a whole lot faster than mine.

    Today, though, an eevee would mark our downfall.

    “Look up there! An eevee!” some stupid trainer yells. He and a few other dummies who were supposed to be in school called out pokemon.

    “Night shade, espeon!” he yelled. Jay tried to dodge, but that espeon was fast, damn it.

    I do something incredibly stupid just then. I throw myself in front of Jay. I take then night-shade full-on, which shocks me, making me turn visible again.

    “MUK! RUN, JAY!” I scream, not in English, though. That'd be bad. Jay takes off at fun speed. The trainers are now too preoccupied with me to notice.

    “Espeon, again!” the stupid kid yells. More and more people appear, and more and more pokemon are sent out. Gawd, I'm so screwed.


    I do something drastic. I spread my arms apart and feel the wind's energy gathering between my paws. It makes a shrill sound, one that tells of power.

    “YA!” I screech, letting loose the energy. It hits all the pokemon, instantly knocking them out. I hear the humans below me start screaming. Shoot. I know what that meant.

    The police car's sirens come screeching in. The panic stops as people realize what was going to happen.

    Damn it! I thought. My stupid powers haven't fully come in yet! That meant I couldn't escape...

    “This latias is a danger to a public! She must be captured!” they yell. They send arcanine out, who use extreme speed to surround me. I know flying would be useless because a helicopter just announced itself above me.



    I raced across the roof tops as fast as my legs could carry me. I needed to get to Austin somehow... He would save Lily!

    Austin's hair is bright blue, a common side effect of being a pokemorph. His eyes are a bright, almost electric shade of blue. Austin is like us, a connection. He doesn't quite know who he's connected to, though. Not yet. He's as old as Lily, eighteen. He graduated college last year. But he's a freaking genius when it comes to fighting, which is what PIPA's college specializes in.

    Speaking of, Austin works as a PIPA agent. PIPA stands for Pokemon Interaction Protection Agency. They work to protect pokemon and people at the same time, which can be quite the challenge. Also, the police automatically assume pokemon are trying to hurt people, which they aren't blamed for. It's their job to do that. PIPA, with the help of high-tech translators and pokemon with the ability telepathy (and pokemorphs, which no one announces), can get the pokemon's side of the story as well.

    Austin has what's called a Projector Ball. That lets him project himself as a lucario. Somehow, with a science I don't understand, Austin can be both a human and a pokemon. At the same time. Both solid. Both real. He can even battle. I think that's really cool and really confusing. He got it from this scientist friend of his who works at PIPA with him. Lily and I have one, but neither of us have ever used them.

    There's his apartment building! my mind yells. I hope to heck he's there.

    It's a good thing he's on the top floor. I morph into a starly, since they are common around this part of the U.S. I fly up to Austin's window and peer inside. He's at his computer, typing away.

    With a sigh of relief, I start banging on his window. He hears it instantly and comes over to his window. Seeing me, he opens it.

    “Hello!” he greets me in his British accent.

    “Can I come in?” I ask in English. He blinks with surprise, realizing it's me.

    “Yup,” he says.

    “By the way, Brit's back,” I tell him. He's been trying to loose the accent for more than a year. Even though Lily and I constantly remind him, he can't seem to help it.

    “Muk! Sorry. I was speaking German earlier, and I speak it with a British accent,” he tells me.

    “That's totally normal,” I say to him.

    “Well, when I first started morphing I was in the U.K. The first human language I learned was German, but since it was a German town in England they all have British accents so I did too,” he explains to me, pacing. He was annoyed with himself.

    “I know. But explain to me why when you speak Spanish it sounds German, Hebrew it sounds American, and Portuguese it's French?”

    “I've got my accents mixed up?” he looks sheepish. I laugh, but remember why I was there.

    “Austin, Lily and I could use some help, by the way...”


    Just as they began to pull out the guns (because their stupid arcanine are pitiful compared to me) a blue van screeches to a stop near by. I smile as Austin runs in front of me, just in time, and yells in an American accent to stop.

    “Hey! I know for a fact that the eevee that was here earlier wasn't really an eevee. In fact, I really don't have a clue what it really is. But according to my lucario here-” He pulls out his Projector Ball, or PRB as we more commonly refer to it as. His lucario form stands neatly behind him. “- the latias was just protecting him. But when all the trainers come at her, what is she supposed to do? Just like the three lake beings, latias has a role in the wild as well. One that means she must stay wild.”

    “And who are you?” a police woman asks him, clearly annoyed.

    “I'm Austin Aurastone, a PIPA agent,” he explains, and pulls out his badge to show them.

    “... Fine...” the police shrug, and start to load back into their cars. They're steaming mad.

    I realize my powers have probably came back, and I use extreme speed to zip away, turning invisible once more.

    Juuri Ajoissa - Just In Time

    “Just in time, as usual, Austin,” I praise him as he walks into his apartment, eevee-Jay following. Since my powers are back, I can morph into a human again, thank goodness. Once the door's closed, Jay turns back into a human, too.

    “Thank you,” he tells me, smiling his trademark smirk. One side of his mouth turns up, his sharp eyes flash, happy, and he nods once.

    “Brit's back,” Jay and I say at the same time. Austin rolls his eyes at himself.

    “I give up in loosing the damn accent,” he tells us, throwing up his arms dramatically.

    “Good,” I say, and stroll over to sit on his counter, “It's part of you. Glad you've finally gotten that.”

    “Whatever,” he responds.

    “I just realized you speak exactly like an American, but have a British accent. Example, I've never once heard you say 'bloody,' something I commonly hear with British people,” Jay says. “Or knickers. That either.”

    “Bloody knickers?” he repeats, “What the hell is that?”

    “Never mind,” Jay shrugs.

    “Let's move on with our day,” I tell the boys.

    “Okay,” Jay says willingly. Austin looks a little lost.

    “Wait a minute, how did you get to the U.S. if you were in England before?” I ask suddenly. It's not like he could have flown here. He couldn't have had that kind of money. We don't really talk about our pasts much, I realize. I barely know anything about where he came from.

    Austin smirks, the word “illegal” striped all across his face. “Let's just say that's why I was recruited.”

    Chapter Three


    “So, explain to me why you can't just teleport when you force-morph,” Austin requests. It's later that night, and Austin is over at our house for dinner.

    Jay and I's apartment is cozy, I like to say. The walls are yellow, the floors (except the kitchen) are carpeted, and we each have our own bedroom. It was foreclosed, so my saved money (earned from my waitress job at a restaurant called Darlin's) was just enough to buy this place. It was a freaking dump, though, that's for sure. Walls were scratched, floors an ugly gray, etc. But after another two months with my waitress job, I had enough to buy carpeting and paint. Jay, Austin, and I managed to do a pretty good job!

    “Because. Unlike when we morph on purpose, our powers don't function properly for a good while,” I grumble.

    “Really? That's weird. I had no clue,” Austin responds. He's been a connection for only six months, so we haven't known him for that long. Actually, we met at Darlin's. He hit on me and I slapped him. Why he never told my manager, I have no clue, but I'm glad he didn't.

    “Well, you've only force-morphed once, so we didn't expect you to know,” I respond. There's a silence, but it isn't awkward.

    “So, Jay, how was school?” Austin asks.

    Life Isn't Always Bad - Lífið Er Ekki Alltaf Slaemt


    New school, new teachers, new people who don't bother to learn my name.

    If you're wondering, yes, I am pissed today.

    I am underestimated. I am misunderstood. And I am never happy about it.

    As for underestimated, my corn-silk blonde hair falls mid-back/bottom-of-shoulder-blades in a couple of waves starting at the nape of my neck. I have side bangs on either side, framing a slightly rounded off heart-shaped face. My big, doe eyes are a cross between neon and emerald green, and are framed by long, golden lashes. I'm considered “pretty,” and “cute.” My skin is very lightly tanned (naturally) and I have a slightly lighter patch on my upper left cheek bone. It is two shades lighter, and resembles an island, being half the size of a dollar bill. My nose starts to arch at the top, but then falls straight, ending in a slightly rounded off, slightly up-turned tip with a dot on it. My lips are small but full, and naturally a light pink.

    I've always been sassy. That's just a me thing. But a few months ago, my life changed. I don't know who in hell's idea it was to make me morph into a freaking pokemon in the middle of class it was, but whoever it is I swear I'm going to kill. I've been in several different schools now. I keep having to change because the principal at my old school is buddies with all my new principals, and he enjoys telling the story of “The Jirachi Girl.” So, now my mom has moved me into a whole other country.

    Which, as you can imagine, is just been going GREAT so far.

    Remember, Life Isn't Always Bad - Mundu að lífið er ekki alltaf slaemt

    Right now, my new teacher, Mrs. Benny, is introducing me to the class. I'm standing at the front, meeting all stares.

    “Hi,” I say. “I'm Avalon.” No one catches my eye. No one meets my gaze with a smile. That's how it is, I guess.

    All except one. Her bright red hair and eyes are different from everyone else. She smiles as I look her way, a warm, real one, not frozen or empty.

    The teacher tells me to find a spot, and I think the redhead is my best bet.

    “Hey,” she says to me. “Being new sucks.”

    “No kidding,” I tell her.

    “Are you from far away?” she asks.

    “Half way around the freaking world,” I mutter.

    “Yikes. Not fun,” she responds. The bell rings, and she gets up. “If you need anything, directions, math help, a friend, let me know.” She smiles again. I tell her thanks, and stare down at my schedule as she leaves.

    Remember, Life Isn't Always Bad - Mundu að lífið er ekki alltaf slaemt

    “Ow. Shoot. Ow,” I mutter. A pain hacks clear and hard at my arm, and the more I wait, the more unbearable it becomes. The nurse had to be able to do something, right? Like, give me an Advil or whatever? I raised my hand. “Can I get a nurse pass? My arm is literally killing me,” I tell the teacher quietly. I'm in study hall, and we aren't doing anything, so maybe he'll say yes.

    “Well, okay,” he tells me, and retrieves a pass from is office. I take it and run.

    And then I start loosing feeling in my body. Very slowly, but I can tell my nerves are slowly dying. What the hell? was my only thought about that.

    I knock on the door, and the nurse lets me in. Then my arms starts glowing! The color is a deep hue of blue. It would be pretty, if only the spirally light didn't bring me great pain as it traveled down my arm.

    “What the f-” I begin disbelievingly.

    “Please don't swear. You're a pokemorph,” the nurse tells me. Wait... So it was real?

    “What?” is the only thing I can get out at that point. The nurse sits me down.

    “You are a pokemorph. I know because this there's another one in our school,” Another one? At that point my body looses itself. A flash of light blinds me, and I feel my body growing smaller.

    “A jirachi? I knew you were special.” I whip my head over and see none other then the redhead. She sits down beside me, and pulls her sleeve up to reveal a red light spiraling up her arm. She has a look of pain on her face.

    “Lily, stop fighting it. You know you're going to transform,” The nurse tells the redhead. I guess her name's Lily.

    “Never...” she mumbles as she glows white. When it fades away, she's revealed to be a latias.

    “What do we do now?” I ask, suddenly fearful. Will I be kicked out of another school?

    “Go home,” Latias says. “Call your mom and tell her what happened.”

    “You first,” The nurse tells Lily. “I know there has to be someone who can come and get you and Jay.”

    “Fine,” she mumbles. The nurse hands her the phone, and Lily tells her the number.


    “Hey, uh, Austin?” I ask when the phone picks up.

    “Yes?” he sounds annoyed.

    “Am I interrupting something? I'm sorry,” I tell him.

    “I morphed.”

    “You did! Well, then, I think I met your connection. Was the light on your arm blue?”

    “Yes. Who?”

    “A new girl. Her name is Avalon, and she's a jirachi.”

    “Is she cute?”

    “You're a butt.” I picture him as a lucario, smirking.

    “Where are you?”

    “At home,” he says. I'm relieved. “I'll come get you two in a few minutes.” I guess he guessed I morphed.

    “Thank you. More than I can say,” I let him know.

    “Lily, I don't know why you haven't called before,” he tells me. “I'm more than happy to help.”

    “Um... Bye?”

    “I'll see you soon,” there's a laugh in his voice as he hangs up.

    “What's a connection?” Avalon asks me.

    “Um, a connection is when the universe hands you a power you share with someone else... “ Lily starts. “Or, that's what I think of it as. In a connection's case, we get the ability to transform into pokemon. Except, with having a connection comes force-morphs, which we both just went through. You're connection and you force-morph at the same time. My connection is named Jay. He's a mew.”

    “Okay... Who's my connection?” she asks. Avalon sounds skeptical about this whole thing.

    “My good friend, Austin. You'll meet him soon,” I tell her, then explain more about the force-morphing crap. Like how we're pretty useless for awhile.

    “How is Austin going to get you home?” Avalon asks.

    “He can cloak me with his aura. He's a lucario, and he's learned quite a few aura tricks,” I explain. She just looks lost. “I mean he can make me look like a human to other humans. To pokemon, though, I'll still be a latias.”

    “Oh...” This seems to make sense to her... I hope.


    “Hello, Mom?” I ask as she answers.

    “Hi Avalon.” Short and cold, as usual.

    “Mom, I... I morphed again.” I have to force the words out of my mouth.

    “And what am I supposed to do about that?” I flinch at her coldness.

    “Will you pick me up from school?”



    “Who's there with you?”

    “Um, the nurse and another girl. Why?”

    “Is she you're kind?” That sentence hurt like a smack in the face. My mother used to love me, you know... Suddenly, I'm angry.

    “My kind? What the heck does that mean?” I ask. I'm fed up with her treating me like this!

    “Can she morph?”

    “Yes. Why does it matter?”

    “I can't stand having you anymore. I'll pack all your things. Come by around six.”

    “Where in hell am I supposed to live?”

    “With the girl.” Then she hangs up. What. The. F**king. Hell. I smash the phone down. Really, with my little jirachi paws that doesn't do much.

    “She threw me out!” I tried to sound angry, to hide my feelings... but that didn't work. I sounded pitiful and sad. “What the hell am I going to do?”

    “You can live with me or Austin,” Lily tells me. I whip around to face her, trying to smother the smile of relief on my face.


    “Of course. I should tell you that Jay is a lot more mature than the average ten-year-old,” Lily alerts me.

    “Okay. No problem,” I am so happy I can't explain it. My smile sinks. Why am I so happy? I ask myself.

    “What's wrong?” Lily questions.

    “I'm happy... and my mom just ditched me. How can I be happy?” I'm really asking myself these questions. I didn't think Lily could answer them.

    “From what I heard, I'm guessing it's happiness from relief,” Lily offers. “Relief of a non-accepting mother, relief that you're not going out on the streets.”

    “Wow. You know your stuff,” I tell her. She nods.

    “I pick up more than you'd think,” Lily smirks. Then there's a knock at the door.

    The nurse asks, “Who is it?”

    “Um, I'm Austin Aurastone. Is Lily there?” she looks at Lily for confirmation. My redheaded friend nods a yes.

    “She's here,” the nurse carefully lets him in. I'm shocked at what I see. Austin has electric blue hair, and eyes that match. His smile is radiant. He has a British accent.

    “How the hell aren't you a lucario?” Lily asks, clearly even more surprised than I am. Austin smirks.

    “Well, I found out that PRB's have more than one use,” he tells her. What the heck is a PRB?

    “You'll have to tell me in the car. Oh, and this, I believe, is your connection,” Lily says, gesturing to me. Austin's smile is warm.

    “Hello. I'm Austin. Could you grace me with the knowledge of your name?” I wasn't quite sure if he was hitting on me or not. I didn't want to assume so.

    “He's not hitting on you. I don't think, at least,” Lily pipes in. She's looking at Austin with surprise in her eyes. Austin turns to her and smirks.

    “In case you didn't know, I'm quite capable of sounding professional. How do yo think I keep my job with PIPA?” he asks her a rhetorical question. Lily blinks.

    “Uh, you can sound professional?” Lily asks doubtfully.

    “Thanks very much. Your name? Sorry,” he asks again, and holds out his hand.

    “Avalon,” I say, shaking his hand. He smiles again. The phone begins to ring randomly. The nurse rushes to pick it up.

    “Yes... Austin is part of PIPA, yes... Okay,” She hands Austin the phone. He takes it and clears his throat.

    “Speaking,” he says, sounding totally American. “Yes....” Suddenly he sucks in a breath, his eyes widening and his muscles tightening. “I'll be there in a minute.” He turns to us, hanging up the phone. “Girls, we have a mew to save.”


    We are currently screeching down the highway, red and blue lights yelling above our heads.

    “Okay. The Projector Ball, or PRB, can project us in the opposite form that we are currently in. Both forms are solid and fully functioning,” I explain to Avalon. “I found out that I can put the other form, or in this case my currently real form, a lucario, in the ball. That's how I'm not a pokemon right now.”

    “Makes sense. Maybe Jay and I should start carrying that thing around after all!” Lily responds.

    “Can I get one?” Avalon asks.

    “Yup,” I tell her. “Okay, Avalon, Lily, stay in the car. Lily?”

    “What?” she asks, annoyed.

    “Stay in the car.”


    “Lily,” I say seriously, turning to look at her briefly. “You've never seen me fight, right?”


    “You will today,” I say. “And then maybe you'll stop worrying.”

    “I can't stop worrying. He's my little boy.”

    “Whatever,” I respond, and then she explains to Avalon about how she and Jay met.

    “We're pulling into the parking lot,” I tell the girls. I step out of the car, one hand in each pocket. In my right hand is a taser. The left has my ID.

    “Holy ****,” I mutter as I look up. This is not good...

    Chapter 4


    There are police and firemen everywhere. Sirens are going off, flashing light and chucking sound at me as I run past. The firemen are rushing in and out of the building, carrying kids. There are people screaming, screaming for help.

    These people are parents.

    I was told that Jay was in trouble by the nurse. I didn't think she meant trouble like this. There is fire pouring out of the windows, ashes streaming in the air. The smell brings back a terrible memory...

    “Austin, you have to get out. Now!”

    I rush towards the fire and wonder who in hell would be cruel enough to burn down a school. Despite orders from people to stop, I flash my badge and take a step in the building. Then I rush back out and head towards a fireman.

    “Hey, I'm PIPA,” I speak in an American accent and show him my badge. “I need to know if there's anyone else in the building.”

    The man shakes his head sadly. “The man who started this fire took a kid hostage. He's still in there, and he'll kill the kid if we don't tell him where mew is.” The man throws his arms up in annoyance. “Bastard is crazy!” He begins to walk away.

    I rush inside the building. “Jay! Jay! Jay, where are you!” I yell at the top of my longs. I feel the smoke hit me and I cough.

    “Austin. You have to get your sister out. This is about her, not any of us. She'll die from the smoke!”

    “That's it,” I mutter, and morph into a lucario. Guess my powers came back. I use my aura to sense him. It turns out that the guy and Jay are on the top floor, the most dangerous place. That guy is going to get himself and Jay killed!

    I find the stairs and slowly climb, clinging to the railing for dear life. It's a damn good thing that I'm so much lighter and smaller in my lucario form.

    As I climb, I send my senses out to detect any weak points. I also check the outside, trying to find how in hell I'm going to manage to get the three of us out. I also wonder how Jay managed to return to human form so quickly. I guess he must accept the force-morph. Lily and I don't, so that could quite possibly be the reason why. Just a guess, though.

    There's a crash.

    “What the hell was that?” I ask myself. I'm panting and sweating. Being a steel type, that darn heat is getting to me fast. I can only hope Jay's okay.

    Heat Of The Moment - Thermóti̱ta Ti̱s Stigmí̱s

    “Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap,” I mutter. The floor just broke under my feet. And guess freaking what? That's right. There's a raging inferno five feet below me. I drop into it, and I live another five, painful, merciless seconds. Not. Good. I manage to push myself high enough that I can use my elbows to get me up now. I thank my luck-

    Damn floor just broke again.

    “MUK!” I screech, falling. I don't realize it, but I throw my arms down as I fall. Suddenly, I hear a giant hiss. I brace myself for meeting Death. Who knows? Maybe he's funny.

    But when I land, only my feet get burned. Somehow, the fire must have died... All that's left of it is smoke and a scorched ground.

    After a moment of searching around, I find I'm only a floor below my destination. My feet kill as I walk to and then begin up the steps, but I ignore the pain best I can, lucky to have my life.

    I climb the railing instead of jumping over the broken stairs, thinking the impact of me falling would be too much.

    When I finally get up the stairs, I morph back into a human. I am careful as I walk slowly along the walls, searching for any hints as to where Jay was.

    “HELP!” Well, found one. I rush towards his voice, screwing being careful. I burst through a door, and just in time, too. A tall, blond, too-muscly guy has backed Jay in a corner. He's got a knife in one hand, a gun in the other. I get ready.

    “In the name of the law, I order you to stop,” I say, thrusting my badge forward. The guy smirks.

    “Why do you even try?” he asks, and begins shooting the gun. Rapid fire, I think. Easy.

    As suggested, I can easily dodge all the bullets. I'm cheating, though, of course. I use my aura to help me. Otherwise I'd be dead as a door knob.

    “Try me,” I taunt with my American accent, which is stupid. I don't want him to get angrier. Meanwhile, Jay slips over to the window, and pries it open. He looks at me, and I nod. But he doesn't move. Shakes his head, actually.

    “I won't leave you!”

    “Go! You have to!”

    I'd had enough of this a-hole. I get closer and closer, his bad aim unable to aid him. Finally, I lunge forward and knock the gun out of his hand. I punch him in the face afterwords. You can't deny that he needed a good beating.

    He's fainted on the floor now. What the hell do I do with him? I wonder briefly. But Jay's got the right idea.

    “Hey! We're up here!” he yells down. Soon enough, firemen drive the truck over, and extend the ladder thing up to us. Someone jumps in through the window and cautiously picks up the guy. I help Jay climb down the ladder.

    “Thanks,” he tells me.

    “Anytime,” I respond. “It's my job.”

    “Running into burning buildings? Isn't that his job?” Jay asks sarcastically. By ''his'' he means the fireman. I extend my senses to see if Lily and Avalon stayed in the car. They didn't. But that's not what makes me gasp...

    “Jay. On the count of three, we're jumping. Got it?” I ask, too quiet for the fireman above us to hear.

    “Okay...” he responds, clearly confused.

    “One... Two... Three!” We both let go, and land on the pavement below.

    “Well, well, well, Austin, you're pretty damn smart,” the chief smirks. He starts walking towards us, and I fall into a fighting stance. “You know we're not really on your side.”

    “Hell, yes, I do,” I tell him in an American accent, narrowing my eyes. I tuck Jay behind me. The guy comes closer and closer. Just another step...

    I lounge and punch the guy in the face. “Lily!” I yell for her, and she teleports behind me and takes Jay.

    “I can-”

    “Go!” And she and Jay teleport away.

    Suddenly there's like a hundred guys throwing themselves at me. I send a punch to my right, a roundhouse kick to my left. I backhand a guy grabbing at my waist, trying to pick me up to throw me down. Someone stupid puts a hand around my mouth, and I bite him, and kick backwards. I hear a thump as the guy lands a few feet away.

    A person takes my wrist. I twist my arm down and then to the left, enabling me to grab his wrist and yank mine free. I kick someone to my right and throw the free hand back to punch someone behind me. I tighten my grasp around the guy's wrist and throw my weight back, knocking someone over in the process, and making the guy who's wrist I'm holding slam into a few others behind him, taking them out.

    Then, someone slow sticks a gun to my back. Just in time, I push the gun away. The shot explodes to my right. Ignoring the blood and gore now on the ground, I continue to fight.

    Someone pulls a knife on me, and I step back too late. The knife rips the skin on my chest, cutting through my shirt. The cut is about five inches long, but not very deep. It still hurts like hell. On that note, I activated a very handy power of mine. With a click, my nails formed into claws, sharper than blades. I felt my canines extend into fangs. With my claws I fought off knives now, and was also able to sink my claws into people's shoulders and use my weight to throw them into others, like I did with the wrist guy.

    The ten minutes I was fighting seemed like hours, but, finally, all of them were out on the ground. None dead.

    I don't kill.

    I was panting, I was cut more than just that once, I was bleeding, I was in pain, I was tired as hell, but I was alive.

    “Austin! You okay?” Lily, Jay, and Avalon rush over.

    “I'm fine. We need to get out of here. Follow me.” I start running before Lily can say anything. The three others follow me into the forest to the right of what was Jay's school.

    Chapter 5


    I swear, Austin was anything but fine, that's for sure. He wasn't limping at all. He wasn't complaining. He was only bleeding a little now. There were no outward signs of pain, but I know for certain Austin wasn't doing too well right now.

    “Where are we going?” Avalon asks.

    “To PIPA's base. It's only ten minutes from here,” Austin explains.

    “Can you make it that far?” I ask doubtfully.

    “Yes, I'm fine,” Gawd, he's so stubborn sometimes.

    “You're not and we all know it.”

    “You can't prove it,” he turns to smirk at me. His cheek is bruised, black and ugly.

    “Saying so just convinces me more,” I sigh quietly.

    Paelk cı thī̀ bāng khrậng k̆ mị̀ paelk cı meụ̄̀x khuṇ khid keī̀yw kạb man - Surprise sometimes isn't, when you think about it.

    Five minutes later, we're now officially in the heart of the forest.

    “What was that?” Austin stops mid-stride.

    “What was what?” I ask, feeling wary. I step closer to Jay.

    “A stick, maybe?” Avalon suggests, sounding a bit annoyed. I don't blame her, though. She's new to this run-and-hide business.

    “What broke the stick?” Austin responds coolly.

    “Does it matter?” She crosses her arms.

    “Always,” he tells her. If he were a lucario, he'd be twitching his ears in curiosity. “It's a growlithe...”

    “What's wrong?” I ask immediately. Austin had trailed off, and sounded curious. He steps back, behind Avalon and I. Jay clearly senses the pokemon, too. He's also looking curious. I wonder why, because Austin apparently is not answering.

    He's right. A growlithe comes into view, growling. His claws are out.

    “Go away!” he hisses. Then, to my surprise, he morphs into a human. Our group steps back, all except for Jay. He walks forward until he's only about two feet from the guy.

    Speaking of, he is tall, with a light complexion and short, spiky red hair. He wears a black T-shirt and deep green cargoes with black Hi-Top sneakers. His eyes are a steely blue.

    “Hi,” Jay says, holding out his hand and smiling warmly. “I'm Jay. What's your name?”

    My motherly instincts scream for me to get Jay and run, but my mind forces myself to calm down and pay attention. The guy looks extremely surprised, as if no one ever showed him this sort of kindness.

    After staring for awhile, he finally takes Jay's hand gingerly and shakes it. “I'm Gekido,” he says quietly. Jay's smile grows, and he steps back and faces the space between him and us. He points over to us.

    “That's Lily, Austin, and Avalon,” he says happily. He sounds like a little kid on purpose, I realize. Kids are usually more innocent.

    “Why does he have blood on him?” Gekido asks, sounding jumpy.

    “He saved my life. I was held hostage in a burning building, and he rescued me, even though they hurt him,” Jay explains. I can tell he's picking his words carefully.

    “Really?” he asks Jay, glancing over at Austin again. Jay nods, smiling happily. Suddenly, Austin's head whips around. His body tenses.

    “Speaking of,” he mutters.

    “Chy! CHY!” We hear a cry through the woods. Gekido's eyes widen a lot.

    “Poochyena! I'll save you!” Gekido tuns off.

    “Gekido! Wait!” Austin yells.

    “What's happening?” Avalon asks, trying to keep her cool.

    “Avalon, they'll kill him!” Austin runs after Gekido. “Stay here! If I call, run for your lives!”

    Now, does he really expect us to do that?

    Paelk cı thī̀ bāng khrậng k̆ mị̀ paelk cı meụ̄̀x khuṇ khid keī̀yw kạb man - Surprise sometimes isn't, when you think about it.


    I run and run and run. They can't hurt my friend! my mind yells. I WON'T let them!

    “Gekido!” I hear that Austin guy yell. I ignore him and keep running.

    “CHYENA!” I hear my friend yell for me again. I hope he's okay...

    Suddenly, I feel someone shove me to the ground. I look up, angry, just in time to hear a bullet explode from a gun and hit Austin in the shoulder. He falls to the ground.

    He just saved my life.

    Is he dead?

    He's not. He stands up. I stand up, too, about to thank him, but he takes my hand and runs. He's pretty fast, even with that shoulder injury.

    He stops at a tree, letting go of me and leaning against it. Austin is breathing very hard.

    “Are you-”

    “I'm fine. I'll get your friend, I promise,” he stands up straight and tries to stop breathing so hard. “But please, please, get the girls and Jay out of here.”

    “I have to help,” I say. I won't put my best friend's safety in anyone else's hands.

    “Okay,” he pants, “and I don't mean to order you, but please will you stay here until I call? I need to make a plan.”

    “I'm going with,” I say, determined. A bit angry at the mention of the word “order.”

    “Where, exactly?” I hear a girl's voice. Austin swears. “Holy crap! Austin! What-” Her hair is red. Lily, I believe her name was.

    “Sh! They'll hear you,” Austin sits down. He looks exhausted.

    “Stay here,” she orders Austin. I don't blame her. “I'll help Gekido. Let's go.” She rushes off before Austin can respond, and I follow.

    Paelk cı thī̀ bāng khrậng k̆ mị̀ paelk cı meụ̄̀x khuṇ khid keī̀yw kạb man - Surprise sometimes isn't, when you think about it.

    “We're here,” Lily says quietly. There's six people there, all with guns.

    “So, we're looking for some kids?” a guy asks another. “What harm could they cause?”

    “They're pokemorphs, for one. Really, we just need a blue-haired boy dead.” They're talking about Austin. I'm very angry now. They better have some good effing reasons for killing someone!

    “Is that you're friend?” Lily asks me, pointing to Chow the poochyena.

    “Yeah,” I say.

    “Okay. I'm going to slip behind the guy holding him and take him out. Follow behind me and snatch your friend, okay?” Lily tells me.

    Even though I'm a bit annoyed that she's telling me what to do, her plan sounds like it'll work. I nod and follow as she glides through the forest.

    I watch her walk behind the person, then slowly raise a hand, in the shape of a knife, over his shoulder. She signals me, and I come over. Just as the guy faints from her pressure-point-assault, I catch my poochyena, Chow, and cover his mouth so he won't bark. Once we're a good twenty feet into the forest, I put him down.

    “Gekido!” He's happy, as always.

    “Hi, Chow!” I say, seeing that he's unhurt, and morph into a growlithe.

    “Austin!” Lily suddenly says, and I remember he was shot.

    “Chow, will you please get Mary and meet us at the big oak tree?” I ask my friend hopefully.

    “Of course!” he answers, and off he runs. Lily and I run in the other direction.


    “What's up, people?” I ask as Lily and Gekido, as a growlithe, approach.

    “That's what you choose to say right now?” Lily sounds very, very worried.

    “It isn't that bad,” I tell her. “It was my shoulder. Nothing important was hit.”

    “Can you move your arm?” she asks, concern ringing through her voice.

    “Yup,” I answer, moving my fingers.

    “Your arm,” she insists.

    “Ow,” I say quietly as I painfully force my arm to lift. I make a face.

    “We need to get you help,” she observes worriedly.

    “Where are Avalon and Jay?” I ask.

    “Jay knows where PIPA is. They're on their way there right now,” Lily explains.

    “Here's Mary!” I roll my head to my left to see a little poochyena and a chansey on their way over.

    “Hi,” I say to her.

    “Hello. I'm going to heal you, is that all right?” she asks calmly.

    “Yes. I'd appreciate it quite a bit, actually,” I tell her.

    Paelk cı thī̀ bāng khrậng k̆ mị̀ paelk cı meụ̄̀x khuṇ khid keī̀yw kạb man - Surprise sometimes isn't, when you think about it.


    “We're here, Avalon,” I tell her as we emerge from the forest. The PIPA building is tall and a light shade of blue. It looks like any other office building, besides the inscription that said “PIPA” on it.

    We rush through the front door. The room we enter is wide, but its ceiling hangs low. I dash over to the secretary at a desk in the far back, next to several doors.

    “I need some help,” I tell her, sounding urgent.

    “What kind?” she asks me.

    “My friend Austin Aurastone is an agent here. He was shot.” I had heard the bullet and sensed it hit Austin with my aura. The woman gasps.

    “Diane! I've got a job for you!” she yells into a speaker.

    Paelk cı thī̀ bāng khrậng k̆ mị̀ paelk cı meụ̄̀x khuṇ khid keī̀yw kạb man - Surprise sometimes isn't, when you think about it.

    Avalon and I point directions to the truck driver. She's tall and blonde and looks to be about twenty. Her name is Diane, I believe.

    “Why did she call you right away?” I ask Diane as we drive.

    “He's a good friend of mine, and one of the two only co-workers of mine that actually can see my point of view.” She sounds very worried.

    “Left,” I direct.

    “Okay,” Diane says.

    “There they are!” I yell when I see Lily. Diane pulls over to them. Everyone gets out of the car quickly, and in an unspoken order Lily and Diane help Austin up and they get him into the truck. Avalon gets back in the car, but I need to talk to Gekido first.

    “Are you okay?” I ask him. He's in growlithe form. “Is that you're friend?”

    Gekido smiles a bit. “Yeah. This is Chow. Chow, that's Jay,” he explains. Chow and I say hello to each other.

    “Are you okay?” I ask him again. He looks as if he doesn't know how to answer. “Do you want to come to the hospital with us?” I ask him. Something tells me Austin took that bullet for Gekido.

    “Oh... okay.” Gekido agrees finally.

    “Can I come?” Chow asks. I nod. “Yay! Field trip!”

    Note: I will post the rest of the story on here, but not until I am finished fixing grammar and major plot issues. I do, however, have the rest of it on fan fiction, but that version has many more curses (I edited a good amount of them out before posting this) and plot issues that I am in the process of fixing.

    Herro everyone!
    I'm majorly a writer, but am quite interested in making a hack =D
    Wanna help? PM me =)

    "When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!"

    "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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