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Old August 3rd, 2012 (6:24 PM).
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    I lately picked my God of War 1 that I never finished, after that I finished God of War 2 which I never started, and now I desperately want to get God of War 3 to finish the trilogy! WAAAAHHHH.

    To fill in the time between right now I am playing Skyrim, still.
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    I just finished up Pokemon conquest, I've been playing alot of League of Legends and Skyrim lateley
    Ruby Solo Run (Blaziken)-Complete!
    Soul Silver Monotype Flying- COMPLETE
    Emerald Second City Challenge- COMPLETE
    Old August 4th, 2012 (7:07 AM).
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      Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
      If you can, get Minecraft for the PC, it's much better.
      yea ive heard but i need to invest in a gaming pc first(this laptop is only good for internet cause its old),plus alot of my friends both irl and from forums and such are playing the 360 version.

      right now the new lineup is:
      skyrim(360)-feels good to play a less buggy version cause the ps3 version is broken even with the patch.already downloaded dawnguard dlc just so ill have it.

      sacred 2 fallen angel-very addicting game and fits my taste in games completely.<3 loot

      gears of war 3-mostly play horde mode but need to do the campaign.

      minecraft 360 edition-pretty good game i just need to dedicate more time to it.

      and i downloaded torchlight but havent even booted it up yet.

      Old August 4th, 2012 (7:24 AM).
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        Fallen Earth, that post apocalyptic MMO that is just so addictive, in fact now to the point that I am willing to sacrifice my friend who introduced me to it if it would make me take some time off of it and focus on other stuff.

        Temmie vibrates intensely.

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        OMG!! humans TOO CUTE (dies)

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          Not that different but eh
          Wario Land 4 [GBA] (3DS Ambassador) (I can't stop playing this)
          Rhythm Paradise [DS]
          Hotel Dusk [DS]
          Metroid Fusion [GBA] (3DS Ambassador)
          Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater [3DS]
          Wario Land II [GBC] (3DS Virtual Console)
          Gargoyle's Quest [GB] (3DS Virtual Console)
          Jak and Daxter HD Collection [PS3]
          Dirt 3 [PS3]

          Still handhelds for the most part but I just got a PS3 so I'm playing on it for a while. Gonna see if I can get some classics like the PS1 Crash Bandicoot games and MediEvil on PSN. Thinking of getting Uncharted 3 and Major League Baseball 12 too.

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          Old August 4th, 2012 (3:17 PM).
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            Recently got Dissidia 012 for the PSP after all this time of waiting so I'm hooked on that like a homeless man on crack right now lol.
            Old August 4th, 2012 (4:22 PM).
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            The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
            The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Virtual Console)
            Pokemon Black 2

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            Old August 4th, 2012 (5:22 PM).
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            Just bought the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy for the PS3, so currently playing through those three. I also ordered Borderlands a while ago, so probably gonna be playing that once it gets here.
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            Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (3DS/ENG) - Been playing around, I'm not too far, I'm taking my time with it. I already beat the JPN version so I can play when ever.

            Tales of Vesperia (PS3/JPN) - I got this yesterday, Im definitely not far in it, lol But I'm going to enjoy it :)

            Persona 3 Portable (PSP/ENG) - Playing on Maniac mode cause I'm hyped for the movie. :3
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              I'm currently playing through Earthbound and Kirby Super Star. I'm kind of a retro guy :3
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              Guess who's back?
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                I've bought and began playing Terraria today.

                I've built a little hut, soon to be an epic base!! (like every other n00b dreams).

                Also, There is no Cow layer.
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                I am playing NFS: Underground 1 a lot now...

                Acura Integra FTW
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                Along with Pokemon White, I've been doing a little bit of trophy hunting on my PS3, and have found myself playing FIFA 12 and Need For Speed: The Run lately.

                Also had the chance to do some beta testing for Assassin's Creed III for PS3, which was pretty awesome.
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                  Originally Posted by Danny Leo View Post
                  I'm currently playing through Earthbound and Kirby Super Star. I'm kind of a retro guy :3
                  Hooray for retro games! And those are some really good retro games, I might add. Played 'em both, loved 'em both.

                  So I'm playing a lot of older games too, but a lot more at a time. These are roughly in order of priority.

                  Chrono Trigger [SNES]
                  Currently about 2/3 of the way done with this game, I think. So far I'm really loving the characters and graphics. It's no wonder some people consider this the best RPG ever. I'd almost say the same myself, if Mother 3 didn't exist.
                  LoZ: Ocarina of Time [GC]
                  Ah, Ocarina of Time, what a classic... Hey wait, wasn't it for the N64? Actually I'm playing it on this Zelda promo disc for the Game Cube, which also contains the original Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, and Majora's Mask, and a demo of Wind Waker. Still have yet to play the first two games, and to beat Majora's Mask on my own (I watched my friend play through it). In this game, I'm currently in the Fire Temple, and I'm not finding Navi as annoying as many people think. I actually LIKE the fact that she warns me when there's a Wallmaster in the room. If only that could happen in A Link to the Past as well...
                  Final Fantasy III [SNES]
                  Or FFVI as it's called in Japan. You know, the one with Terra and Kefka in it. Well, maybe you don't know. Anyway, interesting game so far, though some of the battle options are a bit too complex and hard to figure out. I think I'm quite far in the game... though my characters are only at level 18-20, so I'm not sure. And finally, Locke is awesome.
                  Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [N64]
                  I just recently defeated Miracle Matter, and then the credits showed and I was like, "WTF? This can't be the end of the game! I haven't fought Zero Two yet!" So now I begin the long boring process of collecting all the crystal shards.
                  Banjo-Kazooie [N64]
                  I love this game! Kazooie's snarkiness, Gruntilda's rhymes, the Jinjos' cute little cries... And interesting world designs. I'm not very far along--currently stuck in Clanker's Cavern, specifically. Just have to do some more exploring I guess.
                  Super Mario 64 [N64]
                  Ah, another classic. I'm really liking the game--only problem is, I'm emulating it, so instead of a N64 controller, I'm using a USB controller that bears closer resemblance to a Playstation controller. So I can never remember which buttons correspond to the C buttons, and the joystick is in an odd spot and the controls are weird... Oh well.
                  Conker's Bad Fur Day [N64]
                  I have the same control problems here as in Super Mario 64, but I'm really enjoying this game otherwise. Okay, I'll admit it's quite twisted at times (it IS rated M after all), especially with one specific scene involving a greedy mouse and some cheese. *shudder* I'm in high anticipation of the infamous battle with the Great Mighty Poo, but I'm not there yet... I'm currently stuck in this well trying to frantically throw knives at electric wires.
                  Harvest Moon 64 [N64]
                  I've always wanted to play a Harvest Moon game, and... well so far it's frustrating to say the least. I'm at the very beginning of the game, and there are a bunch of things I can do... only I don't have the money to do so. Meanwhile I had to miss a festival to do some farm work, and just got a horse I don't know what to do with. Sigh. When will my potatoes be ready to harvest?
                  Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2[SNES]
                  Yes, I'm playing both at the same time. Overall I like the controls and characters in DKC2 better (Dixie rules), but I'm really frustrated by the fact that you usually have to spend banana coins just to save the game. And travel to other worlds. In DKC1 I can do that for free, at least... I'm about halfway done with DKC1 and a third of the way done with DKC2.
                  Yoshi's Island [SNES]
                  I'm not very far along at all with this game, since the only places I can save are in ghost houses and castles (the same as in Super Mario World, as I recall). So I keep having to repeat the early World 2 levels just because I couldn't get to a castle fast enough to be able to save. Arrgh. Besides that though, it's a fun game... though I'm still getting used to the controls. I also like how they reused a lot of the SMW sound effects here.

                  And in addition to that, I'm working on two Let's Plays, one of Pokemon White and one of Earthbound. But neither of them are blind, so I'm not including them in the above list. Technically I have a non-LP playthrough of Earthbound going as well, but its priority is very low compared to my other games, and I already beat the game once before anyway.

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                    I'm finishing Starcraft II, and playing Heartgold.
                    I also found that old game, DX Ball. I'll stick to 'em for a while.
                    Don't get your hopes up, RS is still dead.
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                    Right now, Prototype 2, Secret of Mana and Persona 3 FES on the side, and Dot Hack Outbreak on hiatus.
                    Paired to and madly in love with a literal Symphony of legs.

                    I also watch anime sometimes. Just a little.
                    Old August 9th, 2012 (2:23 PM).
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                      Gender: Male
                      Posts: 30

                      -Fire Emblem 8 and Pokemon Crystal.
                      I just love those two games, even thought I am replaying Crytstal for my 3rd time, and Fire emblem for my 2nd time.

                      XBOX 360
                      -NBA 2k12, Skyrim, and NCAA 13
                      I love sports and also RPGS, And skyrim is just plain epic.

                      How can anyone not like this game . Minez FTW

                      None, Yet :D
                      Old August 13th, 2012 (7:01 PM).
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                        -Advance Wars
                        Kicking it old school.

                        -Pokemon Diamond
                        Nuzlocke. Thats all.

                        XBOX 360
                        -Minecraft, MW3, Call of Duty 4 (Tomorrow I am busting out Halo 3/Reach)
                        Minecraft I am making a giant hotel and redstone projects, and COD is just fun to play. All I do is screw up and flip out. lol

                        Yogbox and Tekkit 24/7 on MC, CSS is chill surfing for me.
                        Old August 13th, 2012 (7:27 PM).
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                        DJ Squiggles
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                          Posts: 45
                          I was bouncing back and forth between Final Fantasy VI & Final Fantasy IV DS for the umpteenth time until I picked up Pokemon Black, which is now commanding all my free time lol.
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                          Old August 14th, 2012 (9:24 AM).
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                          I've been unable to get off of Skyrim recently. Several months late, I know, but better late than never! I've only recently got a computer that can play it really well and I don't have any consoles so I kinda had to hold off for a little while. I've also been playing some Civilisation V although I'm finding it sorta hard to get into as it's so slow-paced so I'll probably finish with Skyrim (if that's even possible... lol) and then try Civ again.
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                          Old August 14th, 2012 (9:25 AM).
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                            Pokemon Diamond and NCAA Football 13! Doing some nuzlocke thing with a friend.
                            Old August 15th, 2012 (5:03 AM).
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                              I don't like playing lots of games at the same time because I always end up forgetting them all... so I always play one new game and replay another one.

                              At the moment, I'm beating Kid Icarus: Uprising and I'm replaying Pokémon SoulSilver.

                              Allez, hop!
                              Old August 16th, 2012 (4:21 AM).
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                              im back
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                              Pokemon Ranger

                              Trying to capture Muk in the Grimmer Outbreak mission. Very frustrating.
                              im back
                              Old August 16th, 2012 (10:41 AM).
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                                Finished Pandora's Tower a few days ago. Really loved it! I am now playing Super Paper Mario after I stopped almost a year ago.
                                My HeartGold friend code: 0775 7060 0509
                                My White friend code: 0733 3997 7928
                                Old August 16th, 2012 (11:02 AM).
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                                I've been playing some Pokemon White 2, Mario Kart 7, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and some Minecraft on the Xbox.
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