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    Alright, LISTEN!

    This story was based off a old RP I use to run on my own forum before it went up in flames. I built its world, laws and so on. A friend of mine liked the world I built so much, he decided to write a story based off the world.

    This is the story before the board died. Its a very interesting story and I suggest giving it a read.

    I have rights to the world, he has rights to the story.
    Outcast is my old Username.
    His is Leonise.

    Chapter 1 : Prologue

    / 3:30 ST, Unknown Battle Field /1(1)

    Silence. Total silence. Not a single sound is made only the injured are still groaning in pain.
    Everyone is looking at seven figures standing in the middle of the field.

    The first figure was a man completely covered in blue and silver armour, the armour around his joints in the arm and legs were blue and angular, matching the spaulders on his shoulders. His waist was lined with segmented blue metal, while his chest piece was covered in silver. A rectangular blue shield rimmed with a silver metal was in his left hand; jutting outward of a massif blue crystal were 2 white horns, curved upward in such a way so that the shield could be used as a weapon. The horns was made of the same material as his greaves and his gauntlets. In his right hand was a massif glowing lance of silver. His blue helmet covered almost his entire face, you can just see his eyes, these turquoise eyes were filled with a deep sorrow. He was Valderin, general of the Azlordium’s.

    On his right side stands a female covered in red. Her waist and arms were covered in a red thick leather, her legs however were covered with light dark red armour. Her breastplate was connected with a long, wide flowing blood red cloak. Unlike Valderin’s armour her’s was more round and less thick, the thickest piece of armour were her gauntlets. In her hands were a pair crescent moon knives. Around her head; is only a light red headband to keep her long, unruly blond hair under control. Her emerald eyes were brimming with a passion for life. She was Elshira; general of the Arborian tribe.

    At the left side of Valderin stands a old man. He wears a green tunic with dark brow leather pants. He wears a white breastplate; jutting out of the top sides of the breastplate, over his shoulders, are 3 white spikes, shaped like feathers. Connected to each of his wrist are two black metal bands , two small holes exist in each band : the spots where wrist bound spikes would extent. His long black bangs covers his eyes, yet you’ll have the feeling that he’s staring into your very soul. He’s Angulum, general of the Pandorin.

    Standing next to him was a tall, imposing man clad in dark blue metal, curvy sapphire designs adorned the armour on his legs and arms, his black breast armour was rimmed with white lines, designed as if the lines were waves. His helmet was shaped like a wolves head complete with a furry mane that extents in a cloak. In his right hand lies a double headed spear of white and silver. Underneath his helmet you can see a pair of quite blue eyes. He was Ikiyak, Auroria ‘s general.

    Next to Ikiyak stands a man wearing only cloth. His sand brow vest was rimmed with a white line; he wears a yellow waistband, that matches his leg warmers. A dark brown ragged scarf was wrapped around his neck. In both hand he held curved blades of Copper, a smaller blade that curves in the opposite direction of the main blades, comes out both hilts. His arms were wrapped in thick bandages, the same with his head, the only thing you could see was one red eye burning with a desire to protect his people. He’s Zandorin, general of the Lomin.

    A bare-chested man stands at the right side of Zandorin. His ragged moss green pants are held up with a black thick rope. Both hands are covered in bandages, another bandage acts like a headband. The only piece of armour on his person were his iron greaves. A massif iron war hammer was resting on his shoulder. Thick grey hairs adore his head in gravity defying spikes. the feature that stand the most out were is yellow eyes glowing with imperishable fighting spirit. His name was Arai, general of tribe Zartozia.

    The final figure was a small boy. Yet with one look at him you can see he is the most dangerous. The only clothing on him were a slim white gi and black pants. Instead of a weapon, the boy wears two bracelets with several crystal attached to them. If you look at his eyes you see not the innocent eyes of a child; but haunting grey eyes of someone who has seen too much and has done too much. He was Devano, Marmurio’s young general. (2)

    At that moment everyone was thinking the same thing : this is going to be a battle of epic propositions, never before in history did the seven generals battle at the same time. If at a skirmish a tribe has his general with him, that tribe would dominate the battle; two generals facing of against each other was rare but not unheard of but all seven generals at the same time? Never, even not in once wildest dream would they battle, because the people all knew what awesome power the generals wield, all that power unleashed in one battle…total destruction, no survivors.

    People starting silently praying to the six giants(3) that they would live, but they all knew they would be the first ones to die.

    They were wrong.

    As on man all the generals let their weapons fall to the ground. Confusion was spreading like a wildfire through the battlefield, before the people could ask what was happening, Valderin started speaking.

    “Brothers and sisters hear us out.”

    “Us generals have spoken with each other…” said Ikiyak.

    “…And we have come to this conclusion…” said Angulum completing Ikiyak’s sentence.

    “This war has destroyed to much.” Came the soothing voice of Elshira.

    “Too many people have dead, too much destruction of our planet.” Arai was the one to speak this time.

    “So much sorrow, so much pain even the Dusk (4) can feel it.” Said the Zandorin.

    “Our very existence of being is fading…This war has gone on long enough.” Even though Devano whispered this everyone could hear it.

    Together they shout “This war…it ends now! “

    Once again there was total silence. Then one by one every man, every woman dropped their weapon. For the first time in a long, long time there was cheering, shouts of happiness, tears of joy. The War Between Blood was finally over.

    They cleared up the dead and the Aurorian’s, the once with the most experience in healthcare, treated the injured and ill. Everyone worked together to try to clean up the mess the war made.
    After everything was done. They decided that the area they battled in has suffered enough. Even though they tried very hard, they couldn’t erase the scars in the landscape that the war brought. “This land” they said “will never be used for battle ever again, this land will from now off one be called : The Eden Fields.” And so it was even though some tribes still have grudges and small skirmishes they would never battle on The Eden Fields, not even the Dusk come here, they could feel all the pain and sorrow at the field and the avoid it at all costs.

    The tribes each decided that they would all live at separate area’s.

    The Marurio decided to go back were everything began, The Crystal Caverns. These caves would be their homes for many centuries to come.

    The Azlordium’s found their home at a abounded city, just outside of the Crystal Caverns. They called their home The Neo Ruins.

    Auroria has enough with all the other tribes and went to the North, they found icy mountains and rocky ranges, for any other tribe a dangerous barren place. For them this was home, the called this land The Shothwhile Cliffs.

    An massif land filled with millions of gigantic trees was the home of the Arborians. The Weven Wood.

    Angulum has found trough his long life a beautiful place near the sea, grassy plains and hills as far as the eye could see. He decided that this would be the home of the Pandorin’s. He calls this place The Moren Fields.

    The Lomin had no need for a new home, their desert was good enough, Zandorin did want name for it so the desert became The Sielen Dunes.

    He Zartonian were a tribe did loved fishing and eating fish so a swampy territory was perfect for them, The Booth Wetlands became their new home.

    Authors notes.
    Wow…my first chapter of my first story and let me tell you it’s going to be a big one.
    First things first this world, the dusk creatures and pretty much the whole concept is owned by Outcast he said I could use it for this story. The seven generals are mine though… Man writhing a story is harder then I thought.

    (1) Ok instead of AM and PM I use SunTime(ST) and NightTime(NT) so don't get confused k?
    (2)Even though I worked so hard on their character designs I don’t think I’m going to use the seven generals anymore in later chapters…such a shame…
    (3) More information regarding the giants next chapter.
    (4)If you want information regarding the Dusk Creatures well…you should read the next chapters XD.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed the prologue c ya next time.

    Posting more as I go.

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      Chapter 2: Awakening


      / 1000 A.W.B. (After War Of Blood) /

      A 1000 years have pasted and many things have changed in the Dawnlands. We will see these changes in the future but for now let us watch a event that will rock the foundations of the world.

      /2,00 ST, Between Neo Ruins and Weven Woods, Cave/

      “Almost there, just a bit further and we will find our long sought prize…” These were the thoughts that echo in the minds of a team of archaeologists. A unsaid agreement was made between these five men that they wouldn’t speak. So off course one of them began shouting.

      “Oi! Old Man ! You sure that were at the right place, the last time we followed your lead we almost got killed by giant man eating worm!” (for the sake of continuing the story we shall call this fellow Fred)

      “Dammit Fred! It wasn’t my fault that that worm was there, I thought it was just a legend.”

      “A legend that almost killed us!”

      /2,06 ST, Between Neo Ruins and Weven Woods, Further in the Cave/

      A purple eye opens.

      It was confused…this wasn’t home. It turns around and sees nothing but rock, it senses a steady flow of magic above so it turns it head and sees a series of complicated runes.
      It gasps, forgotten memories suddenly returns. Multiple cities on fire. It’s children feasting on the souls of the deserving ones. Men in robes chanting a ritual. Her betrayal…

      For the first time in many years it woke up and it was pissed.

      With a single strike from a dark armoured tentacle the wall that held the runes completely collapsed.

      It could feel it’s energy returning.

      It should thank those men, without their shouting it would still have been asleep. It would give them a warning and a head start before killing them.

      /2,30 ST, Between Neo Ruin and Weven Woods, In the Cave with the archaeologists/

      ‘Can’t you be quit for 5 minutes? Were almost there so quit your yel-”

      A ear piercing shriek interrupts the old man speech.

      “Euuuh…Old man? Please tell me that this cave doesn’t have any legends that will potentially kill us.” Fred asked with a panicked voice.

      “Well there is one that says that-“

      Our temporary heroes (yeah their going to die, you saw this coming anyway) hear thundering footsteps and more shrieking coming closer and closer.

      “But now is not the time to explain but the time to run!!!

      Before the archaeologist could escape four tentacles pierces four of the archaeologists before dragging them off into the darkness, only Fred remained and he could hear the agonising shouts of pain from his colleague’s.

      He ran, he didn’t get very far.

      “You will be a suitable avatar, the rest were too old, yes you will do.” A chilly almost mechanical voice said.

      Before Fred could turn around several tentacles pierces trough his body.

      All he could do now was scream, and scream he did.

      /2,40 ST, Neo Ruins, Rundown Apartment/

      A young man wakes up with a scream.

      “Kid, what happened where’s the fire!”

      Looking at the direction of the voice the young man sees in his bedroom doorway a giant of a man who can barley fit in the doorway.

      “Just a nightmare Buuhta, no fire this time.” The young man replied.

      “Your sure right? I mean the last time you said that the kitchen exploded…” The man nervously in the room searching for any form of fire.

      “How long are still going to nag over that accident Buuhta?

      “My hair still hasn’t grown back brat!” Buuhta replied in a mock angry voice.

      “Yeah maybe you should go see a specialist over your hair it’s not normal that your hair’s not back yet.” They young man replied in a sleepy voice.

      “ Edward, I know you for your whole life and I practically raised you up. I know when you want to change the subject so don’t even try kid. Now your nightmare, is it the same one you had the past couple of nights?” The giant of the man asked in a surprisingly gentle voice.

      “Heh...can’t get past ya can I Buuhta. Yeah it’s the same one…The pink pony’s” At this Edward begins to shudder.

      “Kid you have some serious issues…”

      “Doesn’t that say something about your parenting skills then?” Edward replied cheekily.

      “Shut it or I won’t give you a discount when you to buy you equipment.”

      Heh more like IF I need to buy my equipment.

      “Anyway my boy get some sleep the final examenation is tomorrow” Buuhta says but then he notices Edwards mood and adds:” Off course there is always next time, there is no shame in failing. You know what they say the path to success is paved with failure. Euh… good night kid.”

      After Buuhta leaves Edward lays down in his bed trying to sleep. But he can’t just can’t fall asleep.

      No point in trying to sleep now is there its almost four ST anyway and the Academy starts at seven still got three hours left…Maybe I’ll go see what Twitch is doing. Well time to get dressed.

      When Edward’s done he stands before a mirror.

      Not bad, not bad at all.

      In the mirror you can see moss green eyed man with spiky blond hair, it was not noticeable in the dark but he has red highlights in his hair. He wears a short sleeved black Chinese shirt, over his shirt he wears a dark blue trench coat with a large collar, the backside of the coat looks like a night with falling stars. You couldn’t see this but the insides of the coat were padded with another protective layer. The coat is fastened together by several belts. You couldn’t see this but the insides of the coat were also padded with a protective layer. His pants were normal black cargo pants. He also wears dark gray arm - and shin guards. On his back you see a staff with on the head a spear point, the spear point itself was flat with three points, a large central point and two smaller curved points at the sides. A small crescent blades attached to the head. At the bottom you can see a small knife. The staff itself was decorated with dark red and dark blue, snake like lines. A patch of leather was fastened on the staff for better grip. A customised Ji, a Chinese halberd.

      Time to move.

      /4,02 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania city/

      Neo Ruins has seen much change after a thousand years.

      It was no longer a mere city hidden in ruins, it was now the combined name of four large cities.

      The capital of the Neo Ruins was Kamabushi, the city itself was surrounded with tall stone walls, the insides of the walls were covered in protective, defensive and stability runes. At the centre of the city stands a gigantic yellow crystal in a machine. A normal Lun crystal normally doesn’t have the power to protect a city as large as Kamabushi but with the machine it’s in, a machine designed by The Crystal Caves Corporation or CCC for short, it does and it even has energy to spare, every city has such a crystal. In the four cardinal directions are gigantic gates, at the sides of those four gates are watchtowers. In each of the watchtowers are twelve archers specialised at killing enemies in one hit. The main purpose of Kamabushi is to house more people. But is also the home of The Council of five the main political and juridical voice of the Neo Ruins, and lastly if the other cities fall in a war the last hold of Neo Ruins before they flee to Cyonlitia, into the Crystal Caverns. The main milita of Kamabushi are the Guardians, specialised in long ranged combat and heavy equipment.

      Cyonlitia, the research city, the only city in the Neo Ruins with access to the Crystal Caverns. Most of the buildings here are laboratories to research the crystals and runes for mostly military purposes, however some laboratories are under control from the CCC. Those buildings mostly experiment with combining runes and crystals, so far there are no casualties, amputations yes, casualties no. Security in Cyonlitia is handled by the Watchers, the most technologic advanced unit of The Order of Realms also know as T.O.R.

      T.O.R. is the combined name of all the militia from the Neo Ruins. The Watchers from Cyonlitia, the Guardians from Kamabushi, Mecania’s NeoKnights and The Florentian Defenders. It is also a fact that T.O.R. is the best militia organisation in all of Dawnlands. So if other cities need their serious help T.O.R. will help them but it has a cost off course. The weak point of T.O.R. is that they don’t have any specialised medical section. The Defenders have some medical training but comparing the medical training of the Defenders to the militia of the Shothwhile Cliffs is like comparing a fat guy running with a Olympic medal runner. That’s the main reason why the Neo Ruins and Shothwhile Cliffs have a intense rivalry. (1)

      Florentis, is the trading centre of the Neo Ruins. The Neo Ruins produces no food, so trading with the other cities is necessary. In turn the Neo Ruins trades weaponry, armour and the survice of T.O.R. The Defenders are the main milita of Florentis, contrary to the other militia of the Neo Ruins the Defenders don’t specialise in anything, but are more a Jack of all trades army.

      Finally Mecania. Mecania is the most military oriented city of the Neo Ruins. Almost every building is either a blacksmith, a dojo for civilian training, a military academy or a armoury, off course there’s the normal grocery but less in number then the other cities. For every militia of T.O.R. there’s a academy in Mecania. The biggest academy in Mecania is the academy for the NeoKnights. Out of all the militia of the Neo Ruins the NeoKnights are the strongest in close combat, they also have the best tracking ability.

      /4,30 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania city, Titch’s house/

      “Finally Twitch’s house such a drag that he lives at the other side of town.”

      Just before Edward can knock at the door he hears a explosion coming from the house.

      I’m guessing he’s making a new invention…Maybe I should come back later, the last time he invented something and made me test it, I laid in the hospital for two weeks.

      Before Edward could sneak away. The door opens.


      Standing in the door is a grey eyed oriental looking man with slicked back black hair with several turquoise streaks. He wears a plain white T-shirt with the words “Perfection can be improved” on the front in bold red letters. For pants he wears plain kaki shorts. Over his T-shirt is a open white lab coat. A seemingly innocent plate of metal is strapped over both his wrists. His sneakers look normal but if you look closely you could see that the soles are made of metal. To complete his look, he has a pair of weird goggles with red lenses on his forehead.

      When the man sees Edward a large grin instantly appeared on his face.

      “Ed! What a pleasant surprise come on in man. I just finished a new invention and I want you to test it.”

      “Yeah good to see you too Twitch.” Ed says. Resistance is futile better go with the flow… If one of the six giants can hear me please don’t let him kill me.

      Ed and Twitch go into the house. The inside of the house looks like a messy laboratory / house. Almost everything is covered in black ashes .

      “Sorry for the mess Ed, didn’t have the time to clean up. Ah here it is look the Twitch Speeder Mark I, what do you think? ”

      Before the two man stands a odd contraption. Basically it looks like a tick metal plank with on the front a big spherical wheel attached to a long rod with a steering stick, you can see two buttons on the stick. Attached to the back of the tick plank is a trapezoid shaped square, there were two squares a smaller one and a larger one with on the sides several slots, probably for ventilation.( I don’t know the real name of this shape so bare with me.) On the back of the larger trapezoid is a big cone shaped exhaust pipe and attached to both sides were two small weels.

      “Twitch …You need to make up better names and what the hell is this thing?”

      ‘Well it’s a scooter.”

      “And what is a scooter?”

      At this Twitch signed.” A scooter is a new vehicle made by the CCC for one person, the driver. A scooter doesn’t need a animal to move but uses fuel.”


      “Now I modified the one that the CCC made so that that the engine doesn’t need a external fuel source and I upgraded the maximum speed limit. I placed a modified sticking rune on that plank so that the rider wouldn’t fall off. That small square you see there? That’s the place where I placed several stability and channelling runes along with a fire crystal. I made it so that the energy from the fire crystal is changed into raw energy by the runes. Normally raw energy would explode but by placing a large amount of stability runes the energy is well stable. I connected several Orocilium tubes from that crystal to the main engine. The Orocilium tubes will make the energy flow better and it won’t absorb any energy. Now the main engine is actually three engines, The first one processes 20 % of the total energy to and recycles it back into the crystal. That way the crystal will never stop giving energy, that engine works with the same principle of the machine that powers the Luna crystal in the middle of all off our cities. The second one uses 5% of the total energy to power the runes, and the steering mechanism and stabilises the remaining 75% energy. Finally the biggest engine is enchanted with channelling runes to change the raw energy into fire energy again. The fire energy then flows into a chamber in the main engine made of Petalite, the Petalite multiplies the internal radiation of the fire energy so that the energy itself is concentrated. Then I merely connected a cone shaped exhaust pipe so that the energy would spread better.“ (2)

      “Could you explain that again but with the simplified explanation?”

      “That wás the simplified explanation.”

      “Oh…Could you-“

      Twitch once again signed and quickly explains” My scooter is faster and works on a fire crystal.”

      “Ah! Cool. Now what do you need me for?”

      “I need you to test ride it, now -”

      “Ooh hell no! You didn’t even test ride this thing? What if it explodes, what if the brakes don’t work? Does this thing even have brakes! “ Ed yells panicky.

      “Ed calm down. You didn’t let me finish. I wanted to say I test rode it but I know how to handle it. I need you to ride it to test the consumer friendlynish.“

      “Friendlynish isn’t a real word you know.”

      “Ed shut it and don’t interrupt me, now as I was saying I need you to test the consumer friendlynish and yes this thing has brakes. Now let’s go to training field at the back.”

      /4,50 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania city, Twitch’s training ground/

      “Ok Ed listen carefully. The left button makes the scooter go forward and the right button makes the scooter stop. You steer by turning the steering stick.”

      “That’s it?”

      “Yep that’s it.”

      “Your serious? So easy? I expected something more complicated. Anyway here I go.”

      “Before you go put on this helmet will you?”

      “Sure.” Ed puts on a helmet at steps on the scooter. “Right now the left button to goooOOOOOOOOO-“ The moment Ed pushes the left button the scooter flies away at high speeds.

      The sticking rune seems to work. I haven’t actually tested the thing but Ed doesn’t need to know that.

      “This is cool! Woot!” Ed shouts happily while he is driving around.

      The steer is also quite good and stable. No signs of breaking. I see no problems with the ventilation so that is a good sigh that the engine isn’t overheating. One last thing left to test. Twitch then shouts ” Ed try braking now!”

      “Ok no problem!”

      The moment Ed pushes the brake button, the scooter completely stops and Ed is sent flying off… and he crashes against a tree.

      “Crap…” Twitch sweatdrops while running to Ed. It seem like the sticking rune is powerful enough so that Ed can stick to the scooter while he is riding but I recon the force of the sudden stop is too much. I should make it so that the scooter brakes gradually.

      “See Ed aren’t you happy that I made you wear that helmet?” Twitch says joyfully.

      “Twitch you didn’t really test the scooter did you?” Ed asks while he stands up and dusted himself off.


      “Twitch, I hate you.” Deadpans Ed.

      “I know. At least it didn’t explode right?”


      “Well let’s go back inside for some hot coco!”


      /6,40 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Twitch House /

      “I’m telling you Heric is obviously gay and wants to get into Akira’s pants.” Ed says heatily while drinking his chocolate milk.

      “I’m still saying that Heric wants Luna.” Twitch then casually looks at a clock.” Wow look at the time it’s 6,40 ST. “

      Ed spits out his chocolate milk then sputters “ Fuuuck! Dude the academy starts at 7 and I seriously need to be on time it’s the final exams, if I’m not on time I fail. O crap, O crap, O crap ! “

      While Ed was busy panicking Twitch calmly rolls his scooter outside, when he comes back in Ed is still panicking.

      “Ed.” Twitch says.

      “f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck!”

      “Ed.” Twitch repeated louder.

      “O jeez, O man, O dear god!”

      Screw this. Twitch throws a helmet against Ed’s head. Hard.

      “Ed The Twitch Speeder Mark I Deluxe Edition is outside, I made the braking less sudden. So if you brake this time, you won’t fall off.” Hopefully.

      Ed stares at Twitch then runs off while shouting “ If I was gay I would soo kiss you Twitch I owe you one!”

      I hope the idiot gets at the academy on time, I don’t want to hear his whining again if he fails.
      Hmm I have nothing else to do today. I don’t have enough funds right now to start a new invention and all my experiments of the month are done. Well I always wanted to see Ed in action, why not.

      Twitch steps outside and pushes a hidden button on his shoes. Three pair of wheels extract out of the metal soles on each shoe.

      Maybe I should have said to Ed that the sticking rune is powered down in this version to compensate the energy needed for the braking… Nah.

      Twitch then started his way to the NeoKnight academy.

      /6, 50 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania city, The Streets/

      Ed is currently zooming through the streets of Mecania.

      “Dude watch out, out of the way, a crap I’m so sorry Mss Henderson, I swear I’ll pay that back later! “

      And he is raising a lot of chaos. Several people are jumping out of the way when Ed is passing thing while screaming several obscenities.

      Almost there. Please let me be there on time!

      A blacksmith pulling a wagon with his goods starts crossing the streets oblivious to the chaos around him.

      "Crap! "

      He quickly turns and rides over a conveniently laid out hand made ramp.

      Ed is now airborne.

      “Duude this is awesome!”

      He suddenly feels lighter.

      “ What the?” Ed looks down and sees that the light of the sticking rune is fading quickly.


      The light of the sticking rune fades away and the scooter crashes to the ground. Without Ed, he is still flying, and he is still screaming.

      He flies through the window of the academy.

      And finally crashes against a tall brown haired man.

      /6, 55 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Classroom 8B/

      Ryue Urizuka is a good person, he never killed anyone unless it was self defence, he never stole anything, he never cheated on his wife, he has yet to seriously maim his students. So why did bad stuff always happen to him?

      Somehow I think it’s all the fault of Edward Macolo.

      “Mister Macolo…” Urizuka said calmy.

      O sh*t…please don't tell me I…

      “Although I am pleased that you’re on time for once. Please get off on me or there will be consequences.” And Ed knows that Urizuka means it.

      Ed moved so quickly you’d think he teleported somehow.

      Urizuka stands up and dusted himself off.

      “Now that everyone is here.” At this he glares at Ed.

      “We can finally start the test. Everyone please take you places.”

      Once everyone sits down Urizuka allows himself to smile, a very evil smile.

      “Kids as you know the final test always consist of three different tests. The first test you all will get is a written exam!”

      /6,55 ST, Weven Woods, Great Wall /

      Meca Solana was on patrol duty again.

      Hnn I really hate patrol duty never interesting ever happens anyway.

      Solana then hears a loud WHAT!.

      “Eh, Whaa- AAAAAAAAAAAH !”

      He is startled and loses his footing. He then falls of the wall and probably dies.

      Authors notes.
      Well the chapter isn’t normally finished here, but I still need to introduce several key characters and if I did that you will probably get bored. Still nine pages in word isn’t bad.
      Also no information over the six giants and the dust this time, next chapter for sure.

      (1)I’m not completely sure if this is the only reason of the rivalry between Neo Ruins and Shothwhile Cliffs Cliffs, Outcast if you have some other reason be free to pm me.
      (2)I just made this it up and used imaginary material, I also never followed mechanics so I have no idea how a real scooter should work. Petalite is a real mineral though heard from it on Yakitate! Japan.

      Also I know I make some grammar mistakes, English is not my native language, so please ignore them hehehe...
      Anyway sorry for the long wait, C ya next time!
      Btw helpful criticism is always appreciated.


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        Chapter 3: Race against the Clock, Will Ed fail !?

        Attack name

        /7, 00 ST , Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Classroom 8B/

        Dammit, dammit, dammit ! I hate you Urizuki ! I’m pretty much 100 % sure he deliberately made the first test a written exam! The sight of a seething Ed would frighten most people, but his classmates were already used to his antics.

        “Ed, calm down.” A voice almost whispered him.

        “Heh? Wut ? “ As Ed looked next too him he saw a white haired girl with bright, vacant blue eyes.

        Ah Luna, didn’t see her …. How the hell did I miss her ? Her hair is like glow in the freaking dark…. Hmm now that I think about it I don’t really know a lot about her.

        * flashback *

        /7, 05 St, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Neoknight’s Academy, Classroom 6B/


        Everybody was laughing while Akira is running around like a chicking without his head.
        Everybody except Ed who is trying to put the flames out.

        Never thought I’ll say this but dammit were is Urizuka, when he was here Heric would never had the guts to ignite his fire crystal, f*cking pyromaniac!

        “Akira stop running away I’m trying to put it out! “

        Equus crystallinus: nimbus imbrium (Crystal syncro : Raincloud)

        A raincloud appears over Akira’s head and it starts raining.

        “I’m saved ! Thanks Ed, I didn’t know you had chosen a water crystal?”

        “I didn’t chose water, Akira. Now who-“

        Ed turns around and he sees a girl with the standard academy uniform : a dark blue jacket with a shooting star emblem on the front, the emblem of the NeoKnights, together with grey jeans. Ed could just see a crystal armband sticking out of her jacket.

        “Who lighted Akira’s hair on fire?”

        Urizuka asked calmy but Ed knew his face it was his face that promised a world of hurt for the person who pissed him off. Ed has seen this face a lot over the years.

        After a few seconds, the eyes of all around began wandering to a specific person. The person in particular was turning extremely white, as if his whole life was flashing before his eyes.

        Ed sweatdrops .

        It isn’t like Urizuka would kill Heric maybe punish him with running around the city while he uses beams of freezing water to motivate him, but not kill him, Heric is such a wuss…

        “Mr. Vandovel would you kindly explain why you ignited your fire crystal after I explicitly told you last week that you would only activate your crystals in the classes and nowhere else?”

        “I euh, you see I… I… “

        “Hmm I wonder what I should make you do? Make you run laps, clean the toilets, order the files? No I have a better idea.

        At this Urizuka smiles, a evil smile. Heric didn’t like that smile one bit.

        /7, 15 St, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Neoknight’s Academy, training ground/

        “Run maggot!”

        Equus crystallinus : Magmat Telum (Crystal syncro : Magma bullets)

        Molten earth rises up from the earth and shoots of at Heric, off course Urizuka isn’t aiming at Heric but he doesn’t need to know that.


        Heric is running around like his life depended on it, everytime he wanted to escape a mafma bullet will strike at the ground before him.

        “As amusing as this is who should go to class now.” Urizuka says sadly.

        “YES, FREEDOM!”

        Heric stopped with running while gasping for air.

        Equus crystallinus : Magmat Telum (Crystal syncro : Magma bullets)
        Runa Magia: Tempus Gelo (Rune magic : Time freeze)

        “O GOD WHY!”

        “That should keep him occupied for at least a half-hour.”

        /7, 15 St, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Neoknight’s Academy, Classroom 6B/
        “Sir, should I introduce myself?” The girl asked Urizuka.

        “Huh? A yes, sorry I kinda forgot about you, right now, what was your name again, miss? …”

        The girl turned to the class and said : “ My name is Luna Everglass, I received homeschooling from my father, but I wanted to at least follow 2 years in the academy before I try the graduation exam.”

        “Eh Everglass? Like in Nigel Everglass, the best NeoKnight in the last 2 decades?” Somebody in the class shouted.

        Without batting a eyelash she responded: “ No, Nigel Everglass could be family but I have never met him in my entire life.”

        The class seemed disappointed, and only listened half heartily to the rest of her introduction.

        “... I like gardening and reading, I dislike bullies and people who think women are weaker then men. My dream is to be a good NeoKnight so that I can protect my home.”

        “Well Miss Everglass you could sit next to Mr Macolo, the blond haired brat with his stupid expression on his face.”


        *End Flasback*

        Hmm she never really hangs out with anyone except me and Akira… Well she could be all that bad, I mean she always tries to help me with written tests . But she never really told anything about herself.

        “Your ready for this, we ran over the subject matter a hundred times, I know you can do this . Don’t make my kick your ass for wasting all my time trying to help you.”

        On the other hand she can be a ***** if she wanted to. And I really don’t want to be on the other side of her crystals, out of everybody in the class she’s the best in combining crystals to form syncro moves. She sometimes even best Urizuka.

        “Yes no problem, good luck, not like you need luck Luna.”

        “Everybody quiet the first exam begins now, you can turn you tests. Anybody who even thinks about cheating will be given a automatic score of 0 !”

        OK first question: Give the history off the Six Giants and explain why they left. Eh? I know this answer, awesome!

        The Giants where 6 beings which bodies reach as high as the farthest cloud. These beings were the first of few to exist in the Dawnlands. When primative ships of humans first arrive, They were the ones who taught the humans how to hunt, survive, etc. The humans inscribed their teachings into what is now called Runes, along with what they were taught, They recorded weapons, medicines, etc. The giants are based on the 6 elements : Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow.

        Within the year, the humans were able to populate and sustain their own, making friends with the 6 giants, however as always, peace doesn't last. Some of the humans began tampering and looking over the runes of what they were taught, until they came across the rune talking about some life stream and how it crystalizes into........well crystals. The Giants had warned the humans before to not harvest and seek them out. Those who did not listen went ahead into the crystal caverns, the deepest and lowest area they could reach where they found what they were looking for, at the same time died for it. From the crystals they found formed black beasts that roared and killed those seeking the crystals. On their release, the Giants Sealed the Dusk's off, caving in the section the Sage crystals were growing in. There are other ways back to that section of the cavern, but that's........nearly impossible to find. The giants had chosen to leave for the humans to fend for themselves. Before they left, they gave a rune inscribe with markings that could not yet be deciphered. It stands there still and the giants were never seen again, where they have went still remains a mystery.

        OK I didn’t miss anything here now to the next question: Who were the Seven Generals that founded the capitals and explain why there was a war. Hmm I think, I know this one too.

        The seven generals were :
        -Arai of the Zartozia. He has build the first fishers villages in the Booth Wetlands
        -Zandorin of the Lomin. United the many nomad tribes in the Sielen Dunes.
        -Ikiyak of the Auroria. He has build the first village on the Shothwhile Cliffs.
        -Angulum of the Pandorin. Established the farms on Moren Fields.
        -Elshira the Arborian . She founded Weven Woods
        -Devano of the Marmurio. He established a working city in the Crystal Caves.
        -Valderin of the Azlordium. He founded the Neo Ruins

        The name of the war was the War Between Blood. Since the Giants left, things began to fall apart and the blame for releasing the Dusk was being placed repeatability, things get worse until they break down into war. If you could think of a bloodier and far worse battle, this war brought the near extinction of the humans to the Dawnlands. The War was quickly brought to a halt when all generals came to the conclusion of their entire existence of being was fading. From all the fighting, Not even the dusk's would dare prowl on the land the took place on. Which was later named Eden Field, in agreement to never fight there again. The war left a deep scar in the memories of those who fought in it, and into the land.

        I have a feeling I can do this. O.K. Next question : Explain the origin of Quattuor Oriundus Spiritus and what it is.
        I know this one too, awesome !!

        Quattuor Oriundus Spiritus are The Four arising from Life : These are respectively : Chi, Chakra, Aura and Mana.

        There are two main energy’s, Chi and Chakra, and two sub energy’s , Aura and Mana.

        Everything has at least one of these two energy’s. All non - breathing things, the rocks, threes and other objects have chi and all living things : birds, fishes, humans, ... have chakra and chi.


        Chi comes forth from the physical energy garnered from the trillions of cells and muscle development of their body.

        The first humans that managed to manifest Chi are the ancient monks that worship the six giants, by entering a deep meditative state, they managed to enter a pool of energy located in the stomach area and successfully draw out the energy in small amounts.

        These monks could use chi to increase their physical power and physical decence with a insane amount for a very short time. However they also found out a major disfantage for using Chi : even if you use chi for only a split second you will be exhausted, the longer you use chi , the more tired you will be. This could lead to death.


        Chakra on the other hand is created from the spiritual portion, fuelled by experience, knowledge, and exercise of the mind.

        The humans who laid out the foundation of chakra are unknown, they are only know as The Wanderers. The Wanderers shared their knowledge of chakra with the monks of Sielen Dunes as a reward for their hospitality.

        These monks enter a same meditate state, how ever instead of entering a pool of energy located in the stomach area they enter the small energy pool in the hart, and draw out energy from the seven little pools, know as chakra gates. Respectively the pools are :

        First Chakra

        The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is also called the muladhara, or coccyx center.

        Second Chakra

        An inch and a half above the first chakra is the swadisthana, or sacral center.

        Third Chakra

        Opposite the navel in the astral spine is the manipura, or lumbar center.

        Fourth Chakra

        At the region of the heart in the spine is the anahata, or dorsal center.

        Fifth Chakra

        The vishudha, or cervical center is opposite the throat in the spine.

        Sixth Chakra

        The Sixth Chakra is located in the medulla oblongata, at the base of the brain just above the place where the skull connects with the neck. Its also called ajna chakra.

        Seventh Chakra

        The sahasrara chakra, is located in the cranium, at the top of the head. This center is traditionally known as the thousand-petaled lotus, or crown chakra.

        You can focus your chakra in your surroundings to control the elements. Downside of this is that this control is very, very little. E.G. Making another object out of an element, like a whip of water is very, draining and only capably for those with master control of their chakra. But manipulating the elements like shoving the earth away from you opponents feat is a basic move.


        After a battle in a temple where the monks that use chakra killed every bandit before the militia of that time could come to help. The militia asked (demanded) the knowledge of chakra and chi.

        After that they experimented into using both chi and chakra at the same time, the results are the foundation of Aura and Mana.

        Aura was discovered by Azlordium soldiers by combining a larger amount of chi with a smaller amount of chakra.

        At the time the results were astounding. And is also the reason why the Guardians and KneoKnights of Neo Ruins are the best in long ranged attacks and tracking and combat.

        By using Aura a human can magnify their natural senses to an infinite factor.
        Even if you were blind you could be a warrior if you can use Aura. E.G. The legendary blind warrior Zatoichi is a master of Aura.


        Mana is discovered by Aurorian warriors.
        The way you unlock Mana is the opposite of unlocking Aura, the amount of Chakra must by larger then the amount of Chi.

        There are two Ways of using Mana.
        Both are ways of creation.

        The first way is the Way of Infusing, by using their own Mana blacksmiths can reinforce weaponry and armour to a fare greater extend then using normal ways.
        Master blacksmiths are also experienced users of this way of Mana, they can infuse a weapon with Mana so that weapon has a “Soul”.

        The second way is the Way of Life.

        Like the name already explains this Way of Mana, heals all living things.
        Bare in mind that they can only heal smaller wounds and diseases, Medic’s of Slothwhile are still researching for a way that they can use Mana to heal even the deadliest wounds.

        Maybe I overdid it a bit with the explaination, but Urizuka has to give me SOME extra points for that giant answer. Now I’m feeling good, I’m going to ace this test. Next question !
        How many degrees should you fire an arrow from a crossbow to pierce the armour of a steel plated soldier from 360 meters to the east. Keep in mind that there is a wind off 10 miles per hours from the south and you are standing on a tower of 10 meters.

        ………………. F***********ck, I’m going to fail !

        Author notes

        Mayor cudos to Outcast who helped me with the anwers to the six giants and the origin of the war

        It has been waaay to long, sinds I last updated, I haven’t finished this chapter yet but I think that’s a nice place to stop.

        Lot’s of explanations here, If you find something you don’t understand be free to ask.

        Like always criticism is always appreciated.

        And also if you have some idea’s you want to be in this story first ask Outcast and if he gives the O.K. just say it to me and I’ll find a way to use it. If I can.


        Will post the rest tomorrow.

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          Dawn Before War : Endless Dream.

          Interlude 1 : End of the exams

          Attack name

          /10, 00 ST , Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Classroom 8B/

          One thing is feared by everyone in the world.

          A universal bogeyman, an diabolic evil that even when faced even the bravest of man will piss they’re pants.

          A hellish horror that al men and women must face in their lifetime.

          That fiendish unholy vile thing is-


          “Students turn your paper around and leave the classroom in an orderly fashion.” Urizuki droned out lazily.

          - the bell that signals the end of an important exam.

          Urizuki collected all the tests and skimmed over all the exams.
          Before the students could leave the classroom Urizuki says.

          “Nuegal, Sepra and Medrian I’m happy to announce that all three of you have a score of 0.”

          The three dunderheads in question began their outrage before they saw the look on Urizuki’s face.

          “Heh so you three think you have the right to question my judgement?
          You three decided to ignore the order of a superior officer… Do you know what you did?”

          The three only shook their heads. But by the looks on their faces you know they knew.

          “You …” Urizuki paused for a dramatic effect. “ CHEATED! “

          Before the three fools could respond Urizuki continued.

          “Sepra in you left utility pocket is a couple of notes with answers, Nuegal you copied over half of all your answers from Akira… Btw Akira you should really pay better attention to your surroundings.”

          At this Akira smiled sheepishly “ Hehe sure thing boss.”
          Urizuki rolled his eyes and continued.

          “Medrian out of the three of you, the way you cheated was the most impressive. Not only did you copy the question cheat that I made in the short time I left it alone, you did it in a way that I didn’t notice a thing. Almost didn’t notice a thing.”

          At this Urizuki shows a circular metal contraption that glows blue in random intervention.

          “This is a invention that I asked Mr.Vericite over there.“ At this he points to a half asleep Twitch that joined the classroom to observe the exam. And to annoy Ed of course.

          At this Akira whispers to Ed :” Why is he pointing at Twitch I thought he said that Mr. Vericite made that thingamajigg?”
          “Twitch is Mr. Vericite Akira.”

          “-to make, this device records the crystal wavelength of a person and stores it in a database. As you know each person has his or hers own unique wavelength that makes him or her more or less compatible with an element. Where I’m going with this is that I recorded each of your wavelengths during our crystal lessons. And I left this machine on, on my desk with the question forms. Imagine my surprise when I noticed your wavelength in the area of my desk at home.”

          The three idiots are now shaking in despair.

          “Still not letting you do the next exam is harsh… I know!” Urizuki said while he has that * I’m going to laugh at your misery* look.
          “You can just make a different exam tomorrow, it’s the exam of the advanced class so it’s even harder and more questions in les time !*

          The three losers are now practically crying and it’s a know fact that those three were the worst in written exams together with Ed.

          “Well my students is time to go home, you’ll receive a message during the week with the location and time of the next exams with the scores of your first one. Have a good week !”
          Urizuki said in a way to happy tone.

          The students began to leave an all to quick Luna, Akira and Ed and Twitch were the only ones left.

          “So..” Twitch began .” How did your exams go?”

          “NO problem!”
          “I’m going to fail…”

          “I see … Well let’s go to my place for a cup of hot coco !”

          /10,30 ST, Weven Woods, Weven General Hospital /

          “Alright Mr. Solana you’re all patched up, you’re very lucky that a travelling cabbage merchant was riding under your post otherwise you would have died.” Says a very cheery nurse.

          “Yeah I know.” Came the pained answer.

          “Hmm hmm now if you feel any pain at all you must come back immediately. Do you understand?”

          “Yeah no problem.” Replies Meca while thinking “ Hell No ! I’m not going back to your “care” evil vile woman, who thinks that nurses are supposed to be gentle and caring must never met this gall. “

          Meca exits’ the hospital deep in thought.

          I became a ranger because my life was boring. But after training life became even more boring. And that accident made me realise that I can die from lame deaths…
          I rather not die from falling asleep on guard duty on the Great Wall. If I die I want to die guns a’blazin and eternal glory and all that.
          Still now that Dawnlands is in semi peace stuff is going slow here. Not that peace is a bad thing… I’ve got it!
          I’ll quit as ranger and go on a world journey. Why not, I probably won’t die in eternal glory but still better then a lame death like falling asleep. And I’ll go to new places, meet new people, maybe even find a girlfriend .

          Cheered up Meca began his trek home, because in his mind tomorrow will be a great day.


          Authors note

          A new chapter well more an interlude *shrug*

          And yes random dude that fell of the wall for humour will get a more important roll now.
          Don’t know what but he will.

          Short and no plot development but that's why this is an interlude. :D



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            Chapter 3 : Ready! Set! Fight!

            Attack name

            /9,40 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Twitch’s House, 3 days after written exam. /

            *Knock Knock*

            “Now who could that be? Normally the only person who visits me is Ed and he’s training in the backyard.” Twitch thoughtwhile moving away from a strange metal contraption.

            “Yo!” greeted Akira while he walks through the door. Accompanied with a “Good morning,” from Luna.

            “Ah Luna and Akira, good morning! Come in, come in, do you guys want a hot cup of coco?”

            “No thanks. Twitch.” Akira answered.

            “Yes, I would like a cup of chocolate milk, thank you mr. Vericite,” said Luna after sitting down at a relatively clean table.

            “Eh Luna, sheesh call me Twitch! Calling me mr. Vericite makes me feel old.” Twitch shouted jovially from the kitchen. “ Your cup will be done in a minute!”

            “Oi, Twitch were’s Ed? We’ve been looking for him all day!” questioned Akira while sitting down next to Luna.

            “Backyard! He’s training, Crap!“ A small boom came from the kitchen.
            “Euh? Twitch you alright?” Shouted a worried Akira.

            “Yes I’m fine, you can go watch him train if you guys want, the backdoor is the one at the very end. I’ll catch up after I cleaned up this mess and this was my favourite lab coat too,” moaned Twitch while coming out of his kitchen.

            His look was quite comical : his lab coat and a good portion of his hair was drenched in chocolate milk and he was missing his pants, seeing this both Akira and Luna laughed out loud.

            “I’m delighted that you find me so funny, I really am…”

            /9,55 ST, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, Twitch’s House, Backyard training grounds/

            Ed is standing still, a mask of concentration on his face.

            Bring myself to nothingness…
            There is no past.. there is no future...
            There is only now…

            You could see a faint green glowing from his necklace.

            Feel the energy from the crystal, guide it to your centre..
            Model the energy to you image…

            The currents of winds around his arm are beginning to quicken.

            And now Release!

            Volatilis ventus acumino vester scapula as redigo meus inimicus ! Equis crystallinus : Amplitudo Procella! (Fleeting winds sharpen your blades and cut down my foe! Crystal syncro : Grand Tempest !)

            Ed trusted out his arm and a several high speeding wind blades mauled a special training dummy.

            “Wow I did it!”

            “That was truly pathetic Edward.” Remarked Luna. Both she and Akira had seen Ed’s spell.

            “Eh what do you mean!? I did it perfectly ! “

            “Actually Ed, you took way to much time gathering and moulding the crystal energy… You also only mauled that dummy post while using an incantation.” Akira piped in,
            “Did you forget what the boss taught us?”

            Ed snapped back: “Of course not ! I may slack off in class but battle training is something I always pay attention too!”


            /11. 52 ST, 2 years ago, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Classroom 6B/

            As usual the class was in total chaos, paper airplanes flying around, bullies spitting spit balls at people, Ed’s snoring, you know the usual.

            Urizuka is sitting at his desk ignoring everything until he has to start the lesson.

            Six damm years and you’d think they would grow up, but noo…


            *Sigh* ”Time to start I guess,” mumbled Uzizuka.
            “Everybody shut the hell up and take you’re seats!” semi shouted the teacher.

            After everybody was seated he started :” Right as you all know this is a lesson on battle magicks, more specific the difference between an incantation spell and spell without one. Does anybody know the difference… except Luna?”
            Urizuka sweatdropped when he heard a pin drop in the background.

            “Riiight, why do I even bother…Ok everybody go outside.”

            /12. 07 ST, 2 years ago, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Magicks Training ground 7/

            NeoKnight’s academy took a lot of space, the building itself wasn’t very large but the academy has several training grounds, Each piece of land has another purpose. The close combat training fields are pretty much the same except for unique differences. They are clearing with large circles separated from each other with several meters distance, those circles are divided from the normal ground with small stones, also nothing grows on those circles.

            The advanced training grounds are different they are used for combat and tracking, the academy uses a small underground forest with special qualities. The trees that grow there are all hollow, the grass reaches up to your head, and the ground beneath you has a small layer of water that keeps erasing tracks plus the place is littered with exotic flowers dissipating any other scent. In the forest there is very little light as well, they only source of light are Luna crystals scattered around, if bundled they can act like a great flashlight, but that makes you noticeable as well, a common made mistake by newbie’s.

            The last type of field are the margicks practice field. The NeoKnight academy actually uses several old ruins of the original NeoRuins as their field. Off course the place was remodel with a large amount of sturdy human shaped dummies decorated with a intricate design of runes scattered around the place.

            Here we resume with the class.

            “Is everybody here? Ok pay close attention to that dummy over there.”
            His blue water crystal lights up .

            Correpo ex atrum , Ieiunium opprimo , Epulor valde niveus orcus! Equis crystallinus : Barracuda Fuscina ! (Crept from the dark, Hunger overwhelming, Feast on the great white whale! Crystal Synchronization: Barracuda Harpoon!)

            A giant barracuda shaped harpoon appeared before him , it roars loudly before speeding of and crushing against a dummy.

            After the spell ends you can see that a large portion of the dummy was crushed. With the pieces laying on the ground behind it.

            “Sarcire (restore)” Urizuka said enjoying the flabbergasted looks of his students.

            The dummy glows and when the glow end the dummy looked as good as new. And the broken pieces disappeared.

            You see these runes on the spell work dummies are alchemic runes, they follow the rules of equivalent trade. To create or obtain something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed. (1)

            “Everybody seen that? Good let’s try again,” His blue crystal lights up once again.
            Equis crystallinus : Barracuda Fuscina ! (Crystal Synchronization: Barracuda Harpoon!)

            Now a significantly smaller harpoon appeared and crashed against the dummy at a lower yet still very impressive speed.

            The students could also see that the damage done to the dummy was much smaller.

            “Ok can anybody tell me what the difference between a spell with an incantation and one without is now?

            Surprisingly Ed’s hand was in the air before the others.

            Kinda shocked Uziruka nodded to ed.

            “Well sir it looks like the one with the was faster and stronger.” Ed said.

            “No sh*t Sherlock” snipped Heric smugly.

            Ignoring him Ed continued :” Also the spells crystal syncro-level was much higher then the second one.”

            Urizuka raised a eyebrow : “ Explain Marcolo. It’s impossible to see syncro-levels without special equipment and you don’t have those with you, so how could you know that there was a difference between syncro-levels?”

            Ed beamed :” So I was right about the levels?” Seeing Urizuka nod he continued, “ The second harpoon didn’t really look like a barracuda, at least not very well. To use a spell we must harness the energy from the crystal and channel it trough our body and mind. That is the focus part of the procedure. Second we must will the harnessed energy into a energy matrix with our mind, to get the wanted spell and to make the energy solid. That’s the intent form. Finally we must realise the energy at a target or else it would blow up in our faces. I reckoned that because you didn’t use an incantation, the intent of the spell wasn’t that good, the incantation of a spell is purely willed by our spiritual power our better said our chakra. The link between the spell and you, or our syncro-level, is also based on our chakra. So if you don’t use your chakra as much as you do normally, the syncro-level would drop.” Ed finished with a smile.

            The one thought that ran trough everyone mind at the moment was : holy sh*t how the hell did the idiot knew that?

            Akira however didn’t stop at the thinking part : “ Duude Ed how the hell did you knew that?”

            Ed merely gave a good smile and replied : “ I just copied what Luna said to me when I asked the same question yesterday, I don’t really understand it though.”


            Everybody except Ed and Luna facefaulted.
            ------End flashback-------

            “ Then why did the spell suck?” Akira asked.

            Ed only mumbled something.

            “What was that Ed?” Luna asked.

            “I said that mumble mumble mumble…”

            “Do speak up.” Luna replied a little more annoyed.

            “I said that I don’t know how to do it without an incantation so that it won’t blow up in my face, OK you happy!” Ed exploded.

            The two friends stood dumbstruck before sighing. “We should,” Akira began, “Help you again you ingrate, follow us” Luna finished, and she went back inside together with Akira.

            “Thanks guys, I appreciate it, I really do.” Ed spoke softly before running after his friends.
            “You know those guys are really reliable, I’m lucky.”

            / 02, 00 ST, 2 weeks later, Neo Ruins, Mecania City, NeoKnight’s Academy, Basic close combat field 1/

            As it was mentioned earlier the NeoKnight’s Academy has several training fields, Field 1 was the biigest of the all the fields, another difference was that a single circle in the exact middle of the field was far larger then the other “arena’s”, Field 1 first and most used purpose was for an fighting examination.

            “I can’t believe I passed the written test !!” Was the common thought going trough Ed’s mind. “ I mean only half of our class is here, and I’m one of them.”

            “Students, listen up!” Urizuka’s voice came from above.

            “What were did that stage come from? It wasn’t here yesterday.” Ed thought.

            For Urizuka was standing on a simple wooden stage, holding a microphone in his hand. Standing beside him was a huge bear of a man, wearing a camouflage pants and a mesh shirt with a big badass sword on his back. His faced was littered with dozens of scars and he seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face. His brow hair was neatly cut in a military hairstyle. The Demon of the Academy, The drill instructor of Hell. And the manliest man ever to exist, hell his name is even manly : Sgt. Max Fightmaster. (2)

            A women with sharp features and warm green eyes was sitting next to the 2 men. Strawberry blond hair swaying softly in the wind. And wearing a lose skyblue clothes. The school psychologist and nurse, Gwendolyn Moonhowler. She was very popular with all the students, kind, gentle and always willing to lend a ear.
            “As you can see Sgt. Fightmaster and Mss Moonhowler are with us today to evaluate your combat skills. Students today you’ll all fight in a tournament. On the wall to you left you can see against who you would have to fight. It will be a one on one fight with myself as the referee. There is no time limit and no rules except the following, The fighting must be done in the space that you are giving, step outside the area line and you lose, if I say stop, you must stop. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Killing you opponent is not allowed, severely maiming them however is. The grand winner of this tournament is going to get a special prize, what it is, is a secret.”

            Luna’s hand shot into the air.

            “Yes mss Everglass?” Urizuka asked.

            “Does this mean that only one of us will graduate?” Luna asked narrowing her eyes.

            “No, no dear,” came the soft laughing voice of Moonhowler. That’s why myself and Max are her during the tournament we will observe all 12 of you fight. Even if you lose in the first round, if you display enough skill to us, you can graduate.”

            This seemed to pacify Luna. And a lot of the other students.

            “Now then,” came the ruff deep voice of Sgt. Fightmaster,” Let’s start with the first fight aye? Macolo, Vandovel! Front and centre!”

            Immediately Ed and Heric stepped forward to the large circle in the middle.

            “You maggots are first up so give us a good show lads, or extra training with me !” Finished Sgt. Fightmaster with a bloodthirsty grin.

            The rest of the class stepped away as Urizuka walked towards Ed and Heric.

            After he stood between both of them at a distance, he said :” Let’s get this over with, First match Edward Macolo vs. Heric Vandovel. Ready!”
            Ed stood in a solid form, both of his legs spread giving hem maximum stability while not harming his movement, his Ji firmly in his hands pointing towards Heric.

            “Set !”

            Heric tensed up, like a spring jumping to unfold. One of his twin sabres was held horizontally before him while the other was held diagonally in a reverse hold. He was currently standing on the balls of his feet.


            Hearing this both fighters explode in movement.

            /2:15 NT / New NeoRuins / Mecania city / NeoKnight’s Academy / Close Combat traininggrounds1/

            Hearing this both fighters sprang into action.

            Before Heric could reach Ed, Ed turned left, and pivoted behind Heric. He goes for a side slash but Heric blocks with his sword, using the momentum gained from the force of Ed’s lash he jumps away. Both opponent continued testing each other for openings before Heric grows bored and begins twisting with his blades out. Muttering: “Hellish cyclone…” Changeling his Chi into his body Heric spins and turns himself into a wicked, razor sharp, spinner. Quickly reacting Ed slammed his Ji into the floor and jumped up, grapping a hold of the very opposite end before the blade starts and narrowly avoids getting turned into sliced ham.

            Seeing that Heric was once again starting an assault, Ed jumps up while changeling chi in the tip of his weapon.
            “Earth Cutter!”
            Starting from the zenith of his jump, Ed quickly plummets into the arena shattering the ground and forcing sever large pieces of stone and earth away from the impact. Not only did this attack force Heric to abandon his attack but it also creates a dust field.

            “Where is that little piece of sh*t!” Thought Heric. ”Whatever like I need sight to find him.”

            Creating and channeling a small bit of Aura into his ears Heric hears the muttering of “Permissum illa compes ut tardus mihi canish, permissum mihi no super a jugis a caecus o oculus. Equis Crystallinus: Typhoon audacia.”(Let these shackles that slow me down vanish. Let me fly over a continent in a blink of an eye. Crystal syncro: Thyphoon dash!)

            Knowing what going to happen next Heric has only one thought: “Well f*ck me…”

            He blinked.

            Next thing he knows he was launched into the air dissipating the dust cloud with a green shrouded Ed flying right next to him. Before the pain of the blow could even register Ed throws his Ji even higher up and begins kicking Herics body alternating between torso, cranium, legs, arms, rinse and repeat before his Ji finishes it’s descent back to Ed he finishes with grabbing Herics body giving him enough leverage for a back flip giving him enough room to connect a devastating kangaroo kick that gives Heric a rapid descend back down to earth, free of charge. Grapping a hold of his Ji Ed took advantage over gravity and the left over energy of Typhoon Dash to start his descend, positioning himself so that his body is aligned with his staff, his feet downwards with the tip of his Ji pointing to Terra Firma he speeds down like a demented arrow.

            Right where Heric was waiting for him, wearing a bloody grin

            Equis Crystallinus: Niger Conforto (Crystal syncro: Black Soot)
            Heric blew out a thick black smokescreen giving him enough time to dodge Ed’s attack.

            For the second time this match the battle is blinded for the audience.

            “Not good,” Ed thought, ”Can’t see sh*t in this thick smoke… Where is- “
            “ O sh*t!” He cursed narrowly dodging an attack from the back, the only reason he noticed it was from the intense heat coming from the blades. Several other attacks where made but Ed dodges them as easily as he dodged the first one.

            “Heric must have enchanted his blade with his fire crystal but why would he do that, I can easily evade is attacks now… Unless!” Ed concluded.
            “If I’m right I need to get the hell away from here.”

            Too late.

            Eternus flamma of extraho, exuro meus hostilis ut cinis cineris , Defaeco!
            Equis Crystallinus: Valde Extraho Spiritus! (Everlasting flames of the dragons, burn my enemies to ashes, Purify! Crystal syncro: Great Dragon Breath! )

            From the sky far above the Heric blew out a big, emerald green funnel of deadly flames, when the flames came in contact with the smoke, they reacted into a huge explosion.

            /2: 19 NT / New NeoRuins / Mecania city / NeoKnight’s Academy / Close Combat traininggrounds1/ audience/

            “Fool,” Seethed Urizuka, “Even though this is an exam, you should not use this much lethal force on a comrade. Hell he didn’t even think about injuring the bloody audience.”

            Indeed for when the deadly fires reached the outer circle of the arena a regal blue light stopped all the flames dead in their tracks.

            “Thank the Giants that I had the foresight to renew and strengthen the shield runes, I shudder to think what would have happened if it would have broke. From the looks of it the explosion is still going on strong. I wonder how Macolo is going to get himself out of this mess. For all his slacking off the boy is quite ingenious in using his limited abilities to outsmart his opponents in battle.”

            Unknown to Urizuka that last thought was flowing to several other’s head, all with Edd’s intentions at heart.

            /2:19 NT/ UNKOWN LOCATION/

            “Hmm… interesting… I sense… energy …from so long ago… Maybe… Yes…No…But this… Yes this should work… in my favour that is…Fufufufufufufu…”

            “Ewig Zwielicht tanzend vom Schatten des Mond , Überblick…(Eternal twilight dancing from the shadow of the moon, view...)”

            Tendrils of energy so foul it rots the very air it was created in only to merge together in a orb. As sudden as it was made, it disappeared. Where to? Nobody knows except It.

            In the darkness nobody saw two sickly yellow eyes, nor did they hear disturbing mechanical laughter accompanied with more ominous clacking sounds. Perhaps for the best.

            /2:19 NT / New NeoRuins / Mecania city / NeoKnight’s Academy / Close Combat traininggrounds1/

            After the explosion calmed down, Heric started to descend while muttering:” Equis Crystalinnus : Glacialis flamma ( Crystal syncro: Frozen Flames) “ turning the left over flames into ice before they break themselves.

            “Maybe I overdid it? … Nah if the fool is dead well then he’s dea-” Only with his quick senses did Heric managed to block sever airblades with his flaming swords, nullifying the attack.

            “How did he-? “

            Ed seems like he won’t give his opponent a breather and continues his assault with windblades relentlessly.

            / 2:18 NT / Before Heric fired of his fire blast / New NeoRuins / Mecania city / NeoKnight’s Academy / Close Combat traininggrounds1/

            “Volatilis ventus acumino vester scapula as redigo meus inimicus ! Equis crystallinus : Amplitudo Procella. “(Fleeting winds sharpen your blades and cut down my foe! Crystal syncro : Grand Tempest .)

            Normally the Grand Tempest technique is an offensive one a highly destructive one, I might add. Condensing the air around your opponent in a sphere like shape while manipulating and sharpening the air currents until they’re as sharp as the finest blades, then letting the currents lose on your opponent. It is highly effective.
            As it is so effective as a destructive technique that nobody took the time to tinker and experiment with it, as the old saying goes if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Funny that Luna Everglass isn’t one of those persons.
            Luna is what people call a prodigy, she is quite skilled in the normal weapons training, same thing for hand to hand combat, tracking is also quite good. Her skills in these categories are certainly above average but not better than some of the more battle hardy NeoKnight hopefuls.
            So what sets her apart from her classmates? Her obsessive behaviour regarding crystals and runes. Now Luna doesn’t have the power to completely master a technique on the fist go, no her nature goes far beyond that. After Luna has acquired a technique she dissects it into different components, she tinkers around with them, she experiments, she learns how and what makes that technique tick, she makes those techniques her own. Using the same principle she made a defensive move out of Grand Tempest.
            A move she taught to Ed, the only downside is to make it work you need a lot of control. Luckily Ed has a smaller then average access to crystalenergy even comparing to most girls, whom crystalenergy pools are smaller than males, his access is quite small. He makes up for it with his excellent control.

            Instead of condensing the air around his opponent Ed condenses the very air around himself while filtering the smoke particles out of his ‘air bubble’. He continues to feed energy to the air currents but he doesn’t make them smaller and thinner, but larger and more robust, normally this would take a lot of energy but Ed has found a way around that, instead of feeding his own energy his takes the air current outside of the ‘air bubble’ and adds those currents to the currents there all the while filtering the smoke particles out.
            When the explosion hit the air bubble Ed is still busy adding more air currents to his bubble with his crystal energy, unknowingly he made a null zone between the explosion and his air bubble. In this null zone there’s no air, that means no oxygen. Without a component to combust, the explosion merely washed over Ed, the leftover fire energy going back the fire crystal embedded on both of Heric’s blades.
            There is however a time-limit the null zone will only be there until there is no more air left to add. During the duration of the explosion Ed’s bubble constantly declined in size. Instead of adding air that’s not there it started a new air bubble but smaller and added in the air from between the two bubbles and so on. Ed was lucky that the explosion stopped before his air ran out otherwise we would need to find a new main character.

            Leaping away before Heric could see him, Ed starts chanting : “Ventus of totus procuratio audite meus placitum Permissum vestri fluctis exsisto meus vesica.Equis Crystalinnus: Voro Tripudio. “(Winds of all directions hear my plea, Let your currents be my blade. Crystal syncro: Swallow waltzes.) Quite a few airblades materializes before Ed before shooting of at their target

            Opting to finish the match quickly Ed continues his assault even though is starting to show sighs of fatigue by using so much crystal techniques after each other, luckily for him Heric isn’t in top condition either the damage that Ed delivered is really weighing the fire user down.

            The fire user however is not going down without a fight.

            O validus Extraho , intueor hostes hostium , permissum him sentio vos vires , Exuro absentis suus malum in Purgumtorio! Equis Crystallinus: Obtutus um Rependum!
            ( O mighty Dragon, look upon the enemy, let him feel you might, Burn away his sins in Purgatory! Crystal syncro: Gaze of Repentance!)

            Baring his blades before him, before the embedded crystals two brightly shining orbs with a fierce red colour appeared, before unleashing two mighty white beams of fire, destroying all the airblades and still going strong.

            Too bad for Heric that a sudden pain in his chest, makes him miss Ed. “Crap I think, he cracked at least one rib, I’ve to finish this, and fast.”

            Secuutus per incendia insectia, iam irretitus per incendia undique , lamnia lammina lamna has verto! Equis Crystalinnus: Tripudio of cinis cineris! (Lured in by the fireflies, now trapped by fire from all sides, the coin has turned! Crystal syncro : Dance of the embers!)
            Flaming balls materializes around Heric without any warning they shot out homing in on every direction to Ed.

            “Not finished yet try escaping from this!” Roared Heric. “Vulcanus aegre foedus vobis , Silva exuro miles pro congressus vos , licentia nusquam secundum. Equis Crystallinus: Erumpo Aestuo!( Volcanoes shrivel compared to you, Forrests burn miles before encountering you, leave nothing behind. Crystal syncro: Erupting Blaze!)”

            The air suddenly grows hot and weary before rushing off to the location of Ed, leaving a panting Heric behind.

            Surrounded by flames everywhere Ed has only one place to go, the sky. “Saltatio Pulverea ! (Dancing Dust !) “ Swinging his Ji towards the ground he jumps up, the resulting blast of wind gives even more momentum and more air. Ed is flying towards an arc over all the flames towards Heric. Ed hower knows that Erupting Blaze will fry him when the heat wave hits his body, making a last minute thought Ed sacrifices his Ji to save him from a fiery death. Landing unscathed Ed dashes towards Heric, seeing this an exhausted Heric tries to block the incoming attack but in fain. Ed crouches under his guard and channels his Chi into his hand for one final attack. “Empty Palm”, Ed gently taps his palm against Heric’s already abused romp, nothing seemly happens but before Heric could react his romp blows back, like if it was hit by a invisible wave. Afterwards Heric slumps down to the ground, unconscious.

            Utterly spend Ed has trouble maintaining balance on all fours.

            “Ok now just wait until Urizuka announces me the winner and then I can re-“

            “Edward Macolo you are hereby apprehended as the murderer of Buuta Ghendor, please come along quietly or we will use lethal force.” Without any prompting several NeoKnights picked up the still exhausted Ed and walked out of the training field. Unable to resist after spending so much energy and affected from the shock of learning that his guardian is dead, Ed does what any person would die and faints.


            AN: Well that’s it for the second part of chapter 3. Thanks to DarkheartedShadow and Din for proofreading this piece. Sorry for the long wait and the cliffhanger.
            Edwards abilities is actually a peeve of mine, in almost every anime I saw with powered up characters, the main character has a lot of stamina but little no zero control. That’s why I made Ed have little stamina and huge control. Makes you wonder why he can’t use techniques without incantation eh? Probably because those spell require more power.
            Now this is my first fighting scene so I personally think it could be way better. But eh I’ll improve with practice I guess.
            *************************Technique list**********************************

            This is something new I wanted to try out, this section of the auteur list is going to be about the different kinds of technique’s in Dawnlands.

            A technique needs a amount of energy to performs there are three categories : low, medium and high those categories are once again divided into three categories, low, normal and Uber.

            Name: Hellish Cyclone
            Incantation: None
            Category: NeoKnights Chi attack
            Energy needed: Very low
            Description: The user positions himself so that his bladed weapon is facing outwards and starts spinning during the twisting the user channels Chi into himself so that he keeps up a high momentum. Because the Chi is only used to maintain speed and not the spin itself, the user is not fatigued when he/she stops. This move has a low treat level because an opponent can jump over the user and the user can also be easily stopped.


            Name: Earth Cutter
            Incantation: None
            Category: NeoKnights Chi attack
            Energy level: Medium low
            Description: The user jumps of and starts channelling a small amount of Chi into the tip of a piercing weapon. From the highest point of his jump, the user speeds down with his weapon aimed for the ground, on contact with the ground. The charged Chi bursts out sending hard lumps of earth and rocks flying. The user could also do this with a blunt object or his fist however this would take a lot more energy to get the same effect. If the user choices to use his fist, his entire arm would be numb and useless, by the force of the impact and the usage of Chi, for a long period of time.


            Name: Empty Palm
            Incantation: None
            Category: NeoKnight Chi attack
            Energy level: Low medium
            Description: The user channels Chi into his hand, then hits his opponent with an open palms strike. The Chi would then burst out in a wave and damage the internal organs of the opponent.
            Afterwards the user will not be able to feel his hand for a long period of time and he will feel fatigued.


            Name: Überblick ( Vieuw )
            Incantation: Ewig Zwielicht tanzend vom Schatten des Mond (Eternal twilight dancing from the shadow of the moon )
            Category: Unknown but for now categorised as Dusk technique
            Energy level: Unknown but probably Uber High
            Description: The user gathers and insane amount of unknown energy, that’s vile and evil to create an orb, the orb will then vanish. What this orb does in currently unknown.


            Name: Glacialis flamma ( Frozen Flames)
            Incantation: Complexo frigus hiberna ventulus (Embrace the cool winter breeze)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Almost none
            Description: The user negates fire crystal energy from a technique. Turning flames into ice that shatters quite easily.


            Name: Niger Conforto ( Black Soot)
            Incantation: Mugitus spiritus o extraho ( Bellowing breath of dragons)
            Category: Crystal Syncro : fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Almost none
            Description: Gathering fire energy into the throat, but not enough to get fire, the user releases it spewing forth a d*ck black curtain of smoke. After enough experience with this technique the user could manipulate it so that the smoke itself is highly flammable.


            Name: Valde Extraho Spiritus! (Great Dragon Breath )
            Incantation: Eternus flamma of extraho, exuro meus hostilis ut cinis cineris, Defaeco! (Everlasting flames of the dragons, burn my enemies to ashes, Purify!)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Uber Low
            Description: The user gathers fire energy between his hands, when he has enough he unleashes it into a funnel of emerald green flames, although the flames are enough to burn a person, they aren’t hot enough to kill.


            Name: Obtutus um Rependum (Gaze of Repentance)
            Incantation: O validus Extraho, intueor hostes hostium, permissum him sentio vos vires, Exuro absentis suus malum in Purgumtorio! (O mighty Dragon, look upon the enemy, let him feel you might, Burn away his sins in Purgatory!)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Low medium
            Description: The user gathers up energy before his crystals and condenses it, when released the energy will unleash two white beam of highly concentrated flames at the target. These flames are strong enough to pave it path trough flesh, but since the beams are so hot the victim’s wounds are instantly cauterised. If the user is skilled enough he can gather the beams before his eyes or before his hands, this however is not advised to starts because they can heavily injure themselves.


            Name: Tripudio of cinis cineris (Dance of the embers)
            Incantation: Secuutus per incendia insectia, iam irretitus per incendia undique , lamnia lammina lamna has verto! (Lured in by the fireflies, now trapped by fire from all sides, the coin has turned!)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Normal low
            Description: The user wills fire energy around the opponent, small fireballs will emerge before zooming in on the closest heat source; if no heat source is in the vicinity, they will disperse. These fireballs aren’t hot enough to severely injure an opponent but are good as a distraction.


            Name: Erumpo Aestuo (Erupting Blaze)
            Incantation: Vulcanus aegre foedus vobis, Silva exuro miles pro congressus vos , licentia nusquam secundum. Equis Crystallinus (Volcanoes shrivel compared to you, Forrests burn miles before encountering you, leave nothing behind)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: fire wavelength
            Energy Level: Uber medium
            Description: The user coats the very air with fire energy, before sending it off at his target. If this heat wave hits an object the air will condense around the object and erupt in flames that are hot enough to meld metal.
            This technique is heavily draining, unless it hits something the heat wave will continuously use fire energy, so it must be used sparsely. It is also very dangerous for the user if the heat wave erupts close to him/her.


            Name: Typhoon audacia (Thyphoon dash)
            Incantation: Permissum illa compes ut tardus mihi canish, permissum mihi no super a jugis a caecus o oculus. (Let these shackles that slow me down vanish. Let me fly over a continent in a blink of an eye.)
            Category: Crystal syncro: wind wavelength
            Energy Level: Low medium
            Description: The user shrouds himself in wind energy, eliminating any friction he has with the surrounding air. Using this technique the user can achieve unbelievable speeds and can even fly for a short time. This technique continuously drains wind energy if not controlled properly, the user is also exhausted if used without proper training, the user can also hurt himself if he is not used to extreme speeds.


            Name : Amplitudo Procella (Grand Tempest)
            Incantation: Volatilis ventus acumino vester scapula as redigo meus inimicus (Fleeting winds sharpen your blades and cut down my foe)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: wind wavelength
            Energy Level: Normal medium
            Description: the user condenses the air around his/her opponent in a sphere like shape while manipulating and sharpening the air currents in the sphere until they’re as sharp as the finest blades. Those airblades will continuously cut the opponent. If the sphere is disrupted before the air currents are sharpened the technique will disperse.
            Note. Lune Everglass and Edward Macolo derived from the original technique to make a defensive one. Instead of condensing the air around his opponent they condense the very air around themselves. they then continues to feed energy to the air currents to make them bigger and more robust.


            Name: Voro Tripudio (Swallow waltzes)
            Incantation: Ventus of totus procuratio audite meus placitum Permissum vestri fluctis exsisto meus vesica (Winds of all directions hear my plea, Let your currents be my blade)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: wind wavelength
            Energy Level: Uber low
            Description: The user sharpens several air currents in a shape vaguely recognisable as birdlike. The air currents then speed of crossing each other in intricate, random manoeuvres to disrupt the flow of battle, confuse the foe and make it harder for the opponent to disrupt the birdlike blades.
            These airblades leave shallow slashes, enough to make the foe bleed.


            Name: Saltatio Pulverea (Dancing Dust)
            Incantation: Pulsus, unus Gusta ventus! Exorior (Blow, One Gust of Wind! Come Forth)
            Category: Crystal Syncro: wind wavelength
            Energy Level: Normal low
            Description: The user blows forth a big gust of wind, harmless but strong enough to blow foes away.
            Author's Notes

            Well Originally I was going to post the fight between Ed and Heric but, I decided to rewrite the whole thing because it wasn’t as I wanted it to be.

            And ending it with a cliffhanger, aren’t I a stinker?

            (1) Yeah fullmetal alchemist doesn’t belong to me. So no sueing.
            (2) Sgt. Max Fightmaster actually exist, manliest name ever ne?

            Well see you all next time I guess. Dammit the chapter is still kinda short.



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              THIS... is pretty much all he wrote out.

              The whole forum board fell apart afterwards and I've somewhat lost touch with him. The RP is still there too, but scarred deeply with signs of trolls.

              I built the world from scratch, its religion, history and a few of their own weapons and culture. I even created its bestiary, regions, lands.
              Leonise came up with the idea for Chakra, Aura, Mana and Chi; In order to have some sort of premise or idea to build a fighting stage on when he wrote these chapters. He even came up with the characters and the factions along with an authority to govern the world.

              If there are no questions or comments, then any mod reading this can lock it, store it, whichever.
              If anyone thinks he should have continued, feel free to email me, pm me and I'll try to look out for him.

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