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Old July 10th, 2012 (7:43 PM).
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Here's the place I'll put some of my poetry, feel free to criticize and comment
All works are under two of aliases, P13B0T (devArt) and Pie Master (which I use sometimes)

by ~PieMaster / P13B0t

Do you regret leaving me behind?
Do you regret paying me no mind?
In your obsession
With the up and forward
Without ever looking back
You lost your freedom
You couldn't move in any other direction
And now I make the question,
Was it worth, your obsession?

by ~Pie Master / P13B0T

After years of a fake freedom
I finally found the way
Darkness won't bind me anymore
I am finally free
I am walking down the road
Baby steps, maybe,
But I'm not stopping,
Nor am I looking back

Introduction to life
by ~PieMaster / P13B0T

In this world,
Some are good and some are bad,
Some are happy and some are sad,
Some work hard and some are lazy,
Some are sane, and others crazy,

But worry not,
My little child,
As for every wrong
There's right,
And for every darkness,
There's light

My little child,
Before I sleep,
Would you spend
A little time with me?

Silly Tales
by ~PieMaster / P13B0T

Gather triangles
In a wrecked dystopia
To slay a big pig

Walk around searching
Spells to beat monsters and save
Sleeping beauty

Collect pendants and
Create a harem to kill
A huge pig monster

Gather instruments
To awake an asleep fish
And to get back home

Get some jewelry
And oversized coins to
Beat the big nose Guy

Exorcise souls and
Travel back in time so you'll
Stop the falling moon

In a far land use
The strange staff to beat a
Dragon samurai

Or use the weird harp
To travel back in time and
Beat three old grannies

Get split in four by
Mystical sword, face trials
And beat flying blob

Travel through the sea
In search of giant pearls then
kill the desert man

Beat your reflection
Assemble harem once more
Beat flying black blob

Search for nature
In its basic forms, then once more
Beat the flying blob

Travel through darkness
To grab shards of items, beat
Pawn and desert man

Sail through the sea to
Get colored fairies, heal the
Giant whale and leave

Travel through the land
Playing songs and destroy the
Evil train of doom

Help kiwi birds, moles
And dragons to
Beat macho and drag queen

And the rest is a
Surprise, far hidden from eyes
Eager for the truth

This may seem random
Or at least strange, and with
No connection, but
The truth is they amuse me
And give many joy and glee

//Yeah, I just described the plot of every Zelda game in 17 syllables//

Light and Dark

By ~PieMaster / P13B0T

Warm, Bright
Enclosing, Sheltering, Stimulating
You are eager for some
Lurking, Relaxing, Inspiring
Quiet, Lonely

by ~Pie Master / P13B0T

The tired warrior
Makes way to the battlefield
With swift motions, relentless

The snipers ready
Their bows, watching over the
Battlefield; waiting, ready.

The general hopes
For the best, but he's prepared
For the worst, so he watches

The civilians
Cry for their countries, long lost
In the furor of the war

by ~Pie Master / P13B0T

And I went away,
I ran to the bay,
But I was lost within my lament,
And away I went.

Without friends, without anyone,
Without saying goodbye to my loved one,
And while I was lost, searching for ends
Without anyone, without any friends.

I was so afraid,
So every day, I prayed and prayed
So I walked and walked without a pause
So afraid I was

And while I longed for rest
I did what I do best,
I never forgot where I belonged,
While for rest I longed

And when the night came, so dreary
I started to grow weary
I reflected on what I became
When the so dreary night came

And with night's last breath
While I faced death,
I looked at what I did wrong and right
With the last breath of the night

When we're apart
by ~PieMaster / P13B0T

I love you so much
But I'm selfish, useless.
Even though I have
Those flaws, I'll get better so
I can proudly stand by you

Tears flow down my face
I need you right here, right now
Without you I am
Nothing. I am useless,
So I wish I deserved you

When we are apart
I feel like dying, leaving;
When we are apart,
I feel imprisoned in my
Own uselessness, weakness.

When we are apart
I feel sad, purposeless
When we are apart
I want to cry, weep and sob
Until you can comfort me

If there's anything
I need to tell you, it's that
I love you, need you.
And so, I say with a smile
I need you, my sweet sweetheart

I love you so much
I need you right here, right now
When we are apart
I want to cry, weep and sob
I need you, my sweet sweetheart

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Old July 14th, 2012 (11:17 AM).
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Dude, that was awesome. It took me a while to figure out you were talking about the legend of zelda in silly tales XD
Introduction to life Do you have a new baby brother or something? I can't shake the feeling that this is more motherly than anything else yet your info says your a 14 year old male. Its just that, well it has a nice rythm to it that flows in the way of a lullaby lulling the baby into a safe and calm trance then the mother gently embraces the baby, maybe caressing the child as he starts falling asleep then she tells the baby to spend some time with her as it falls asleep. Thats the way I see it anyways and either way that one is one of my favorites, its just so lovely.

Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.
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Old July 14th, 2012 (1:06 PM).
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Brazil
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Posts: 41
No, I don't have a baby brother or sister
Glad you liked them :3
And before I forget once more ...


by ~Pie Master / P13B0T

I run, relentless
Falling, trying to end this
But I know the truth
No matter how much I run
I will never rest in peace

So I run and run
With nothing or no one
And so, I give in
I once ran, but now I fall
Not wasting efforts on this

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Old July 14th, 2012 (1:10 PM).
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I really like Progression the most so far. Weird... it reminds of myself :/
made by R a c h e l
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