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Old June 7th, 2013 (1:05 AM).
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    Game : Emerald

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      Part 3:

      In Mt. Moon I got a Zubat (i wanted a geodude, man)

      Then I bought the Magikarp (man I hate to train this one)

      In Mt. Moon my Charmander and my Nidoran m evolved

      Gary never was difficult

      My team after defeating the Nugget Bridge

      Team Ranking:
      1. Charmeleon
      2. Nidorino
      3. Rattata
      4. Spearow
      5. Zubat
      6. Magikarp

      All images:
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        @Matzeho1996 A piece of advice, open them in paint and resize them down to about 50% before uploading to imgur because it makes them really hard to look at with them being such a large size.

        In other news, I have finished my Emerald stage of my nuzlocke, but haven't gotten round uploading it, but will do in the coming days.
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          LordStorm thanks I will try this out when I upload my part for today

          Part 4:

          At Route 24 I caught a Caterpie

          And after some training he evolved into Butterfree

          At Route 25 I got a Weedle, so I had to kill it.
          After visiting Bill I trained my team for the battle against Misty

          Misty was very easy, her Staryu got easily defeated by my Butterfree and Poisonpowder. Starmie got paralysed (Butterfree survived a Water Pulse with 8 HP) and Ratticate 2HKO Starmie with Hyper Fang.
          (I forgot to make a screenshot, sry)
          Later I battled a Rocket Grunt. He critted my Spearow with Karate Chop

          After this battle I put Zubat back to my team

          All images:

          Team ranking:
          1. Ratticate
          2. Charmeleon
          3. Butterfree
          4. Nidorino
          5. Zubat
          6. Magikarp

          Dead:Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18
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            Pokémon Silver Update #2:
            - Nidorina easily soloed Whitney with Double Kick.
            - Caught the Sudowoodo in Route 36. Boxed him.
            - Failed to catch a Hoothoot in Route 37.
            - Travelled to Ecruteak, beat the Kimono girls, got Surf.
            - Faced the Gym, forgetting what type it was. Damn ghosts. The only move I had that could hit them was Nidorina's Poison Sting. Needless to say, Nidorina and Skiploom died during the first trainer battle.
            - Unboxed Sudowoodo, my only Pokémon.
            - Went and caught a level 14 Machop in Mount Mortar. Boxed him (Not like he can hit Ghost-types )
            - Trained for ages until Sudowoodo reached level 30.
            - Sudowoodo able to solo the Ecruteak Gym with Rock Slide and Rock Throw.
            - Unboxed Machop. Trained him to level 25.
            - Failed to catch a Pokémon in Route 38 (Machop OHKOed Tauros.)
            - Machop beat all trainers in Routes 38 + 39.
            - Failed to catch a Pokémon in Route 39 (Machop OHKOed Meowth.)
            - Travelled to the top of the Olivine Lighthouse.
            - Travelled back to Goldenrod and visited Bill to obtain an Eevee.
            - Caught a level 6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well for a HM Slave (Surf) (Hooray for Sudowoodo learning Faint Attack)
            - Caught a level 20 Tentacruel in Route 40.
            - Taught Tentacruel Surf, and released the Slowpoke.
            - Eevee and Machop both died from poison on my way to Cianwood.
            - Got the SecretPotion from Cianwood, face Chuck, anddefeated him with my level 40 Sudowoodo.
            - Surfed back to Olivine, and started training Tentacruel in preparation for the next Gym.

            Current Party:
            Sudowoodo level 41.
            Tentacruel level 24.

            Pokémon Crystal Update #1:
            - Chose Totodile as my starter.
            - Met Pokémon in Routes 29 and 30 before obtaining Pokéballs.
            - Trained Totodile to level 9.
            - Easily defeated my rival.
            - Caught a level 4 Poliwag in Route 31.
            - Caught a level 4 Rattata in Sprout Tower.
            - Trained all 3 of my Pokémon to level 12.
            - Easily defeated Falkner with Totodile.

            Current Party:
            Totodile level 13.
            Poliwag level 12.
            Rattata level 12.

            I haven't done much on Crystal yet. Hope to get into it properly soon, but exams and revision are getting in the way a bit. :/
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              Part 5:

              At Route 5 I finally got a Pidgey (sry Zubat, you're out again)

              Then I got at Route 6 again a Pidgey, so no new catch for me
              After that Route Pidgey evolved

              Then I caught a Diglett and Ekans at the two following routes

              After Nidorino lernt Horn Attack I evolved it (thanks to my Moon Stone)

              After beating all trainers in the SS Anne and on Route 11 I fought Lt. Surge
              Diglett 1HKOed everyone, but Pikachu critted me with Quick Attack, so I had to switch Diglett out when Raichu came
              After Nidoking missed with Brick Break twice I decided to use my Ratticate just 4 fun and he even defeated Raichu

              My team after the gym

              all images:

              Team Ranking:
              1. Nidoking
              2. Raticate
              3. Diglett
              4. Charmeleon
              5. Butterfree
              6. Pidgeotto

              Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18
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                Guys, I hit a super rough patch in this run and I don;t know whether or not I'm going to continue it. I'll figure that out in the next couple days. Here's an update for now.

                White Update #4

                Badges: 6

                -I might have overdone it a bit, and had Rolex evolve into a Klang at Lv.38 before taking on Skyla.
                -Twist Mountain was PAINFUL, lost 4 Pokemon (!) before I got out of it.
                -Pulled Bow out of the box once I got to Icirrus City to attempt to fill the void

                Catch List:


                Team Member
                Dead/Traded Away
                Involved in Trade

                Nuvema Town: Jacques the Snivy, Lv.5
                Route 1: Margaery the Patrat, Lv. 2
                Route 2: Wilfred the Lillipup, Lv. 5
                Dreamyard: Strombo the Panpour, Lv. 10
                Route 3: Donner the Blitzle, Lv. 10
                Wellspring Cave: Betty the Roggenrolla, Lv.13
                Pinwheel Forest (Outer): Toronto the Pidove, Lv. 12
                Pinwheel Forest (Inner): Lenny the Sewaddle, Lv. 14
                Route 4: Orlando the Sandile, Lv. 16
                Desert Resort: Melisandre the Darumaka, Lv. 19
                Route 16: Jerry the Minccino, Lv. 19
                Route 5: Spore the Solosis, Lv. 19
                Driftveil City: Blueeye the Basculin, Lv. 25
                Route 6: Carrie the Karrablast, Lv. 22
                Cold Storage: Timburr, Lv. 22
                Chargestone Cave: Rolex the Klink, Lv. 27
                Route 7: Bateman the Foongus, Lv. 29
                Celestial Tower: Bow the Litwick, Lv. 27
                Twist Mountain- Johnny the Drilbiur, Lv. 29
                Icirrus City - Jaime the Shelmet, Lv. 32


                Jacques the Snivy Lv. 5-8 - Died on Route 2 to a super unlucky -1 Def Tackle crit from Youngster Roland's Lillipup
                Betty the Roggenrolla, Lv. 13 - Died on Route 3 from a Charged-up Shock Wave from School Kid Al's Blitzle
                Donner the Blitzle, Lv. 10-11 - Died on Route 3 from a Confusion crit from School Kid Marsha's Woobat
                Strombo the Panpour, Lv. 10-15 - Died outside Pinwheel Forest to a 4-hit Rock Blast at the hands of Preschooler Homer's Roggenrolla
                Toronto the Pidove, Lv. 12-14 - Died outside Pinwheel Forest whilst trying to escape a wild Timburr's Bide. She failed twice before perishing.
                Orlando the Sandile, Lv. 16-24 - Died on Route 4 to a Headbutt crit from Backpacker Keane’s Darumaka (who was at, like, negative 1 HP at the time, the little so-and-so)
                Lenny the Swadloon Lv. 14-27 - Died on Route 6 to a Take Down crit from Pokemon Ranger Shanti’s Deerling
                Spore the Solosis, Lv. 19-25 - Died on Route 6 to a Pursuit (on the switch, nonetheless) from Pokemon Ranger Richard’s Emolga
                -Bateman the Foongus, Lv. 29-33 AND Melisandre the Darmanitan, Lv.19-36 - Both died in Twist Mountain to Battle Girl Sharon’s Lv. 36 Throh. I was an idiot with Bateman and used Ingrain so I couldn’t switch out. Then Throh WRECKED Melisandre with Revenge. Gah.
                -Blueeye the Basculin Lv. 25-38 - In Twist Mountain, this time to Black Belt Teppei’s Sawk, who got a bad damage range on Brick Break which shouldn’t have killed me.
                Johnny the Excadrill, Lv. 29-34- AGAIN in Twist Mountain, to Worker Rich’s Gurrdur

                The Team:

                Wilfred the Sassy Stoutland ♂, Lv. 35 @ Scope Lens
                Ability: Sand Rush
                -Work Up
                -Take Down

                Rolex the Hasty Klang, Lv. 39
                Ability: Plus
                -Mirror Shot
                -Gear Grind
                -Charge Beam

                Bow the Docile Litwick ♀, Lv. 30
                Ability: Flash Fire
                -Night Shade
                -Flame Burst
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                  Game: FireRed
                  Optional Rules:
                  Must nickname all pokemon
                  (will be added pictures along my journey)
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                    Started on my Diamond part of the run, but forgot to post this update prior to now.

                    What happened:
                    -Started off by heading back to the Space Centre to go after Team Magma. Again.
                    -Got to Maxie and decided to use Pelly, Infernus and Duncan to face off against Maxie and Tabitha, with my main plan just to use Surf to stop most of their Pokemon.

                    -As you can see from the image, things went very well and all I had to do was use a Hyper Potion around the middle of the battle because of Pelly getting confused and being on about 1/4 HP.
                    -I went and got Dive from Steven, but then realised I had made the same mistake I did in Crystal and nothing can learn it, just like Whirlpool and Waterfall in the previous game. As a result, I decided to grab Tentacool from the PC as Pelly's replacement until I had visited Sootopolis and gone to the Seafloor Cavern.
                    -Got to the room with Archie and finally got TM26 Earthquake, which was given to Infernus to replace Bulk Up, due to it being rarely used, and then headed over to finally crush the evil man in blue.
                    -Things went pretty bad to be honest, I had to use 3 Hyper Potions on Grumpig who couldn't seem to survive any more than 2 Wing Attacks, and then another on Hariyama when he got confused from Swagger.

                    -I was finally able to add Pelly back to my team due to no longer needing Dive, and with that, I headed to Sootopolis to see Wallace.
                    -I headed towards Pacifidlog to go to Sky Pillar, grabbing Cruel the Tentacool on the way and getting some training in. Once I arrived at the town, I healed up and then headed over to the Tower ready to visit Rayquaza.
                    -I entered the tower and nabbed Brenda the Golbat on the 3rd floor and just continued on towards the top. I woke Rayquaza before flying over to Sootopolis to see the battle go down.
                    -I sent Maxie and Archie packing before grabbing Waterfall and entering the gym. I knew I was in need of some training, so I intentionally fell through the ice in the 3rd section and took out all the trainers.
                    -I headed back to Juan after healing up and prepared myself to lead with Hariyama due to its advantage with Fake Out. It was all going well until I saw the name Kingdra come up. I began to worry, but realised my best chance was to go with Rusty and boost him up with Howl. Of course, it wouldn't be that simple with Rusty getting confused then Kingdra began with Double Team. Eventually, after 6 Howls and a lot of missing, I got the hit and knocked out Kingdra. I then sent out Infernus to finish off Juan by Double Kicking Crawdaunt.

                    -Flew over to Mossdeep and readied myself for Victory Road, while also thinking who should leave the team permanently because I need Waterfall not only for Victory Road, but also to get to Steven so I ought to train someone new to take up the job.
                    -Eventually I made the tough choice to remove Hariyama from my team due to having another fighting type in the form of Blaziken, who I believe is far superior as a team member. In his place came Taka the Tentacool, just due to Cruel having an Adamant nature, ruining water moves for him, as well as Taka having better stats despite being two levels lower.
                    -On the way to the waterfall to Victory Road, Tentacool levelled up, and then evolved into Tentacruel, adding to the power she possesses.
                    -I decided to do some grinding, but before that, I spent the rest of my cash on lots of EV-Boosting items, giving Tentacruel and Grumpig a massive boost in Sp.Atk, aswell as Blaziken in Atk.
                    -I headed a little further in, before being challenged by Wally, who fell like a sack of bricks.

                    -I continued on, battling my way through the trainers, pushing towards the exit. Finally, I saw the light and followed the brick path all the way up to the Pokemon League. Unfortunately, I still needed a bit of training before even considering the challenge.
                    -With the entire team at level 50, I decided there's no time like the present and stocked up on some more potions and headed through the doors.

                    Elite Four:
                    -I started out against Sidney with Pelipper to take out Mightyena with its Intimidate before switching to Blaziken and easily crushing all of his Pokemon.

                    -Phoebe wasn't much of a struggle easily due to Rusty having Shadow Ball to take out most of her Pokemon before getting slowed down by Grudge.

                    -Glacia was wrecked by Grumpig due to Walrein repeatedly try Sheer Cold and failing due to Double Team with Calm Mind then powering him up to take out the rest of her Pokemon.

                    -Drake was pretty easy with the exception of Kingdra, who once again required a Double Team and Calm Mind combination.

                    -After the way the last few matches went, I decided that the best strategy was to take advantage of Grumpig and took out Wallace so easily it wasn't even fun.

                    -I flew over to the Pokemon League to restock before heading over to Fallarbor to go to Meteor Falls ready to face Steven.
                    -I started the battle and by the time I had taken out Skarmory and Claydol, I had used about 20 Hyper Potions, and half my Pokemon were below half HP. In the battle with Armaldo, I realised that I had to sacrifice Exploud in order to let Tentacruel one hit Armaldo with Surf. After losing both Beautifly and Duncan, I finally got a break when Metagross missed with Meteor Mash allowing Blaziken to open up with a critical Flamethrower finishing my run.

                    Team (Worst to Best):

                    Bugs started off bad, became good then gradually got worse and worse until the 7th gym at which point she became pretty useless. All in all, I regret using her over Hariyama late in the game.
                    Caught at level 6 in Petalburg Woods, died against Steven at level 50.
                    RATING: 2/10


                    Similar to Bugs, started off bad, became good and gradually worsened. Fortunately for me, he never really got to the same level of uselessness that Bugs got to by far, but struggled after the 8th gym due to his lack of defense.
                    Caught at level 6 in Rusturf Tunnel, died against Steven at level 50.
                    RATING: 4.5/10


                    Taka was pretty fantastic the moment she evolved but was only on my team following the 8th gym meaning she didn't get the time the top 3 did, but had she, she would've easily made it into the top 3.
                    Caught at level 30 on Route 124, survived at level 51.
                    RATING: 8/10


                    Pelly was a great team member all through my run, but lacked the skill of Taka, yet made it into the top 3 due to helping me all the way through my run. I'd still recommend Swellow over Pelipper.
                    Caught at level 4 on Route 104, survived at level 52.
                    RATING: 8.2/10


                    Duncan would have topped this list had he been as useful prior to the 8th gym as he was for Juan, the Elite Four and Steven. Unfortunately, he wasn't and therefore doesn't take the top spot and settles for a close second.
                    Caught at level 22 on Jagged Pass, died against Steven at level 53.
                    RATING: 9.7/10


                    Infernus was there from the start all the way to the end and didn't even die throughout the entire nuzlocke, and never got even close to it. The reason I defeated at least half of the gym leaders and the primary reason I defeated Steven, because nothing else I had stood a chance against his Metagross. Continues on as my favourite Pokemon.
                    Caught at level 5 on Route 101, survived at leve 51.
                    RATING: 10/10


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                      Part 6:

                      Man, this part starts very nicely
                      On the way to Rock Tunnel my Diglett died to a Geodude's Magnitude 9 (I got Magnitude 6)

                      On Route 10 I wanted to catch a Voltorb, who even appeared
                      BUT I FORGOT TO BUY POKEBALLS!
                      So I had just 1 Pokeball left and guess what, he broke out
                      So I decided to train my Magikarp a bit up, because Gyarados will be very helpful against all these rock types.

                      I failed catching a Mankey, but Gyarados could level up to the teams level(Water Pulse was very good, thanks Misty). After the tunnel I caught a Growlithe at Route 8

                      At Celadon City I got an Eevee and evolved it to Jolteon (taught Shock Wave)

                      Then I bought some Dig and Brick Break for my Pokes
                      Normally I do the Rocket HQ first, but I wanted to do the gym
                      Pidgeotto and Charmeleon were really good and they even defeated Erika easily.

                      My team after Erika

                      All images:

                      Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24

                      Team ranking:
                      1. Nidoking
                      2. Raticate
                      3. Jolteon
                      4. Pidgeotto
                      5. Gyarados
                      6. Charmeleon

                      Part 7:

                      The Rocket HQ was no big problem

                      Also Gary got defeated easily again and I caught a Gastly

                      After that I fought Marowak and got the Poke Flute.
                      Then I caught a Snorlax

                      I decided to take the Bicycle Road first
                      Muks are extremly annoying, especially when they use Minimize and Acid Armor
                      You see how much HP Muk has left???
                      Just because Quick Attack missed (thx to Minimize)
                      After that accident I put Snorlax into my team.

                      These are my caughts (Safari Zone and the Routes on the East of Fuchsia)

                      After doing all the training routes and stuff like that I went to the Fighting Gym
                      Pidgeotto was at Level 35 when it battled the Leader
                      I used Fly on the last Pokemon, Hitmonchan. After this fight Pidgeotto would evolve.
                      But Hitmonchan knows SKY UPPERCUT!!!
                      So Pidgeotto died. Man he was so close to his evolution.

                      After the battle I picked Hitmonlee and decided to train him to Level 33.
                      STAB Brick Break is very powerful. (especially against all the rock pokes in Rock Tunnel)

                      Before entering Silph Scope I saved my game.
                      This is my team:

                      Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35

                      All images:

                      Team Ranking:
                      1. Jolteon
                      2. Charmeleon (it learned Flamethrower)
                      3. Nidoking
                      4. Hitmonlee
                      5. Snorlax
                      6. Gyarados

                      Part 8:

                      After beating some Rocket Grunts in Silph Scope my Charmeleon finally evolved

                      Giovanni and Gary are again no problem:

                      Then I fought Koga and his gym
                      His Muk really went on my nerves, because it used again Minimize and Acid Armor
                      So Jolteon and his Shock Wave was my only option, but a Sludge did quiete a lot(a bit under half), so it was a very long battle
                      All his other pokemon were defeated by Charizard

                      Sabrina was really easy. Snorlax OHKOed Alakazam and Kadabra and 2HKOed Mr.Mime, Charizard OHKOed Venomoth

                      My team after I got my 6th badge

                      Ah, I forgot to say that I got a Lapras in Silph Scope

                      All images:

                      Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35

                      Team ranking:
                      1. Charizard
                      2. Snorlax
                      3. Hitmonlee
                      4. Jolteon
                      5. Nidoking
                      6. Gyarados
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                        Game: Ruby

                        Optional rules:
                        - Nicknames
                        - Black out is game over
                        - No Legendaries
                        - Pokemon must die before retrieving another from the PC
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                          Part 9:

                          Because I can surf now I want to challenge the legendary birds
                          But first I caught a Voltorb in the Power Plant

                          Nidoking was a bit underleveld, but Rock Tomb Crit and Poison Point finished Zapdos

                          Then I went to Arcticune (first encounter Zubat :-( )
                          Charizard was lucky, because Articuno just used Ice Beam once.

                          My new Pokes:

                          The battle against Blaine was harder than I thought.
                          Nidoking got burned by a Fire Blast from Rapidash and Gyarados got critted by Arcanine's BodyCheck, But Surf was a solid 2HKO and I got my 7th badge.

                          My team at the end of the gym:

                          Team ranking:
                          1. Charizard
                          2. Snorlax
                          3. Nidoking
                          4. Jolteon
                          5. Gyarados
                          6. Hitmonlee

                          Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35

                          All images:
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                            I got away from this challenge for a while, so here's the scoop:
                            After the stuff in Slateport I caught an Electrike on Route 110. I nicknamed him Zappy. I boxed Rory for the time being, as I felt that 6 pokemon were too many for me at this time. I beat all the trainers on both route 103 and in the Trick House, and then I faced my rival. Only Squishy and Chico survived the battle; Zappy, Erin and Tila were all killed by Brendan's Marshtomp. A darned shame. They fought valiantly, though, I guess. Now I'm on my way to Mauville.

                            Current team:
                            Chico, lv 18 Blaziken
                            Squishy, lv 17 Dustox
                            Rory, lv 17 Whismur

                            Erin, lv 16 Aron
                            Zappy, lv 16 Electrike
                            Tila, lv 17 Taillow

                            Reserve/Boxed: None
                            Gotta collect 'em all! (seriously, I'm trying.)
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                              Part 10:

                              Ok, I thought that someday Hitmonlee and High Jump Kick will kill himself, but it really happened after he got poisoned after defeating a Nidorino AND Hitmonlee got critted by a Sandslash's Swift (same trainer)

                              I caught a Geodude

                              And killed Moltres (sry for the pic)

                              AFter finishing the missions on the islands I could finally go to my PC and burial Hitmonlee.
                              Here are my caughts: (the rest of the wild pokes were Spearows and so)

                              Because Hitmonlee fainted I decided to train Exeggcute, which evolved to an Exeggcutor

                              My team before I enter the last gym

                              Team ranking:
                              1. Charizard
                              2. Nidoking
                              3. Jolteon
                              4. Exeggcutor
                              5. Snorlax
                              6. Gyarados

                              Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35, Hitmonlee Lv25-41

                              All images:
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                              That guy over there
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                                Username: Spritingyoshi22
                                Game:White 2

                                Optional Rules:
                                Must nickname all of your Pokemon.
                                A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
                                If I encounter a shiny pokemon after my first encounter on a route, I can still catch it, just not use it at any point whatsoever.
                                No rules come into play until I have my very first set of pokeballs from Bianca in the starting town
                                None of my pokemon are able to go higher than the highest level pokemon of the next gym leader

                                Current Team:
                                All dead

                                Dead Pokemon:Worker (Patrat) died to CHeren's Lillipup
                                Percy (Oshawott) died to Cheren's Lillipup
                                Misty (Purrloin) died to CHeren's Lillipup

                                Wow I just Whited out against Cheren and his pokemon had 1 HP left, friggin Critical hits and AI never missing no matter how many sand attacks
                                Old June 15th, 2013 (11:27 AM). Edited June 15th, 2013 by mudkipbubbles.
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                                  Location: Illinois, USA
                                  Age: 19
                                  Gender: Female
                                  Nature: Lonely
                                  Posts: 20
                                  thought I'd give this challenge a go on one of my favorite Pokemon games!

                                  Username: mudkipbubbles
                                  Game: crystal c:

                                  Optional Rule(s):
                                  You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
                                  May catch Legendaries, but not use them - they must go into a box.

                                  Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Challenge Update #1:

                                  I have just beat Leader Whitney in Goldenrod city, using my Pidgeotto to finish off her Clefairy, and my Croconaw to defeat her Miltank - in one try! I'm now headed off to Ecruteak City.

                                  Current Team:

                                  -Nutmeg the Pidgeotto, lvl 24 male

                                  Sand Attack
                                  Quick Attack

                                  -Aqua the Croconaw, lvl 25 female

                                  Water Gun

                                  And two eggs! The egg I got from the Aide is almost ready to hatch!
                                  Current Challenge(s):
                                  First Gym Badge Challenge - Pokemon Yellow
                                  Current Team:

                                  I support:

                                  Old June 16th, 2013 (1:14 AM).
                                  please insert a user name's Avatar
                                  please insert a user name please insert a user name is offline
                                    Join Date: May 2013
                                    Age: 20
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Posts: 2
                                    name : please insert a username
                                    game : emerald
                                    Old June 16th, 2013 (6:46 AM). Edited June 16th, 2013 by kingofeds.
                                    kingofeds kingofeds is offline
                                    The Ed-olution is here!
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                                      Nature: Bashful
                                      Posts: 33
                                      Well, I had a challenge a while back, but then I lost my SoulSilver game, so we'll do this again, except with my new SS cart.

                                      Username: kingofeds
                                      Game: SoulSilver
                                      Notes: Will run away from a species I have already encountered, but will still count that as my first encounter on the route.
                                      GENERATION 30: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
                                      Old June 16th, 2013 (7:01 AM). Edited June 16th, 2013 by WarriorCat.
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                                      Monotype lover!!!!!
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                                        I'm pretty sure it's been a long time since I started this on Black, I don't have the file anymore.

                                        I'm going to re-signup for this.

                                        Username: WarriorCat
                                        Game: Crystal

                                        EDIT: Forgot to mention my rules.

                                        The 2 Main Rules
                                        Nuzlocke doesn't officially start until I get my Pokeballs.
                                        Old June 16th, 2013 (7:31 AM).
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                                        The New Species Pokémon
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                                          ~♪~ Keep your heart pure! | The New Species Pokémon ~♪~
                                          Old June 16th, 2013 (11:25 AM).
                                          Matzeho1996's Avatar
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                                            Location: Austria
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 155
                                            Part 11:

                                            Let's start this part with a win against Giovanni

                                            I forgot to buy some Hyper Potions and than this happened in Victory Road
                                            Notice to myself - Switch out, even if you outspeed (cause of Chlorophyll and Sunny Day) Luckily arcanine didn't use Flamethrower or something like that, but a Body Check crit hurted a lot

                                            2 more Pokes:

                                            After some training my team looks pretty solid before entering the E4

                                            Lorelei: Jolteon defeated Dewgong, Slowbro and Cloyster; Snorlax had an intensive battle (Body Slam and Confuse Ray combo) against Lapras and Charizard 2HKOed Jynx (Lovely Kiss missed)

                                            Bruno: Gyarados 1HKOed Brunos 2 Onix, Charizard defeated Hitmonlee and Hitmontop and Exeggcutor defeated Machamp with 2 Psychics

                                            Agatha: Poke Flute spamming until Hypnosis missed and Shadow Ball OHKoed Haunter and critted Gengar; the second Gengar got 2HKOed by Shadow Ball, Nidoking EQed Arbok and Jolteon defeated Golbat

                                            Lance: Jolteon 1HKOed Gyarados, My Gyarados 4HKoed (1 Full Restore) Aerodactyl (Luckily he didn't got a stats boost cause of Ancient Power) Charizard Dragon Clawed both Dragonaris, but Gyarados Blizzard wasn't able to 2HKO Dragonite (Gyarados was faster, Blizzard did about half and an Outrage a little bit more than half, the second Blizzrad didn' t kill Dragonite and Outrage killed Gyarados)

                                            Jolteon revenged Dragonite, which was still locked in Outrage

                                            Gary: Jolteon vs. Pidgeot+Blastoise (Blastoise used Rain Dance, so Jolteon used Thunder; learned at Level 52) ; Exeggcutor vs Rhydon; Snorlax vs Alakazam; Nidoking vs Arcanine (very close) and Chaizard vs Exeggcutor

                                            My team:

                                            At the moment I'm training Lapras to the teams level

                                            Team ranking:
                                            1. Charizard
                                            2. Jolteon
                                            3. Nidoking
                                            4. Snorlax
                                            5. Exeggcutor
                                            6. Lapras

                                            Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35, Hitmonlee Lv25-41, Gyarados Lv5-50

                                            All images:
                                            Old June 16th, 2013 (4:22 PM).
                                            kingofeds kingofeds is offline
                                            The Ed-olution is here!
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                                              Nature: Bashful
                                              Posts: 33
                                              Well, this Nuzlocke gives me something to do while I'm riding in the car for 10 hours a day on vacation. Anywho, onto the first update.

                                              So after a little bit of pointless noodling around New Bark Town, Elm finally allowed me to pick my starter. That is when I introduced the world to Chris the Cyndaquil. Noodling around some more, getting shoes and eggs and battling some red-headed kid, I got some Pokeballs and the real journey began. I wandered out to Route 29 and ran into a familiar friend. I then proceeded to catch myself Pinta the Pidgey. Running ahead onto Route 30, I picked up another really cool cat, Wally the Weedle. Along this road is where Wally came into his own and after some battles, evolved into a Kakuna. Route 31 was our first place of misery as Chris accidentally killed a Bellsprout. However, he grew to level 10 off of this and learned Ember, great for Sprout Tower. I entered Violet City and met a strange man by the name of Primo who gave me a soon-to-be member of my team, a Wooper egg. Wandering into the gym, I dominated Falkner and Chris evolved into Quilava in the process. I proceeded to run onto Route 32 and battled (and unfortunately killed) a Mareep. A few battles, a heal and a Beedrill later, I made my way into Union Cave and caught myself Zack the Zubat. After running through the cave, dodging encounters with my Repel, I made it to Route 33 and caught myself Erica the Ekans. Chris and Wally, the stars of my team, battled valiantly through Slowpoke Well, but in the process, our first fatality, Wally was tragically killed by a Zubat who confused him and crit him all day long. Erica stepped up into his place and fought alongside Chris to rid the well of Team Rocket. The pair of them absolutely dominated the gym. Then we ran into the red-headed kid again, who in a stroke of fate, murdered Erica right there in front of me, my second fatality. After catching some Farfetch'd, Chris had the unfortunate task of learning Cut to cut the single, solitary required bush in the whole entire game. On Route 34, it was rather unfortunate, but Chris killed a Drowzee that just couldn't take the heat Chris was packing.

                                              Current Team:

                                              Chris the Quilava
                                              Level 18
                                              Nature: Careful - Ability: Blaze
                                              Stats: 50 HP - 33 ATK - 26 DEF - 35 SPA - 34 SPD - 35 SPE
                                              Moveset: Headbutt - Quick Attack - Cut - Ember

                                              Zack the Zubat
                                              Level 7
                                              Nature: Brave - Ability: Inner Focus
                                              Stats: 23 HP - 13 ATK - 9 DEF - 9 SPA - 10 SPD - 12 SPE
                                              Moveset: Leech Life - Supersonic

                                              Pinta the Pidgey
                                              Level 4
                                              Friend to all, will stick around and use Fly

                                              Wooper EGG

                                              DEAD (Rest In Peace All Those Who Lie Here):
                                              Erica the Ekans - Levels 7-13
                                              Wally the Beedrill - Levels 4-12
                                              GENERATION 30: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
                                              Old June 16th, 2013 (8:18 PM).
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                                                Join Date: Feb 2013
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Posts: 20
                                                Username: HonorThief72
                                                Game: Blue
                                                Optional Rules: 1.Must name ALL Pokémon
                                                2. No Legendaries
                                                Old June 17th, 2013 (11:11 AM).
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                                                  I bought White 2 specifically for this! Especially since I was on a 3 year hiatus from Pokemon (Haven't played since HeartGold) and I haven't looked at anything BW related much, this will be a lot of fun!
                                                  Username: Ponyo
                                                  Game: White 2
                                                  Old June 17th, 2013 (1:14 PM).
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                                                  I Love Pokemans
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                                                    Posts: 5
                                                    Username: LBJ
                                                    Game: Platinum
                                                    I would just like to state, The only optional rule i am using is:

                                                    Must nickname all of your Pokemon.
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