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Pokémon Time, Space... and Minccino

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    Hello there, it's me, Vato, with another Fic. Well, not exactly, it's just another revamp of my FanFic, first of all, I have to tell you, English is not my first lenguage, so please excuse any grammar mistakes, if you may, but, anyways, bear with me as we move onto the important stuff in this Fic called Time, Space... and Minccino!

    The Fic will remain sort-of the same, but with major changes here and there, for example, I'm trying to do each scene from the point of view of a character/Pokemon.

    So, here's the plot for whoever wants to read it:
    This world... it's not even a shadow of itself anymore. No one knows exactly how, but the day they say Cyrus would finally create his own world... that day everything went wrong. The Red Chain could not hold two Pokemon as strong as Dialga & Palkia, and trying to control Giratina when it showed up caused it to break. With anger, the dragons flew all across the Sinnoh region, wreaking havoc to any place where they arrived. The Sinnoh region had vanished in flames, but the dragons anger didn't, they went farther, destroying Kanto, and then Hoenn. By doing so, they accidentally woke up Groudon and Kyogre once again... And then, floods, earthquakes, lighting striking everywhere. It was all a disaster. Rayquaza still had to deal with the dragons, as they were chasing him with anger, not wanting him to stop them again. For the dragons, the humans were now betrayers, and they deserved to be punished.

    An evil organization by the name of Team Plasma had dwelled underground, waiting for the moment to arise and take over the Unova region. But when they did, the rage of Groudon and Kyogre had already devastated the whole world. All the regions were encompassed, and each town and city was destroyed. Luckily there was still people alive. That was the time... if N was really the chosen one, he would be able to awake Reshiram. And so he did, after going to what remained of Dragon Spiral tower, he succesfully bought Reshiram back from the stone he had converted to. With the power of Reshiram, N was able to stop Groudon and Kyogre, once and for all...

    But he still had to deal with the dragons, Rayquaza joined forces with N. After a fierce fight. The dragons decided to give humanity a second chance. But if they ever tried to control them... then they wouldn't hold back.

    Years have passed, the cities were re-built, a handful of gyms still remain, but only one Pokemon League does. Everyone worships N, who saved the world from the wrath of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Groudon and Kyogre. But little do they know about Team Plasma's goals...

    And here's the index (I'll specify who narrates which scene next to each title):

    1 Prologue
    1.1 Minccino
    1.2 Pikachu
    1.3 VS Hydreigon

    PART I: The shadow and the chinchilla.
    2 This World...
    2.1 Deoxys
    2.2 Gyarados
    2.3 VS Deoxys
    2.4 Giratina
    2.5 Dialga
    2.6 N

    Finally, here's the Prologue (each and every chapter, obviously including Prologue and Epilogue, will be divided by scenes)
    Anyways, here it is:


    Scene The First
    (narrated by, you guessed it, Minccino)

    Swipe, swipe, hello there! My name is Minccino, and I just love cleaning. If I don't clean... I die. Well, not really, but I just can't stand dirt. That's why I don't get along with Trubbish very well... Unfortunately, I must stand them, as Viridian City is right next to where I live; Broom Fields.

    Broom Fields is quite a delightful place. It is right next to the shore so we always get visited by Krabby or Corphish. The field itself is nothing but a huge, green plain with some trees here and there. Minccino (that is, Pokemon like me) inhabit inside the hollows of this trees. Not every human can see these hollows. So they call them Hidden Hollows.

    The hollows are nice places to live at, except for one thing; undesired visitors. I mean, seriously, how can you live safely knowing that a Muk or Bouffalant will enter and leave a filthy mess?! Luckily we have someone who's always looking for us: Lady Cinccino. Lady Cinccino will always make sure to keep unwanted guests away from us. Her fur repels enemy attacks and filth! How cool is that? I wish I was a Cinccino; that way I would be safe from dust and static. But I can only become one once I'm exposed to this thing called the Shiny Stone. That's why I've been trying to find one, but they aren't any of them around here.

    Around here we have a small ritual; if you manage to show your strength to Lady Cinccino, she will allow you to go ouside the fields and travel on your own. But it's no easy task, Lady Cinccino repels most attacks with her fur so inflicting any damage is quite difficult. However, I have a secret weapon that will surprise everyone!


    Scene The Second
    (Yes, Pikachu is the narrator)

    I spy with my little eye a furry Pokemon! Hello, Pikachu is the name and electricity is my game! I just decided to leave Viridian Forest. It's quite a monotone life in there. Seriously, it's always the same; you wake up, get chased by a couple of Beedrill, and after an eight-hour chase, you go to sleep.

    So that's basically everything you need to know about me; that, and the fact that I'm a female Pikachu. Anyways, what was I saying? Ah, yes, the furry Pokemon...

    Now that I'm paying attention, it's not just one furry Pokemon, they're several of them! They all look quite the same... are those what they call Minccino? I imagined them to be a little bit taller! I mean, c'mon! Even I am taller than them!

    I was just minding my own business when one of those Minccino came closer and started talking to me:

    "Hey, my name's Minccino, wanna be my friend?"

    "What? No!"

    "Be My friend!"

    "Fine! I'll be your friend!"

    "Yay! I'll go tell everyone that I made a friend!"

    For a moment I thought that would be it... but turns out I was wrong! Suddenly, a huge amount of those Pokemon flooded the whole field; and they were all heading towards me while yelling Be Our Friend! Not with an angry tome, but with a charming tone that could scare even the toughest human!

    Scared. I began to run to get out of that weird place. However, all those Minccino were all around, and they were all heading towards me! How would I be supposed to get away if they were all around me? In days like these I wish I could fly. But Pikachu aren't made to fly... well, except for that weird Pikachu that did so attaching ballons to himslef... lots of ballons.

    Eventually, all those Minccino reached me. They held me up high, and took me towards who they call Lady Cinccino. This lady is located at the farthest end of the fields, between a pair of trees with hollows in them.

    Lady Cinccino speaks, well... weird. i dunno how to explain it, but, acording to her, seeing a Pikachu in Broom Fields is like seeing an action man abseiling after an argy-bargy from a mountain while yelling rubbish amongst the clouds. I have no idea of what that means...

    According to her, I'll be... as useful as a a lovely pair of baps bespoke for a bakery. I think that was... sort of a compliment. And she said that, for a change, I'll be the top bloke in the ritual. What that ritual is or what purpose it serves remains unknown for me...


    Scene The Third
    VS Hydreigon
    (No, Hydreigon is not the narrator, it's actually Minccino)

    Have I ever mentioned how us Minccino love to make new friends? Everytime we see strangers, we beg them to be our friends, and then we take them to Lady Cinccino to see if she approves our new friend. And not only did she aprove the new Pokemon, now we all have to fight against Pikachu in order to be allowed to travel! And what's worst, it's strong as hell. But that's nothing to worry about, I still have my secret weapon! And now, it's finally my turn...

    Drums... all the other Minccino play a fitting melody with drums using their tails. It's a slow beating that slowly increases in speed so it kinda sets the pressure in an accurate way. All those Minccino, even when some of them lost, and won't get another chance to prove themselves worthy to travel in a year, they're all happy. They're all forming a circle around me and that Pikachu, Lady Cinccino is also in that circle, sitting in a log that was cut up to serve as a seat.

    The sun is beginning to set, so the visibility will be gone in a few hours, or who knows, maybe minutes. Will I defeat that Pikachu? I begin to wonder... Am I strong enough? I know I was confident... It's just that the determined face on that Pikachu concerns me... I feel like a Magikarp, pathetic and weak.

    "Good luck," says the Pikachu, with a big smile in his face, and I mean a very big one.

    "Thanks," I whisper. Luckily, us Minccino can't sweat. If we could, I'd be soaked, I'm nervous as hell!

    "Let the match begin!" Lady Cinccino says with a cheerful voice tone.

    And suddenly... the wind begins to blow, I don't know how to describe it... but I have the feeling someone is coming. Someone... or something. We all look around, worried. And that's when I saw it. Not so far away, a bunch of Dragon Pokemon I can't identify are heading towards us. And they're all mad.

    They all open their mouths wide open... yellow small spheres of light appear in front of these.

    "It's Hyper Beam," a Minccino yells, pointing at the dragons with his small paw. Upon hearing this, all the other Pokemon begin to run, all of them except for Lady Cinccino, Pikachu and me. But I don't know if it's because we're brave or we're just paralyzed by fear. And then... the beams, they all head towards the fields, hitting them in a blink of an eye. The fields, those wonderful fields... burning, disintegrating. Vanishing...

    The flames, they're surrounding us. And the dragons, they're descending in front of us. At first I thought that they were just rampaging dragons... but they're not. There's people riding on their backs. They're all wearing grey and black suits that look pretty much the same. And the other guy...

    It's a man that looks quite old. He's wearing a black suit, and he's holding a weird key-like thing of a clear-blue color with his left hand.

    "You Liars!" he says, "There is nothing apart from Minccino in here, it was a complete waste of valuable time!"

    "Lord Ghetsis," says one of the guys wearing the weird suits, "We could maybe take that Pikachu, since there is nothing else..."

    "For what exactly?" he yells at the guy, "They might me the most popular Pokemon around, but they are unuseful and weak!"

    I walk towards Hydreigon, saying Hey, dragons! Be my friends! with my cheerful voice, but one of them knocks me with its blue and purple tail. Upon seeing this, Pikachu gets mad and jumps towards that dragon. Sparks flying off from his cheeks. The dragon the man was mounting a while ago knocks it back with its tail.

    "Well done Hydreigon... now kill them, if you may," says the man.

    That Hydreigon... its body glows orange and an orange ball of light appears to be forming inside its body, as you can see it glowing from where we were. It then opens its mouth wide and a huge orange orb appears inside it.

    I had to stop that attack... but how? That's when I remembered, my secret weapon! I stretched my tail out and a small water stream spiral formed around it. I slammed Hydreigon hard, hoping to do severe damage to it. But nothing, he doesn't even reacts to it, as if it wouldn't have even hurt!

    "You stupid Pokemon!" said that Ghetsis guy, "Did you really thought that a water move would do any damage to Hydreigon?!"

    He lets a huge laugh out. Hydreigon didn't stop his move, it fired the orb into the sky where it exploded, releasing multiple smaller spheres... all of them heading towards us.

    Lady Cinccino jumped in front of us. Her arms strectched out. And her eyes were glowing red. A huge green sphere started to form with the three of us inside of it. All the spheres from Hydreigon's attack hit the green sphere around us. But luckily none of them could destroy it. After all the spheres feel, the one surrounding us faded, and Lady Cinccino fell into the grass, exhausted.

    "That Cinccino might be useful after all," said Getsis, "...Get it now!"

    All the dragons approached Lady Cinccino. An orange dragon takes her with its arms. Both Pikachu and I try to take her back. But we get blown away by Hydreigon's tail. We're both lying in the ground, hurted by its tail. I can't open my eyes because of the pain. The only thing I hear is Ghetsis telling the other guys that it's time to leave, the dragons flapping, Lady Cinccino's desperate cries for help, and laughs, both of the dragons and Ghetsis.

    I try to stand up, slightly opening my right eye, but I quickly fall back into the grass... fainting.

    Any feedback would be awesome, as well as reviews :D

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      Wow. Those 3 were amazing. I sure will follow this story. One mistake I noticed. "Lets the match begin!" Lady Minccino says..." I'm sure that she was a Cinccino not a Minccino. As in "Let the match begin!" Lady Cinccino says...

      Other than that, nothing much at fault here. Once again, well done. It's nice to see someone making use of 1st person, especially from the Pokemon's point of view. Ice to see switching narrators too! It reminds me of a story I read here called"Survival Project" completely different storyline, but using the same way of writing (different Pokemon point of view each chapter).

      You're welcome to put another chapter on.

      Well done, docowocool
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        OMG! A comment *faints*
        Well, glad you like it, I actually haven't spotted that error 'til now, I'll edit the chapter soon enough so that it doesn't become a bother for anyone else.
        Thanks for the feedback.
        Chapter II coming soon, I'm about to finish it

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          I love stories written from Pokemon's POVs.

          Vato! I decided to check out your fic, since I haven't read any of the previous versions of this one. So everything is completely new to me.

          I like how the story is going to be. An adventure traveling around trying to rescue someone, especially when those travelers are ones that haven't seen the world? I like it already. (Especially dragons. Love them.)

          The one thing that I have to comment on is your grammar. It's still readable, so I wasn't distracted by it enough to not enjoy your story. Plus, I understand that since English isn't your first language, that there would be some mistakes. Most of them, though, were typos that you could catch yourself with a read-through once you finish your first chapter. The main one I noticed was one that a lot of people have some difficulties with: punctuating dialogue.

          "Good luck" says the Pikachu, with a big smile in his face, and I mean a very big one.
          "Thanks" I whisper.
          Here, you don't have any punctuation for the dialogue. That is, before the closing quotation marks. For both of these, you'll need a comma. You use a comma when you use a dialogue tag ("said", "whisper") because you're describing how the words are said. So:

          "Good luck," says the Pikachu, with a big smile in his face, and I mean a very big one.
          "Thanks," I whisper.[.quote]
          Like that.

          If there is no dialogue tag, then you'll use a full stop.

          {quote]Good luck." Pikachu smiled
          I was going to explain further, but it seems like you have a handle on the rest. It's just remembering to punctuate when you don't use a question mark or an exclamation mark for your dialogue.

          If you have any questions on this, feel free to ask. I'm also willing to look over your chapters and help you with grammar before you post them, if you'd like.

          Looking forward to more. Can't wait to see Pikachu and Minccino start their adventure!

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          Reach out with your hand and grab your freedom
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            Thanks for the feedback

            Chapter I This World...


            Scene The First
            PoV: Minccino

            What did I do to deserve this? I might be a little arrogant every now and then, but seriously. Why? I had what every Pokemon would have wanted: friends, a menace-free habitat, a house inside a tree... Now it's gone. And all because of that Ghetsis guy. Why did he destroy Broom Fields anyways? He said that “there wasn't anything there” and then called the guys that were with him liars. But why? He was obviously looking for something... but what exactly?

            I have no knowledge of something hidden in the fields... but if there's actually something there... then Lady Cinccino knows about it! Maybe when Ghetsis saw her using Protect... maybe he knew that way that Lady Cinccino was our leader. I mean, c'mon, would you take a Pokemon by force just because it knows Protect? Of course not, or at least, that's what I think.

            If I just were stronger... maybe I could have been able to defeat that Pokemon... if only I knew stronger moves... if only I was a Cinccino...

            "Wake up!" a voice yells... I'm pretty sure it's not Pikachu's... Pikachu's not that deep.

            I open my eyes. I'm not in the fields anymore... I'm lying over something that seems... like a rock. I don't know how to describe it. There's a waterfall... not next to the rock... it's all around the rock... and it doesn't look like it has an ending. I turn around, still on the rock. Pikachu is also next to me. Motionless...

            And... there's a Pokemon floating over us. It's red and black, with blue stripes here and there. Looks like an alien if you ask me. It has a weird purple orb in what seems to be its chest.

            "Who are you?" I ask, with my eyes half-open, still a little sleepy.

            "I have a better question," he says with an incredibly deep voice, even when he's got no mouth. "Who are you?"

            * * *

            Scene The Second
            PoV: Gyarados

            La, la, la, la, la. I am so happy underwater! Hello, my name is... wait... Finneon! Hey! Hey, you! Yes you, come over here, Finneon! No, don't run! It's only going to be worse for you!


            Munch, munch,munch. Where was I? Ah, yes! My name! Well, I'm Gyarados. Pleasure for you to meet me. Let me tell you a little something about myself. First, I'm the evolved form of the weak, pathetic, preposterous Magikarp. I know, yuck! It sucks to be related to that thing!

            You know, it's quite lovely to live in here underwater. All the Finneon you can eat, I mean, who wouldn't love that?!

            By the way, I have to tell you about a place around here. It's called Enclosed Island. It's not actually an island. It's more like a rock. Weird thing is... it's surrounded by a waterfall... a weird one.

            The Pokemon around here say that, if you jump over that waterfall... you'll reach another world. A world that, unlike this one, isn't only inhabited by Pokemon. In fact, it's also inhabited by these creatures called "humans". What a creepy name! They might be monsters or something worst than that. That is... if there is.

            So, what do I do you may ask? Well, apart from swimming, stealing some other Pokemon's food and eating Finneon... not much. This sea is quite vast, so it's quite boring. I spend my time watching Gorebyss and Huntail looking for food for their Clamperl babies... which I later eat. The food, of course... not the Clamperl... yet.

            Wait a second... I hear something, it's a voice yelling "run for your lives" or something like that...

            * * *

            Scene The Third
            VS Deoxys
            PoV: Pikachu

            "Run for your lives!" a highly acute voice yells. Is that the Minccino I was about to fight with?

            I wake up. Minccino looks quite scared, and tears are streaming on his face. He's running, but from what? It makes no sense. Then a yellow light beam hits right next to him. He's sent flying at the side. We're not on the fields, are we?

            I used to have a trainer which was obsessed with the idea of an alternate world. I remember how he used to travel off the seas looking for what he thought was the gateway to the world inhabited by Pokemon only. He never found it, but he said it would be quite obvious, as it's surrounded by a seemingly endless waterfall. I never thought it would be real... but I'm sure this is the place he was talking about.

            Minccino tries to take me with his paws. "Get up, you moron!" is the only thing I could hear. Who would have thought that such a furry kind of Pokemon would speak like that!

            I finally gather enough strength to stand up. I turn around, only to receive the scare of my life. It's a Pokemon... but it looks more like an alien!

            "Who are you?!" I yell, scared.

            "My name is Deoxys," he says with a very deep voice. "Now, be gone intruders!" He raises his tentacles up. He's floating, hovering gently and gracefully at the time. A light blue aura surrounded the weird Pokemon. Several rocks from different sizes start to emerge from the soil. They all stop at midair. Then they all are blasted away... and they're coming towards us.

            I can't figure what to do... I've never seen such an attack. It's like that Deoxys has superpowers or something... Minccino is also paralyzed. It's obvious this is our end...

            And right before all those rocks hit us, a huge, blue serpentine-like Pokemon comes, its tail shining in a light blue color. It whips its tail at the rocks, and they all bounce towards Deoxys. It then stops and hovers over the soil right next to me. Its tail stops shining.

            "Hello! I'm Gyarados," he says.

            "Errr... hi," I immediately reply.

            I haven't paid any attention to Deoxys. But it didn't seem hurt at all. A little bit disorientated, but nothing else. Gyarados jumps towards Deoxys, its mouth wide open. Deoxys quickly dodges Gyarados, but he receives a bite from Gyarados on one of its tentacles. Deoxys then fires a blue beam of electricity from all of its body, knocking Gyarados away.

            "Why are you defending those intruders, creature of the sea?" Deoxys says with anger.

            "You know, I'd rather prefer the term 'Pokemon'," Gyarados replies.

            "Fine, 'Pokemon', but you still need to answer my question."

            "It's unfair, Deoxys, ya' know! Not cool! Why do you want to kill them?"

            "I don't want to kill them. I just want to infringe as much pain as possible in their little bodies until they pass out."

            "That's considered killing."

            "Whatever... what brings you here anyway?"

            "Well, first I was hunting, then I heard someone yelling “run for your lives”, and now I'm here, pretty twisted, huh?"


            Deoxys stares at Gyarados. His head then turns around and he stares at me. I stay paralyzed from fear. Deoxys turns around towards Minccino. He had fainted and nobody even realized!

            "Fine, I won't hurt them, just as long as you keep them out of my sight," says Deoxys after that.

            "Yes, sir!" says Gyarados, making a military-like salute with the tip of his tail.

            Deoxys's eyes turn purple as it stares at the sea. A path of flat rocks emerged from the sea, joining the weird rock where we were and the horizon. "Does it connect with something other than this rock?" I think. Deoxys's eyes go back to normal.

            "You have five minutes," he says. As I gulp, I take Minccino and I drag him with me. Gyarados picks him up shortly after. And we run as fast as possible across the path of rocks.

            * * *

            Scene The Fourth
            PoV: A human by the name of Gwendoll

            "Good afternoon, Black City! It's me, Gwendoll Rozencraf, your field reporter! I'm on the top of Black Skyscraper and, as you can see around, it's raining. Unlike any other rain, this one, according to the scientists, is not natural. They say something is disrupting the balance of nature, but they don't know what it is! Behind me is the Sea of Mysteries, named this way because no one has been able to explore it completely. The only thing we know about it is that Mt. Coronet, or at least, what remains of it, is located here. Ever since the encompassment, the mountain has been slowly sucked into the depths of the sea, right now the only thing remaining is Spear Pillar. I'm Gwendoll Rozencraf, reporting for Jubilife's Global News Network. See you next time!"

            A small chiming tune plays as I finish my part. “And... cut!” the director yells. "Thank god," I say to myself. "All this rain is soaking my clothes even when I'm wearing a raincoat. It's a bad day for wearing my red blouse, denim jeans and light blue coat with a hood." I think. After all, these are my lucky clothes. I turn around to see the remains of Mt. Coronet. They're far away from where I am standing, but between all the noise of the rain, and a light mist that surrounds the sea, it's hard to see.

            "Ready to go?" I hear a voice from behind. It's Jilliene, my assistant. She's so nice to me, always helping me in whatever I want.

            "Just a second," I reply, as I stare at Mt. Coronet while the rain filters in my raincoat and soaks my blonde, long hair.

            I was about to go, when I suddenly spot something... What seems to be whirlpools are forming around Mt. Coronet. And some weird thing is forming around the mountain. "A portal." I say to myself. I'm not pretty sure of why I recognized it. I just did.

            "Let's go," I say, turning around and heading to the helicopter that brought me a while before, Jilliene walking by my side.

            And that's when I hear it. A cry I cannot identify. But it sounds like an angry Pokemon. As I turn around, I see the portal suddenly became wide open. Mt. Coronet didn't get swallowed by the portal, which is a weird thing. And there's something coming out of the portal. Wait, it's not just one thing. It's three of them.

            "Are those Pokemon?" I yell with fright.

            "Let's get out of here!" Jilliene says while grabbing my arm and telling me to enter the cabin.

            But I can't. I can't avoid staring at those Pokemon. The first one to come out is huge, blue, with white stripes, a weird tail, and what seems to be a diamond in its chest... The second's also huge, but smaller than the first one. It's pink, with wide arms and a long tail. It has what seem to be pearls in each of its arms.

            And the third one, it's gray and yellow, with red stripes all over its body, and weird black... wings, I guess, with red tips at the end of them. Not taller than the others, but surely larger. As I feel I'm being pushed by everyone around me into the cabin, I hear the three dragons releasing angry cries.

            As the helicopter rises in the air. I see through a window how the three dragons are staring at me...

            * * *

            Scene The Fifth
            PoV: Dialga

            "Can't believe our father locked us here!" Giratina yells in anger. And he's right. Humans deserved to be punished. The fact that he didn't see that Cyrus guy changes nothing about it!

            "Worry not, dear brother," I tell him, trying to calm him down, "for we shall exit soon enough!"

            "How exactly do we do that, brother?" Palkia asks.

            "Simple," I began. "You control space, I control time, and Giratina controls antimatter."

            "So?" Giratina quickly replies.

            "So... if we use our best moves, together they will join both this world and the human world, letting us exit."

            "And exit... why?" say Palkia.

            "Because I'm sure humans are still controlling Pokemon against their will, just like they did with us... they have to be punished!"


            “Hey, brother, snap out of it!” I hear. I turn around, and see Giratina.

            “Guess I was just having a fantasy again,” I quickly reply. We had just returned to the world of humans, and we had to finish what we started. We had to see if humans were still using Pokemon against their will, and if they do... well, we won't hold back...

            * * *

            Scene The Sixth
            PoV: N

            I'm sitting on the throne, doing nothing, just like always.

            “Normal day, huh?” says Reshiram, who's next to me.

            “You're right,” I say. After all, it is a normal day. Normal... and boring. I'm not allowed to go outside anymore. Ghetsis won't allow me. Luckily I have my Pokemon friends with me. This part of the castle is empty, that's weird. Usually it's crowded with the sages and several grunts. Even Anthea and Concordia are gone. I wish I knew what was going on.

            I only hear rain striking at the castle. It's harsh, so I don't think anyone is outside, right? I stare at Reshiram. He has a quite worried expression in his face.

            “What's going on?” I ask.

            “It's nothing,” he says. “At least... not yet...”

            Not yet...what did he meant with that? Is something going to happen? No matter how hard I try to know, Reshiram won't tell me a thing about it.

            EDIT: A couple of thing you should know:
            encompassment is the name that scientists gave to the event when Groudon and Kyogre joined the regions with their powers. To be explained in the next chapter.
            The fic will rotate from the PoV of humans/pokemon in the human world and the world only inhabited by Pokemon (the world that appears in Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon)

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              Well done again. The chapters change pov so often I lose my bearings... try either lengthening the scenes or doing less. Or combineing the two. No grammer mistakes I saw.

              Otherwise cleverly done... keep up the good work
              Proud owner of *Splash* the Magikarp and Gyarados fan club! Proud writer of Grey's Journey, The Hoenn Dragons and Pokemon Diamond Dead fan fictions. Life, don't talk to me aout life.
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                Doing less? Well, not yet, as I still have to explain stuff... but that will happen sometime. And about combining... well, that might work in the meantime ...

                And thanks... again :D

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                  Yay! Chapter III is (finally) here!
                  Thanks to Astinus who reviewed it to see if there where typos.

                  Chapter II Trouble

                  Scene The First
                  The Sea
                  PoV: Pikachu

                  "Why did you save us?"

                  "Well... Wynaut?"

                  "Dude, I almost get killed. I'm not in the mood for a lame joke."

                  I'm dashing as fast as possible, trying not to fall at the sides of the rocky path. Minccino hasn't woke up yet. Why did he faint in the first place?

                  Gyarados is quite odd. I mean, first he's happy, next he's angry. Is that what they call bipolarity?

                  "Didn't Deoxys say we had five minutes?"

                  In the moment I ask this, the rocks where we are walking start to shake. They quickly fall back into the water, and so do we. Luckily Gyarados can swim. That way I can join Minccino and ride the serpentine Pokemon's back.

                  "I guess the five minutes are gone," says Gyarados as I fall on his back.

                  Minccino finally wakes up. "Did I miss something?" is the first thing he says.

                  "Of course not," I reply.

                  "What now?" I ask Gyarados.

                  "I guess we have to swim," he replies.

                  Gyarados starts swimming with me and Minccino on its back. After a while of swimming with no direction at all, we finally spot something. It's just a beach, but that's something, right?

                  "So... who are you?" Gyarados asks.

                  "I'm Pikachu." I reply.

                  "I know that," he says. "I was talking to the furry guy."

                  "Me?" says Minccino. "Well, I'm Minccino"

                  "Do you know where's Viridian City?" I ask.

                  "Viridian City? What's that?" says Gyarados.

                  "A city," I say. "You know, one of those places filled with buildings and humans."

                  "Humans?" Gyarados yells. "Wait, so you're saying you both come from the world of humans?"

                  "Yes," I say. "Isn't it this place? I mean, how can there be more than one world."

                  "Boy, how little you know."

                  "Well, tell me more then."

                  "I will... after a small race to the beach!"

                  * * *

                  Scene The Second
                  The Beach
                  PoV: Roserade

                  They say that this beach is where the one who saved time first appeared...

                  Who are we? Why did we came here? I heard some legends from Papa Stoutland in the square that life was created after the original one was born. But, what else? It's supposed that we all come here with a purpose... but what's mine? I've trained my whole life to be part of the greatest rescue team in existence... but ever since the flow of time has been restored... well, there haven't been any problems around here. And so, no rescue teams remain...

                  So what should I do now?

                  I can't see another thing for me to do now... It's quite frustrating. At least being here makes it a little less horrible. The Krabby blowing bubbles. Bubbles that perfectly reflect the light of the setting sun. It's quite relaxing being here, smelling the salty and damp air around...

                  "Faster!" I hear someone yelling from far away. I can't see from where, nor can I identify the voice.

                  "Apply the handbrake you fool" another voice yells. This one seems to be more acute. I can't identify it, either.

                  Then I hear a lot of screams, followed by the sound of water splashing everywhere. More screams. And now I hear something rolling around. Next is the sound of falling rocks. And finally... a huge "Ouch!" that appears to be said by the first voice I heard. I turn to my left side, worried. And then I see them. A Gyarados, a Pikachu and... that's weird, I can't seem to identify the other Pokemon, no matter how hard I try to.

                  "Excuse me," I say. "I'm trying to make an achievement of self-discovery here!"

                  "Oh, sorry," says the Pikachu while standing up. The Pokemon I can't identify brooms Pikachu with its gray tail.

                  "Thanks, bud..." he says. "...But I think I have your hair in my mouth..."

                  "Please accept my apologies," says the Gyarados. "I guess I couldn't go faster, after all"

                  "You almost killed me!" the gray Pokemon yells, "What were you thinking?"

                  "That I could go faster?" the serpentine Pokemon replies.

                  "Who are you?" I ask.

                  "I'm Gyarados, and those are Pikachu and... what's your name?" Gyarados says, facing the gray Pokemon.

                  "Minccino..." he says, seemingly mad.

                  "And we're from...!" Pikachu says.

                  "Wait for it..." Minccino adds.

                  "The human world!" both Pokemon yell in unison.

                  "Dun... Dun... DUN!" Gyarados adds.

                  "The human world?!" I yell in astonishment. "Come with me, now!"

                  * * *

                  Scene The Third
                  PoV: Shedinja

                  "The human world!" Both Pokemon yell in unison.

                  "Interesting," I whisper, while hiding between some rocks that are near to that Gyarados.

                  Just the kind of information I was looking for! I, Shedinja, head of Team Fright, found Pokemon that allegedly came from the world of humans! If I can get them to tell me where Enclosed Island is, I will finally find the place that connects both worlds!

                  But first I need backup. Who knows what that Gyarados is capable of...

                  I take flight from where we are, and luckily I'm not spotted by those Pokemon... Where's Duskull? Oh, right, I forgot, he's in our underground base. I just need to reach the entrance. It's going to take a while. Mmm... there's Pokemon Square. That was fast. I thought it would take longer to reach this place. Let's see, there's the guild... and the bank... there! There it is... Tiny Woods.

                  As I descend into the small forest, I begin looking for the entrance of the hideout. Oh, how I hate the Wurmple around here. Even when the natural disasters finally ceased. They're all eager to test their strength with whoever they find in the woods... I'm sorry guys... Bug Buzz will have to do, it won't make them faint, but it will keep them out of the way.

                  After a couple of minutes, I've finally found it... the not-so-well hidden hole in the middle of the woods! As I descend in here, I wander around in the darkness trying to find Duskull. I quickly get desperate looking for him in the pitch-black dusk in here. As I use Bug Buzz once again, I can hear someone yelling me to stop. That's Duskull.

                  "If you weren't hiding I wouldn't have done that!" I yell as I stop.

                  "Well, whatever," Duskull replies, "Any news?"

                  "Well yeah!" I say. "I found some Pokemon that are allegedly from the world of humans."

                  "Wait, what?"

                  "Ya' heard me! They're from the human world. If they can tell us where's Enclosed Island at, we'll finally get back to the human world!"

                  "Sweet! ...But how exactly do we do that?"

                  "Haven't thought about it..."

                  * * *

                  Scene The Fourth
                  The Plasma Castle
                  PoV: N
                  Why isn't anyone around? They must be hiding something away from me... question is... what exactly?

                  I finally gather enough courage to stand up. My friends, who were all taking a nap in front or next to the throne stood up. By friends I meant the Pokemon that hang around with me, of course.

                  "What are you doing, N?" Vanilluxe asked. "Is it something dangerous?" That wasn't much of a surprise coming from Vanilluxe. He's quite paranoid about... well, everything. "Can I go with you?"

                  "If he goes, I'll go," Klinklang quickly adds.

                  "Yeah, me too!" said Carracosta almost immediately.

                  "Don't forget about me!" Archeops added at last.

                  I stare at them for a while, then I turn my head back at Reshiram, who's at my right. "Let them come," he says. "We need as much help as possible."

                  "For what?" I can't help but ask.

                  I turn back at my friends. They all heard what Reshiram said, and now they're all staring at him.

                  "Nothing now," Reshiram replies, seeding worries among my friends. What did he meant by that? Sometimes I feel like I can't understand Reshiram. I can talk with him... but I don't understand what he means.

                  "You should be careful," someone adds. It's Zoroark, standing behind me. I turn around, and stare at him.

                  "I will," I say. "Let's go now."

                  We all walk around the halls of the castle. They seem unusually empty. And none of us is sure of why. We keep walking, every single room we come across is empty.

                  That's when I heard it...

                  I stood, motionless. Trying to identify the voice.

                  "What?" Reshiram asks, with a bit of a worrying tone.

                  "Just listen," I reply

                  We all stay quiet, trying to identify what the voice is saying.

                  "My lord, it seems the dragons have escaped"

                  "The dragons..." I whisper so low that not even Reshiram could hear.

                  "I'm afraid the plans with the boundary dragon will be delayed due to this inconvenience."

                  "Boundary dragon?" Klinklang asks, "What kind of Pokemon could it be?"

                  "Oh, my heavens," Reshiram says, "It's worst that I thought"

                  "Why?" I ask, worried.

                  "It all shall be revealed in time, young N," he replies.

                  "Wait a second," says Zoroark, "There it comes again..."

                  "Are you sure you want to get rid of King N, lord Ghetsis?"

                  Everyone stares right at me.

                  "I see, well... I'll tell the others... we're going to do an ambush by twilight."

                  After hearing this, I suddenly felt as if my heart had been stabbed... Why would my own father want to get rid of me? Is it that he thinks I'm a huge disappointment? Whatever it is... it's better if I speed it up...

                  "Twilight will arrive in half an hour, be ready..."

                  "N..." Reshiram says.

                  "I'm okay," I immediately reply. "...Let's get out of here..."

                  "I know how," Reshiram adds.

                  Reshiram opens its mouth and forms a small orb of red, yellow and white fire in front of it and two rings of red-yellow fire form around the orb as well as the orb grows larger. Reshiram then fires the orb from its mouth at the roof. All I can see is a yellow flash now.

                  "What's going on? can't be... everyone head to the throne room!"

                  A violent explosion now. The flash is finally gone, along with the roof. The harsh rain is filling the hall, quickly forming puddles all around.

                  "Let's go!" says Reshiram, who's now airborne.

                  "You'll have to remain in your Pokeballs until we land somewhere," I say. "Is that okay with you?"

                  All of my friends nod, and they all say in unison that they are. I put them all in their Pokeballs, sealing them inside the capsules with red beams of light. Reshiram lands in front of me. If Ghetsis wants me to leave, so I will!

                  "Halt!" the voice I heard earlier says.

                  I turn around. There she is, wearing the new black-and-grey uniform. Ghetsis changed it a few months ago, all of a sudden. I am not pretty sure why.

                  "Don't you dare to come closer, Ri!" I yell at her.

                  "I'm sorry, N," she says, trying to hold her tears. "Use Crunch, Seviper!"

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