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    A Game of Luck ;; A Nuzlocke Crazy Dice Roleplay

    Spots Open: 0
    OOC is found here.

    [ Robin Fisher ({Swan}) ]

    Septimus (Onix ♂) - Lv. 15
    Ability: Rock Head
    Type: Rock/Ground
    Moves: Heavy Slam, Mud Sport, Tackle, Bind, Curse, Rock Throw, Rage, Rock Tomb

    [ Luca Keress/ Diana Lilliane Foster (Fuyu) ]

    Etzli (Deino ♀) - Lv. 16
    Ability: Hustle
    Type: Dark/Dragon
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy, Bite, Headbutt

    Snubbul - Lv 12
    Ability: Intimidate
    Type: Normal
    Moves: Heal Bell, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle Tail Whip, Charm, Bite

    [ Logan Zephrulos (Nimblethumbs) ]

    Pawniard - Lv. 15
    Ability: Defiant
    Type: Dark/Steel
    Moves: Psycho Cut, Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Torment

    [ Noah Loveride (Lunacrest) ]

    Castform - Lv. 15
    Ability: Forecast
    Type: Normal
    Moves: Future Sight, Tackle, Water Gun, Ember, Powder Snow, Headbutt

    [ Noel Wolfe (Kranic) ]

    Hatchett (Axew ♂) - Lv. 18
    Ability: Rivalry
    Type: Dragon
    Moves: Razor Wind, Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Scary Face[/spoiler]

    [ Mara Henning (Strikit) ]

    Alpha (Vulpix ♂) - Lv. 15
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Type: Fire
    Moves: Heat Wave, Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray

    Beta (Snubbul) - Lv 12
    Ability: Intimidate
    Type: Normal
    Moves: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle Tail Whip, Charm, Bite

    [ Jade Catharine DePois (Despondency) ]

    Meowth - Lv. 15
    Ability: Pickup
    Type: Normal
    Moves: Iron Tail, Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fake Out, Fury Swipes

    [ Chapter One: Lilycove City ]

    Welcome to Hoenn, hot, humid and tropical Hoenn. Your first stop will be Lilycove, a city booming with life. It’s one of Hoenn’s largest tourist destinations, with big hotels and resorts by the seafront and lots of bars and shops farther into the city. It’s a long shot from the relatively quiet city it used to be. The rocks that prevented it from having a proper harbor in the past have been cleared and many docks have been set out for large cruiseliners or smaller ferries. Close to the harbor is the Professor’s laboratory, with a large sign pointing the way for new trainers.

    The lab is quite large and bustling with life. Aid are hurrying along and loads of other trainers are receiving their starters today as well, you might even have to stand in line for a little bit. Professor Cyprus is a middle-aged woman with dark skin and darker hair. She’s a Hoenn native and spends her time researching better ways of quick-healing Pokémon. She’s also very pro-battling. Once you get to meet her she will give you your starter, if you don't already have one, your trainer's license, some Pokéballs and a PokéNav.

    Devon’s PokéNav functions as many things, from a Pokédex to a communicator to a map to a direct way to access your storage. You can directly switch Pokémon from the PC to your party anywhere, anytime. Well, mostly anytime. You are not allowed to transfer during official battles and people find it very bad manners to transfer during non-official battles. The license is simply a plastic card with a chip in it carrying your information, you will need for everything trainer-oriented on the island.

    After meeting the Professor you are free to roam the city. There are some wild Pokémon to be found, some in the streets of the bustling tourist city, others on the beach and in the surf. Though remember, you have a limit to 2 Pokémon per area, and this includes cities.

    [ The Dice ]

    The dice goes into effect after you receive your Pokémon.

    1. Kill off one Pokémon of your choice. (void if you have only one Pokémon)

    10. The Pokémon your capture in this area will have an Egg Move.

    3. You may not catch anything in this area.

    8. You may catch the evolved form of your first random encounter.

    11. One random Pokémon (by dice) may immediately evolve in this area. -> Axew

    7. You must catch a Pokémon in this area.

    11. One random Pokémon (by dice) may immediately evolve in this area. -> Meowth

    [ Wild Pokémon ]

    Level: 12
    Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Astonish, Baton Pass

    Level: 12
    Type: Water
    Moves: Bubble, Harden, Vice Grip

    Levell: 12
    Type: Water
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport

    Level 12
    Type: Normal
    Moves: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle, Scary Face, Tail Whip, Charm, Bite

    Level: 12
    Type: Water
    Moves: Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover

    Level: 12
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Moves: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

    Level: 12
    Type: Electric
    Moves: Charge, Tackle, Sonic Boom, Spark

    Level: 12
    Type: Water/Flying
    Moves: Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack

    [ Notes On Catching ]

    - I will post in the OOC with every route detailing the two (or one, depending on the dice) Pokémon you may capture. You don’t have to capture them, but you may not catch any others. If the dice decides that you may catch as many Pokémon as you wish in the area, then you may choose which ones yourself as well.
    - You don’t have to let the ball wiggle at the end of the post, after I tell you which Pokémon you may capture, you may capture them however you wish. Great posts earn items or egg moves though.
    - You may also always decide the gender of the Pokémon, do let me know about it in the OOC though, so I can jot it down in the first post of the IC.

    Find me on:

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      Luca Keress

      We are approaching Lilycove City. I repeat, we are about to dock at Lilycove City. Please do not leave any of your belongings in the cabins. There have been reports of theft. Thank you for sailing on the SS. Wailord... Once again we are...

      The soft chiming voice was like the gradual alarm that she remembered, lights and sounds chirping with forest song and scented like wet moss. Diana opened amber eyes to a gradual blank stare at a wall of creamy brown like an Eevee's pelt. Obnoxious, Luca's mental voice intoned to her and she agreed without much thought, rubbing small hands against exhausted eyes. Slowly, she slid the white sheets from light skin, revealing her bare body to the room. She took no notice of it, stepping toward the cubicle of the shower and turning on steamy water.

      Routine, Diana reminded the physical body, Luca's trademark deadpan smoothing over her china-doll meekness like a snake's seductive glide. Taking the harsh brush under the scalding water, the girl began to scrub herself away. Diana, deny. Wake up boy, wake up. By the time her body was properly covered in soap, it was also bright red in many patches, rubbed raw by ferocious blunt teeth.

      Good. Luca was anything but soft.

      Thankfully this ship had scentless soap. It wouldn't do for a boy of such... violent heritage to smell like non-poisonous flowers. Stepping out of the water ten minutes later, Luca looked impassively at the mirror, tracing almost slender fingers at the marring scar. Beneath his feet the boat shuddered, reminding him he was not in a dark room, but instead a public place. He was lucky there weren't any cameras.

      The idea of cameras running their lenses over her naked body wasn't disturbing to Diana in the least. She was not devoid of modesty (not even close) but Luca had cared little for her memorizing eyes when they had met... before. Therefore, the best task was to disregard the gazes as mildly or even remotely menacing. That was what guns in the pocket were for. He still did not dress, crossing the cabin toward the clothes and items laid on the tiny table.

      His fingers slipped into the hair gel, combing it into the style of devil-may-care fancy. The sticky blue semi-solid was always going to feel awkward on his hands but it was the safest way to deal with his hair. Hair spray was out of the question for his sensitive nose, but he could accept that for the time being. Slowly, he pulled each layer of clothes on, only pausing at the sight of his jacket. Hoenn is humid... a summer vacation for the foolishly frozen-minded, his father had intoned. Nodding once to an unspoken command, he began to return everything to his bag methodically, ignoring the blaring trumpet of the boat docking. He would get off when he chose, not at the whims of the rich whelps who pretended at being saintly.Tapping his foot in an almost impatient manner, Luca reviewed his starting point.

      Step 1: Obtain required materials from the professor.

      Step 2: Obtain more followers.

      Step 3: Locate and establish contact with Eve. Begin network establishment.

      Step 4: Eradicate first target, whoever that may be and however long that may take.

      It was rather degrading, Luca knew, to have to be a hitman instead of having to hire one. However, training was training and if he couldn't be expected to get down and follow his own commands, why on Earth should his men? Quite simple in his opinion. Disgusting, but simple.

      Finally, after moments of severe foot tapping and shuddering of the boat, it gently stopped, now only rocking by the flow of seawater. He shouldered his bag and locked the cabin behind him as he left. Passing by people, he disregarded them for the most part. None were particularly exciting... except the children. He knew to always watch his own age group or younger. Diana would never know whenever she would have to become them. Luca himself wouldn't say no to creating a new network with kids. They always seemed to know the gossip anyway. They were some of the only creatures the Keress kept their hands clean with.

      One bumped into him and almost toppled over. Silently, he yanked her up to her feet and nodded, amber gaze silently pushing her onward. When the little girl merely stared, he added. "Find your mama." His voice was lighter than expected from his burning glare and clenched fingertips, sharpness darting all around. The little girl nodded and scampered away obediently, twin tails bouncing again.

      "Scary guy aren't you?" commented a voice, feminine and distasteful. Arms slipped around his neck, searching for things that weren't supposed to be there. "Making children flee in terror like that is a new low isn't it?"

      "... Eve," he acknowledge simply. "If you don't desire yourself excavated, let me go." Step 3: completed early. Eve smiled down at him, long locks twisted into ringlets of glimmering red. Used to be blond... he recalled lightly, stepping away and moving forward to keep walking toward the exit. Eve hummed and danced after him, enjoying the way heads turned and people froze.

      "How do I look," she inquired as the muggy wind and hot sun struck them both on deck.

      Luca shrugged. "You know I'm not interested."

      "Why aren't you little one," she teased, gripping at her sunflower hat to keep it from spinning to the ocean. She earned another shrug from the younger male, causing her to laugh and laugh at a joke no one cared about. Eve released a theatrical sigh, skipping to block his way down the ramp. He simply raised an eyebrow at her. "You're just no fun!" she quipped at him. "I bet you do this to all the girls who drool at you."

      "They'll just have to deal with it," he replied cheerlessly, stepping onto the wobbly wood. "So... is there a client or am I off on my merry way?"

      Eve shrugged. "They left a couple days ago, the impatient berks. Seriously... can't even give the future a chance here..." He waved her off dismissively and she snorted. "Good point... their fault if the drug shipment falls through... which it will. Why people bother with such a failing business venture is beyond my understanding."

      "Nobody cares about the lives of a few quick reproducers..." he commented dully. "It's why the adrenaline shots and the evolution inducers happen to the species that crop up everywhere... such as Raticate, Furret, Linoone, Magikarp, etc. It's foolish to hit the less common such as Rufflet, or Gible. The aftereffects have an effect on the ecosystem that injures the status quo. Any decent trainer would know that a damage to the ecosystem is a damage to their ability as trainers. Businessmen abandoned the venture more often than not, so they sell indiscriminately like unsavvy newbies thinking angering a Growlithe is safer than using a Caterpie in a tornado."

      Eve choked out a laugh. "Say that to the old man, I dare you."

      "That would be out of character," was his remark, letting amber eyes lock on a sign. The lab hm..."We part here." Without a goodbye he went down the path, ignoring the large bustling city and the crowd swallowing him into a long line. Eve smirked, heading her own way. She was a good sister, for all her oddity.

      Shouts and yells created a discordant affair of people. Most of them were fidgeting anxiously and chatting nervously, wearing as thin and short clothes as socially acceptable, some not even going that far. Luca tuned them out, slouching a bit against one of the wooden stakes on the dock. A kid looked at him and grinned, probably thinking they were going to get a pal or something equally as inane. "Hey dude you too?" His voice dipped and seemed to shout over the whole crowd of gangly teenagers, causing each sulky pair of eyes to lock on him. Luca merely arched an eyebrow at him, silently answering the question. The other laughed sheepishly and turned away, allowing the teen to casually fold his arms over his chest.

      Whispers floated in and out of his hearing. "Scary... was just being friendly... what a monster man... hope he gets a Wurmple or something.... weirdo..."

      "Beautifly and Dustox are rather dangerous so I'd win that bet," Luca spoke over them, hushing the ingrates instantly. Huh, he would have to work on his formal speech. He needed to sound more frightening and less intelligent. The more brawny he looked, the more the enemy would be unnerved. Sounded fun to him.

      The line moved surprisingly quickly, punctuating discomforting silence with squeals and groans and the haphazard dashing of puberty twisted feet. Luca bore this with nothing more than a frown and unfocused thoughts. The heat was rather obnoxious. Perhaps he was going to get an Ice type and they could bear the trifle together. He honestly had wanted to be surprised with who his first Pokemon would be. Finally the turn was his and he walked with relief into the air conditioning. A middle-aged woman tinkered with a large metal device, adjusting the case with a screwdriver. She glanced up over dark waves of hair and smiled. "Another one. Welcome."

      "Pleased to meet you," he nodded simply. Authority figures like the League and the professors were meant to be given respect. You never knew when their good word could be used to your advantage after all. The woman rose to her feet. "You are Professor Cyprus are you not?" Receiving a small smirk from the dark-skinned woman, he smiled darkly. "My name is Luca Keress."

      Her eyes glittered at the sound of his name, making him frown on the inside. Had their reputation spread to Hoenn so easily. Hm, he would have to tell them to disappear from the radar a little. He didn't have a calling card just yet. Flashy the lot of them. How much she knew he couldn't say and he wasn't interested... for the moment. Cyprus smiled. "I see," she hummed gently. "That's right... you were said to be coming in today. Are you ready?"

      "For?" he inquired quizzically. She walked away from her table and pulled a few objects from a small box. She enlarged a Pokeball and tossed it at, unsurprisingly, his head. Luca caught it and stared at the ordinary device, tracing odd engravings of violet fire that created a small sticker above the seal. Getting the message, he pressed the button and let out the creature. The ball burst open in a shower of sparkling light and released a dark quadruped, blue skin mostly covered by black, sharp fur. It sniffed blindly at the air before opening sharp jaws and snapping at nothing in particular. The creature sniffed and padded over to where the professor stood, growling protectively. Or perhaps it was nervous?

      "This here is a Deino," she introduced to the quizzical male, who was watching the dragon with fascination. "It's originally from Unova so... you may not know much about her. She's a little shy, but give her time and she'll grow used to you." Gently, the woman shoved the creature off of her feet, causing her to grumble and whine in misery. Luca surprised himself by chuckling gently. He knew a fair bit about Deino, but had never seen one before. They were blind yet had the energy to bite and tackle longer than most Pokemon. Typically this Pokemon was wild and dangerously violent. Yet this one seemed more anxious and fear-driven. It growled in his direction and Luca smiled. Keen too, this one, likely due to it being slightly smaller than statistics indicated.

      "Etzli," he hummed, smiling a bit more. The creature couldn't se it, but what mattered was that the professor did. Pro-battling or not, she needed to see a good trainer. He held out a hand, knuckle free of course and knelt. It sniffed cautiously, still growling. She, he reminded himself, peered sightlessly out, following his voice. "Etzli," Luca repeated lightly. "Here now Etzli. Here, to me. To my voice." Slowly, she crawled over, halting in fright a few inches away. "Here Etzli." The firm statement caused her to scramble over and sniff his fingers. He turned his hand to stroke her dark head. "That's it." Treat this one kindly, he realized quickly. Luca needed strength he could keep, not an uncontrollable powerhouse. Magma and Aqua were testament to that much.

      Cyprus watched him. "Black sheep are you?"

      Luca glanced up at her and smirked, rising to his feet. "You could say that," she agreed, eyes twinkling. The woman held out a few Pokeballs and a black device. "They've marketed."

      "Yes we convinced them that mustard-yellow is disgustingly flashy," she remarked with a small grin. "Don't forget this." She held out a card to him which he took with only the tiniest of sighs at the sight of his picture. It was positively horrid. Giving her a customary nod of polite amusement, he clicked his tongue and headed toward the door.

      "Etzli, to me." The creature perked slowly and tottered after him nervously. She glanced back at Cyprus, who gave no reply, before following again. She let out a grumble of complaint as the sweltering heat hit her fur, to which Luca silently agreed. Outside the bustling line fell abruptly silent as he exited, staring at the creature which trotted after him. The whispers burst again, causing Luca to smirk with contained glee.



      Lilycove was so noisy. It was a miracle Etzli wasn't loosing her little mind to the chaos of the place. Where to look for more followers... he supposed the art museum could hold promise... certainly not the department store. There were just so many classy people there... with easily pickpocketed wallets. Hahaha... hm?

      Etzli was sniffing around, the young dragon curiously investigating a trash can. Luca paused with a frown, hoping that he wouldn't have to teach the no eating garbage lesson so soon. Instead, his starter let out a wild screech of pain, howling and wailing as Luca clapped coolly, drawing her over. There was a horrible bite mark on one of her forelegs, which was cool to the touch. Ice Fang, he realized as the Deino began to growl hatefully in that direction for a second time.

      The trash can his Deino had been sniffing wobbled and clattered to the ground. Behind it had been a pink creature with very sharp fangs. Snubbull. Hmm... adorable... yet dangerous... Luca approved. A perfectly good minion and first target for his Pokemon. How to fight this creature though... Deino was blind as a bat. Wait... it had gotten the first attack... shed the first...

      Luca smirked coldly, an expression that worked just as well as any Intimidate, causing the Snubbull to pause in his creeping on Etzli. "Etzli can you smell it, your blood?" he asked softly. She whined at him. Of course she could. Her leg was bleeding. "No... on the one who bit you?" He could see flecks of red on the pink Pokemon's mouth. "Sniff girl. He hurt you. You ought to strike back. Focus!"

      The Deino concentrated as the Pokemon recovered itself, charging toward her while she searched for his smell. "Dark Pulse," Luca commanded with a smirk.The opponent was undeterred, even as Etzli reluctantly focused on the Dark energy rising around its mouth. Her head swerved wildly before focusing dead center, just below the Snubbull's head. She fired as the Pokemon ducked his head, it smashing into her chest before being thrown backwards by the force of the attack.

      "Again," he snapped, not meaning the harshness in his own voice. "While it's dazed. Dragon Rage!" Etzli tried, but to be honest she wasn't that enraged... Confused, she lifted her head and fired in (hopefully) that same direction purple and gold fireballs. Only one actually hit the Snubbull, which caused it shake its head and charge, tackling the Deino over. She hissed sharply as the pink bulldog barreled her into Luca's legs. FIrmly, her trainer pushed her off, letting the creature climb to her paws slowly, limping.

      Now, she was angry. Rising ferociously to her feet, she charged, tackling the Snubbull mid-step and clamping jaws on his arm and gnawing. Snubbull screamed and his fangs turned bright blue, crunching towards Etzli's throat. The cold made the Deino backpedal and reflexively release a burst of Dragon Rage. Luca watched this with slightly round eyes. What beautiful destruction. That greedy part of him urged his hand to throw but the boy waited, even as Snubbull aimed to knock his injured Pokemon to the ground and rip her poor throat open.

      "Dark Pulse once more!" he commanded and Etzli released a loud, furious roar in reply, practically making the buildings shake with her rage. Snubbull charged head bowed, slamming into the Deino as the darkness exploded, blasting human and Pokemon to smack against the concrete. Luca winced silently, gripping his head as the smoke engulfed his eyes. "Etzli... to me Etzli!" Silence met his ears and mentally Luca paled. He could not fail this soon... he would not! "Etzli!"

      Silence shivered the air again. Then a weak crooning growl answered him and the Deino limped to his waiting arms, crooning to his voice and managing to rest her head against his right arm. "Good girl," he praised softly as the smoke cleared. "Good girl..." The Snubbull was unconscious against one of the walls, his eyes spinning. Luca smiled quietly. "Welcome to mine little one, my little Niklas..." He threw the ball and it dragged the unconscious Normal type inside, shaking like a fiend possessed. Then it lay still, as if cowering.

      Luca only smirked again, continuing to stroke Etzli's head. "That's right... you know who your master is now don't you..."
      "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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        @Fuyu - Wow, way to set the bar high man. That was a fantastic post, also great ways of playing with the setting. I'm definitely eagerly await more of Luca/Diana's journey.

        Deino (Itzli) grew to lv. 16!
        Luca caught a Snubbul!

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          This was the third day Mara had spent on the S.S. Augustine. While she was eager to begin her career anew in a new region she had to admit the time to relax had been nice. As the ship began to dock she stood near the gangplank with her backpack slung over her back. The crowd attempting to get off the ship was thick, and it took a little while before Mara was able to get through and onto the dock. There were a good number of them that she noticed were carrying Pokemon. Perhaps they were trainers. She hoped so. There would just be that many more opponents for her to annhiliate.

          Mara breathed a sigh as her feet touched dry, steady land. She didn't have a problem with seasickness but it was at least nice not to feel like her world was constantly swaying underneath her. There was an exaggerated strut to her step and a sway to her hips as she walked, eyes scanning her surroundings in search of a hint to where she should go. She didn't have to look far; not far from the harbor was a large sign pointing the way to the laboratory. A faint smile curved her lips as she turned to follow the arrow. She was just that much closer to getting back into the profession she loved. Now that she knew where she was going she allowed her mind to wander and take in the scenery. Lilycove was a fairly good sized city, though it was nothing compared to what she was used to back home. The closer she got to the lab, the thicker sidewalk traffic got. She supposed it would be safe to assume that a lot of these people were heading to the laboratory as well. Naturally she began sizing up the competition. Many of them looked far too young to pose any threat to her. They would be easy to demolish and their losses would only contribute to her strength. However, there were also many older trainers, some her age, some even older. They must have decided to come to Hoenn later in their careers, like she had. She wondered if they were any good. They would probably pose quite a challenge, and she couldn't wait to face that challenge. The thrill of an imminent battle made her feet move faster.

          That thrill would have to wait. Mara got caught up a few feet away from the door to the lab. At first she couldn't figure out what the problem was, but then she realized it was the line to get a trainers' license and a starter. She frowned and crossed her arms. Patience was not a virtue she possessed, and this was clearly going to take a while.

          The minute hand on her watch had moved five times before the line began to move. It was another five before it moved again. The snail pace was driving Mara insane. Why did it have to take so long? She'd been hoping to start travelling today but with the way this was going, she wasn't sure if she would be able to go before dark. An hour had gone by when the line started moving much more quickly. The people coming out of the lab didn't seem to have a starter, however. That concerned her a little. She didn't think they were refusing to take a starter. Did that mean that the lab had run out? That seemed ridiculous. She would have thought a lab in a city where there was so much traffic would be well prepared for that. Still, she noticed a murmur rising up from the crowd. Word was spreading back through the line that they were in fact out of starter Pokemon. Apparently Professor Cypress had not been anticipating the sheer number of new trainers that would filter through her doors. At this news many of the prospective trainers in line grumbled and stepped aside. Mara raised an eyebrow at them, but had no problem stepping up to take their place. It did irritate her that she wouldn't be getting her Pokemon and her license as she had planned, but she could at least get the license. Perhaps Cypress would let her in first thing in the morning to get one. That, or she'd find something she wanted elsewhere.

          In what seemed like no time at all Mara stepped into the clean, organized interior of the lab. She was greeted by a frazzled looking woman with glasses and dark emerald hair. "Good evening," she said with a weary smile. "I am Professor Cypress. What is your name and your place of origin?"

          She poised herself next to a large monitor, her fingers hovering over the keyboard. Mara answered, "My name is Mara Henning. I'm from Goldenrod, Johto."

          Cypress nodded and asked, "Have you at any point been registered in the Johto league? If so did you receive any badges there?"

          "I was registered," she answered. "I received all of the badges up to Clair."

          The machine made a series of clicking and whirring noises, and a freshly printed identification card popped out. "Alright, here you are. I trust you've heard by now that I currently do not have any Pokemon to give."

          Mara gave her a charming smile. "That's alright, ma'am. I'm sure I can find one some way or another."

          Cypress breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed as though other starting trainers hadn't been so understanding. "I'll still give you your five Pokeballs and everything else, and if you'll just come back in the morning I'll have a Pokemon to give you."

          "That'll be fine." She accepted the five balls and attached each of them to the inside of her vest. The Pokedex, she placed in her vest pocket, and the identification card went safely into a pocket of her backpack. "Thank you very much for your time, Professor. I'll be returning tomorrow." She stepped forward to shake Cypress's hand. The older woman smiled softly.

          "I look forward to seeing you."

          Mara left then, already formulating how to get her starter. She wasn't about to wait until morning. It was only two; there was so much she could still get done today. First and foremost, she was hungry. So she went into the first restaurant she found and seated herself.

          Her eyes flitted back and forth across the patrons as she rested her head in her hand and relaxed. Many of the people here were the young trainers she'd seen at the lab. Most of them were enjoying their newfound status as trainer and had their Pokemon in their laps, in the chair next to them, or on the table. The booth nearest her seated a young boy and a scruffy looking Vulpix. There was just something about it that caught her eye, so she began discreetly watching them. As far as she could tell, the Vulpix had no interest at all in the boy. On the contrary, it seemed to be trying to find a way to sneak off.

          As the waitress came and take her order she kept half an eye on the boy at all times. Her food arrived and she ate and drank slowly. This was no longer about filling her stomach; it was about filling her first Pokeball. The boy finished before she did and he waited for his check, so now was the time to take action. Swiftly she reached into her bag and extracted a small metal cylinder with a tiny button on the end. These had come in handy in Johto and she knew they would come in handy now. Adrenaline began to pump through her body as she waited for the path to the door to clear; she wouldn't be able to see the way in a moment. At just the right second she pressed the button and tossed the cylinder away from herself. A few beats later it began emitting foul-smelling, vision-obscuring black smoke. Mara jumped to her feet and ran expertly to the boy's booth, snatched up a furry bundle that she could assume was the Vulpix, and then sprinted toward the door in the path she had planned. She left the coughing and confused people behind and darted into a nearby alley to catch her breath. As she did she grasped the Vulpix by the scruff and encapsulated it in a Pokeball. All of the evidence of what she'd just done was now eradicated. Still, she would be glad to get some distance between herself and the scene of the crime. She slipped back onto the sidewalk and strolled away at a leisurely pace. Behind her she could hear the commotion and she turned to look like a curious bypasser. But, again like a mere bypasser, she continued on. Whatever was going on back there had nothing to do with her.

          It wasn't until she was near the city limits that she slowed. There was a cocky smile on her lips as she reached into her vest and pulled out her only filled ball. She seated herself at a bench underneath the shade of several trees and pressed the button to release her ill-gotten starter.

          "You must be confused," she said authoritatively. It seated itself on its haunches and tilted its head in affirmation. "That boy hadn't the slightest clue how to bring you to your full potential. I know just what you need and I can make you better than you ever imagined. I can do this with or without your cooperation, but I'd much rather know we're on the same page. Do you think we can manage that?"

          The Vulpix studied her with distrusting amber eyes. It seemed that it didn't quite know what to think of her. Mara wasn't going to wait for it to decide. She knelt down next to it and grabbed its scruff. That incapacitated it while she checked in its ears, eyes, mouth, and under its tail. She felt of its bone structure and muscling and its paws. She placed a hand over its chest so she could feel the heat of its flame sac. As far as all of these things went, it was in excellent health. The scruffy quality of its fur could be fixed with high quality food and brushing. After this examination she could tell it was male and fairly young, so he was likely to be prideful, high-strung, and energetic. That was just fine. Mara knew exactly how to work with that. "You will be referred to as Alpha. Respond to that. You will either be great, or you will be nothing but a thorn in my side. Keep in mind how you act toward me is in direct proportion to how I treat you."

          Alpha growled low, but it wasn't necessarily a threat. It was more as if to say, 'The same goes for you.'

          That was good enough for Mara. She dug around in her bag and extracted a long chain leash. There was a ring at the end she could put the leash through to create a collar. With a serious expression, she showed Alpha the leash.

          "You will be walking out of the ball with me," she informed him. "If you can't follow me on your own, I'm putting this on you. I know you're smarter than that, so let's make this an enjoyable walk, shall we?"

          Mara rose to her feet and motioned for Alpha to follow her. She wanted to start on her way to the next town, but the problem with that was she hadn't stocked up on all of the supplies she would need yet, preoccupied as she was with stealing a Vulpix. That meant she would have to go back into Lilycove. Granted, there was a chance the Vulpix's actual owner would see her and get her into trouble but she knew just what to do in that situation and she was confident she could shut that little brat up quickly. She smiled coldly to herself as she reentered the city limits with Alpha trotting along next to her. The pace seemed to be a little fast for him, but the only way to get him to the physical shape she wanted from him was to push him. Soon he would be able to pass her easily, but he would know better than to disrespect her like that. She would see to it.

          As the buildings swallowed her once more she heard a growling sound in an alley between two buildings. She and Alpha stopped simultaneously and listened. It was worth checking out, so the pair quietly slipped into the alley, their eyes peeled. Alpha noticed it before she did; a Snubbul glaring at the both of them from against a wall, its teeth bared. The pink cutesy Pokemon was not one that Mara would generally choose to train, but for now it would do fine. She did need the occasional expendable, after all. There were always Pokemon on her team that she was willing to sacrifice for a win. This one could fill that role.

          "You're up, Alpha." Mara's voice was unusually calm and stoic. Alpha stepped up with his ears flat against his head, meeting the Snubbul's aggression. Instead of offering further instruction she waited to see what it would do next. The Snubbul snarled all the more furiously and raised its hackles. It was a clear and direct threat. Alpha did not back down from it, though, and that impressed her. She didn't give him the slightest bit of instruction until she saw tiny wisps of flame flit between Snubbul's teeth.With the experience she had she knew what to expect, so she waited impatiently for the pink canine to react. It had finally had enough of being cornered and it propelled itself toward Alpha with surprising speed to sink flaming teeth into his flank. Alpha cried out and jerked himself out of its grip. Mara frowned; that was something she would have to train out of him later. Pulling away from an enemy when held in claws or teeth could result in more grievous injury. Alpha would have to be taught to tolerate pain better.

          For the time being things were going exactly as she'd expected. She was aware of the Flash Fire ability Vulpix possessed, and it was brought into effect now. "Execute Tail Whip and follow up with Heat Wave. Quickly."

          Perhaps it was the no nonsense tone in her voice that made Alpha respond so promptly. He battered Snubbul with his six tails, then jumped back, braced his legs, and formed a ball of orange flame in his mouth. Instead of exhaling flame he breathed out sharply, sending a gust of searing wind at the Snubbul. It howled in agony and tried to leap out of the way, but Alpha kept it trapped. Mara smiled faintly. She would have to remember to praise him for that.

          "Alright, Alpha. Stand down," she said when she thought he couldn't keep it going anymore. Just before the barrage stopped she threw a Pokeball. It sucked the Snubbul in and shook feebly a few times before laying still.

          "Excellent." Mara knelt down and stroked Alpha between the ears. "You are every bit as good as I expected. We have some training to do, but I'm still very impressed by you."

          He looked up at her smugly. She did not reward the proud behavior, instead rising to her feet, retrieving the ball, and attaching it to the inside of her jacket.

          "It shall be referred to as Beta. That means any order I give, you must follow; and order you give, it must follow, and so on down the line. The chain may change at any given time. Do you understand?"

          Alpha dipped his head in answer. That was good enough, so she went back out onto the street and headed for the Mart again. She was pleased to note that although there were several puncture wounds in Alpha's side from the Fire Fang he didn't even limp. That showed strength and tenacity. So far he seemed as if he'd be one of those Pokemon that she would easily sacrifice another to keep. If she was going to be keeping his health in order she would have to make a trip to the Center as well. She only hoped there weren't signs up at the Center that denoted a missing Vulpix, because she was not about to give him back.
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            @Strikit - Man I love your writing style. You really play with the setting, and I liked the bit of anatomy as well. I'm enjoying Mara and her mindset and I'm definitely looking forward to more!

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            Mara caught a Snubbul!

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              Noel Wolfe - [ Chapter One: Lilycove City ]

              The sound of boats flooded the city of Lilycove. Today was a day of activity as many trainers made their way into the city hoping to receive their first pokemon and officially start the adventure of being a pokemon trainer. It was the beginning of many stories and a defining moment for many lives. For some it was the start to everything and for others it was a means of starting fresh. For Noel Wolfe today was a day of escape.

              A girl stood at the end of the dock, her black hair flowed with the cold seaside breeze. She stared at the new world in front of her. Fresh off the boat, only sixteen years old, this world in front of her was all hers. She muttered some words to herself, "No more Unova. No more Castelia. No more schoolmates. No more Mom…” She paused before moving on to her next statement, “No more anything!” She yelled out throwing her arms into the air.

              An ear to ear grin took over Noel's face as she walked away from the cruise ship behind her. She had been living on that ship for the past few days and it was really an important step to the independence and freedom she had been seeking. The boat served as the bridge between her old world and this new one. Without it she would have never gotten here. Before this trip, Noel just couldn’t wait to get on the boat and leave. It was all she was looking forward to, but now that time has pass and her next step in her journey has begun. It may have been fitting for her to give a sentimental goodbye to the ship, but that wasn’t Noel. She had no time for sentiments, not when the best part of her trip was so near. It was time for her to get her starter pokemon and she wasn't going to stop until that pokemon was hers. With those thoughts, Noel was off, running off in the direction of a pokemon lab.

              Noel wasn’t going to stop until she reached the lab. At least that was what she believed. Noel stopped. Reality finally hit her. She was really far away from home. The world around her was so unfamiliar, having lived in Castelia for all her life; this city was odd to her. It did not have the rigid or organized structures that she was used to back home. The streets didn't have easy to follow patterns and there were no buildings that fought against the sky for dominions over the peoples head. There was no real urgency among the people; everything moved at an easy pace, even with the excitement from all the new trainers, the city wasn’t much like her home. The city was very loose, no real form to it. Everything just trailed on and continued it was almost like the essence of the city itself was that of freedom, a loose freedom made from the lack of caring heavy burdens and weights. A freedom you gain from ignoring rules and living however you pleased; a freedom that Noel yearned and love. Yet this city made Noel feel different about this thought. It was just so different compared to the world she fought her whole life. The idea that the entire world around her embodied her ideal bothered her on a deep subconscious level. It was an odd change for Noel to figure out. There were just so many subtle differences to this new world.

              Still there was one thing that was the same and made her feel a little bit at ease. Noel looked out to the Ocean. This was a sight that she has known since birth. The endless blue sea in front of her was still familiar despite how far away the two places were. The crashing sounds of the ocean fighting against the land were too, the same. The taste and smell of the air from the residual sea water were also very similar, though the Unovan flavor was a tad bit different. Thinking back to the ocean brought about a warm feeling that flowed into the Noel's chest, tickling at her heart. Noel couldn’t help but laugh at the feeling. Coming back to reality, Noel realized what she had been doing.

              "What am I doing wasting time? I need to get to that lab."

              With that she was gone.


              It took a few minutes, but Noel finally made her way to the lab. There was a bit of a crowd when she got there, but through various means she easily made her turn come around very quickly. She walked in, greeted by a middle aged, dark skinned woman, sitting a distance away at a small table. She smiled with the girl’s entrance, "Welcome Noel. Please come over." The woman waved Noel over to a chair across from her. Noel followed her instructions and took the seat. She began to speak,

              "As you have probably been informed, my name is Professor Cyprus. I'm a Hoenn native and my subject of research is pokemon healing. Think potions and revives and similar items. Of course as a pokemon professor one of my duties is registering new trainers and handing them their pokedex and starter pokemon. This is the reason your here correct?"

              Noel half paid attention to the woman, her lengthy ways of talking were unimportant to her, however she did her best to keep up a front of pleasantness. She really just wanted her pokemon, as quickly as possible. She lightened her voice and said, "Yes you are correct." Noel gave a quick nod along with the short reply.

              "Of course, I already knew this.” Noel was tempted to roll her eyes, but continued listening to the woman. “I've actually read up a little bit on your Noel.” The comment came off as a little weird to Noel. What had this old woman about her to make her mention that? She looked at the woman questionably. Cyprus picked up on the girl’s reaction quickly and continued. "Oh don't worry, it was nothing bad. Just a basic profile that was provided to me. I believe you had an interview to go along with your trainer application correct?” Noel recalled the interview. She was a bit more ‘friendly’ then. The interviewers must have recorded what they thought of her. She nodded as a response to Cyprus question. “Rash, Quick to action, a bit eccentric, strong willed, were just some of the things listened on your profile.”

              “Sounds about right.” Noel quietly thoughts to herself

              “Basically just some traits I felt were useful in deciding what pokemon would be fitting as your partner. You should appreciate my effort; it’s not something I do with most of the trainers that come here.”

              The woman laughed at herself before getting up. That comment bothered Noel. She was not interested in having her pokemon handpicked. That wasn’t what she wanted from this trip. The idea of having someone choose her path for her disgusted her. Nobody should have the right to guide someone who doesn’t ask to be guided. Who said that she was right in her assessment of her anyways? She had to change this decision at once.

              "Just one moment, I'm going to introduce you to your start-" The woman was cut off mid-sentence as Noel began to speak. "One moment, please." Noel said, piecing together how she was going to state her suggestion. "Yes what is it?" The professor asked, staring down the still sitting girl.

              "I have a little request regarding my starter. I’m not really fond of the idea of having a pokemon hand selected for me. I'm not going to ask for any specific pokemon, but do you happen to have a lot of different pokemon here?” Noel did her best to sound sincere. This was the only way she could convince the woman to do things her way. Noel had to get her way. What was the point in living life, if the life isn’t yours?

              “We have a large amount of pokemon here for the new trainers, but I would like to know where you are going with this. Wouldn’t you at least like to meet the pokemon I picked out for you?" Cyrpus replied, growing a bit interested in the girl’s proposal. “Too be frank, no.” Noel made her statement very clear. She had no interest in the pokemon that Cyprus picked out her. This made the woman’s heart sink. “I was wondering if I could pick one randomly, in a 'draw a name from a hat' type of thing. You see I was really excited about the idea of getting a random pokemon to grow with and the idea of having a pokemon selected from me is a little offsetting.”

              Still disturbed at Noel completely throwing out her gift, Cyprus became a little annoyed. Her tone grew a bit angry, "Well that was a rather rude statement young lady. Especially after all the work I put into picking a pokemon for you." Noel saw her method wasn’t going well for her, but she had nowhere else to turn and continued with her ‘sincere’ performance.

              "Oh I'm sorry." Noel said batting her eyes to the professor. "But, please, can I allow me to pick a random Pokemon, you can include the pokemon you picked out in the select if you want. I just really want a random pokemon." The girl pleaded, throwing her hand together in hopes of getting to the woman. The professor took a little bit of time before deciding on a solid answer. Noels hopes began to rise. “No.” Her hopes than sank, to the pits of her lungs.

              “You are going to get the pokemon I decided for you. I don't really have time to argue with you.” Cyprus stood firm on her decision. It was time for Noel to weasel her way out of that line she has heard time and time again.

              “It wouldn’t take that long!” Noel began by trying to shoot down the main problem she believed Cyprus was facing. The two already spent a ridiculous amount of time with what should have been a five minute meeting.

              “No.” Cyprus quickly shot her down.

              “Alright, well if you were to let me have my way you would make the day of a young trainer!” Noel took a different approach, her sincere tone she has been trying to keep up now fading away completely, leaving her to use her ordinary tone. Cyprus took a moment before responding.


              The third ‘No’ actually didn’t bother her as much as the last two, the silence held a lot of meaning to her. Something she said made the woman think. She had an opportunity here. Noel took a moment before speaking again.

              “Professor, why did you decide to spend some time on my profile anyways?”

              “I thought you were interesting. I figured it would be worth my time to give such a free spirited trainer a specific pokemon.”

              “So you liked me?”

              “…I suppose. Though I suppose I made a mistake in that thought. I guess it would be better to say I saw potential in you.” Noel didn’t care much that the woman admitted to disliking her. It was the last sentence shined for Noel. This was what she could use to grab victory.

              “Well, wouldn’t it be better if you went with my suggestion? You aren’t losing anything and you’ll make me very happy. Besides, doesn’t my suggestion just provide a means to become a better trainer? Like if I can train a random pokemon wouldn’t that be better for me than to just be handed a pokemon to make my life easier? A good trainer should go through random hardships right?”

              The professor remained silent. The girl made a good point. It would just spoil her if she started her off with a silver spoon in her mouth. Making her deal with the randomness of the world sooner will only make this girl stronger. The fact she was fighting to deal with hardships was very interesting too. This girl had much potential.

              “Okay, I concede. You win Noel. I’ll go with your idea.”

              Noel’s grinned, another victory won. She looked up to the professor and smiled.

              “Thank You so much! I will always appreciate you for this!” The girl got up to hug the professor, who managed to stop her before getting too close. “Just hold that for a moment, I’ll collect some pokemon for you to pick from.” Cyprus left for the backroom. After a few minutes the woman returned with a box of pokeballs in her hands. She placed them on the table that the two were sitting at earlier.

              "Okay Noel, just take a pokeball from this box and release it."

              Noel nodded and grabbed a pokeball. She moved her thumb over to its button and pressed it, making the ball grow in size. She then spun the ball in her palm having the button face outwards. The ball opened up and released a red light that zipped down to the floor taking shape of a small creature. The light slowly faded to reveal the features of the pokemon. The pokemon had a large head, basically the size of the rest of its body, with a big horn protruding out from the back. There were two points seemed to stick out from its head as well, forming what seemed to be spike like tusks. The pokemon had pudgy little limbs and stood on its back two legs. As the light faded, the pokemon was shown to be green and with large red eyes, with a white iris and pupil.

              "Looks like you were lucky enough to pick an Axew, congratulations dear." Cyprus said, though a bit slight as though disappointed that her self selected pokemon wasn’t picked. She looked over to Noel, quickly losing any amount of disappointment that she had. The girl gleamed with happiness that the professor herself couldn’t help but smile. "Oh thank you so much! Come here little Axew, Come to mama!"

              The small pokemon looked over to Noel. It walked over cautiously, unsure what to expect from the young girl. Moving step by step it inched towards the girl until it was quickly grabbed for a warm embrace. This brought a surge of emotions to the creature, beginning with a mixture of fear and surprise and quickly transforming into acceptance and happiness, but most importantly he began to feel trust. This kind girl would be the person to become his trainer and he was okay with that.

              "Would you like to nickname your pokemon? Just keep in mind that he is male so think of something appropriate." Cyprus stepped in, trying to finish up this meeting as she had many other trainers to deal with.

              Noel looked down at the pokemon in her hands. Knowing that the pokemon and its evolutions are mostly related to Axes back in Unova, she had a perfectly nickname for it.

              "How about, Hatchet?"

              Cyprus nodded and smiled. "Now that you too are properly acquainted. It's time for you to pick up your pokedex and pokenav. You probably noticed them on the desk already. Feel free to pick them up dear." Noel put Hatchet to the side to look at the desk. As the professor said, both devices were on the desk, near the box that she placed there earlier. Noel began by picking up the iconic red and black device that she recognized as the pokedex. She began to poke around in it a little bit to get an understanding of how it works. Suddenly the device made a short but noticeable beep and began spouting information.
              Axew - The Tusk Pokemon
              They use their tusks to crush the berries they eat. They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly. Repeated regrowth makes their tusks strong and sharp.
              "I see you figured out how to access some of encyclopedia data the pokedex contains. You can also look up your pokemon ability and level using it. I'm sure you can figure that out on your own. Regarding the pokenav, it's a bit like a phone in that you can use it to make calls, however it also has a map function and can be used to identify other trainers. A recent addition added to this model is the ability to transfer between party and box pokemon immediately. Be wary that you aren't allowed to transfer pokemon during gym battle and people will not respond kindly if you decide to swap pokemon mid-battle. And finally here is your trainer ID, here. You should also know that you can access yours and other trainers ID with both your pokenav and pokedex if you ever want to look at a digital copy. "

              Her attention was slowly fading as the professor talked more and more. She already accomplished her goal and all this extra information wasn't important to her. Noel popped up as the professor handed her the card, she quickly pocketed both devices along with the card. Tired the girl decided it was time to finish up. "Thank you so much Professor! Is there anything else?"

              "Well of course Ms. Wolfe. I have to give you your pokeballs." With that the professor took a few pokeballs. Noel's discourtesy was clearly starting to get to her; she too was ready to finish with this long ordeal. She handed them to Noel and took a seat. "That'll be all dear; I do hope you turn out to be a great trainer someday." Noel pulled together a quick goodbye, and left the lab. Hatchet on her tail. Cyprus watched her on her way out waving away the girl a goodbye.


              Noel was now outside the lab, Hatchet by her side. She looked down at the small pokemon. He had big innocent eyes, an even bigger head, tiny limbs, rounded horizontally aligned tusks, and a green scarf like protrusion around his neck. He was such an adorable little pokemon. Noel put her hands around the pokemon and swung him around in the air. The Axew cheered happily once she finally stopped. Noel put the pokemon on her head, a surprisingly effect way of both playing and carrying the pokemon. Noel walked off in a random direction. She stared at her trainer card. "I guess I'm a trainer now, guess that means I have to do trainer-ly things…That means I should probably get into a battle." She then thought about Hatchet and wondered how capable of a battler the pokemon was. There was only one way for her to find out. Noel walked over to a random person in the vicinity. He turned out to be a guy around her age, possibly a little older. She began with a very direct question, "Hey, what do you think of a pokemon battle?" The guy looked over towards her. After giving her a good gaze, he responded. "Sorry, I don't have a pokemon yet. I’m actually on my way to the lab now, but you can wait with me if you want to get to kno-"

              Noel was already gone at the first 'sorry'. She followed a similar pattern with a few other people, only to end with similar results.

              “Guess we were a little quick on the picking up a pokemon trainer Hatchet. Given how many people I cut that isn’t very surprising.” Noel laughed to herself. Hatchet just looked down at the trainer in confusion, doing its best to maintain its balance. Just as Noel was about to walk off, she heard a voice from behind her. "Hey you up for a battle?" Noel turned around to see who challenged her. It was a pretty average looking male trainer. Different from the trainers Noel approached earlier. He wore a green scarf that was specifically memorable due to the hot beach weather.

              "Sure! But how did you know that I was a trainer. I've been looking around for so long." The boy shrugged before replying "I don’t know, I would guess it was the Axew on your head..." Noel picked up the pokemon from on top of her head, bring him to her arms. She replied with a flat, "Oh..."The two stood there silent for a moment. “Let's get going then." Noel stated breaking the silence between the two. She put down her pokemon and looked down to him. "Hatchet ready for your first battle?"

              Hatchet turned his head slightly to the question. The pokemon clearly didn't understand what his trainer meant, but was in no way planning on going against his new trainers wishes. Noel tried to explain to him what she meant. "Okay so I want you to beat up on this guy’s pokemon when he sends it out do you understand?" Hatchet stared absently at the trainer. Noel couldn't help but sigh. Her pokemon was just too innocent and cute. Only way to show him was to throw him into the battle. "Hey dude you're free to send your pokemon out whenever you want."

              "Sure thing. Houndour you're up."

              The boy called out, a bit shocked by the girls sudden shift in tone. He pulled out a pokeball from his pocket and threw it into the air.

              “Remember Hatchet beat up on whatever comes out of the light!”

              The light revealed a small black canine, about the same size as Hatchet. It had white protrusions around its body, giving it a skeleton like motif. Almost immediately after materializing the pokemon jumped out at the Axew. He was caught completely off guard by the attack; the Houndour effectively took the time to straddle itself over Axew, leaving him stuck in a bad position.

              "Hey, that's not fair. We weren't even ready yet! Get your Houndour off of him right now!" Noel clearly trying to make an excuse to start the battle off in a better start. The boy replied with another shrug. "All's fair in love and war. Get used to it girl. Houndour follow up with a thunder fang!" The Houndour ears perked with its trainer orders. It then opened its mouth for a moment and after a split second; its fangs began to shine with an electrical aura. The pokemon then went down for a bite into the Axew's body. Unfortunately, it seemedHatchet’s scales were too strong for the attack and it barely left a scratch on the Axew.

              "This is your chance Hatchet, counter attack!" Noel commanded unable to think of any move that her pokemon actually knew. Hatchet took in his trainers commands and pushed the houndour off of him, sending him flying a few feet into the air. Acknowledging her lack of knowledge, Noel pulled out her pokedex to see if it had any information to provide her.
              Species: Axew
              Level: 15
              Gender: Male
              Type: Dragon
              Ability: Rivalry

              Avaliable Moves:

              - Razor Wind
              - Scratch
              - Leer
              - Assurance
              - Dragon Rage
              - Dual Chop

              Last move used: Assurance
              Active Ability: Rivalry
              Noel looked over at the scenario. There was now a fair distance between the two pokemon. The houndour had now gotten up and a small stare down was now underway. An air of seriousness surrounded Hatchet now that he understood what it meant to be in a battle. His stance was strong and his senses were completely focused on his opponent. His eyes showed a fierceness that couldn't come from only a first battle. It seemed he wasn't as unfamiliar with the idea as Noel initially suspected.

              "Hourdour, weaken him with smog!"

              Again the dog's ear flickered in response to his trainers command. The pokemon began to breathe a thick purple gas that spread out around him. He jumped at the Axew. Hatchet wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. He dodged the dogs attack, but ended up breathing in some of the gas the pokemon was still spewing. Ignoring the gas, the Axew punished the houndour with a few quick strikes with his tiny claws. Hatchet took a deep sigh after the attack, inhaling more of the poison smog. He began to look a bit sickly. Noel was quick to pick up the effect of the gas on her pokemon.

              "Hatchet I want you to try out razor wind to get the smoke away!" Completely unsure of what the attack would do, Noel felt like she had to do something about the smog and figured a move with the word wind in it would do something to blow the gas away. Hatchet did as commanded and began to spin. The spinning soon turned into a small whirlwind. Drawing in all of the gas the Houndour created the whirlwind sent it up through the vortex of the cyclone away from the battlefield. Taking advantage of the Axew's focus, the Houndour came in for another pouncing attack catching the Axew off guard again. Though the Axew lost his focus the whirlwind still remained on the field. A command had reached the field.

              "This time use fire fang!". Again the houndour flicked its ear to signify it picked up the command. Following a similar method as before the houndour pulled its head up to ignite its teeth and trust down for a bite. Once again the attack wasn't very effect against the Axew's scales; the Axew pushed the houndour off of him. However right when the Axew was about to counter attack, Noel yelled out a command to him,

              "Dragon Rage!"

              The Axew's eyes almost sparked at the command. He took a deep breath and looked at the enemy in front of him. Staring his opponent in the eye, the axew gave the most fear inducing look the houndour had ever seen in its short life. Hatchet spat a ray of purple flames onto the fire pokemon. The scarved trainer gave a sign of great excitement. "Right into my trap, Houndour show off your flash fire!" The Houndour only yelped in pain as the fire burned away at its skin. Figetting the pokemon did its best to get the flame off, with no results. The fire just kept burning his ability wasn't activating. The hourndours trainer stared in disbelief, "What's going on. Fire moves shouldn't hurt my houndour..." Noel looked at the pokedex to confirm her thoughts. "Dragon rage isn't a fire type move dude...It's a dragon type move...You know, Dragon, Rage." The boy could only reply with an, "Oh..."

              The flames eventually went out, leaving a patchy houndour with its leave. The Axew's smiled at the Houndours appearance. Noel couldn’t help but laugh."Hahaha! Look at your houndour! He's looks like some kind of sick mutt! Does the poor puppy need to be put down? Does Papa not care enough about him to keep him healthy? Hatchet finish this up with a dual chop so we can get going! This battle’s over!" Hatchet nodded and pulled one of his stubby little arms out, two ethereal axes formed as an extension to the pokemon’s claws. The pokemon then ran towards the sickly looking mutt.

              "Hey don't make fun of my mu-houndour! It’s not like your Axew doesn’t look like it’s about to die right now anyways.” Noel couldn’t help but agree. The poison was really wearing her Axew down; he wasn’t going to last much longer. “I promise I’m going to win, I can’t let my Houndour down…End this with Reversal!” The houndour flicked his ear one final time. He looked at the oncoming Axew and dashed towards him. Closing in on each other the two prepared for their last attacks. That was until the Houndour got smacked in the face by a strong wind.

              The whirlwind had gotten faster since the battler last gave it any attention and it had finally reached a point where right before dissipating, it dealt one final blast of wind that was strong enough to damage the houndour. Surprised by the turn of events, Hatchet slashed at the air, completely missing the houndour. The purple axes faded as the poison further effected the pokemon. The Houndour now laid on the floor. Hatchet looked down at him and then over to Noel, who stared in equal shock.

              "Looks like we wo-" Noel was cut off by an unconscious Axew infront of her. The houndour had leapt back to life with a headbutt right into the Axew's side. The attack sent the Axew flying over to Noel's side, knocked out.

              “…We won! You see that Houndour, we did it!”

              The Houndour let out a howl for his victory as his trainer cheered. "Houndour... You're really great. Return .” A red light flew towards the tired houndour and carried him inside the ball. "That was a really great battle. We should really do it again some time." The boy said only to turn his back and find nobody to talk it. It seemed Noel had already left while he was concentrating on his houndour.

              "What a sore loser."

              The guy then pulled up his pokenav, he ticked around a bit before finding a profile of a trainer. "Noel Wolfe… So that's the type of person you are huh?" He closed the pokenav and looked over at the pokeball in his other hand.

              "I'm pretty lucky to have a pokemon as awesome as you. I don't need any stupid Axew to be a good trainer."

              A distance away Noel could be found cursing to herself,

              "Man **** that guy.”

              Noel stormed away from where the two battled. After such a defeat she couldn’t just show her face to the guy and expect a good job or some other stupid response. She mumbled to herself, “Pulling such a ******** victory from his ass. I can't ever let something like that happen again. I hope I never meet him again, for his sake." She took long strides for each of her steps and stared down at the each of the side walk panels in front of her. It wasn't right for her to lose her first battle in such a manner. To go from being completely awesome to becoming a complete loser in seconds is just a terrible feeling for anyone. She pulled out her pokeball and began to speak to it.

              "I'm really sorry that we lost that battle. So I'm going to make a promise and believe me, when I make a promise I make sure to keep it. I promise I'll make you the strongest you can possibly be. So strong that no stupid houndour will be able to even imagine steal a win against you ever again. Least we managed to make the houndour look like a scrangy mutt he really is, right?"Noel chuckled to herself; it was the only thing she could do to make herself feel better about the situation. Noel stopped after realizing she reached her destination: The Pokemon Center.
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                @Kranic - An excellent post! I quite like that you made Noel lose, a very realistic decission. What an interesting start to what surely must become an interesting journey. I only hope her Axew will be alright.

                Hatchett (Axew) grew to lv. 18 and learned Scary Face!

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                  (ooc: wasn't sure if I could encounter a pokemon, so I didn't battle one.)
                  //logan zephrulos
                  Hoenn. Peaceful, undeveloped, Hoenn.

                  Well, not really undeveloped. Just not as developed as all the other regions. Back in Kanto, even towns once small and tranquil now have airports and skyscrapers. There's no more "countryside", really. Just vast expanses of city.

                  Hoenn is different. This is the wilderness. This is where nature rules king, and the humans, cities, everything man made is something small and insignificant.

                  All this is running through my mind as I step get off the ferry, walk down the dock, and enter Lilycove City, which is bigger than I originally thought it was going to be. Lilycove is a city, but there are lots of (real) trees and flowers and the air is fresh, as a pose to other cities, like Saffron, where the only trees are made of plastic, and the air is colored gray from factory smoke. In fact, here, there seem to be no factories at all. No hustle and bustle. Everything here is relaxed and careful, which definitely helps cater to the tourists. This should be interesting. A Pokemon journey instead of my usual life in the lab.

                  Figuratively and literally, Hoenn is a breath of fresh air.


                  Ten minutes later, I am standing at the back of a long, winding line in front of Professor Cyprus' lab. I hadn't counted on there being a line, but now that I thought about it, it was kind of to be expected. Today is a big day. Everybody's getting their starter today.

                  My thoughts are interrupted by a loud, deep noise.

                  "Hey, you. You need to be sixteen, you know."

                  I look up at the guy in front of me. I have to bend my head back a bit to look at him, as he is way taller than me. He is a hulking form, bound in muscles, with scars all over his face and a bandana tied on his head. A white tank top with a picture of a Gyarados eating a naked woman is glued to his chest by sweat.

                  He scowls at me, waiting for a response. I give him one.

                  "I actually am sixteen." I was going to add a few choice names with a few choice adjectives, but I decided against it, looking at his sheer size.

                  Realization dawns on Muscles, and he snickers and then turns around shaking his head.

                  I give him the finger, but it's only half-hearted. Everywhere I go, my size has always been a problem. I'm smarter than everybody around me, but I'm also shorter. And weaker. And shorter.

                  I had once tried making a serum to make me taller, but luckily I had the forethought to test it on a monkey before I drank it.

                  There was one less monkey in the world after that experiment.

                  I let my thoughts wander for a while, sub-consciously moving with the line. I don't how long I was in the line but after some time, I am first in line, standing in front of the Professor's door. Muscles is inside, and pretty soon I hear a scream of rage.

                  Muscles storms outside, all sweaty and swearing, clutching a Skitty in one arm. He scowls at everybody still in the line, daring us to say anything.

                  All of us stifle laughs but don't say anything.

                  I walk inside, and take a look at Professor Cyprus. She is average sized, but still taller than me. Dark hair frames her dark face, and she is wearing a white lab coat. She's definitely smart, but looks kind of young. She looks kind of exasperated, and she hasn't seemed to notice me yet. She mutters to herself, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset," while arranging the poke balls on the table behind her in a rectangular formation.

                  I clear my throat. Loudly.

                  The Professor looks up and takes me in. Confusion shows on her face, and she turns around and looks at a small laptop computer, and then back at me.

                  "You must be Logan Zephrulos."

                  "Yes", I say, wishing she would just hurry up and give me a starter. I can't see inside the poke balls, but I do hope I don't get a Skitty.

                  And then she says it. "... You're shorter than I expected."

                  No. She. Did. Not. Just. Say. That.

                  My mechanical arms swing down and hit the ground palms down. I press a button on my belt, and there is a hiss as the arms extend, lifting me off of the ground until I'm at her height. But I don't stop there. I go higher and higher, until I'm at least twice as tall as her.

                  I scowl at her. "I'll let you know, I'm probably a hundred times smarter than you. Shut up, and just do your job and give me a starter and all the other stuff."

                  She smiles and raises her hands in surrender. "As you wish."

                  She looks at me one more time, then looks over the assortment of poke balls. She grabs one and tosses it to me.

                  I fumble the catch and almost drop it, but I manage to get a hold on it.

                  She then prints out a license for me, grabs a PokeNav, and reaches out to me. "I can't reach you," she says.

                  I smile. "You're shorter than I expected."

                  She shakes her head. "You want these or not?"

                  I lower myself down, and accept the things. She also gives me five poke balls, and I clip those to my belt.

                  I look at the PokeNav. It's a shoddy piece of work, way outdated, made like a true Hoenn PokeNav, but it'll have to do. I can make some changes to it later on. I clip this onto the belt, and then look at the poke ball.

                  I take a deep breath, and press the button. I better not get a Skitty.

                  What comes out is most definitely not a Skitty.

                  A humanoid shaped pokemon with a large blade on it's head stares at me with yellow eyes. It has blades for arms, blades on it's stomach, a blade on it's head... Everything about it is sharp.

                  A metallic sound resounds in my head, sort of like telepathy. Pawn. Pawniard.

                  It has no mouth, so this must be it's way of communicating.

                  Cyprus speaks up. "Meet Pawniard. He's feisty, strong, and a good partner for you. Name him."

                  I look at Pawniard, then back at the Professor. "I'll name him Knight. He's most certainly not a pawn."

                  The Professor nods, and smiles. "Good luck."

                  I nod back, then turn around. "Come on, Knight. We've got a lot to do."


                  An hour later, I am sweaty, tired and out of breath. We have done nothing at all. Knight looks fine, but we've searched all over the place and found nothing. At all. We need another team member.

                  We've gotten down to the beach, and finally, we have a bit of luck.

                  A Staryu is bathing in the sun. Perfect. Staryu are strong, and would be a good addition to the team. Knight looks at me and I nod.

                  The Staryu spots us.... and bolts down to the water. We run after it, but it's too late. Staryu is gone.

                  Exasperation sets in, and it's clear Knight is pretty pissed as well. We look around the beach for a while, but nothing is there. Damn.

                  I'm getting kind of hungry so I decide to go and get some food.

                  I walk away from the beach, Knight by my side.

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                    @Nimblethumbs - A good intro post, I quite enjoy your writing style and Logan's certainly an interesting character to follow. You may not catch any Pokémon in this route, but you may encounter them if you wish (and can come up with a reason for Logan not to capture them). You may also battle another trainer.

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                      Noah Loveride
                      Pokémon Roster:

                      Noah Loveride really didn't need anyone telling him that it was time to wake up. If things had been his way, sleep would take over, and reality wouldn't exist. The name-calling from his ever-taunting bullies would never have happened, and he wouldn't have been hurt because of who he was. Of course, this was wishful thinking, and Noah never approved of it.

                      As he pushed away the cyan-sheets of his slept-in bed, he began to think for a while. As he stared at the white ceiling, he thought of different memories he had before he was a freak. Noah remembered the innocent trips to the playground, where his mother pushed him on the swings, and pushed him down the slides. He also remembered the many cute Pokémon that were there, that often stopped by to see him. There were the many Azurill and Marill often spraying him and his friends with a light Water Gun attack. As Noah opened his eyes once more, he felt an arrogant person enter his mind. He grunted; this was not how he wanted to start his day. To shows his annoyance, Noah rolled his eyes.

                      "Stop it, Noah, you're not a freak. Stop thinking of those previous memories, you pansy! Gosh, Noah, sometimes I feel like you want[ people to make fun of you. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. You've got the brains, aka me, to destroy anybody, plus you've got all of us to take anyone else down! We'll destroy everything in our paths!" Eric's voice echoed in Noah's head. Noah began to have a headache, as he began to close his eyes to concentrate on meeting Eric.

                      As Noah opened his eyes, he was delighted at what he saw, despite Eric's word to him just a few moments ago. He was standing on a never-ending grassy field, where there was a rainbow stretching out on the blue sky. It was his happy place, where no one could make fun of him for being who he was. Noah's head turned to take in all of the scenery, and a rare smile took control of his face.

                      "You decided on this place for a meeting? You're such a pansy," Eric snickered, before appearing in front of him. Noah sighed; he hated talking to Eric. At least the others were somewhat tolerable, and helpful. Eric was just perverse, and ruthless towards others. In fact, that's how Noah lost most of his friends; through Eric.

                      "What do you want, Eric?" Noah asked his alternate personality. Eric chuckled almost sadistically, before answering the question. The alternate personality's shoulders were raised up, while he crossed his arms, inhaling then exhaling. They didn't realize the jock that was going to interrupt them.

                      "Noah, you have to pi-" Eric was cut off by Alex landing, quite literally, in the middle of the conversation with his feet planted on the ground. Alex had just finished perfecting his triple-flip landing technique, so he was psyched. He was about to tell Noah something before Eric knocked him out with a pressure point. Noah rolled his eyes; Eric just had to ruin the fun of Alex doing another accomplishment. To give the sadistic one some credit though...wait...Noah didn't give him any credit. He still ruined whatever fun there was. However, Eric paid no attention to this, and went on as if it was normal. Then, the sadist continued.

                      "You've got to choose Castform as your Pokémon, so you can connect to it on a personal level. Like you, it can change forms. Think of the power you could wield!" Eric grinned widely, like a madman. Noah nodded, in order to get Eric away. Why he was so sadistic was one thing Noah could never comprehend. He could've easily told Noah just to pick Castform due to the relation they could have with one another, but no; Eric had to add in the part of destroying everyone with the power. After seeing Noah nod, Eric returned it with a smirk, before disappearing in a flash of smoke, like always.

                      "For once, he's not bad in considering the options of what Pokémon to get," a voice said behind Noah. He turned around to see Sol, walking towards him. Sol was smiling, and Noah could tell that he had just finished meditating considering he looked calm. The blades of grass whipped under him, as the calmer personality came closer and closer to Noah. The two hugged, before talking.

                      "Honestly Sol, I think he's right. If I get Castform, we could relate on a personal level, giving us a personal bond," Noah explained to the alternate personality. Sol nodded in understanding, before turning to Alex. The calmer personality held Alex, and slung him over his shoulders before starting to walk away. However, he turned before he could.

                      "I'll leave that up to you, Noah. For now, I've got to take Mr. Jock to my office for a repair!" Sol grinned, before disappearing with Alex. The two waved each other goodbye, before the last personality came out of hiding, and jumped right in front of Noah after Sol disappeared with Alex in a burst of blue smoke. Chris smiled very widely, obviously excited about today. He knew that Noah was finally leaving the hotel he was staying at in order to go out for a journey, which made Chris giddy; he couldn't wait to see how unsheltered Noah was becoming! Unfortunately, it was the exact opposite.

                      "Hi, Noah!" Chris waved furiously towards the actual person. Noah waved back, grinning slightly in order to play along with Chris' world of happiness and fun time. Noah couldn't explain it, but the personalities were like his brothers; he didn't want to ruin the youngest's (Chris') idea of pure innocence before he was meant to. Unfortunately for Noah, Chris was always happy, which the high IQ knew about. Despite this, he continued to play along.

                      "Hello, Chris. How are you doing today? Are the roses in your garden blooming?" Noah asked the optimist, who looked on sullenly. Noah realized that the flowers must have not been doing so well, and decided to fix that, before Chris interrupted his train of thought.

                      "I'm doing great, but the roses aren't blooming, no matter what I do..." Chris lowered his head in sadness, and Noah swore he saw a tear rim the optimist's eyes. Noah restrained himself from coming up with a cynical remark about how this was nothing to cry about. Instead, Noah focused on the roses blooming into beautiful flowers. Suddenly, Chris, aware that his flowers were now blooming, beamed at Noah in happiness and joy.

                      "Oh, thank you, Noah! You're the best!" Chris practically jumped on top of Noah hugging him, while the latter laughed slightly. Then, Chris disappeared in a puff of yellow, symbolizing joy and amiability, leaving Noah alone. He sighed, before closing his eyes. Then, he was back in the hotel room. Noah's head scanned the area, wondering if anything had happened if he had gone. Noah didn't expect anything TO happen, but he never knew.

                      Noah sighed, as he saw the rays of sunlight enter his room. He quickly changed out of his sleepwear, and packed it up inside of his bag. Then, he put on his black long-sleeved shirt, and blueberry-colored sweatshirt. After that, he put on his black pants, and his black shoes with blue laces. Noah took a look at himself in the mirror in the bathroom to look himself over. He gave a sigh of boredom, before opening the door to the sign that said Floor 9. Noah located the stairs with relative ease, and he began to step down the stairs at a quick pace. He didn't want to be in the hotel any longer than he had to, so the red carpet covering the stairs was blurred as he stepped down and down again. Finally, he reached the lobby, where the receptionist was waiting behind the painted white stone desk. Noah walked over to her, taking in the scenery of the new location. On the 9th floor, there were only some traces of white, as most of the colors had been replaced by the long-term visitors. Noah himself added his own touch of cyan to the floor.

                      "Hi, I'd like to check out of my room." Noah requested. The receptionist typed on her keyboard furiously, before asking Noah an important question. Her head tilted to rest on her shoulder, while she let her red hair flow down to her neck.

                      "What's your name, cutie?" The receptionist asked the checking-out boy. Noah rolled his eyes at the last remark, before answering with a quick explanation.

                      "I'm Noah Loveride," Noah began, before the receptionist typed into her keyboard feverishly once more. "Oh yeah, try going for someone who plays on your own team." Noah rolled his eyes, before the receptionist had a shocked look on her face. Noah smirked; that little tidbit had definitely surprised her. The receptionist now replaced her flirtatious look with one that had a glare shooting daggers. She was done checking Noah out, and just needed to see his ID Number to charge the room for his parents.

                      "My ID Number is 72547." Noah stated, before the receptionist could ask. She nodded to signal that he was now officially checked out. As he started to leave, the receptionist went back to work, disheartened by the fact that the only cute boy in the apartment was playing for the other team. Noah glanced at her, before plastering a confident smirk on his face.

                      Lilycove City was absolutely breathtaking to Noah. Of course, he had seen the scenery many times before, but that certainly didn't stop him from admiring the views and the oceanside breeze. Suddenly, Noah had a pounding headache, before whispering a faint "Oh, no..."

                      "This is Lilycove City, huh? Look at how weak everyone is! It's no doubt that I will take down everyone here without any effort!" A deeper voice whispered to himself. Eric adjusted the blueberry sweatshirt, and walked to where he thought was the lab he was supposed to go to, if all of those Trainer News reports were correct. The greenery and the trees brought a pleasant scent, which Eric disregarded, as well as all the other aspects of the city. He ignored the sound of the ocean, pushing and pulling onto the beaches below. Whatever was a distraction in his eyes, Eric chose to ignore it. What would happen if someone struck you while you were distracted? That was his way of thinking, and he always chose to focus on the destination rather than the trip.

                      Finally, he walked up the grassy road to see a sign. "Professor Cypress' Lab: All Trainers Welcome!" was what the sign had read. Eric smirked; this was the right place after all. He walked in to the giant technologically advanced building, unaware that someone was trying to intrude upon his presence of Noah at the moment. When Eric entered the building, he saw a line of six or seven people ahead of him, which was something he did not need right now. Eric had no patience with things like this; he wanted to get the Pokémon so he could thrash everyone else!

                      Ugh! These buffoons don't even stand a chance against my intellect, and they think they could just go ahead of me?! Think again! Eric thought before trying to shove the person in front of him. However, before he could make contact with the boy in front of him, Eric took a deep breath, and another personality was revealed. The previous overconfidence was replaced with tranquility on Noah's expression, while Sol smiled, instead of smirked. The current personality just waited in line like the rest of the others.

                      Sol didn't notice the other soon-to-be Trainers stare at him when he took a deep breath. Despite this, they all thought the Trainer behind them was just sick, and needed to take a deep breath in order to stop coughing, despite them not hearing him cough. Soon, after about half an hour, it was Sol's turn to go and choose, before Noah took over again. The original personality walked into a room with a woman in a lab coat.

                      "Hello, Professor..." Noah couldn't think of the woman's last name, despite him reading the emails that were sent to him about the new Trainers. The woman stood up, with her lab coat waving about, before answering.

                      "Cypress. I presume you are Noah Loveride, considering the list I've been sent by the Pokémon League association." Noah stepped back a little; he thought that the Pokémon League shouldn't have that kind of information on him, despite him agreeing to it a few years ago. Of course, that was before the incident happened. He didn't let his confusion show on his face, though, and nodded. Cypress walked towards a box of Poké Balls, and Noah could make out the letters "Assortment B" on the cardboard. He rolled his eyes at this; they should have had enough Pokémon in Assortment A in the first place! However, Noah calmed himself down; Eric was influencing him, and Noah was not going to let him win.

                      Cypress brought the box over to Noah, and set it on a glass table. Cypress motioned for Noah to come near her, which the boy did. He noticed many different symbols on the Poké Ball, except for one. Cypress picked up the Poké Ball without symbol, and released the Pokémon. The white beam of light revealed a Castform in its wake, as Cypress nodded to signal Noah to come towards it.

                      "I figured you would want it, considering your condition." This caught Noah offguard, as the Weather Pokémon floated in circles around Noah's head. However, the MPD boy focused on Cypress' explanation, who proceeded to fill him in on details.

                      "It was on your last physical examination, which is required. Anyways, what do you think of this Pokémon? It's a Castform." Cypress explained, and then proceeded to ask him a question. Noah observed the Castform still circling around his head, smiling and floating. Noah had to admit; he was amused by the Pokémon's actions, but was cold towards the professor. Noah tilted his head, before remarking on the Professor's last statement.

                      "You don't say?" Noah asked the Professor cynically. She stared at him for a few seconds, shocked that the boy would give him this attitude after she had been so generous as to try and find more things about him. Noah didn't like people knowing about him, though the professor didn't know this.

                      "Oh, I'm only being cynical. I'll take it." Noah said simply, as Cypress grinned. She walked up to her desk, and picked up five Poké Balls, and a red PokéDex. After this, she gave him his own Trainer ID, fitted with his own Social ID on the card, and a light gray chip. She explained that it was used for necessary Trainer benefits. Then, Cypress walked back towards where Noah was, as her heels clicked on the tiled floor. She handed him the five balls, and the Pokémon encyclopedia. Noah bowed to show gratefulness, and then left without a care in the world, as Cypress waved towards him and shouted out to be active in battling to raise the Castform.

                      Outside of the lab, Noah released the Weather Pokémon, which circled around, floating once more. However, it observed Noah's request to talk to it, so it just floated above his face. The small Pokémon made Noah grin, before he decided to talk to it.

                      "Considering you're original, I need to find a name that fits." Noah explained to the ever-so-innocent Castform. The Weather Pokémon smiled, as it tilted itself towards it side in thought.

                      "Castform! Cast!" it cried out in agreement. Noah chuckled to himself. He was wondering why his personalities weren't bothering him at the moment. Maybe Sol convinced Eric to not destroy a happy moment between a Trainer and his first Pokémon. Either way he was happy, and suddenly, a nickname came to him.

                      "How about Stratos? I've read that you have weather abilities, so I think the name fits." Noah explained to his Castform, which floated high in the sky with a smile to show its approval. Noah nodded, and christened the name into the PokéDex after he took it out of his pocket. Stratos floated with Noah as the two walked towards the beaches. This was Noah's favorite spot. Yes, the cynical, sarcastic person did have a soft spot for beaches. Suddenly, he heard a scream coming from the other side of the beach. The sand turned into dust as Noah ran, leaving the indents in its wake. Stratos floated right beside him, until they found the cause of the scream.

                      A little girl was cornered by an enraged Crawdaunt. The Rogue Pokémon snapped his or her claws, before advancing. The star object on its forehead reflecting the sunlight off into the water. The Crawdaunt moved quickly to corner the girl, who was blocked off where the beach invaded onto the city. Noah moved as fast as he could, to try and catch his first Pokémon. After all, not many Trainers got luck like this, right? Since Stratos was right beside him, Noah didn't need to take out a Poké Ball. However, Noah took out his Pokédex in order to see what moves the Weather Pokémon had. The dexter emitted a red laser, which scanned the Pokémon. The contents of the Castform were revealed on the screen of the PokéDex.

                      "Castform, The Weather Pokémon
                      -Future Sight
                      -Water Gun
                      -Powder Snow

                      As the dexter read these words out, Noah knew he picked the right choice in believing in Castform. Stratos quickly floated in front of Noah, signifying its readiness for the inevitable battle. Noah quickly read the PokéDex again, and calledo ut a command.

                      "Stratos, use a Headbutt on that Pokémon!" Noah ordered his Castform. The Weather Pokémon floated high in the sky, and then plummeted down with increasing speed in order to get some damage on its opponent. The Crawdaunt wasn't expecting this, as it was too focused on the little girl, causing it to get hit with the attack. It's eyes suddenly turned towards Noah, who signaled for the little girl to run as fast as she could. The girl nodded, before running away. However, as he did this, Noah did not realize the attack that the Crawdaunt had sent.

                      Waves of bubbles were sent to his Castform. Stratos was hit with them head-on, as it was pushed back a few feet. The sand was becoming wetter as a result of the attack, due to the water that was being released. The Crawdaunt smirked at the Castform's attempts to actually injure it, considering it was probably more powerful than it. Suddenly, Noah turned to see the battle that intensified.

                      "Stratos, try a Future Sight!" Noah commanded Stratos. Stratos once again floated high in the sky, before closing its eyes. The Castform was focusing its Psychic energy into the attack, and when it opened its eyes, they were blue with power. The Crawdaunt noticed this, and was prepared for anything Psychic. However, after a few moments, the blue energy was released into the air, and the Castform's eyes returned to normal.

                      I've probably done only a small bit of damage to that huge Pokémon...and that thing is strong enough to take down Stratos in a few turns. I can't give up though, right? It's not like it matters if I don't beat it, right? Noah thought to himself as Crawdaunt charged forward, opening it's pincers. The pincers clamped down on an unsuspecting Castform, causing a great deal of damage towards the Normal-type. Noah swore he almost saw the Pokémon cackle, which made him angry. The sand dissipated into clouds of dust as the Rogue Pokémon walked quickly and steadily. Suddenly, Noah took a deep breath, and Eric came out.

                      "Stratos, use Powder Snow on yourself, and then Tackle until it falls!" Eric ordered sadistically. Stratos released a frosty breath on itself, causing the Crawdaunt's pincer to lose its grip. The ice-covered Pokémon floated in the air, thankful for its freedom from the pincer. Then, it charged forward into the Rogue Pokémon, causing damage with the ice used as a battering ram. The Crawdaunt was being pushed back by the onslaught of the Castform's icy tackle, as it felt itself getting weaker, and weaker. However, it wasn't done yet; before the fifth tackle could occur, the Crawdaunt released a flurry of bubbles from one pincer, causing the ice on Stratos to melt. The Tackle attack was stopped, as Stratos held its ground.

                      That Crawdaunt won't know what hit him! This'll be fun to watch it suffer! Eric thought to himself as he bega to see Stratos float higher in the air. Suddenly, small blue balls surrounded the Crawdaunt in a sphere, while Eric looked on in understanding, still with a maniacal smirk plastered on his face. The spheres elongated into beams of energy, as they pummeled the unsuspecting Crawdaunt with a wave of attacks. Eric had remembered the Future Sight attack, and used the Powder Snow-Tackle combination just to stall for time. The Psychic energy hit the Rogue Pokémon many times, as it looked battered and beaten from the onslaught of attacks. Finally, it fell, causing a large puff of

                      However, Eric closed his eyes painfully, before Sol's personality replaced him. The changed personality opened his eyes, with a smile, as he noticed the Crawdaunt writhing with pain on the beach. The sand was now wet due to the Water-type attacks unleashed by the Rogue Pokémon, but Sol paid no mind to this, as he walked over to the Crawdaunt, just a few feet away. Without saying a word, Sol was now next to Stratos, as the two glanced at each other for a moment. Suddenly, Sol jumped back, and took out a Poké Ball, before letting Noah take over again. Unlike Eric, Sol knew that a Trainer's first Pokémon caught was important on the relationship between the two. Noah took over, as Sol took a deep breath, and noticed the Poké Ball.

                      Hopefully, this'll work...I would hate having Eric come out and steal my shot of getting my first Pokémon away from me... Noah thought to himself, as he took a regular deep breath, instead of one bringing out an alternate personality. He would have to thank Sol later. Noah glanced at the Poké Ball, before proceeding to capture the Crawdaunt on the sand.

                      "Go, Poké Ball!" Noah cried out with as much enthusiasm as he could muster, before throwing the Poké Ball in a parabolic shape. This caused the ball to land perfectly on the top of the star, opening it, as it enveloped the Crawdaunt in a light red beam. The Crawdaunt's figure was whisked away into the ball, as it closed tightly. The ball landed on the sand, before shaking. Noah counted to himself as the ball continued.

                      1...2...3... Noah thought to himself as the ball shook more vigorously. Noah clenched his fists as he wanted to catch the Rogue Pokémon. Badly. The ball continued to shake as Noah counted more in his head.

                      4...5...6...7... Noah knew from the email he had gotten from the Pokémon League that he had to wait a full ten seconds of shaking before it signified the capture. The ball was shaking even more vigorously, even bouncing a little bit on the sand, causing more dust to fly up into the air. Noah felt like biting his nails; he really wanted this Pokémon!

                      8...9... Noah thought to himself worriedly before the bouncing stop. He heard the ball click, as his face broke out into one of his very rare smiles that he never let anyone see. Noah picked up the Poké Ball, as the red top of the ball shimmered in the sun's rays. The pleasing sound of the Trainer's first capture always made a Trainer giddy on the inside, though Noah was prepared to be cynical about it. However, he decided to let loose and be happy for once. Despite this, he released the Pokémon from the ball, as it came out of the white laser released by the Poké Ball.

                      "Crawdaunt? Craw?" The Crawdaunt turned around wildly, before finding Noah standing above him. The Crawdaunt initially began to back away, before Noah squatted down, to reach eye-level with his Pokémon. Noah wanted to be friends with this Pokémon, as it couldn't hurt him; not like the way people did. Noah shocked the Pokémon by giving it a hug, and the Crawdaunt didn't refuse. After Noah released it from his embrace, he began to talk to it.

                      "I won't hurt you. You're like my family now. We'll need each other, and the only way we can do that is if we're on the same page. Okay?" Noah explained to the Rogue Pokémon, as it nodded. Noah smiled, before returning the Rogue Pokémon to its Poké Ball. Before leaving the beach, he looked at the sun once more, at it's brilliant radiance, and walked out of the area with a bit more pride.
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