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    Chapter 1: A History

    Pokémon have sided with man for many generations. Ever since the discovery of the first pokemon region, pokemon have roamed all about. From Jhoto, to Kanto, to Hoenn to Sinnoh and finally Unova, many discoveries have taken place. Arceus, the most powerful being in the pokemon world, shaped this planet with it’s 1,000 arms. Before that, it was created by a mysterious power. It had roamed through space for countless years, in a deep deep sleep, until colliding with what is now known as The Great Nova Star. After colliding with The Great Nova Star, Arceus woke. What it saw was good and began to shape the pokemon world with it’s many arms.

    After the shaping, Arceus sent down 16 powers that soon blossomed into what we now know as the 16 Legendary pokemon, of which two had sacrificed themselves to save the world. The first was Rayquaza, guardian of the skies. The second was Groudon, guardian of the ground. The third was Kyogre, guardian of the seas far and wide. The fourth was Dialga, The Great Dragon of Time. The fifth was Palkia, The Great Dragon of Space. The sixth was Zekrom, The Great Dragon of Thunder. The seventh was Reshiram, The Great Dragon of Fire. The eighth was Articuno, The Great Bird of Ice. The ninth was Zapdos, The Great Bird of Thunder, who had sided with Zekrom in a war long ago. The tenth was Moltres, The Great Bird of Fire, who had sided with Reshiram in the same war with Zekrom and Zapdos. The eleventh was Giratina, The Great Dragon of the Unknown World and Guardian of the Dimension Gate. The twelfth was Mew, The Watcher of all regions. He would fly around all regions, yet kept himself concealed by transforming into other pokemon. The thirteenth was Jirachi, Guardian of all Wishes. Only those who have a true heart of love, kindness, and humbleness can ask Jirachi for a wish. The last was Manaphy, The Great Ruler of the seas. Even Kyogre must obey Manaphy, for Arceous had sealed Manaphy’s true power within his heart. The Great Legendary Pokemon stand in their place, doing what they were called to do…until now.

    Chapter 2: The Rise of the Dark

    A greedy wizard named Sentor had been angered and jealous that pokemon ruled the world. He had this jealously ever since he was young. In reality, pokemon did not. They protected the weak, kept outsiders from entering and keeping the world at peace. Because of this jealousy, he wielded his evil power and created a mysterious staff that is able to seal the power of any Legendary…yes…even the Great Arceus. With this power, he could use it for his own purposes. His father had failed to accomplish this task many years ago. Now he was out for a vengeance so evil, it would take a hero to save the pokemon world.

    If the power of all legendary pokemon is taken, the dimensions will tear and the world will be in darkness. That is, until it is returned. So, Sentor embarked on a journey full of hate, arrogance and jealously. He would use the staff the seal every ounce of power within. His first victim would be…Mew.

    Chapter 3: A Hero’s Awakening

    In the Sinnoh region, in the small Twinleaf Town, lived a young boy named Kakusareta-Ryoku, for which translates into “Hidden Power”. He was usually called Ryoku. What he did not know, was that he had the power of all pokemon types. He sought Arceus, who had chosen him, for Arceus knew of the danger to come. Arceus reveled the hidden power to Ryoku. After, Ryoku trained with Arceus, who knew the strengths and weaknesses of each type. Arceus also warned that Sentor would have the same ability, except it would be legendary.

    A couple days past and Ryoku finally mastered his hidden power. Now, he would have to hurry, for Sentor had already began his journey to rule the pokemon world.

    Chapter 4: The First Victim

    Sentor traveled long. He had created a tracking device that located every legendary. He looked at it and noticed that he was close to Mew. Meanwhile, Mew was watching over a battle tournament. After, he started to wander about. “That’s it, come here.” Sentor said with a sneer. He then saw Mew coming. He readied his wand. Mew then saw Sentor with the wand pointed at it and tried to escape as fast as it could. Unfortunately, it was too late. The electricity from the wand zapped Mew hard, and it was absorbed into the wand. “Yes! Yes! My first one! Only 15 left!” Sentor said with an evil laugh. Meanwhile, deep in the dimensions, Giratina felt a crack. The power of the dimensions was weakened due to the absorption of Mew into the wand.

    Meanwhile Ryoku felt a crack in his chest. He knew that something was wrong. “Why do I feel this way all of a sudden…it’s like…I just got hit by a…thunderbolt.” Suddenly he heard Arceus’ voice saying “Ryoku! Hear me! Sentor has just absorbed Mew in his wand! Take this device, for it will help you get to where you need to. Ryoku looked up and saw a strange device dropping from the sky. Ryoku caught the device and checked it. He was only .5 miles away from the entrance of Mount Cormet. He then took out his fold-away bike and pedaled as fast as he could to the entrance.

    Chapter 5: Saving Time and Space

    As he was pedaling, he saw Shaymin in the grass. Shaymin is known as the one “half-legend”. Arceus sent Shaymin down as an egg, which hatched. Shaymin came to Ryoku, for it knew the danger. It wanted to accompany Ryoku.

    “Ryoku, Ryoku, hear my plea! You must let me come with you, for if I stay, I will be endangered. Arceus must have told you.” Shaymin said though what Arceus called “thought speaking”. “I won’t let anything happen to you. Arceus has given me a power, the power of all legendary types. I will do my best to protect you and the other legendary pokemon from this evildoer.” Ryoku replied with his thought speech. Ryoku then gently picked up Shaymin and put it on his shoulder.

    Then, Ryoku began the slow climb up to Spear Pillar, where Dialga and Palkia stood. Arceus also housed here, but Ryoku knew that Sentor would go for Arceus last. As Ryoku climbed and climbed, he encountered many wild pokemon, who surprisingly did not attack him or Shaymin. It was as if they knew Ryoku was part of them. Some even followed Ryoku all the way to Spear Pillar. When Ryoku arrived at Spear Pillar he saw Dialga and Palkia standing like kings on Spear Pillar. “Dialga, Palkia, you must hear me. Both of you, are in danger. An evil wizard is out to rule the pokemon world. I cannot let him capture both of you, or else, time and space would go crazy.” Ryoku said using his thought speech. “Ryoku, I know you, I saw you in my dreams. I knew this day would come. I have been saving this flute for you. You will need it. And one more thing, I am giving you some of my power. You can now stop time when necessary.” Dialga said through thought speech. “You also have the power to transport to anywhere through the dimension of space.” Palkia added through thought speech, as it gave Ryoku some of it’s power. “Now go, fight for us and save the pokemon world.” Dialga said. “I wonder what this flute is used for.” Ryoku thought to himself. Suddenly he felt another crack in his chest. “No! Not again!” Ryoku said going down on one knee. “Ryoku, Manaphy has just been absorbed. Since it’s Manaphy, you know whose next!” Arceus warned. Ryoku suddenly got a burst of strength and used his new power to teleport to the Kanto region. He appeared on the Kanto beach and sprinted to the water. Because he had the power of all types within, he could swim underwater for as long as he needs to, he could also walk on lava and fire won’t affect him. He ran into the water and swam towards Kyogre’s lair.

    Chapter 6: First Encounter

    Deeper and deeper Ryoku swam. He swam as fast as he could. He then stumbled upon a Gyrados, which didn’t harm him. It only looked at him passing by. He then saw a black hole getting closer. He knew that Kyogre’s lair was near.

    He then entered the dark cave that led to Kyogre. As he was about to go to Kyogre, a dark figure blocked his way. Kyogre tried to swim to Ryoku, but the dark figure hit it with a psychic pulse. “What do you think you’re doing with the great guardian of the sea?” Ryoku asked the dark figure. The dark figure revealed himself. It was Sentor. “I am Sentor, the soon to be ruler of the pokemon world!” Sentor declared. “You will never be the ruler of the pokemon world! Pokemon were not meant to be ruled. Arceus is the guardian of the pokemon world, the Supreme Being, and no one is gonna take the power away from Arceus, unless they wanna rule the world in pure darkness and chaos.” Ryoku said angrily. With anger in his heart, Sentor nailed Ryoku with a Psychic pulse and went to quickly zap Kyogre into his wand before he could recover. Unfortunately, it was too late. Kyogre was absorbed. Sentor taunted Ryoku and left him drifting under the sea unconscious. It wasn’t until a group Alumanola spotted him and swam him to shore.

    Chapter 7: New Ability

    Ryoku woke. He was laying on the sand. He checked himself and he was okay. He then took out the device that Arceus had given him. Groudon was near. He then found a shovel and started digging a hole. He began to dig deeper. Suddenly, an excadrill spotted him. He walked to Ryoku and saw the hole. Somehow this excadrill knew that Ryoku wanted to go to Groudon, for it was in danger. Suddenly the excadrill jumped into the hole and burrowed deeper. Suddenly Arceus said, “Ryoku, follow that excadrill, he’ll take you to Groudon. Go! Now!” So Ryoku dived into the hole. Deeper and deeper into the earth, Ryoku went. Shaymin followed behind. But before, it was found sleeping on the shore. Ahead, Ryoku saw an exit hole from the burrow. It was a bit of a hard landing, since it was close to the center of the earth.

    Ryoku searched around the place. The excadrill now was waiting for him to go. The excadrill followed him wherever Ryoku went. Although it was wild, it stayed with Ryoku. As they about to turn a corner, they heard a loud roar. He then realized that he had a new ability. Arceus did not make the excadrill attracted to Ryoku. Ryoku called the pokemon over to where he was with his mind! Because he needed help, he thought about what pokemon could help him get to Groudon.

    Ryoku began to quicken his pace. He then heard another roar. “Hang on Groudon! I’m coming!” He said through his thought speech. But again, unfortunately, it was too late. There was one last loud long roar of pain and there was silence. “No!” Ryoku yelled. But he would not give up. Although the legendaries were being absorbed, Ryoku’s power was not decreasing; it was actually increasing!

    Chapter 8: Soarin’

    Ryoku then used his teleportation ability to return to the shore. He then took out his mapping device. His next pokemon was Rayquaza. It was almost impossible to get to Rayquaza, for it lived in the sky. “How can I get up there. There are no flying types around.” Ryoku thought to himself. Suddenly Shaymin began to nibble the helm of his pants. “What is it Shaymin?” Ryoku asked with his thought speech. “Find me a Gracie Flower and I can take you to Rayquaza. A Gracie Flower has four large pink pedals and four green leaves in an X.” Shaymin answered. So Ryoku went to look for the flower.

    Five minutes went by and Ryoku finally found the flower. He returned it to Shaymin and put it on it’s head. Shaymin’s body began to glow. It was changing. It had transformed into it’s Sky Form. “Behold, my sky form.” Shaymin declared though thought speech. “Awesome! But I can’t fly…” Ryoku said though mind speech. “ I could fix that.” Shaymin said hovering into the air. It then spun around Ryoku fast and spread its magic dust all over Ryoku. Slowly, Ryoku began to rise into the air. “Oh! Shaymin! You did it! You made me fly!” Ryoku said happily though his thought speech.” Ryoku had a smile on his face. Higher and higher they went. The excadrill even flew! Through the clouds they went, they could hear Rayquaza’s roar from afar.

    Surprisingly, Ryoku began to speed up; he knew that Sentor was near. He then heard another roar.

    Chapter 9: Second Encounter

    Ryoku flew several more yards and landed on a cloud to see Sentor about to absorb Rayquaza. Sentor turned his head to see Ryoku once again. “Oh, it’s you again! Heh, I guess I’ll have to do like last time.” Sentor said with a laugh. Ryoku fought bravely, but still, was overwhelmed by the wizard’s power. He was knocked out and Sentor absorbed Rayquaza.

    Chapter 10: Checkpoint

    Ryoku woke on a patch of grass. “Huh, where am I” He asked. “I flew you down form the clouds into this patch of grass.” Shaymin said through thought speech. As Ryoku turned his head, he saw a gleam. “Ugh, what is that shining light?” Ryoku asked through thought speech, shielding his eyes. “It’s a special diamond that returns me to normal.” Shaymin answered through thought speech. So Ryoku put the diamond in the place where the Gracie flower was. The Gracie flower appeared in the air and it dropped right into his hand. He then put it in his bag for when he needed it again. He also put the diamond in the bag.

    Sentor was heading for the three legendary birds next. As Ryoku put Shaymin back on his shoulder, Arceus called. “Ryoku, hurry, you must try your best to get to the three legendary birds. They are spread out in three regions in Kanto, north, east and west. Articuno is west, Zapdos is north and Moltres is east. Head to Articuno first.” Arceus explained.
    It would take about 5 hours to trek up to the west ice shrine, so Ryoku decided to fly. Shaymin nibbled the helm of his pants again, but Ryoku ignored it. He saw a Pidgeot flying in the sky. It was a wild one. Suddenly, Shaymin stopped nibbling Ryoku’s helm. The Pidgeot suddenly flew towards him…and landed right in front of him. “I heard you calling me. You must be in need of a flight. Where to?” The Pidgeot asked through thought speech. “I need to get to Articuno in the west region.” Ryoku replied through mind speech. “I could take you there.” The Pidgeot said through thought speech. So Ryoku got on the Pidgeot’s back with Shaymin in his arms, and away they went.

    Chapter 11: The Crack Widens

    As they were heading to the west shrine, Ryoku felt a crack in his chest again. But…it was a harder crack than usual. “Ryoku! somehow, Sentor has just absorbed all three birds!” Arceus said through mind speech. “That’s why the crack was harder.” Ryoku said through thought speech. Suddenly, the Pidgeot made a turn for the mountains beyond Kanto. It was heading for Unova, for somehow, it knew that Sentor was heading for Zekrom and Reshiram. Suddenly, Giratina spoke to Ryoku through mind speech. “Ryoku, can you hear me, it’s me, Giratina, I’m quickly losing strength. The crack in the Dimension Gate is getting wider. I don’t think I could hold much longer, and please…don’t let me get absorbed by that evil wizard…” “I’m on my way to Zekrom and Reshiram. I mustn’t let them be absorbed.” Ryoku said through mind speech.

    They flew across the waters and saw some fishermen gathering a haul of Magikarp. After flying across the vast ocean that seperates Unova and Kanto, they finally got into Unova and headed towards the Acient Shrine on the tallest mountain in Unova.

    Chapter 12: Third Encounter

    Ryoku finally arrived at the Shrine to see Sentor about to absorb Zekrom and Reshiram. Ryoku was ready. He faced Sentor ready to get it done. Sentor shot an electric shock from his wand, but Ryoku dodged it. However, Sentor pulled a foul prank on Ryoku. “Ryoku, Shaymin’s dead!” He screamed. “What?!” Ryoku asked as he looked back. “Ha!” Sentor said as he fired a shock at Ryoku. Ryoku was hit hard. Sadly, both Zekrom and Reshiram were absorbed. There were four pokemon left to capture, which includes Arceus.

    Chapter 13: The Loss

    Ryoku woke still at the Shrine. Shaymin had curled next to him because it was sad. Ryoku woke and saw Shaymin curled next to him. Ryoku hugged it tightly. Pidgeot also was sleeping next to him. Ryoku slowly got up and so did the others. “Ryoku, you must hurry. Sentor is heading for Giratina. The only way for the Dimension Gate to hold is to seal it with the Reaper Cloth. It is in the place where Giratina is.” Arceus said through thought speech. Ryoku then got on Pidgeot, put Shaymin on his shoulder and away they went.

    They flew across the vast ocean that separated Sinnoh and Unova. Pidgeot flew faster than before. After ten minutes, they arrived at Sandgem beach, but they headed towards the Springfield Path, which led to Giratina. After going through the thick foliage of Springfield Path, they arrived at the entrance of Giratina’s cave. As Ryoku entered a room, a Haunter hovered towards him. “You must be Ryoku, I know the way to Giratina’s room. Follow me.” It said through mind speech. “How’d you know my name?” Ryoku asked a little puzzled. “It became known. You see, I have been roaming around Sinnoh and every human seems scared of me. But I don’t scare them. I go around telling stories of humans saving the pokemon world. You’re next on my list.” The Haunter said. As they rounded a corner, they heard a roar. It was Giratina. Ryoku started to run. The Haunter kept up and so did Shaymin and Pidgeot. The roars became louder and louder. Suddenly the roars stopped and Ryoku felt a crack in his chest. “No!” Ryoku said. Only three pokemon left.

    Chapter 14: Sealing It Up

    “Sentor better not take that reaper cloth, it’s the only way of saving the Dimension Gate!” Ryoku said to himself. They arrived at Giratina’s room and found the Reaper cloth. “See that hole, that’s the entrance to the Dimension Gate. Hurry, before the crack gets wider, for if the Dimension Gate opens, some of the negative energy from the opposite Dimension will transfer.” The Haunter warned. Ryoku scurried down the whole with the Reaper cloth. As he exited the hole, he landed in an mystical realm. Surprisingly, he was floating. What surrounded him were mysterious auras and auroras. “This is cool!” Ryoku said to himself. “But I’d better hurry. No time for playing games. Gotta seal this gate.” Ryoku added. So he took a couple nails he happened to have in his bag. He unfolded the reaper cloth, and put it over the cracked Dimension gate. One by one, he hammered the nails and sealed the gate. The Reaper cloth held just fine. Suddenly, he sensed that Sentor was close to Dialga and Palkia. He could also get Arceus as well. Quickly he scampered back up the whole, thanked the Haunter and teleported to Spear Pillar…

    Final Chapter: To Save the World

    When Ryoku thought he had it, Sentor was right there blocking his path. “I’m afraid you’re too late!” Sentor declared with an evil laugh. Sentor raised his wand high in the air and it let out a huge bolt of lighting. It then spread and nailed both Dialga and Palkia. Slowly, Dialga and Palkia were being absorbed into the wand. Suddenly, the Supreme Pokemon Arceus came from the sky. It tried to stop the power. “Yes! Yes! My goal is almost complete!” Sentor said. Ryoku charged at Sentor, but Sentor countered hard. Sentor would make his throne right on Spear Pillar.

    Ryoku wouldn’t give up. Arceus was right there. Arceus tried to attack Sentor. To a major surprise, Sentor dodged and countered with a major dark attack. Arceus was struggling. Even though it was said to be the strongest pokemon, it seemed that Sentor had surpassed his power, but little did Sentor know that Ryoku would live up to his full name: Kakusareta-Ryoku, “Hidden Power”. Dialga and Palkia had been absorbed. Dark clouds had surrounded Spear Pillar and the Time Gears were malfunctioning. The Fabric was Space was torn, which is why darkness started to form. “And now…for the final absorption!” Sentor said with an evil laugh pointing his wand at the struggling Arceus. Just as Sentor fired the bolt of electricity, Pidgeot flew in front of it, and took the blow for Arceus. It lay motionless on the ground, not moving a muscle. Ryoku ran to it. “Don’t….worry…about…me…go……save…Arceus…” It said in a weak voice through thought speech. Ryoku embraced it in tears, for it had grown to be it’s companion. Just then, Ryoku heard a loud roar. It was Arceus.

    It was too late. All legendary pokemon had been absorbed. Darkness shrouded the pokemon world. “Yes! Now! I am ruler! All must bow down to me!” Sentor declared holding his wand into the air. “Never will I!” Ryoku said angrily. “And what do we have here? A rebel…a rebel that needs to be taught a lesson.” Sentor said with a sneer, pointing his wand at Ryoku. Ryoku was ready…ready to defeat Sentor. Sentor took a mighty leap from his throne and faced Ryoku. Sentor made the first attack, but Ryoku dodged and countered. The hit was successful. “I have learned from you very much.” Ryoku said. “You haven’t learned anything yet…boy!” Sentor said as he fired a psychic shot at Ryoku. Ryoku dodged once again but Sentor knew he would and fired a dark pulse, which nailed Ryoku hard. Ryoku lay motionless on the ground. “I knew it! You’re nothing! You’re just a worthless piece of trash!” Ryoku said, firing a dark shot at the motionless body of Ryoku. “I…am…not...worthless!” Ryoku shouted as he got up. He then unleashed his hidden power. A bright yellow aura surrounded his body. “What?! What’s this?” Sentor asked surprised. Ryoku remained silent. Sentor stepped back frightened. Ryoku began to step forward. “You…are wrong. You wanted to rule the pokemon world because of your vengeance brewed by your father!” Ryoku declared. “Uh…uh…how’d you kn-kn-know?” Sentor asked quivering. “Arceus told me.” Ryoku said with a growl. Sentor continued to step back. “What’s the matter. I thought you weren’t afraid of me.” Ryoku said humbly. “All you have is that wand, and those psychic/dark powers. But I…I have Arceus and the power of all legendary elements.” Ryoku said continuing to walk forward. Sentor fired a dark shot, but it did not affect Ryoku. He then fired a psychic shot. Surprisingly, Ryoku absorbed the shot. He then fired a shot 3x as powerful as Sentor’s shot. It hit Sentor right in the chest. Ryoku then walked up close to Sentor to deliver the final blow. He lifted his hand and aimed it at Sentor’s chest. “No. No! No!! No!!!!” Sentor yelled as Ryoku blasted him in the chest one last time. Sentor disintegrated into nothing. Then, Ryoku took Sentor’s wand and slammed it on the ground. It let out a huge beam of light, which pierced through the dark clouds, and a bigger beam of light spread out from the sky. As the beam faded, Dialga and Palkia were back where they belong. Every legendary pokemon was free. Suddenly, Ryoku heard a cry that sounded like a Pidgeot. He then turned his head and saw Pidgeot spreading his wings out wide. “Pidgeot!” Ryoku yelled as it ran and embraced Pidgeot. “Ryoku.” Pidgeot said in actual speech. “You…you…you can speak!” Ryoku said. “Yes. Arceus granted you the power to speak to any pokemon using human speech and they will talk to you the same.” Pidgeot said. Ryoku then looked at the sky. “Thank you Arceus!” He said.

    From that day on, Ryoku was known as “The Savior of the Pokemon World”. Whenever there was trouble, Ryoku would always be there, no matter how small…or big the job. And that’s the story of Ryoku, The Savior of the Pokemon World.

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